Another Failed Paul Ryan “Fact Check”

Some guy once said “Facts are stubborn things.” Apparently, the fact checking websites out there didn’t get the memo. Sites like Politifact, the AP’s Fact Check, and Fact have been hammered lately for becoming increasingly partisan…at least against republicans. Some are worse than others undoubtedly,but I’ve been whining about this for a while.

Let’s look at one of the supposed “lies” by the Romney campaign.

FactCheck.Org claims that Romney’s ad stating the “Obama administration has adopted a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements” is false. (Before I deconstruct this, I just want to let Chris Matthews, Ron Fournier, Thomas Edsall, and Timothy Nolanknow that mentioning the word welfare does not mean that I’m racist.)

Fact Check claims that the Romney ad is false—by meticulously proving it’s true.

Here’s their reasoning:

“Work requirements are not simply being “dropped.” States may now change the requirements — revising, adding or eliminating them — as part of a federally approved state-specific plan to increase job placement.”

The reason this is supposedly a lie, is because the employment part of welfare wasn’t completely banned.  Instead, a national requirement has just been moved back to a state option.  Obviously, if the state chooses the “eliminating” option, work requirements will be dropped. But, as Fact Check points out, many states won’t do that.

To emphasize how asinine this line is, let’s switch up the wording a little bit. What if we replaced the welfare laws with abortion:

“Roe v. Wade is not simply being “dropped.” States may now change the abortion requirements — revising, adding or eliminating them — as part of a federally approved state-specific plan to increase family planning.”

What Obama has done to work requirements is roughly the equivalent of overturning Roe vs Wade.  If Roe vs Wade was overturned, it wouldn’t make abortion illegal, it just returns the options to the states.  Add on an additional goal of “increasing family planning” (whatever that means) and it’s basically the same thing.

Do you think if Roe vs Wade was overturned that Democrats would say “this will gut abortion rights”?  Yeah, I think so.  Would the media ride to Republicans rescue to call that claim false because it only made abortion a state option?  I sort of doubt it.

Here’s a more detailed explanation from Fact Check. Org on how Obama isn’t gutting the welfare reform program:

“Under the new policy, states can now seek a federal waiver from work-participation rules that, among other things, require welfare recipients to engage in one of 12 specific “work activities,” such as job training. But, in exchange, states must develop a plan that would provide a “more efficient or effective means to promote employment,” which may or may not include some or all of the same work activities.

Now replace with abortion:

“Under the new policy, states can now seek a federal waiver from Roe v. Wade that, among other things, require women to engage in one of 12 specific “family planning activities,” such as contraceptive training. But, in exchange, states must develop a plan that would provide a “more efficient or effective means to promote family planning,” which may or may not include some or all of the same abortion procedures.

If a Republican president–single handedly, without a vote–“adjusted” the regulations in this country on abortion in this fashion, the nicest thing a democrat would say about it was that it “gutted” women’s rights.  It would be presented by the media as the largest roll back in human rights since Xerxes (or at least Artaxerxes I).  Most certainly these changes would not be protected by various “non-partisan” fact checkers as inconsequential or mundane.

We’ve been fact checking the fact checkers for a long time.  Here’s to hoping more and more people continue to join the party.

  • Anonymous

    OMG.. I have been noticing this as well.  I JUST sent a scathing email to tellnig them to shove thier “OPINION” about the facts up their azzes!  And of course they twisted it back to me saying, and I quote: “We regret to inform you we cannot accommodate your request that we alter the
    facts we report to reflect your personal biases.”

    So… I fire back with, “First of all – I wasn’t asking you to alter the facts – just not to apply
    your own biases on them. You say him going to church 3 times is evidence that
    he is not Muslim – you have no proof. What, you live in this man’s head and
    heart now?   And your slant on every aspect of this was just that: YOUR slant. Did I
    say ONCE to alter the facts? no, I just shit on them as NO EVIDENCE of what YOU
    were supporting in your OPINION! That is all that was, your opinion with a few
    facts scattered around hoping to make it creditable.”

    • Madlof Chev

      I dislike Obama’s policies as much as the next guy, but attacking him based on a spurious claim of being a “Muslim” rather than attacking his policies (which are ripe for attack) you basically open yourself up to “stfu he’s not muslim” and then any valid point you would make is easily discarded.

      Do yourself a favor and make a valid argument.

      • Anonymous

         Hey Jason and Madlof – I never attacked him for being a Muslim – ass wipes…. I was attacking them for saying going to church 3 times in 4 years is proof he is not… and I was commenting on something THEY wrote – not something I made up. Phuqing read next time and also do your phuqing homework on his history.

        • Madlof Chev

          I think you need to lighten up and not resort to foul language (even obscured) because that isn’t a way to argue in any shape or form. Your statement goes both ways and I think that if you’re looking at facts, rather than allegations, the fact that the man stated he is Christian should be enough here. Unless you can find overwhelming evidence that he’s a secret Muslim, then his statement and his visits to Church (however few) are better evidence to corroborate that fact than you simply stating “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”.

      • Lisa A King

         You need to check to see who is going to be speaking at the DNC before you call Mitchina’s argument invalid.  Gonna be a lot of MUSLIMS there!  Check it out!

        • Anonymous

          And the DNC finally CAVED and changed their mind to “let” the cardinal speak… and rid themselves of this inevitable mistake.  hhmmmm… If O is sooooo damn Christian – why would this have happened?  They were ‘all in’ for the Muslim prayer until the push back… Oh.. and for those that are going to believe the BS that this was a conservative rumor… (thanks to the WP is doing some quick “re-story” telling about it.)  Here is a quote from a very reputable Muslim that confirms that the DNC had every intention of pulling this shiot off:  (for those who are a “believer” in OB – and if you really know about Islam, you would know why I made this comment)

          Zuhdi Jasser, the president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, has voiced concerns:

          “It is troubling that the Democratic National Convention has decided
          to promote and lend its name and national political platform to the
          organizers of the “Jummah at the DNC”. The leaders of this event –
          Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj as advertised are no moderates. They are radicals. These individuals
          embrace Islamist supremacy and have demonstrated support for radical

        • Gil

          i think we will be finding out things about this pres. for years after he leaves office. just how sad is that for the lms

        • Madlof Chev

          Okay, so why is this necessarily a bad thing? Last time I checked, just being a Muslim didn’t make you necessarily a bad person. Attacking someone based on their affiliations is frankly bad form. Now, attacking these people on their policies, which with them speaking at the DNC, I assume will be trash, is perfectly valid.

          The fact that they’re Muslim doesn’t change anything.

    • jason cannon

      Yeah don’t report on your opinions! Instead report on mine cause he is a mooooooosluM!!!!

      • Bart Baldwin

        You obviously missed the point. The point was not that he is or isn’t a “mooooooosluM”… the point that Mitchina was making is that you can’t claim it to be a FACT that he is not a muslim based on the evidential facts that he went to church 3 times.  They are stating conjecture as fact.  That’s the point.  Oh, or were you just trying to redirect?

        • Anonymous

           The left just make the facts up as they need them. They are subject to change at any point !

        • Madlof Chev

          Similarly, there are a lack of facts to corroborate him being a Muslim. This goes both ways and his claim is just as invalid as the one he claims is invalid.

      • Anonymous

        Dumbarz… I never asked, expected, implied or even mentioned for them to report my opinion – just to stop calling theirs “the facts”

      • Anonymous

        You finally see the light JC… lol

    • Christopher Russek

      With out adding your own slant, do you have any facts or evidence that he is a muslim? And even if he was a muslim, how do you get around the whole first amendment? You remember, the first amendment is the one that gives you the right to believe in Exodus 20:21 (yousickfuck)

      You don’t even bother to offer “a few facts”. I’m fairly certain your “scathing” email was pretty good dose of comedy. I wont keep ya any longer, I’d hate for you to be late to your pointy white hat rally…

      • Anonymous

         Right.. pointy hats… sorry, but you have history AND the present all backward.. I am not a Democrat.. See how you people LIE about basic truths?  It’s the Left Side that ruled the KKK… with your buddy ole Pal Byrd being the last of the original case dropping dead a little over a year ago.  YOU are the sick PHUK for lying like you do….. and I don’t need to supply facts for a statement I NEVER MADE.  For the LOVE OG GOD… if you know how to do that… would you phuking READ things before you make a fool of yourself looking like the OBAMA BOOT LICK that you are.

      • greywolfrs

        WOW!, You are the one wearing a pointy, white hate, it says “DUNCE” on it.

      • Jacob

        Exodus 20:21 “21 The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.”


        just trying to understand the point of bringing up this reference?
        or how it makes them a sick F****?

    • Rick Alexander

      So, being a Muslim makes you a bad person?  What does his religion have to with anything?  Romney is Mormon.  JFK was Catholic.  BFD.  A person’s personal beliefs or faith, shouldn’t have anything to do with their politics.  However, voting for Romney v Obama is not going to fix things in our government, employment, education, military or anything else the Fed has their fingers into.  We need to involve more political parties, such as the Liberatarians. 

      • Anonymous

        Nothing is wrong with being a Muslim…. until you read the Qur’an and see how the people of that faith treat their women and the world. (have you SEEn the middle east lately?)  So, you haven’t read or studies this faith and ignore the actions of all Muslims in today’s world, so I gather.  Regardless that isn’t the point here – the point is that facts are distorted with bias every day by both sides… just the extreme left, which is the bulk of what’s running our country lately, does it with such ease and expertise… or you might say it another way;  They out right lie left and right.

