WATCH : Ron Paul’s epic farewell speech

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  • Anonymous

    You people denied the messenger , guess who your master really is ?

  • greywolfrs

    This is a sad day for America; we are losing one of the last honest politicians we had left. We are losing a man who fought for Freedom and our Constitution. He was truly for the people.
    This speech hit the nail right on the head, again. I am still dumbfounded by all the people who believe the media and establishment lies about this man. There was nothing in this speech that any true American could disagree with. We had the man that could have turned this country around; he was right there in front of us and we let him go. Why? I guess believing all the lies about him and letting someone else tell us who to vote for has put us in this spot. I guess not thinking for ourselves has put us in this spot. We had the guy who could have beat Obamao, hands down, and we let the Republican establishment dictate to us that he was “unelectable”. We let the establishment dictate that his policies were bad. We listened to people from the left and right tell us he is a “kook”, “crazy” and many other nasty things. And all along, he was fighting for our freedom. He was fighting to return this country back to the principles of our founding fathers. What’s really sad is most people do not even realize it.
    A truly sad day indeed.
    Best wishes and God bless, Ron Paul, my brother always.

    • Robert Jones Sr

      greywolfrs I like your post and agree with it. Anyone who says we are not in danger of losing all our liberties is either stupid or on the side of those trying to take them away. Maybe all fifty states DO need to secede then draw up a more perfect constitution. Anyone still backing the Federal Government can go live in DC.

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, secession would actually make things worse.  We don’t need another Civil War, you know.  More than 600,000 Americans lost their lives in the last one.  How many do you think will lose their lives now when American has grown exponentially?  Not to mention that half the states actually back the federal government.  It would end up being the South and Midwest versus the West and Northeast.  Such a secession simply wouldn’t work.

    • Timothy Sabia

      I agree, I have followed Dr. Paul’s journey through congress and I am proud to tell you we has NEVER voted against the Constitution.Want more Americanist info. JBS.ORG Once again we were given a Hobson’s Choice at the polls. We are close to losing the Republic but we are not hopeless. The Left has for now outsmarted America. Back when I was very young, LBJ, Ted Kennedy and others decided to open up immigration policies in the early sixties with the idea of flooding the nation with folks who have no clue about our Founding and,although many of them are decent folk, have voted for their bellies and not for the good of the republic. (Many of these people came from socialist countries where the gov’t is not just a protector but a PROVIDER). Couple their lack of understanding with what our own people get in our gov’t schools and you can see the dumbing down of the electorate. It is our job to recreate that understanding while/if there is still time. Thanks for your time.

    • Anonymous

      Very well stated, greywolfrs.  I agree with everything you said.  I am still confused and disappointed that Glenn turned his back on this man and pointed everyone toward Romney, especially after all of his wonderfully informative shows the two prior years about the Constitution and understanding that it’s being undermined…something I thought could never happen in America.  Glenns shows really woke me up and got me activated in the political process, and for that I will be forever grateful.  But then he backed Romney???  Romney favors the Patriot Act, NDAA, gun control, the Fed, and many more liberty-stealing concepts..AND he was incapable of beating Obama.  I don’t know why Glenn betrayed America on this. What a huge mistake, to hand the presidency back to Obama.

      • Paolina

         Secession is the only answer to our problems.

        Changing D.C. is no longer possible for conservatives OR libertarians. If you think Ron Paul would of won the presidency you are deluded. I gave the maximum amount to him, but I realize him losing the primary was good for liberty because if he won, the entire Obama machine would of slandered his name and the cause of liberty with a billion dollars.

        By the time they were done with Mitt Romney, Obama made capitalism look bad in America. Just think what they could of done to an easier target like Ron.

  • sara holy land

    What I realized he was asking —- why? Why ?He does not answer why why he was a member of Congress, Did he do something  ? About some of those questions ?

    • Anonymous

      He his best to stop you un Godly people from destroying the commitment made with GOD

      • sara holy land

        You have a problem with religious people?
        I’m not religious but I really appreciate people who believe.

        Besides, no one stood up to stop me!
        I value human beings as human beings (Mantz) who distinguish between evil and good.

        • Anonymous

          I have a problem with anybody treading in issues that are suppose to be left with GOD . Like laws , he created the laws and only he enforces the laws . People create their own demons by treading in places they don’t belong . The boogerman will go away if people would stop creating him

          • sara holy land

            You have a problem with yourself.
            What do you care what somebody else believe. Some people believe the statues (Buddha).
            No one is forcing you to believe in something . you  know the difference between good and evil !!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            No one forcing me ? How about the attacks on personal liberties . How about ss , draft , medicare . No one forcing me you freaking idiot

  • Anonymous

    GOD judges not man

  • Brooke Knight

    Watching Ron Paul AGAIN try and try to EDUCATE the people on their own rights.  He will be greatly, dearly missed.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    where  mr.ron paul?  we  need  him

  • Anonymous

    Good bye Mr Paul…..You have been the only one that has been willing to stand up for what he believes in regardless who slapped you down for it…although some of us didn’t agree with you on everything,WE all respect the fact you couldn’t be pushed around and you have a backbone like NO other !!!! We need more American’s like Mr. Paul,sad to see him go. This is one man that deserves to retire on the people he served,he put in his time and did it well. It’s ashame the rest of government doesn’t follow his values…..FOR the people,always about the GOOD of the country…BIG shoes to fill,I’m not sure it can be done…

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