by Meg S.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) officially endorsed President Obama on Wednesday. Remarkably, the announcement marks only the third time the group has endorsed a presidential candidate.

PPAF coupled its endorsement with the release of a $1.4 million ad campaign that slams Mitt Romney as “out of touch and wrong for women,” while touting that President Obama “understands the specific economic challenges women face.”

The PPAF demonizes Mitt Romney, who they condemn for pledging to “get rid of Planned Parenthood,” end the nation’s family planning program, and support “personhood” legislation that could ban some forms of contraception.

Furthermore, the PPAF claims Romney does not support equal pay for women. After all, we all know women aren’t capable of working hard and earning their own money.

Conservatives like Romney seek to minimize the role of government as much as possible – a prospect that scares President Obama and organizations like Planned Parenthood, who rely on tax payer dollars, to death. As the President’s infamous “Life of Julia” presentation demonstrates, liberals wish to portray women as damsels in distress – waiting for someone, and in this case, the government, to save them.

The PPAF claims that President Obama “understands the health and economic challenges women face – and has fought to address them by expanding health care for women, including access to birth control without co-pays and preventive care including cancer screenings; fighting for equal pay for women; and standing up to protect a woman’s ability to make her own personal medical decisions.”

Never mind the comments made by left-wing pundits like Hillary Rosen marginalizing the sacrifice and decisions made by stay-at-home moms like Ann Romney. Apparently they can only support a “woman’s ability to make her own personal and medical decisions” when it fits in with their agenda.

Never mind the silence from the White House following the explicit photos published by Hustler magazine of S.E. Cupp. Apparently President Obama can only call and apologize to women like Sandra Fluke who champion his policies.

The PPAF may have supported President Obama and his work to ensure that “being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition.” But the actions of this administration have sought to ensure that being a woman is forever a mark that requires government assistance.

As a woman, I’ll take the National Right to Life endorsed Mitt Romney, who advocates for personal responsibility and independence, over the PPAF’s knight-in-shining armor any day.