        • Robert Farrell

          I agree that these fact checking sites are biased to the left. It’s amazing that that the left only mention the constitution or only parts of that suit them. I don’t recall the constitution discriminating on race, gender, religion or income levels. So why is it the left thinks our rights come from groups and deserve special treatment. They continuously attack higher income earners/producers, they put legislation in place that murders innocent life, they’re creating civil unrest among the races by their so called affirmative action, equal rights, and minimum wage, etc.instead of being taxed equally no matter the income level, we’re taxed differently based on such. So someone please show me in the constitution where the law favors one over the other. I would really like to see it.

      • Aaron Kelley

         We need to eliminate political parties and special interests altogether. Individuals need to run on their own merits and not on the coat tails of this or that party or the other special interest or union.

  • Frankie

    Ryan is full of shit, even Fox news reported his lies and bull

    • Anonymous

      Run along sonny, when they get me for all the taxes they can squeeze, they’ll come for you. Problem with that is, we won’t be able to help you.

      • Frankie

         WE ???  .. idiot, I have about 100 times more money than you. Go do your begging elsewhere

        • Michael

           Monopoly money doesn’t count.

        • Anonymous

           Sure you do  ROFLMFAO

        • Christopher Russek

          Now if you could only use your fortune on an education….bless your heart!

    • Michael

      Um, NO. A liberal opinion writer on Fox News reported it. The “fact checkers” have already been debunked. Catch up, already.

    • Bradley Gill

      By Fox News, I assume you mean Bob “I will say anything to support Obama” Beckel.  But the point being, yes, you will hear both sides of the debate on Fox, that is how it differs from the completely in the can for Obama mainstream media.  None of the actual news shows reported he lied, just a Liberal side of a commentary show.  Am I correct?

      • Christopher Russek

        No, your not correct. 

        Actually saying this, in the same breath, is pretty ignorant and contradictory: 
         in the can for Obama mainstream media.  None of the actual news shows So what is it? An “in the can for Obama mainstream media” OR “actual news shows”????

    • Anonymous

       And OB is not?  lol  Yer a freak

  • KS

    This is comical.  The analogy is wrong, Mr. Beck must’ve not done well on his SAT.  “Work requirement” is to “Job Placement” is not equivalent as “Abortion” is to “Family Planning”.  It’s equivalent to “Abortion” is to “Reduction in Unwanted births.”  See “work” and “job placement” are nearly the same thing — “abortion” and “family planning” are nearly the opposite thing.  
    Do people actually believe this guy?
    (Forgive me if this is posted twice — good with analogies, bad w/ Disqus)

    • Wesley W. Walker

      Uh, Glenn Beck didn’t write this blog. Stu did. You’re bad with analogies, by the way… on top of being bad at reading comprehension.

      • KS

        Guilty about the writer. — I just see Glenn Beck all over the place here.  

    • Jeremy Wilson

      Do you even understand or believe what you are saying or is this just anti beck or anti republican or anti conservative or anti individual? 

      • KS

        Didn’t think I had to spell it out:
        ““Roe v. Wade is not simply being “dropped.” States may now change the abortion requirements — revising, adding or eliminating them — as part of a federally approved state-specific plan to decrease unwanted births.” 

        Phrased this way would not give the appearance to gutting Roe v. Wade. Anyways, the other dumb part of this is that the Executive branch cannot overturn the Judicial branch, at least that’s what the candidates running for national office always say.  

    • Todd Clemmer

      Its obviously over your head.

      • KS

        Obviously.  Good post.

    • Jeri DeSilva Vincent

       KS you’ve clearly not spent a lot of time with pro-abortion people. They most absolutely DO equate abortion as family planning, and want abortion included in medical coverage as part of their “family planning” benefits. And as far as “work” and “job placement” being “nearly” the same thing, I think the point Glenn was making is that “nearly” isn’t good enough unless you’re playing horseshoes.

      • KS

        Yes, but if you phrase it:  ““Roe v. Wade is not simply being “dropped.” States may now change the abortion requirements — revising, adding or eliminating them — as part of a federally approved state-specific plan to decrease unwanted births.” 

        You would not have the appearance of gutting Roe v. Wade.  Thus his argument is about semantics, it’s not about what actually happened. 

        Does anyone here know what happened?  And I’m not anti-republican.  Some republicans asked for this:  (  And before people freak out that this is a “” post – this is an actual letter from the office of the governor in Utah.  

      • KS

        Oh, and you’re right I do not spend a lot of time with pro-abortion people.  But to say they “equate abortion as family planning” then in the same sentence say “they want abortion included in medical coverage as PART of their “family planning” benefits” is is contradictory.  

        I think the point STU was making (was corrected below) was a semantic argument that doesn’t deal with the facts of what actually happened.  That’s the funny thing about this to me — rather than argue about the facts presented in “” he’s arguing about the semantics presented in “”. 

        An “individual” thinking person would ask him or herself why is that a valid argument?  The point is, unfortunately (b/c I want Romney to win, but I believe in facts), it’s not.  

    • icybee49

      they are only the opposite thing  if you have  a moral compass intact. Planned parenthood, abortion advocates and liberals would and have happily equated “family planning” to abortion.

      • KS

        OKAY.  Then you agree that this was a bad analogy (assuming you have a moral compass intact).  

        Again, the problem is this a semantic argument, when what is actually needed to prove is wrong or biased here would be an argument against the facts they present.

    • Anonymous

      how do you figure that abortion is opposite  of family planning? 

      • KS

        Obvioulsy I pluckeditoutofyourbehind.  
        Well, I’m not arguing what they mean in a political sense, since it’s been pointed out to me that I’m unaware about that and the liberal agenda etc.  But in ENGLISH, abortion means to stop.  Here it means to act to terminate a pregnancy.  And in ENGLISH “family planning” would mean to plan to have a family.  I guess it’s been politically changed to plan to not have a family, but that would be an odd usage.  Regardless — it’s not equivalent to work requirement and job placement.  BUT the larger point is that he’s making a semantic argument and not arguing against the facts presented and PEOPLE ACCEPT THAT.  Okay I’ll say it — THAT’S CRAZY.

    • Christian Frahs

       “Family Planning” is a term,  it’s not only used for creation of family,  it’s the decision making process as to whether to have children, or not and if so, when.  you know?  Planning?   So,  just as “Planned Parenthood”  helps you abort, not create.  

      I’ll be honest,  I don’t know why I took the time to explain such a simple, very easily understood term to a troll…

      • KS

        So because “Planned” is in “Planned Parenthood” then that determines what “Family Planning” means?  Good logic there. 

        My overall point is the guy is making a semantic argument to say that is wrong and biased, but he’s not arguing the facts they presented.  And this is accepted as a valid argument!  

    • Ozcar

      It comical how
      narrowly you approach this analogy.  does
      the fact that he use “family planning”  instead of” reduction of unwanted birth”
      (or murder) deter from the message? does it make it any less valid. Further you
      change the text around, first you use “work requirement”  then just use “work” which are not
      the same. Now by your logic, see “work REQUIRMENT”  and “job placement” are not nearly the
      same thing, true they work hand in hand but doesn’t abortion and family plan as
      well. See if you change abortion law it will change family planning.  as abortion laws become stricter then this will
      increase family planning. Similiar to if you decrease work requirement then you will have more job placement.  I don’t declare to be good with analogies so maybe i don’t follow basic logic

      • KS

        Right, I’m not really getting your last point.  But I will repeat — forget the narrow approach to this analogy that I took — My basic point is that STU does not dispute the FACTS presented in, rather he only disputes the semantics. And I’m flabbergasted that that is an acceptable argument to the people here.

        I want someone who agrees with STU to read the entire article and tell me if they STILL agree with him.  But I warn you, it’s kinda long!

  • Todd Clemmer

    The “fact check” websites are all progressive proxies.  They are in sync with the agitprop the media churns out.

  • Beth Decker

    Glen, I must say – you lose more and more brain cells everyday – or else you think we do.

    I have read the “welfare” requirements – the bill allows – because states (especially republicans)
    wanted to try some things on their own, and, the bill allows them t (states) to ASK for a waiver (not necessarily get one), to try other methods to get people off welfare and BACK TO WORK.

    So – keep up the BS – some of us can actually read – but, then again, the republicans are trying to speak to the lowest denomination, aren’t they???

    • Matt

      I thought Republicans were all about the educated rich? So which is it?

      • greywolfrs

        See what you get for thinking…

  • jason cannon

    Like Republicans won’t raise taxes also? Because they will. Only Ron Paul is calling for the end of taxation buddy.

  • jason cannon

    So it’s cool to attack Obama for, you know, supporting States Rights? Awesome.

  • jason cannon

    P.S. I dislike Obama, I am just saying defending Romney attacking him for sticking up for States Rights is kind of dumb.

  • Jill Sheeter-Topp

    Interestingly manipulated! The “new” Obama administration seems to do a lot of “word” games. What they still amount to is lies after closer scrutiny. I don’t like that and most people don’t either
     say what you mean and mean what you say.

    • KS

      What word games from the Obama administration?  This is about what was written in Read the article (which references at least 3 republicans) and then read this and decide which is correct.  Of course, it’ll be hard b/c the article is kinda long — since there are facts in it.

