What is TheBlaze?

You already know TheBlaze as THE destination for the latest breaking news and opinion on topics ranging from politics and culture to faith and family. With GBTV now being officially rebranded as TheBlaze TV, TheBlaze can now call itself the home of The Glenn Beck Program and much more!

What does this mean for TheBlaze TV (formerly GBTV) subscribers? 

  • It’s just a name change. GBTV Plus is now TheBlaze TV Plus, and GBTV is now TheBlaze TV.
  • You don’t need to do anything! Your current subscription (including your billing cycle) will not be impacted in any way. You still have access to all of the same amazing content.
  • Effective now, the direct web address for TheBlaze TV is video.theblaze.com. (Don’t worry – if you still go to GBTV.com, you will be automatically redirected to the new site).
  • You will log in to TheBlaze TV with the same username and password that you did for GBTV.
  • If you use your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Roku to watch TheBlaze TV, be on the lookout for an update that will change the icon and name of the app/channel to TheBlaze.
  • You will now start to see TheBlaze TV on your credit card billing statements instead of GBTV.

What’s next for TheBlaze?

This is just the first of many exciting milestones for TheBlaze this year. Stay tuned to Glenn’s daily show and the email newsletter for up-to-date info on what else is yet to come.

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