Another example of a horrible thing government has done for the ‘common good’

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We sure live in an amazing country.

A country where you can give your prom date a corsage from KFC.

A country where we can elect a mere community organizer who has no clue what he’s doing—as president–for two terms. (Please dear Lord, let it only be two terms.)

That just goes to show you anything can happen in America.

Which might explain why some people think things like this:


“I’m not racist but was the Tuskegee Experiment straight out of Resident Evil? Infecting innocent black guys with syphilis? Cmon white people!”

Before I go any further—starting a sentence with “I’m not racist, but” is never a good idea. That’s sort of like starting a sentence with “I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro.

Did US officials really inject men with Syphilis and leave them to die? Did they do this because they hated black people?

If you don’t know what the Tuskegee Experiment was, let me give you a refresher course.

It was 1932 and the Public Health Service along with the Tuskegee Institute started a study to record the effects of Syphilis in black men.

According to the Center for Disease Control, “The study initially involved 600 black men – 399 with syphilis, 201 who did not have the disease.”

Wait, let’s look more closely at that sentence.

It says 399 men WITH Syphilis.

In other words, these men were not injected with Syphilis. They were volunteers who already had late stages of the disease.

Let me say that again, The United States did not inject men with Syphilis during the Tuskegee Study.

What was horrific about the Tuskegee Study was that the men who volunteered as subjects we’re fooled into thinking they were being treated for Syphilis—they were not.

The study was originally projected to last 6 months—but went on to last 40 years. And for those 40 years, even after the discovery of penicillin, the volunteers were not given any treatment for syphilis. They were for the most part treated as objects to be studied under a microscope by a doctor named Dr. Eugene Dibble.

You see Dr. Dibble was head of the John Andrew Hospital at the Tuskegee Institute.  Here’s what he wrote about the study:

It “….would offer very valuable training for our students as well as for the interns. Our own hospital and the Tuskegee Institute would get credit for this piece of research work. He (Dr. Clark) also predicts that the results of this study will be sought after the world over. Personally, I think we ought to do it.”

What an evil white bastard. This white bastard. What a racist whitey. Except that he wasn’t white at all.


Despite the lighting of the photo, Dr. Eugene Dibble was actually African American. But, you could argue that he was just the head of the hospital.  He wasn’t dealing with this every day.

It was the head nurse. She’s the real monster here.

She was the only staff person to work with the study for all 40 years—and she was most definitely white.

This white nurse was influential in making the men believe they were getting treated for their disease.

When asked about her experience working with the men, she characterized it as “the joy of my life.”

That’s exactly what a racist white nurse would say! A white nurse would want to kill all those black people!

Except that she wasn’t white either.


Nurse Eunice Rivers was black just like the men she studied.

Surely everyone knows that one of the main doctors and the nurse were not white, right?

Look, no one is trying to say this experiment was a good thing. But shockingly many of the people involved thought it was. They believed they were doing something good for the collective. Isn’t that how so many problems begin?

The Tuskegee study is an example of how the government is all too capable of doing horrible things in the name of “common good.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only time the US government experimented on its citizens. Read here for more examples… if you dare.

  • landofaahs

    I have no guilt for any slavery because neither me or my family were slave holders. I did not vote for the scumbag FDR who allowed the Tuskegee garbage. I take responsibility for what I do not others. It’s amazing Obama complains about race when he has not family connection to slavery unless it is through his mother’s side who were slave holders. Or so I have heard. It matters not. It’s not my problem to blame people who had no part in slavery to remedy people who have not been it’s victims. All the slave holders and slaves are long since dead. They can argue it out with God.

    • Natalie Robert


      ☗☗☗ �☗☗☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗That’s exactly what a racist white nurse would say! A white nurse would want to kill all those black people!

      • landofaahs

        I assume you mean an abortionist nurse.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, Tuskegee experiment began in 1932, FDR wasn’t president until 1933…and I seriously doubt an experiment being conducted was high on the to-do list when he was dealing with the Great Depression

      • Todd A Scheller

        Yet it went on through out all four of his terms, those of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, a half of Nixon’s. To finally be ended in 1972.

        • Anonymous

          So what you’re saying is, people in power don’t care and probably didn’t even know about the experiment (and that both Republicans and Democrats ignored it)

          So how does this make FDR horrible?