  • Bradley Gill

    I do agree..  But the problem is Welfare is a Federal program that is funded by my taxes.. So the end result is Liberal states bankrupt the Federal govt even faster…

    • Bradley Gill

      This was suppoded to be a reply to one of the people saying it’s a States right issue.. (Didn’t get nested properly)

  • Anonymous

    Are you all OBAMA ZOMBIES? He stated we are not a christian nation, and has held Muslim prayers in the white house. I don’t agree with Romney, Ryan on all accounts, but good lord I hope that they are elected to stop the tyranny that is brewing in our nations capitol. Face it folks, with this administration and the Democrat party, we are in serious trouble. I am a registered Democrat, but I love America enough to walk away from my party to elect someone who I think loves America and will stop the division that is tearing our nation apart.

    • Christopher Russek


      We are NOT a christian nation. Haven’t been, not one single day since Sept. 17, 1787. That’s factual history. We, the People NEVER have been a “christian nation” and we NEVER will be. End of story. 
      It isn’t quiet the tear jerker you find in Exodus 20:21, but it is @thegoddamnedtruth

      • Anonymous

         Your lack of character is showing ,hurry cover up. Your burka will do just fine .

      • Lisa A King

         Actually Christopher, we are a Christian nation.  Guess who put Bibles in schools?  Congress.  Yeah, you need a little more education about who the Founding Fathers were.  Most of them had theological degrees.  They went on mission trips.  They held Church in the Capital building.  Google it dear.

        • Lawrence McCarren

          I think, and I could be wrong, the point they are trying to make is that Christianity is not our official religion it is our major religion, just like English is not our official language, its our major language.  That is not to diminish Christianity’s foot-print on our history and our current place but, we are Officially a country of Free Religion, of separation between church and state. officially.

          • Anonymous

             There is NO separation of church and state. That was in a letter from Jefferson . At least read a little history !!!!!

          • KS

            Just because the phrase doesn’t exist in the constitution doesn’t mean the idea is not put forth in the first amendment.  If you agree with Justices Scalia and Thomas that constitutional interpretation means what the founding fathers believed and meant, then you’ve got to believe in separation of church and state.  Aren’t we constitutionalists here???

          • Alex Picard

             Yes, there will be no state religion and no state involvement in religion. You can however, lead by religious principles. The question is whether or not a religion fits with the political ideology. We’ believe in liberty and freedom, but we also believe in law. There are a lot of religious attributes in our beliefs as a whole. Even without religion I don’t find the 10 commandments to be in contrast with my own beliefs.

          • Anonymous

             Indeed we are. To intimate that some thing is in the constitution by default is a little rich for my blood. The constitution does not say  a lot,do we get to just assume what we want to be in it ?  There is no OFFICIAL religion that is it !

          • Anonymous

            The Supreme Court has moved away from the “intent” of the constitution a long time ago.  Scalia and Thomas would even look like radicals compared to the founding fathers…. and I am at a loss for where the intent was made to specifically keep church and state separate on all matters.  Please help further with this.  From the collective knowledge I have, I only recollect the intent being separation from the federal gvt from EVERYTHING… not specific to Church but specific to religion.  I am not being sarcastic here, I really want to know because the framers never “intended” the supreme court to be the ultimate arbiter of all constitutional issues. 

             “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . . ” 

            Our framers thought that religion was a NATURAL RIGHT, not a gvt provided one.  That is the ONLY fact they relied on.  This has NOTHING to do with Christianity being the foundation of this country or that faith wasn’t or shouldn’t be heavily influencing our policies via individual faiths is our gvt body.  In fact, the current application of the “separation” doctrine is a
            relatively recent concept rather than the enforcement of a long-held
            constitutional principle.

            Whatever Jefferson meant by the “wall of separation” phrase, he clearly did not intend the modern notion of an impenetrable wall preventing individuals from religious expression of moral and ethical decision making through our political representatives.  It was well defined to be nothing but laws being created to establish or suppress the exercise of religion.  But ehy FULLY and with much considering put God in their every move.  This is where the phuked up left gets it sooo wrong.  Pulling all references of Christianity from every crevice of our lives but allowing and advocate for other faiths (today’s flavor of the left is Islam) run ramped in anything they want do to.

          • Anonymous

            I do not want to have my tax money used to buy your particular bible or say your particular prayers. Also, I do not want my tax money used to provide facilities for the practice of your religion, regardless of what you want. Your chuch is the place for that, use your money, not mine. Erect whatever monument you want, on YOUR property, not public property. If you do the upbringing of your children according to a decent moral structure, that is fine with me.
            What don’t you understand about this?
            This is from a Catholic pressured (as a child) into using a Protestant bible and required to say prayers according to the Protestant faith. Thank God for the restrictions established by the Constitution. The way I read it is “make no laws” means do not restrict or advocate any particular religion, by Federal, State, or local Government. Any ordinance or law spending tax money for religious activities is “making a law”. Nobody is suppressing your enthusiasm or right to pray as an individual, but is suppressing your using my money to erect monuments to your religion on public property. This part is always ignored by the religious leaders.
            Remember why the Pilgrims came to this country, why other groups came here? They were fleeing their homes so they could practice their religion. Read some history fo God’s sake! And think about the consequences of the Government making laws about your religion. As soon as that barrier is broken, how do you know what the future will be as to more laws, restrictions and then a government edict saying “you will do this……”. There are so many Christian religions, how do you know that yours will be selected as the “correct one’.
            Also please proof read your entries; it takes away from your arguments.

          • Brian Anderson

            Republicans only care about how to make facts work for them, even if the fact isn’t actually a fact.

          • Anonymous

            Brian Anderson

            “Republicans only care about how to make facts work for them, even if the fact isn’t actually a fact. ”

            You’d need to provide something other than your moronic opinion if you want THAT statement taken seriously. You are a total idiot, I’m sure. Probably black, and likely a sodomite. That is typical of the way they think, no racism or sexism intended. Its just a matter of culture. Or lack of it!

            You need an education, for the one you have surely has failed you!

            You have just taken a page out of the Obama playbook – so maybe you are simply projecting. But I fear its deeper – you truly believe that. Like I said, you just need a normal, rational education!

          • Anonymous

             to: KS  (Sorry dubeity – can’t respond to these fine examples of our factual education system below their posts)

            “Just because the phrase doesn’t exist in the constitution doesn’t mean
            the idea is not put forth in the first amendment.  If you agree with
            Justices Scalia and Thomas that constitutional interpretation means what
            the founding fathers believed and meant, then you’ve got to believe in
            separation of church and state.  Aren’t we constitutionalists here???”

            I’d like to think so, but obviously you are not! I agree with the honored justices that we need to read the constitution  as the founders meant it to be read, and your interpretation is the opposite of what they not only said and wrote, but meant.

            The Federal government ( the 2nd amendment has no bearing on STATE governments) is forbidden to do anything to limit the free exercise of religion – that’s what it says, and that’s exactly what the founders meant!

            It is forbiden from founding a NATIONAL church, nothing more. Since its signers were staunch and committed Christians, you cannot make any assumption that they did not intend to have Christian principles in legislation, or Christian teaching in schools. To that end, the Congress itself was a church for years, the first government bought Bibles for every student for “Moral Development, impossible without the Bible”

            Your statement is without historical or rational basis.

          • Anonymous

             People are willfully ignorant that at the time of the declaration, every state had its own religion. Some were Baptist, some Presbyterian, etc. All were Christian, with the exception of one Unitarian. Those delegates were recommended by their state churches to attend the congress.

            The Second amendment was an insertion to allay the fears of some states that the federal government might do as the nation they had left had done – establish a NATIONAL religion, which would have interfered with the religious freedom of the individual states.

            That’s why it contains the clause that the Government will do nothing to restrict religion or inhibit the free exercise thereof.

            The opposite of what some loudmouths have set as their goals today.

            The Federal government is forbidden to restrict any act of worship or religion!

          • John

            So much misinformation.Not all of the Founding Fathers were Christian, but the original colonies -were-. The Founding Fathers, and the original colonies, all believed America could solve the problems of the day — religious biggotry and powerful government, namely. The reason we don’t have a State religion isn’t because they didn’t think about it. It’s because they did think about it. We aren’t here to FORCE people to be Christian. That would be wrong. But we’re still founded on Christian -principles-. Not a complex contrast.The Founding Fathers were brilliant, and way ahead of their time. It took over a century of people getting complacent and lazy for our country to finally head steadily down the path of socialism. We made it ’till the early 1900s before we really started losing hold on our liberty. If history books did a good job of recording history, our tale would last for thousands of years. I don’t expect it to do so with any accuracy.
            It’s not a failed experiment, it’s just something that’s still new. And my great, great, great, great grandchildren will understand and value liberty, so when Americans decide they want real opportunity again, instead of Government-doled freebies, there will be strong, intelligent voices of reason to fight for what’s right, instead of equal results. Force equal results, force everyone to be slightly less happy than the least happy of your society.

            As for the next hundred years, I suspect things are going to get messy.

          • Anonymous

            “The Founding Fathers were brilliant, and way ahead of their time.”

            I think, without being dogmatic about it that these men were not so much ahead of their time, but in tune with God’s revelation. Even Franklin, probably the least enthusiastic Christian, called upon the founders for prayer when they hit an impasse.

            And you can see God’s hand in so many of their decisions, as you say, a century before they could have made the same decisions based on historical knowledge. Even the three branches of government came from their Scriptural readings.

