This year I listened to Glenn and was prepared for Sandy

By Wilson G.

Last year I was caught completely unprepared for Hurricane Irene.

I was travelling overseas to Israel for Glenn’s Restoring Courage event and as that massive project wound down and we all prepared to fly back to New York City, we finally paid a little attention to the news back home. And what we saw was kind of scary: A (supposedly) huge hurricane, Irene, was headed straight for New York City. IF we made it out of Tel Aviv, I would have only a few hours to stock up on any provisions I might need to survive without power or a grocery store.

Luckily, we were on the last flight out of the country (one of our party ended up being stranded for three extra days) and landed early in the morning the day that Irene was going to hit. Since I didn’t have any water, I made sure to stop and buy forty dollars worth of bottled water at JFK before heading home. That was about all I had.

I ran home, packed a bag with a little food, and walked over to my girlfriend’s apartment. She had stocked up on a few items after she got back (she was in Israel too), but not a lot was left at the grocery store.

Let’s just say we were lucky that Irene was no where near as bad as it was hyped up to be for New York City.

But I learned my lesson, and more importantly I learned something that Glenn talks about everyday: There’s nothing crazy about being prepared for a potential disaster. Seriously, why is it crazy to have a few days worth of food, water, and various other sundries just in case something unexpected happened?

So when the news came on about Sandy, I was more than prepared.

My fiance and I were already well stocked on batteries, flashlights, canned goods, and dry food. We had enough to last a few days without power at least. We also have a hand crank radio to keep up with any major news. iPads, laptops, and wireless cards are charging in case power goes out and we need to access e-mail or the internet.

On Friday on the way home from work, I picked up a case of bottled water while the cashier joked about people “freaking out” over the storm. I told her I’d like to have it around the house, storm or no storm.

On Saturday we went shopping, and on the way home we stopped at Whole Foods and got some fresh meat and vegetables. If we lost power, it probably wouldn’t happen until sometime on Monday, but we knew if we had some fresh food we wouldn’t have to dig into any of our non-perishables for a day or two if the worst happened (and as of writing this now I’ve only eaten one chocolate chip granola bar as a snack). Again, nothing that anyone sane would consider over prepared, just a fully stocked fridge and pantry.

After dropping off our shopping bags and groceries, I ran out to the store Saturday night and grabbed two gallons of water.

Was I stressed on Sunday when everyone really started to freak out about the weather? Nope. I had listened to Glenn.

Sunday night I made a trip to the store to get coffee, the one thing neither of us remembered to pick up earlier in the week. Luckily that was all we needed. Milk, bread, and most other staples were cleared out and people were stocking up on cereal and Pop Tarts.

Now, none of the above should be considered “super” prepared. Glenn and his family could last over a month with the food he has stored in the event of an emergency (maybe less if he doesn’t change his eating habits for the apocalypse). I told myself I would make a Go Bag that weekend of Irene, and I still haven’t. I told myself I would always have three days worth of water, and I still had to go to the store to be prepared (In my defense, my fiance dipped into all the “emergency water” over the past year). I should have more than just three days of non-perishable food.

But at least I’m not scrambling around trying to find supplies hours before a potentially deadly and devastating storm. And that sense of calm, relief, and security has made the minimal effort for basic preparedness more than worth it.

And I bet I feel a whole lot better than those people who were calling Glenn crazy for talking about “food storage” and “preparation”.

  • landofaahs

    While I believe in prepping, how many stores of supplies will be ruined in the flooding and storm?  Remeber these are our neighbors even though we may disagree strongly on many things.  We’ll pray and help. 

  • landofaahs

    Wait a minute.   When obama was elected, did he not say “This is the moment the seas began to subside”? …..Hmmm.  Another broken arrogant promise.  Perhaps God is calling obama’s bluff and arrogant bluster. 