          • Todd A Scheller

            Four Terms of that were FDR there genius, you did pass US History in High School right.
            I am not SAYING anything, I am writing. Nor did I make any such implication.
            So what you are implying is that you can’t read?
            Who was it again that apologized for the study?

          • Anonymous

            So…four terms were FDR….it also still existed under other presidents….if it was such a big deal you’d think someone would have ended it……….much more likely they didn’t even know about it (presidents are not omniescent beings, they can only do/read/see so much in a day)

          • Todd A Scheller

            Where again did I claim that it did not exist under other Presidents? You seem to forget that I pointed out the fact that it did and was continued under FIVE different Presidents other than FDR.

            Nor did I claim that Presidents were omnipotent, but you would think one of the six would have appointed someone to the U.S. Public Health Service that would have questioned the experiment in forty years.

          • Anonymous

            So again…what does this have to do with FDR specifically…the OP of this thread was specifically attacking FDR which was entirely baseless…..what is your argument here

          • Todd A Scheller

            Specifically he was PRESIDENT from 1933-1945 or do you forget your history much?
            Where did I attack FDR? I simply stated facts.
            My argument is that you miss some of the facts. So before you attack me, make sure you know your facts first.

          • Anonymous

            What the hell…..I am not contesting what his presidential term was…I was referring to OP … in where he was directly attacking FDR…please point out where I made any false statements …please

            You are being extremely abrasive for no reason

          • Todd A Scheller

            Sorry my list of facts should have been placed in reply to this, but they are still valid.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Fact: The Experiment took place under ALL of FDR’s Presidency.
            Fact: FDR was a PROGRESSIVE, landofaahs is not.
            Fact: YOU are an idiot.
            Fact: I was not making an argument, just providing facts.
            Fact: YOU cannot read.
            Fact: YOU have ZERO critical thinking skills.
            Fact: YOU need to read what is written, and not assume that there is more there than is.

          • Anonymous

            Provide some actual sources and I might believe you, until then you just look like the idiot you are 😉

            I’m done here

          • Todd A Scheller

            American Progressivism by R.J. Pestritto
            Shipley Professor of the American Constitution at Hillsdale College

            Provenance of Progressivism: Robert La Follette and Franklin Roosevelt By Jeff Taylor

            Examining the progressivism of FDR

            Celebrating Progressives and Progressivism: Part 8

            Progressivism and the New Democracy edited by Sidney M. Milkis, Jerome M. Mileur

            Progressivism in America: Past, Present, and Future

            The Roosevelt Institute is a nonprofit organization devoted to carrying forward the legacy and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by developing progressive ideas and bold leadership in the service of restoring America’s promise of opportunity for all.

            Sources on you being an idiot? Read many of your own posts lately? Next time you post, you better have some sources other than WIKIPEDIA, punk. By the way, you needing links for a common knowledge topic, kind of makes you look like a REAL IDIOT.

  • Deckard426

    So if the doctors, nurses and patients were all Black, that only leaves one raciest element in the experiment; the White syphilis bacteria itself.

  • cCrystalClear

    The problem is that when anyone is found who has done shame full acts they never are held accountable. Same goes for all who have not kept their sworn promise to honor America’s Constitution if someone cared about protecting America, and knowing all the ones who have broke their contract with Us The People, The White House would be nearly empty. No Accountability Caused ALL the problems we have right now. This is a Major slap in the face to Our America, A Disgrace & Shame on all Americans. Those who hold the highest court do not do their job either, So, who does? That is the real reason this Country is in a real decay. No, Honor or Loyalty for not one important duty !


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  • Anonymous

    Man’s inhumanity to man has always existed since the day of Adam. Evil knows no color.

    • Anonymous

      Let man learn the truth from the very early teachings of the bible. The first family is an example of what us humans are capable of doing to each other. Why did Cain slay Abel? From that moment on, th bible has examples of slayings and human sacrifice thoughout its teachings. Is it a means to instill FEAR?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    SO DO we have the courage to face what we’re doing to our children?
    Everytime we exceed the limits God ordained in the constitution others
    pay dearly and we eventually reap what we’ve Sown!

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