            This was a country steeped in Christianity. Many refuse to admit that the congress not only had a Chaplain to pastor them and pray with and for them, from the beginning, but spend sometimes hours praying before deliberating on the nations business

          • Anonymous

             Sorry to be blunt – but where did you get that cockamammie presentation of history. It is wrong on just about every count! While language wasn’t a prerequisite for being in the early colonies, Christianity was. There were French Huguenots mixed in with the pilgrims fairly early in American culture – also attempting to find a land where they could worship God without government control.

            Some came directly. Some eventually came from Canada – as many of the early settlers there were expelled from their native France, sent to the new world with the option of that or death by the church. That was the Canadian heritage.

        • Rich Provost

          He needs  to read a bit of our history. Query: Why did the pilgrims come over on the Mayflower?
          Ans: To practice their faith without government interference.

        • Anonymous

          Six founded the Bible Societies in their states . .  The list is endless. The ignorance abysmal! What do they teach in these liberal/leftist/progressive/atheistic schools anyway? 

      • Anonymous

        you clearly don’t know your history.George Washington 
        1st U.S. President
        “While we are zealously performing the duties of good citizens and soldiers, we certainly ought not to be inattentive to the higher duties of religion. To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian.” –The Writings of Washington, pp. 342-343.
        John Adams 2nd U.S. President and Signer of the Declaration of Independence
        “Suppose a nation in some distant Region should take the Bible for their only law Book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged in conscience, to temperance, frugality, and industry; to justice, kindness, and charity towards his fellow men; and to piety, love, and reverence toward Almighty God … What a Eutopia, what a Paradise would this region be.” –Diary and Autobiography of John Adams, Vol. III, p. 9.homas Jefferson
        3rd U.S. President, Drafter and Signer of the Declaration of Independence

        “God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever; That a revolution of the wheel of fortune, a change of situation, is among possible events; that it may become probable by Supernatural influence! The Almighty has no attribute which can take side with us in that event.”
        –Notes on the State of Virginia, Query XVIII, p. 237.

        “I am a real Christian – that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.”
        –The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, p. 385.

      • Jim

        You are obviously an Obama supporting socialist.

      • Anonymous

         Such astounding ignorance of the most basic of subjects. The Pilgrims came here to have a Christian nation, with freedom for all. The Declaration is based on the Christian understanding of God, acknowledges the Creator. The Constitution is signed in the year of our LORD.

        Prior to the war of independence, the congress called upon all people in America to fast and repent, and call upon God for guidance and success. After the Constitution was signed, again the call to fasting, prayer and repentance so that God may hear our petitions and bless our nation.

        One founding father stated that this constitution was only valid to rule a religious people. Another stated that we would be ruled by the Bible or the Bayonet.

        Congress was used as a church for years. The Treaty of Paris was signed in the name of the Holy Trinity.  I could fill pages with facts to refute your ignorance.

        This is simple stuff – read the federalist papers. I know, I know, there are a bunch of historical revisionists who have rewritten history to suit their purpose, but the original documents are readily available, if you are truly interested in having a clue what you are talking about.

        Or you could just keep on blathering insults and lies attempting to support your losing and irrational argument.

      • Anonymous

         Christopher, all due respect, while we certainly don’t act like a Christian nation, you should find some original documents rather than reference a website or books with a copyrights in the 1970’s.  People who say we aren’t a Christian nation haven’t seen original documents which show handwritten prayers done by founding fathers (numerous of whom were preachers), haven’t been to D.C. to see the Ten Commandments (and all other clearly Biblical inscriptions) all over the capitol – not to mention a special room for prayer (still used to this day by congressman before casting big votes), and don’t know that even those who were considered the “less Christian” of those times (Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin) still pushed church attendance, missionary work, and even sat through sermons that were preached in the White House, which was the very first “church” of that time.  And yes, it’s documented.  Oh – and the Library of Congress pulled ALL these Christian documents and scanned them, making them available to the public.  check out:  A really educated guy named David Barton has ORIGINAL documents you can check out too.  (The truth shall set you free.) :)

      • Matt

        Simply look at any piece of money…you’ll see “In God we trust.” Our pledge of allegiance…”one nation UNDER GOD.” Look at the walls of every monument and you will see Bible verses and Christian quotes. Inscribed in the Supreme Court are the Ten Commandments. Hundreds of quotes/writings of our Founding Fathers mentioned God and the importance of having God in our government. This country may be walking away from its Christian heritage (which is why it’s falling apart by the way), but it is tough to prove that America is not a Christian nation.

        • Madlof Chev

          So you start your comment referencing money and the pledge of allegiance. Funnily enough, “in god we trust” was added to money in 1956, and “under god” was also added to the pledge in the middle of the 50s.

          Incidentally both of these were indirectly related to the ~red scare~ where straws were being grasped at to differentiate from the ~evil atheist communists~ so I wouldn’t take them as ~legit evidence~ that the US is supposedly a christian nation.

      • Anonymous

        Europe was an christian continent, the US is still an christian nation. Just go to St. Pauls church in New York.  Read what is printed on the money you have. Look where the 10 commandmends are published and and and.. The Puritans where christians and the us was their holy land. 


      • Dane Anderson

        What about all that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” talk in the Declaration of Independence?  Or how about “O, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand,between their lov’d homes and the war’s desolation; blest with vict’ry and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land.  Praise the Pow’r that hath made and preserv’d us a nation! Then conquer we must, when our cause is just, and this be our motto: “In God is our trust”.  And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave, o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” from our own National Anthem?  Why have we historically started large political events with a moment of prayer?  Anymore it might be out of tradition, but originally it was something more.

    • Jim

      I was a democrat for many years and I totally disagree with what Obama is doing to this country. Socialism is failing all over Europe and Obama is trying to bring socialism to America. This is not the democrat party that I grew up with and I will not support Obama again because his policies are a miserable failure and his hope and change is a disaster.

      • KS

        First of all, it’s the Democratic Party, not the “democrat party”. Second, how is Obama bringing socialism to America?  Federal gov’t has shrunk — though spending has increased of course and the Obamacare is about giving money to Private Insurance companies.  The only government health care plan is the good one that government employees get.  The people are screwed but not because he’s a socialist, that just hurts the argument for the rationale minded.

        • Glenn Singer


            I shouldn’t use your “rationale”, but you meant “rational.

        • Anonymous

           It is a Democratic Government.   The Democrat Party.  Very different!!!!

          • Joe Simones

             Its a Representative Republic, not a democratic government, as long as you’re being so clear.

          • Anonymous

             It is a Constitutional Republic with a democratically elected representative government.  Let’s get it really right.  Except for the President that is elected by an electoral college whose delegates are picked by the state legislature and a supreme court that is selected by the President and “approved” by the Senate which was supposed to have been sent by the state legislatures to represent the sovereign states in our Republic.  What we in fact have is a government run by a two party system – the difference between which is not much.

          • stinger

            It would help if they would teach this in our schools. But then with our communist unions it’s not allowed.

          • Anonymous

             Joe, You are correct that The US is a Representative Republic, and Antfly is correct that it is a Democratic Government. Quote from Wikipedia: A democratic government contrasts to forms of government where power is either held by one, as in a monarchy, or where power is held by a small number of individuals, as in an oligarchy or aristocracy … In most modern democracies, the whole body of citizens remain the
            sovereign power but political power is exercised indirectly through
            elected representatives; this is called representative democracy.

          • TeriB

             So, CardArtFTH, we now quote Wikipedia as the “truth.”  Have you not learned by now to seek true and accurate sources and not the first one that pops up in an ad-driven search engine??

          • Jamie Dangerfield

            We are a republic! Oh but they don’t let our children learn this in school, let alone say it anymore. I pledge alliegence to the flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for All. Sound familiar? Learn it, Live it, Love it or our country is going to become the socialist states of america.

          • Larry Hatton

            What Joe said…

          • TeriB

             Yes, Joe, it is a Representative Republic.  Antfly, do you recall having your vote count directly in a one to one fashion in electing a federal/national politician?  THAT is what would be required to make the United States a democratic government. 

            WHICH, I am not entirely sure, with the technology available to us now to do so, is not what should be done, but then all those small  population states in the northeast would complain.  One national primary day for all prospective candidates to select candidates AFTER each of them has a set amount of days to explain their policies and views and then a national election to choose from these candidates (for President, Senators, Congressman…) with each one vote counting and the majority wins.  Then, a run-off if no one receives over 50 percent of the vote.  Perhaps if everyone knew their vote was individually counted, no one would whine to have to show government issued ID to vote and people would take it as their civil privilege and duty to vote!!

          • Anonymous

            A Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.

        • Anonymous

          If you think the the Federal gov(ernmen)t has shrunkEN over the past four years; you, my friend, are sadly misinformed. If you don’t believe me, ask a local business owner. They are probably the class of people most directly affected by Obama’s socialist agenda. In fact, I think you should just look up the definition of socialism. . .because you do not seem to quite have a grasp of it.

          • Rene H. Provencher

            I had a company “my friend” and Bush killed me. Not POTUS! With President Obama we got breaks. t wasn’t socialism.

        • Anonymous

          I am from europe, i can tell you how they bring socialism to America. It’s the bureaucracy KS. You need to ask everything, you need an permission for everything. They are defining for you what you need to do, there are “Commissions” of non elected guys who are talking and defining what security, wealth and health is. They making tons of laws and build up controll-structures just for your best. 