    • Anonymous

      yeah maybe. for i see the path sandy is taking. following the path of the swing states..Va – Penn- Ohio-….maybe God Is campaigning…and I hope and Pray the People Wake Up to That Fact! Hussein-Obama is the antiGod!

      • Paolina

        God is King.

        Democracy is vulgar. It puts the pride of the people above faith in divine providence. Even Greek democracy made sure they used lotteries to elect representatives to allow “fate” to intervene and choose the right person for the job.

        Using popularity contests to select rulers is perhaps the most idiotic method ever conceived. Aristotle said it would ensure aristocratic rule. I say it all but ensures we are consistently lied to, as that is the skillset required to become our leader.

  • Judy Hubbard

    Can you do something about the horrible “Agenda 21″ commercial that comes on the Blaze TV during the radio show? I am surprised Glenn puts up with it. It should shoot blood out of his eyeballs! It almost does mine!

    • landofaahs

      I believe war is going to break out all over the world; including here.  When the economic house of cards falls, the pols won’t be able to steal or lie enough to quell the storm. 

      • Lindy

         Sooooooo anyone over age 55 will be marched to the death camps?  Or what? 

        • landofaahs

          Not me. I will not die like a slave.

    • Fred Gray

      I saw that Agenda 21 the other night and couldn’t believe my eyes and ears!! I thought there must be some kind of mistake, or it was some kind of satire. Not so.  I would like to hear some kind of justification from Glenn for the airing of that despicable spot.

      • Anonymous

        Glenn is releasing a book on Agenda 21 in December, I think.  It is probably a warm up to get people asking what is Agenda 21.  Many have not heard of it but the 9-12 projects have been fighting it locally for some time and are stopping it at the local level.  Everyone needs to make sure your cities are not participating  in “sustained development” another name for Agenda 21 or they don’t belong to ICLEI.  

        • Anonymous

           I had the same reaction as you guys when I first saw it, but look closely.  Is that not a circle with a slash in it in the upper right hand corner?  I’m thinking that this is foreshadowing of something to come….

        • Ronda Rice

           The city of Dallas has named their Dept of Housing & Development to the Department of Sustainable Development and Construction.  The city has built so many multi-family units up and down the major highways that it is insane!  I noticed the apartments going up like crazy about 2 years ago but it has gotten out of control now.  I moved further north close to OK border right smack dab into the core of “No Human Use.”

    • Anonymous

       Judy – I have emailed The Blaze TV twice now about that ad.  I don’t know who makes those decisions for Glenn but he better take notice before his new network is hijacked right out from under him.  With all that is happening in the world, the last thing I want to hear is an Agenda 21 on The Blaze TV!!!!!

      Where is Scott Baker OR the people on Real News?  Does NO ONE at the network actually watch their own show and see the advertising?  Only time will tell . . . it will be interesting to know how many conservatives are sending out messages to the “powers that be” over this “foo-pah!”

    • Tammie

      I had the same gut reaction to the commercial initially also until I looked closely and realized it is satire… watch again.  At the end it has the red circle “no” sign over the little boys feet!  Indicating “no people!”  That is what agenda 21 is all about.. this is a slap at agenda showing what they really are after…

      btw… this is what our lakes in West Texas looked like a few months ago but recent rains have added a little water to them and we are hoping for more.

    • Anonymous

       The all knowing prophet (profit) has to make money somehow.

  • Sam Fisher

    I just glad that I still got power when a lot of people in my state don’t.

  • landofaahs

    Sometimes preparing properly is knowing when to leave.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct!!!  When our city officials state that you MUST evacuate, then it is time to pack up and get out.  I continue to be amazed at the number of folks who “refuse to comply” and then don’t even hesitate to call 9-1-1 when they find themselves in trouble which requires others to risk their very lives to save these sorry pieces of humanity!  Is it out of selfishness and the “me” society we live in that causes us to not consider the consequences of our actions and how our decisions impact others around us?

