What does Glenn do during commercial breaks?

Yes. This actually happened in a commercial break. And people say Glenn has OCD. WATCH

What in the world is he doing?

  • http://twitter.com/Bwana86 Bwana86

    polishes his flag pin?

  • http://www.facebook.com/reed.hanson1 Rattie Buzzcut

    nothing wrong with cutting the grass

  • Sandie

    Mowing the lawn? Practicing the Allen West haircut? Maybe it’s a Zen thing.

  • Anonymous

    Why is there lawn on Glenn’s desk? And if there has to be lawn, why isn’t there a tiny Romney yard sign in it?

  • Anonymous

    Appeared to be almost a bonsai-ish thing. Probably had to keep busy doing something so he wouldn’t have ”blood shooting from his eyes” by listening to the words the woman was saying in the background.

    • Anonymous

      Looks to me like a “Chia Pet” type thing, my kid the same age loves them. I’d buy them for him in college, eventually his roommates and horsing around would destroy them and he’d mention it didn’t survive so I’d get him another for the next Christmas or birthday. His wife says he still buys them. Something about the intellectual knowledge (he was in the gifted programs) and it giving something to do while pondering things.

  • Anonymous

    i must have missed the ocd part.

  • Don Frank

    It’s a Zen thing,plus somebody’s got to do the yardwork arround here.ENJOY the moment and touch GOD’s gift.luv’ya Dude…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.g.spear Lisa Giannascoli Spear

      That’s right, Frank. It’s Zen gardening, Texas style (sans sand and rake). Give the guy a break.

  • Anonymous

    OH, Glenn, I love it….it is the little things that bring us joy…go figure..God Bless you your family and your staff for you are all doing God’s work….Say hi to your beautiful wife !

  • http://twitter.com/fawnday Dawn Brayton

    He’s not being OCD. He’s mowing the grass.

    • Anonymous

      In some parts of grass that would be the only grass to need mowing in the summer.

  • http://profiles.google.com/santababy5.2 Laura Thompson

    I am trying to get someone’s attention about not having access to Wilkow! All I can get are highlights of it and I’m mad. So why do we not get to watch it in archive?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Hutsonhouse Terry Hutson

    chia cut!

  • Anonymous

    Its called being a Perfectionist and its a very desirable trait!

  • Jerral G. Waldron

    Invite Gov Romney and Rep Paul Ryan on radio show,whip out the tri-blackboard and conduct the How To Save America WORKSHOP, a THREE HOUR EVENT!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll second that one all the way! With Paul Ryan’s Charts and Glenn’s tri-blackboard they could go for a week!

  • Anonymous

    So cute! Don’t know how I missed this one before. I imagine Glenn was just getting a head start on his lawn mowing, though he looked like he was having a bit TOO much fun with those scissors, is you ask me! Have a good time with your “yard work,” Glenn!

  • cratewasher

    Like Bill Clinton (the last president to balance the budget) said:

  • Kim Gatewood Washburn

    Grass roots?

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