          The taxes rises, the average guys get poorer and poorer – and are bound to the state care. And at last, they loose freedom in their mind. Because the bureaucracy is now their master. That’s why more and more citizens in europe are choosing leftist extremists, they are like kids just saying: “i demand it, i demand it, i demand it”

        • J.t. Coleman

          You think federal government has shrank? (or as you said “shrunk) WTH? You must be SMOKING THE OBAMA PIPE ! GOOD GRIEF !!!!

          • Cat Christodoulou

            “shrank’…or “has shrunk” are both correct. “Has shrank” is not. oops.

        • Calvin Bradford

          He lies & He is a Coward

        • Chip Metzger

          1. It IS the democrat party.  2. How is, for example, 16,000 new IRS jobs shrinking government?  The fact is that two legitimate measures of the size of government, federal employee #s and federal spending have both increased dramatically.  How has our federal gov’t shrunk?  Obama is a died in the wool socialist even if every portion of his agenda isn’t straight from ‘Das Capital’.

        • Anonymous

          KS…WHAT?!! When Bush left office, the total federal deficit was $5.23 trillion. Obama has held the reigns for four years now. The federal deficit now has grown to $16 trillion. What, exactly, has shrunk? Federal growth is measured in two things: regulations and spending. How many new regulations are there?  Financial analyst Bob Beauprez broke it down. “The latest analysis by the Small Business Administration (SBA) calculates that compliance with federal regulation costs a staggering $1.75 trillion annually – and, that is a 2008 pre-Obama Administration estimate.  
          That does not include the 75 new major rules generated by Obama in just his first 26 months at an additional burden of $40 billion according to a study by the Heritage Foundation.  
          Worse, still to come are the impending clean air rules from the EPA, new derivative rules, net neutrality rules, the new CAFE fuel mandates, and the avalanche of rules mandated by ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank legislation.  
          The government admits there are 4200 new rules or revisions already in the pipeline. ”
          When there is a massive increase, that is not “shrinking” government. Obamacare is NOT about giving money to private insurance companies, it is about forcing pathetic government insurance (NOT the same as the insurance provided for federal employees) onto most people by attacking the small businesses that now provide private insurance for their own employees at great cost and sacrifice. Because of the new regulations that are draining their coffers and making it impossible for them to expand and hire new employees, the penalties for Obamacare make it a virtual certainty that employers will stop providing insurance for those employees. Instead, they will pay a fine and drop their insurance plans. Because of the provisions of Obamacare, employers who try to keep their private insurance will see their costs rise to such prohibitive levels that the fines for not providing insurance will be cheaper. 
          How do I know that Obama is a socialist? How about his books where he details growing up under a father who was a rabid communist who indoctrinated him from his infancy. He also states that during college, he chose to hang out with the communists, the socialists and the radicals in college. His ACTIONS, however, profoundly condemn his claims that he is not a socialist. Socialized healthcare, drastically graduated tax rates, central control over the economy, circumventing the rule of law in order to “get the job done” with the justification that “we can’t wait anymore for Congress to do its job.” How about circumventing the rights of the state of Arizona to carry out EXISTING federal and state laws on immigration, then suspending the 287(g) agreements between Arizona and the federal government when he lost the supreme court case? He was ordered to cease and desist. His reaction? In practical matters, Arizona police no longer can use the federal system to be able to check immigration status or even warrants for committed crimes? He made the cartels very happy now that they cannot be checked or arrested. Why would he do that? Easy. Because does not care one whit about the safety of the citizens of Arizona so much as he cares about the votes cast by illegal aliens. How about a desperate end run around the second amendment by illegally attempting to forge a treaty with the UN that circumvents Americans’ right to keep and bear arms? How about “You didn’t build that!” 
          You don’t seem to understand ANYTHING regarding the subjects you approach here. 

          • 4thtankguards

            “How do I know that Obama is a socialist? How about his books where he
            details growing up under a father who was a rabid communist who
            indoctrinated him from his infancy.”

            Well done spewing blatant unsubstantiated lies (like just about every other bullshit claim in your post.) The above is a classic example. Obama’s father was in no way shape of form a communist. i defy you to provide any CREDIBLE source for this. Secondly, he only knew his father for ONE MONTH when he was ten, so you’re flat out lying again when you say his father indoctrinated him from infancy.

            I am calling you a liar. Flat out and stone cold, a liar, just like your hero Romney. In fact your lies are so pathetically weak and fanciful that a ten year old can see through them.

            Classic conservative loser tactics. “Tell a lie often enough and people will believe you

          • Anonymous

            If my facts are so pathetically weak, then answer them with fact. It’s obvious that you can’t make a point without name calling on a level with a 10-yr-old, but there’s not a single fact there. I didn’t say anything about which father was doing the indoctrinating, but it is obvious that YOU haven’t read his books. What did he say about who his hero and mentor was? In his memoir, Dreams from My Father, Obama stated that he chose his friends “carefully” at Occidental, so as “to avoid
            being mistaken for a sellout.” Among those friends were all manner of
            radicals, including “the more politically active black students,” “the
            Chicanos,” “the Marxist Professors and the structural feminists.”

            His words, not mine.

            Multiple times in his memoirs, he lauds Frank Marshall Davis as his mentor and the person who shaped his childhood and his political views. Frank Marshall Davis unashamedly advocated Communism and Socialism through adopting their tenets in the American government, starting with indoctrination through the public school system. He worked for a paper whose editor worked as an informant for Mao Zedong in Yenan Province, China.

            This is the man mentioned repeatedly by Barack Obama as his mentor in his publications. But I don’t need a sworn statement to convince me that he is a socialist. It doesn’t matter what he calls it. He has repeatedly stated that he believes in “redistribution” policies. In case you have no idea of the significance of that statement, “redistribution” = socialism.

            Since you don’t seem to even believe Barack Obama I’m not certain why I’m trying here. Nice to know that I hit a real nerve. However, I am completely cognizant that I am wasting my time trying to educate a vacuous mind steeped in public school leftist indoctrination, NOT facts. It’s just too bad that for you and all bitter, mindless little leftists, nothing, not fact, not blatant reality – NOTHING – will ever penetrate the air in your heads unless, by some miracle, you manage to parlay some skill into profit. Then, suddenly, none of you seem to be as ardent in your naked hatred.

            Sadly, though, as I have all too often observed, you will continue in this vein…with one exception. Your rabid pursuit of those who “aren’t paying their fair share” will adjust to mean, “anyone who makes one dollar more than I do.” And, like all true liberals, there is no such thing as a liar in your camp because, when the end justifies the means, there is no such thing as lying, no act that is contemptible, only courageous actions in defense of “the cause”.

            You and the people you identify with, the Occupy Wall Street crowd, are the same. Deny, lie, accuse of lying, call names, whine, rape, murder, destruction of property…all acceptable in the name of the cause. I’m sorry the facts don’t work out for you, but that doesn’t make me a liar – it makes me right…and you-pathetic.

        • greywolfrs

          Hey stupid, you actually think Obamaocare was designed to give money to private companies? It is quite a socialist program, it takes from one group of people to give it to another group of people. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” ever heard this statement and where it comes from?
          The point that morons like you miss is that this healthscare bill does not control actual cost of services received, it only controls the cost of the insurance. You have no clue how business works. Once you add 30 million people to the rolls, demand for service goes up, when that happens prices go up. Since there is no control on the actual cost, THEY WILL GO UP. Then the mandated premiums will not be enough to pay for the services. When that happens, the insurance companies lose money. When they lose money, they go out of business. That will create the next healthcare crisis and of course the government will have to step in and do something about that. What do you think will be done? They will institute a single-payer system, just like the left wing communists wanted in the first place. That IS a socialist/communist agenda.

          You really have never looked at the big picture. You keep those horse blinders on, dunce.

        • PatThe Rat

          I think most people prefer calling it the “Democrat party” because there is truly nothing “Democratic” about them! If that’s the top point you have – a grammatical mistake – then obviously the rest of your points are baseless and not worth reading.

        • Anonymous

           Where has the Federal government shrunk – only between Obamas big ears – shrunk down to nothing.  Government employees have no better health care plan than anyone else – you are talking about the privileged politicians that we elected and the mistress in the white house we did NOT elect, and their health care plan.  Kind of like the privileged Communist Party members of the Duma in Russia, with their special grocery stores and dacha’s.  Most Americans are FORCED onto medicare at  age 65 – and while the democrats tell the lie that the Republicans are going to destroy medicare as we know it – the Democrats with their “affordable health care plan” have stolen $716 BILLION dollars from Medicare.

          • Angie West Maxfield

            44rd11—-if you live in Texas, I’m voting for you whenever you run for office!!!

        • Anonymous

          KS, please explain how government can shrink while at the same time increase spending?  That is the most moronic statement anyone has ever made on the internet.

          • Cat Christodoulou

            Kile, it is not increasing spending, silly. It is called “investment”! Did you know that they tell girl scouts that the donations they give to charity is an “investment”? Yes, THAT IS THE CRAP THEY ARE FEEDING YOUR GIRLS! Indoctrination at it’s finest. I prefer the Heritage Girls myself. They teach personal responsibility and giving money to charity is just that…”charity”!! Investment is when you RISK money in order to try to build a business…i.e. “make money”. You know, money that you could take and GIVE TO CHARITY if you wanted to do so with YOUR MONEY!