      Perhaps that is exactly why Governor Christy warned citizens of New Jersey that they would be “on their own” if they refused to do the right thing.  Those first responders have their hands full with all the things that need to be done without having to worry about irresponsible citizens who have chosen to put their very lives at risk.

      Perhaps it is time to say “Fine.  If you want to stay here, then you must purchase an insurance policy – premium paid in advance – that reimburses the expenses of those who are required to put their very lives on the line if you need to be rescued!”  These needless rescues cost a lot of money, use up resources, and put lives at risk!  This goes for people who climb mountains, ski in unauthorized areas, take vessels out the water in poor weather, etc.  If you want to take risks like that could result in endangering others, then you must be prepared to insure against the worst scenario happening.

      • landofaahs

        Absolutely. The statement was also a double entendre when it comes to the coming economic crash.

      • Anonymous

        AMEN!  WELL SAID! And YES……Glenn does know what he is talking about when it comes to being PREPARED!

  • lairdjim

    The old saw “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” carries over for preparedness as well.  You don’t have to have a bunker full of 3 years of food to be prepared.  A 72-hour bugout bag and a few days of food are enough for disasters, while you might want 2-3 months of food for a catastrophe.  If it goes beyond catastrophic there’s not really much you can do to prepare, bunker or no; universal law is: warhead always defeats armor, eventually.  No such thing as impregnable.   

  • Louise Campbell

    Glenn and Joel, thankyou for your openness in giving God the credit for being in control. Being media identities, it is refreshing that you speak your mind on God’s Will in this domain….and you are totally correct! He sent an event like this to wake people up to seeing how the President will dig the devastating areas out of the hole of financial and economic ruin he has brought to your Nation. He can’t get his hands on the money without being on his belly to the global elite and that will place the U.S. into their control. Communism will then flourish. But if we see Romney or Paul (through a miracle) get in to the top job, then alot of this will be mitigated. Too much ‘culture of death’ is being bandied by Obama, let’s get the U.S back in God’s Hands and out of the dictator’s!

    • Anonymous

      God does work in strange ways. I hope we all think long and hard about what he wants for people. One thing is very important to remember is that he wants people to be free and not controlled by dictators. This country has been so divided thanks to the president. He has not been a president to all the people–only progressive democrats. Progressives want a controlled society and it is not what God wants. He wants all to love one another and use the gifts he gave to all. People are all different and cannot be the same. What is important is that we live our lives in faith, hope, and charity. There are too many who don’t believe in God and this country will suffer. I hope this tragedy will wake people up.

  • Anonymous

    Please pray for the people on the entire east coast and those inland who have
    so much damage from Hurricane Sandy. If you can donate to those charities
    that can help the people.

  • Anonymous

    The east coast has gotten a message through Sandy; The south through Katrina; the west coast, the earthquake in San Francisco; The unusual earthquake in DC…that was the epicenter! Countless occurrences around the world.
    Perhaps God is sending us messages? I think so

  • Anonymous

    I missed the part where you listened to your sell-out boss. It seems like you just learned from experience:

    But I learned my lesson, and more importantly I learned something
    that Glenn talks about everyday: There’s nothing crazy about being
    prepared for a potential disaster. Seriously, why is it crazy to have a
    few days worth of food, water, and various other sundries just in case
    something unexpected happened?So when the news came on about Sandy, I was more than prepared.

  • Anonymous
  • Eleanor Newmeyer

    I’ve been ridiculed as well, for my sudden uptake in gardening and canning and food storage.  I have to say it all came in handy during the massive power outages during Sandy and the NorEaster that followed.  Aside from a few paper goods, I was stocked well enough to take care of friends and family during these tough times.  I also recommend wood stoves.  It’s a cheap alternative heat source. Our farm was one of the few places that only lost power for a short spell…call that Devine Providence!  Either way we are prepared for smaller disasters due to you.  I don’t feel confident about larger disasters though.
                                                                      God Bless America
                                                                       and all you do

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