        • ghastly1

          Honestly, KS! That’s quite a stretch. Obama meets and/or exceeds every qualification of the definition of Socialist. The only way you can legitimately argue your case is to assign him a position even further to the left. Is that what you mean?   

        • Larry Hatton

          Put the kool-aid down KS, you’ve had enough

        • Anonymous

          First of all, I think he said “democrat party” to distinguish it from the categorical “democratic party”, which could refer to either DNC or GOP.

          Second of all, the federal government has not decreased in size by ANY measure under Obama. (Your regurgitation of DNC koolaid talking points shines through the “argument” you attempt to make.)

          Finally, it’s rational or rationally-minded – not rationale minded. In the future, when attempting to sound casually condescending, it might help to have your own grammatical house in order before making fun of others.

        • Curtis Michael Catron

          how did it shrink? did they take away government power? no, they added more, you idiot

      • Anonymous

        No it isn’t Jim – and I know this about many of my Democrat friends… I being a conservative (not republican) realized a long time about that our political parties on the hill do NOT represent us any longer.  Only 25% of this country (the extremes) get representation and all in their favor… it’s the useful idiots (many of which are in here posting) that continue to “believe” in our gvt and those posting are usually from the right.  How many of us in here have bashed Bush?  I know I was ranting about that moron for years… but the lefties never remember that. 

        • Rene H. Provencher

          I voted for Bush the first time, but found out fast what he was. I worked for his dad. You earn a lot once you know things first hand.

      • Anonymous

        Please fight the god fight. In europe most of the media is for the EUDSSR and it seems that everyone want “more state” and they are in fear to be self-responsible. I hate this, and it’s like chains for everyone else in Europe who want’s to live his life in freedom. (And the hatred everywhere… greed against “the rich” who are actually not rich but just saved money) 

        Christian europe? Forget it.. They hate christianity. more then hitler and stalin together.. It is like an curse. No arguing, no discussion just hatred.

        Someone form central europe.

      • Candice Neubauer

         I was raised by democratic parents who had real family and faith values. As I got older I realized that the democratic party no longer held these values. The democratic party has been hijacked by the socialistic / progressive movement that has been in the shadows for decades. There are over 80 seated senators that belong to the ‘ Democratic Socialists of America’ starting right on down from Nancy Pelosi. Joe McCarthy was right! He was blackballed for bringing this to light.

        • allison

          Joe McCarthy was RIGHT ???  I’ve never heard that one before… But how can you say democrats don’t have values, they are the ones fighting for the rights and health and safety of others ???  

          • Rene H. Provencher

            Kind of sad these people believe everything said on Fox is true. I have to think up some good lies I guess. My Parents were democrats. Always voted for the best man. Especially Pres Eisenhower. They went to church every day. They sure in hell weren’t communists. Did not ever take a free ride for anyone. But believed in neighbor taking care of neighbor. To many young people getting a free ride from daddy today. Majority, a I wail say it again on the dole are whites! Check it out, never take someone’s word for it. Go to the department of human services check it out for yourself. I couldn’t get a white kid to carry lumber for me whenI was in business. Always had to get minorities especially mexicans to work for me. Check out VT Veterans Today and check out their Promised Man Romney. Maybe his cartel in Mexico will give him up! Nothing like cleaning cash for drug  people.

      • Rene H. Provencher

        Yeah I bet you were.

    • Brenda Jane Arden

      Thank you so much for having the courage and wisdom to do this..I admire this

    • Brian Anderson

      We arn’t a christian nation. We do not make laws because of the christian faith. Obama is not the first president who said this. The Constitution says right in it, Congress will pass no law respecting religion. Christians seem to hate it when other religions are, in their minds anyway, pushed onto them, yet have no problem pushing theirs on others around them.  Other then the fact you have a massive superiority complex Christians, why is that OK? and TBH i don’t believe the majority of republicans(at least the ones in the government) are not actually christian. I truly believe they are atheistic and merely pander to the malleable masses.

      • Matt

        Funny how you left out a few words…”Congress shall make no law respecting AN ESTABLISHMENT OF religion. Nowhere anywhere does it say religious ideas shouldn’t be a part of government…it simply says the government can’t have 1 national religion.

      • Clare Sommers

        You are so wrong in so many ways.  Many of the people posting here have finally gotten it right.  The separation of Church and State wasn’t that people didn’t want religion in government, it was that people didn’t want government in religion!  Our laws are based on Christian Law.  Not that those are not also the laws of other religions too, but our founding fathers were almost entirely from Europe and that had a Christian heritage.

        • greywolfrs

          Actually, the separation of church and state was to prevent it both ways, government does not control the churchs and churchs do not control the government. If one wants to know exactly where that comes from, they only need to look at histroy, pay particular attention to people like Henry the 8th and Bloody Mary.

    • Anonymous

       Are you surprised? He went from living in a Moslem country, to being a heavy drug user, to twenty years of Jeremiah Wright – none of it Christian. That’s his worldview. Distorted, corrupted irrational and unhistorical, but that’s how he sees things. He is neither a Democrat or a Republican. He has his own vision for America and has co-opted the radical branch of the Democrats to enable him. The rest tag along like blind sheep, hoping for some crumbs from his greatness.

      Hope and Change – He hoped to make us into the dream of his father – and that required fundamentally transforming America. In four years this country has gone so far backwards that it may be hard to simply recover what we’ve lost, let alone make any advances.

      My worry is not that Barry will lose the election, because every corpse in America is expected to vote. My concern is that even with the dead voting early and often, the Republicans will win and he’ll refuse to turn over power.

      The way he uses Presidential decrees – like imperial edicts – he may just declare the election invalid on some pretext, manufactured or not.

    • Poison_ Monkey

      Not many Zombies here bigug.  WE didn’t vote for a “son” of and raised by Islamic Muslim’s (for life) in the first place.  However, I am in 99% Islamic zones (east, Africa.)  They (Islam) are stuck in the 14TH Century whereby they truly believe that WE (USA) are all Christians ridding Horses with swords and Javelins. Obama was out of line “indicating” that America is not founded on Christian Values i.e. Laws. 

      However, he may have been attempting to explain this is (USA) 2000 something… We no longer ride horse’s and or use swords-Javelins.   

      All other issues are spot on and your POST is exceptional.   

    • Calvin Bradford

      Amen brother

    • Poison_ Monkey

      Note Obama removes the Founders God (through Christ) from the Democrat ticket Platform… I bet the Catholic wing balked at going forward…Millions of Latino Votes are at stake. BUT 2/3 in an open forum screamed NO 3 times to take God and Israel back out of the Obama Platform. BUT they ignored the truth and it passed.

    • Rene H. Provencher

      So you actually heard the Muslim prayers being said in the White House? So full of shit it’s unbelievable. Voting for Romney meant you voted against women’s rights and Veterans rights. So you must not be a patriot of veterans. Maybe one day you will do all your fact checking before you let your emotions take over. Tell the truth, it’s all about black.

    • Anonymous

      You’re an idiot.  You are not welcome back in the democratic party.

  • Wesley W. Walker

    “ASK for a waiver” = removing the REQUIREMENT.

    You see, Miss Becker, the law did not allow WAIVERS before. Now, they can get WAIVERS from the federal work requirements. It is no longer a federal work REQUIREMENT. It is now a federal work guideline.Second, the LAW does not allow for waivers, but that doesn’t matter to you, does it? Obama has demonstrated that he doesn’t care about passing things through congress as described in the Constitution, why the hell should we start worrying now, right? RIGHT?Liberals.. make me sick..

  • kyle

    How retarded, welfare work requirements are federal rules that can be waived on a whim, Roe v. Wade is a supreme court decision deciding the constitutionality of laws.  Apples and oranges to anyone too stupid to figure it out. 

  • Neale Shaffer
  • Anonymous

    Stupid is as stupid does . You can lead a liberal to a thought ,but you can’t make them think

  • MP not snoops

  • Bill Koegler

    Try putting in “Federal Income Tax” 

  • Bill Koegler

    Try substituting “Federal Income Tax” and watch DC freak out…
    “The Federal Income Tax is not simply being “dropped.” States may now change the Taxing requirements — revising, adding or eliminating them — as part of a federally approved state-specific plan to increase family financial security.”

  • Lawrence McCarren

    The whole purpose of the waiver is so that states can be the laboratories they were meant to be.  The states would be able to develop innovative ways to get people OFF welfare, the HHS said allowing states to get waivers were “to allow states to test alternative and innovative strategies, policies,
    and procedures that are designed to improve employment outcomes for
    needy families”.  That is not the same as ‘gutting’ work requirements. 

    • Lawrence McCarren  a great article dissecting things.

  • Amy Tepe Luck

    Glenn’s fact checkers are the only reliable ones around!

  • Derek Johnson

    Wasn’t it Artaxerxes that allowed the Israelite captives to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the the temple and Xerxes that adopted the practice of allowing people to live autonomously and in their own custom?  Technically, this would have been an advancement of of human rights.  Now Nebuchadnezzar…  That was a roll back of human rights.

  • desi gold

    With all the “fact checking” going on, I just wonder next week if the same media outlets will make sure the dem conventions facts are checked or will they just go unnoticed. I truely dont believe we should have political parties. I will be voting for Romney  because I do believe that if things dont change that we are all in BIG trouble and it wont matter what party you affiliate yourself with we will all be in the same boat

  • Michael Harris

    Why was Paul Ryan’s name mentioned in the title and then ignored in the rest of the article?

  • Alex Picard

    Separation of church and state was to protect religious freedom. I’m Agnostic and am not so stupid that I ignore 250 years of religious involvement in government. If it was meant to keep religion at bay we wouldn’t be arguing about it now, as it would have been decided a long time ago.

  • Shane Bogusz

    You have to apply in order to receive the waiver, and to receive it you must submit a plan for enhancing the work requirement or designing the program so that the work requirement is more flexible. It is far from a failed fact check.

  • wade burk

    Such ignorance! Such hatred! Such bigotry! Everything I would expect from websites such as this…

  • Victor Tiffany

    A writer for Fox News found four lies that Ryan, Beck’s “soulmate” told.  

    The ONLY way Republicans are going to win this election is by lying to the American people.

    Those aren’t the only lies he told either:

  • Brian Anderson

    bwahahahahahahahahaa Obama gave these republican states the option of doing different things with welfare at their request, and he put in place a stipulation that if they don’t meet certain work criteria that the waver will be removed and the state will beforced back to the original way it did things. All of that is in the law and it is a law that was asked for by Republican Govs. As far as the abortion thing, its funny that that is what you decide to use as the “asinine” thing since the republican party doesn’t believe a woman can get pregnant from rape and that women who do get pregnant from said encounter actually wanted it meaning there was no real rape. Republicans are fuckin Hilarious

    • greywolfrs

      Actually, you are fucking hilarious. You think that option is only for Republican states? Who is lying now? Man, you are one dumb M F er.

  • Brian Anderson

    BTW those sites arn’t partisan. Republicans are throwing more and more flat out lies to the public cause they can’t get people to hate Obama based on FACTs. 

    • greywolfrs

      Based on facts? Obamao lies more than the entire GOP combined, fool.

  • Anonymous
  • lynn daly

    That’s so funny! I read the federally approved plan to increase job placement. Glen is arguing about an ‘eliminating’ option —  that he totally made up!!! lol. It doesn’t exist. But you can’t fact check it because – facts are bad!

    The memo in question clearly states, ”
    The Secretary is interested in using her authority to allow states to test alternative and innovative strategies, policies, and procedures that are designed to improve employment outcomes for needy families.” and goes on to say, ”
    The Secretary is only interested in approving waivers if the state can explain in a compelling fashion why the proposed approach may be a more efficient or effective means to promote employment entry, retention, advancement, or access to jobs that offer opportunities for earnings and advancement that will allow participants to avoid dependence on government benefits.”You can’t just make stuff up, Glenn!! 

  • lynn daly

    I understand the Christian Nation thing — but then why would you nominate a Mormon? Christians don’t believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet on the same level as Jesus. And we certainly don’t believe that our underwear will protect us from harm. And we don’t believe we will become Gods – or at least the men will – and have our own planets to rule over… Your post is interesting but your actions speak louder than words.

    • Anonymous

      Mormon’s don’t believe Joseph Smith is on the same level as Jesus. They believe Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of the world.

  • Nicholas Gerry

    I WOULD like to point out, however, that your initial connection between welfare and race relations in the first place IS in fact, racist.

  • Christainmartyr

    Hi,Glenn, i want to say something, am happy Mitt Romney did not pick Mario or Boby Jendall , i have a comment, i watched tv last night, thinks i heared that woman hispanic,new Mexico, how she got to that position? her eyes tells a mean and bais, how she got elected,she talked about bullsh**t issues about her and child abuse,go to doctor Phil,or Dr,Holio,she doesn’t say how her pearnts crossed the borders illegally,she said i don’t know how we got her?? taking seats !n my original country,she would be deported immedaitley,and that guy Robio,Cuban comminst ruthless,how he got her? or his pearnts got her? i took a cab oneday and the driver i described Cuban or purtorican, he was ugly as hell with gold teeth,and rude and wicked than the black driver,i took cabs with i arrived my destination,and i had a 50 pounds shipping box from the USP office,have my clothes in it being shipped to me from Michigan state, anyway, he never try to move a finger to help me unloading it form his car,I asked,if you help me to carry this Box to the stairs of the apartments building,and i’ll give you tip,he said no no i have plenty money,i don’t need tips!!!! i got mad at this ugly than rat itself, i said Ok commy Cuban or Vinsula or portSh**t, thank God America is exist with their own good people! thank God there is God,unfortunate Americans policy are brining those ugly perverts to this land of God’s humble handsome men and women,land of brave,everything is American but these type of people,America to me is White,Red,and Blue,and Gold,and free poor spirit people,i said your commy people why don’t you go to your sh**t hole country and fight if you are being persecuted!! lies! sometime God puts a dectator to control over some bad people,like now in the middleast,the extremists wants to take over and set their ideas on other people not sharing them the same ideas!! God help all the poor everyone,he hears his sheep’s voice!!

    • Brian Anderson

      Beck panders to sickos like you. Learn how to type. Learn how to be a human being. Learn the English language you so dearly covet. Learn some history. Learn how to think for yourself.

      • greywolfrs

        Pot meet kettle, dunce.

  • Matt

    You are correct. Liberal judges wanted to take the Bible out of public schools, but could not find a precedent to do so. So they had to pull one out of their ***es…which they did. They found the phrase “separation of church and state” in one of Thomas Jefferson’s letters and used it to mean something completely different than what Jefferson was saying….it’s funny how they’re saying Republicans make up facts to work for them when in reality it’s liberals.

  • Anonymous

    Why does no one, Glenn Beck included, ever go to the heart of the matter? In striking down the newly passed line item veto years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the Congress had delegated legislative power to the President, which is forbidden by the Constitution. They confirmed that the President has ZERO constitutional authority to nullify or change any part of any bill passed by Congress. His ONLY power is to administer that law as it is written. This President has unilaterally changed immigration and welfare law, and created carbon regulation law out of thin air. HE HAS NO AUTHORITY TO DO ANY OF THIS!!!!!

  • Victor Tiffany

    Now replace with abortion:”

    Why?  Why confuse the whole matter with another fruit altogether (apples and oranges)?

    Fact: Ryan lied (not unlike his soulmate, Glenn Beck). 

  • PatThe Rat

    I really don’t care anymore what you guys think. You go off attacking Clint Eastwood and making fun of him. As far as I’m concerned, Glenn and the rest of you are as much a part of the problem with America as Obama and the rest of the liberals.

  • Anonymous

    Fact check is just another liberal organization..Just
    read any newspaper and than do research.  Maybe
    they are too dumb to know how to do research.

  • Anonymous

    A Church very Few People Know About right in the heart of D.C.
    Everyone in the United States needs to see this; Most especially our President, Congress,
    and Supreme Court Justices.
    Something we were never taught in school; 99 out of 100 people don’t know this, do
    you? It’s fascinating…

    • Anonymous

       44rd11 may I complement you for bringing this to our attention.  I begin to think I am a maverick until someone like you brings it to our  conscious that the majority of us feel the same as you.  Thanks for your contribution/wake-up message.

    • Margery Ripley

      thank you

  • missy janie47

    The left wouldn’t recognize the truth if they were personally introduced. They long ago lost all sense of truth, logic and dignity.
    They did choose they’re best poster child to lead the DNC. Every time Debbie Wasserman Schultz opens her mouth, lies and hysteria spill out. She appalls me.

  • Mark Stevens

    How can anyone oppose national single-payer healthcare? I’m a registered New Hampshire Republican conservative voter.  I totally support capitalism as the economic engine that moves the world. However, I am not an Ayn Rand Atheist Objectivist. I do not support privatized national defense, I do not support privatized criminal justice system, I do not support privatizing the Interstate Highway network or your local police and fire departments. We had private fire departments in the early days of the republic and it was a total disaster. Health care is every bit as vital to all Americans as national defense, police&fire protection, and the highway system. Way too important to have private corporate profit be the sole basis on which health decisions are made. I have no problem with the wealthy buying their own premium, cadillac grade health care. But everyone else should have the same right to health care that citizens of the UK and Canada enjoy, and make no mistake about it, they are MUCH better off than most Americans, fabricated propaganda to the contrary notwithstanding.

    • Anonymous

      Mark, you obviously have never talked to Canadians or the English individually nor have you read the statistics of how long they must wait for significant surgery/treatment.  I am not one of the ‘wealthy’ and I have no desire to be treated via the dictates of government.  Your knowledge of fabricated propaganda proves you have not even started kindergarten let lone the ability to contribute to this discussion.

  • Dave Becker

    “If Roe vs Wade was overturned, it wouldn’t make abortion illegal”
    If Roe vs Wade were overturned, …

  • Anonymous

    In my view, the issue is quibbling over wording rather than substance.  If the words are carefully parsed, Romney’s ad is incorrect.  They work requirements were not dropped.  However, the work requirements were EFFECTIVELY dropped by changing the definition of what is work to include things as work that no reasonable person would consider work.  So the Romney ad’s substance is correct but the wording was sloppy.  The wording should have been better reviewed.  This has given the Obama campaign a loophole.

  • Gary

    This website has referenced fact checking sites to support their point of view in the past.  Now they don’t like the “facts” when it is against their position?  Stu really needs to dice and silce an argument to make his case. The truth really dose not live here. ( Not sure where it is for that matter.)  Many Republican governors wanted this rule change for reasons that make sense. 

  • Ben B. Boothe, Sr

    Stu, glance at this. I would like your take omit. Ben

  • Anonymous

    This is your favorite Wall Street fat cat. Just wanted to let everyone know I had tubs of free vaseline if you need some. Please vote for me and then bend over, you obviously didn’t get enough when we wrecked the economy. This time, me and my hedge fund buddies will really put it to ya… honest!!!

  • Adam Rankin

    Please somebody come up with a solution to fire these employees of America, known as representatives that are not doing their job. One idea, whoever wins this term, if they fail, next election, local, or national , vote every current member of that part out. If your workers refuse to work, fire them! We need solutions, facts are as they are, we know things are not working, we need answers, Washington does not have them. We as a people do, some lessons learned from socialism is that voice in numbers, I say whatever party goes in, they fail, vote them all out. Same thing with the banks, if they do not get their act together and obey the law, everyone switch banks. These are companies, just like our congress, we put them there, we can remove them. Please god someone fire these morons. 

  • Guest

    “Obamao lies more than the entire GOP combined, fool.”

    First, you lie. That’s not his name.  Second; you’re just wrong. Romney lies more than Obama, about twice as much. Look it up at Politifact instead of making thing up … the way Beck does.

  • Ronald Harrington

     “as part of a federally approved state-specific plan to increase job placement”……….INCREASE JOB PLACEMENT!!!!!! Are all you people idiots or what???? That means move MORE people from Welfare to Work, not less, or eliminate or whatever lie you tell yourselves today. You can only CHANGE the program if it INCREASES JOB PLACEMENT from welfare to work…WOW….You people are dense.

  • Arvin Chan

    What’s the point of fact checks when you have this 

  • Jaron Talotta

    such a false equivalency with the Abortion/Welfare comparison.  Welfare deals with economic issues, which VASTLY vary from state to state.  Abortion is a social issue, its essentially the same situation in every state, it doesn’t vary enough for each state to require its own separate laws for the betterment of the state.  I can’t stand it when they do this.  Besides the fact it shows the rights own hypocrisy when it comes to states rights and politics.  I thought the conservatives LOVED states rights?  oh whats that? not when its a democrat in office giving the states more power to remove something you put there?  but BECK knows this, WHICH is why he tried to push your attention to his idiotic comparison of welfare work requirements and abortion.  how sad.

  • J.E.Hall

    How did Michelle get time to give this speech between Glamor magazine cover shoots, Jay Leno interviews, shoping for dresses in Madrid, and telling us what to eat for lunch? Now that’s multitasking!

  • Shane

    I don’t believe the liberal media; join the MRC to fight liberal media bias – McClatchy news also published a liberal hit piece calling Ryan a liar for this and other reasons.

  • BobbyH

    I don’t know where everyone gets their information about the insurance that the federal government provides for employees, but I can tell that a lot of misunderstandings exist. I am a retired federal employee and my health insurance is purchased through a private insurance company. Admittedly, we may get a good rate because of the number of employees involved. However my insurance cost me upwards of five hundred dollars per month for myself and my spouse. It does not cover vision or dental costs at all. I don’t see that as such a bargain. I still must make meet deductibles and make co-payments. Not such a great deal after all. I think most people get our benefits confused with state and local government workers, who usually have much better benefits that federal workers.

  • Keith Fowler

    I wonder if Bill Clinton had to remind Mr. Obama to throw his shirt away after last nights speech!

  • Anonymous

    Obama administration is waiving the federal requirement that ensures a portion
    of able-bodied TANF recipients must engage in work activities. It is replacing
    that requirement with a standard that shows that the pre-reform welfare program
    was successful and the post-reform program a failure. If that is not gutting
    welfare reform, it is difficult to imagine what would be.

  • Anonymous

    Fast Check..not too reliabel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patti Nowak

    Well said “bigug”

  • windtalker700

    Today is Eastern standard day light time is 09:45 PM. The date
    is 09/14/2012 in the foot hills of North
    Carolina. It’s Friday and I’m trying to access G/B on
    my ROKU. Every time I try it keeps redirecting me to WILCOW. I really like
    WILCOW but he’s not G/B! G/B to follow your own words “ question with boldness”
    I’m trying to watch G/B’s show at 5:00 PM on E. S. day light time ? What’s the
    deal pall? Fix it ! I’m posting this on
    every most poplar site with the Glenn beck .com Net work. Thanks.

    P.S. G/B G-d bless I love yugh ! Just trying too keep it
    honest brother ! Thanks.

  • Bob Hymore

    There Will Be No ELECTION you need to read between the lines. Obama and his friend have been whating this power for a long time.Obama can stay in office for a long time if Israel atack Iran and Iran baddy’s wiil start there atacts on Israel by the middle or end off OCT.Think back when Pution and Obama forgot about the mic,weak President Is Putions dream come true,I wish I was a fly that day in the office.Obama’s friend in the middle east.This is how it will happen Israel will atack Iran with out are help around now until election Obama will call for war to protect Israel even thow he don’t talk to Israel remder def treaty.Obama and his friends,USSR,BROTHER HUD,HERREY READ, and Hi LIBAROL power PLAYER and even the UN what him to claim Exective Power at war.BYBY ELECTION Hale to KING OBAMA.


    All american -citizens of every color, national origin, creed and religion should reject the Democrat Party and it’s vicious, criminal and despicable marketing of racial hatred, war on christian, war on the middle class, war on the unborn (infanticide), war on the Constitution, war on the Bill of Rights, war on American sovereignty and war on the rule of law.

  • stinger

    I cant take the annoying commercials on the Glen Beck radio show. Their is absolutely no credibility when it comes to these commercials. Most all of them are liberal businesses and are Obama supporters. When Glen Beck does a commercial for these businesses his credibility is zero. We are attacked by lies and deceptions from the media, we don’t need it with Conservative talk radio.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing how paranoid and misinformed many G.B. fans seem to be. Is our precious capitalism so fragile that it can’t stand up to a little socialism? Do you realize our military is a giant socialist organization, it’s like a hippy commune for gun lovers with crewcuts that live on welfare! I’m sure you’re all blowing steam our of your ears by now but really, Corporate Welfare and waste fraud and abuse is out of controll and I don’t hear any G.B. nuts calling for oversight, transparency and accountability, only whining about socialism and birth certificates and meaningless crap!

  • Snooks

    I’m a Republican and II worked at the Pentagon for the Office of Naval Intelligence under the Chief of Naval Operations and until you have had an Airliner crash into the building you work at and by the way where my children attended daycare don’t tell me Obama selling out the USA. All that shit happened on Mr. Bush’s watch.. I lost seven great people that day, friends that I will never forget….enough said

  • Shontonio West

    That’s the worst analogy I’ve ever seen.  And it’s one that Romney supports.  Romney says he supports ‘Romney Care’ at the state level. Check the last debate he said it.  He advocates all the time that the states are better able to address their specific needs, so why now all of a sudden on this issue he has a problem with letting the states address how they fix it.  In addition to that if the plans the states approve doesn’t work, they have to go back to the federal plan.  

    Why is it this article only talks about a part of the law?  Oh that’s right.  I forgot where I was.

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure how I navigated here, but after reading posts from the opposing ideological extremes here I realize we are truly F’d as a nation. Bertrand Russell wrote “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always
    so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” Cheers to you fools and fanatics (which comprise the majority of posters on this and most other political sites) for you have made honest and open discourse among the moderates of both parties impossible. It is clear that both sides here have obviously abandoned the pursuit of truth, and seek facts (or create them) to bolster their point of view rather than use facts to mold and shape their world view. I am sure it is far easier to let MSNBC and FOX News tell you exactly what to think than maybe realize you have distinct thoughts that may diverge from one party or the others agenda. I do envy the simplicity of the world you have created for yourselves to live in, the ability to vilify one candidate whilst canonizing the other creates a magical comic-book world that any 6 year old would gladly live in. The more I think about this the more depressed I become, I fear only Scotch will help. Good-night and BAAAAAA sheep. 

  • Daughter

    Wow1 It is interesting to note how rabid partisanship can turn an otherwise intelligent being into one completely dependent on false logic to make his point. You can do better than this, Beck.

  • allison

    Without twisting words… taking it very literally, work requirements are not being dropped, by definition, because the decision is being given over to the states…. which is what Republicans typically WANT.. unless given by Democrats and then it is refuted… it IS ridiculous !

  • allison

    You lost me at “worst, still to come clean air reg from EPA”…. who has an issue with regulations to keep our air clean ????

  • Rene H. Provencher

    Glenn, why do you make shit up all the time so your followers will say, oh yeah man it must be true, Glenn, Rush, Hannity they say it’s true so it must be. I worked all my life at many different jobs. DOD, DEA, Mechanic, Military, flipping houses, rebuilding houses and a few others. Majority of people on Welfare are Europeon whits folks!. Yes you heard it right. Majority of non cowards in the military are Black, Latino’s etc.. You spew hate and are one hateful crazy basters, you think “yeah man this will get me some cudo’s with my white boys. Well I’m white, and I vote independent. Which means white boy I vote for the man, not the party. Get over it, you lost! Reason is, all your lies lost. Bullshit walks. By the way, tell Rush we are holding him to his leaving the USA. I voted Democratic this time, because I believe in women’s right’s, you don’t. I believe all soldiers need to be taken care of. Voting tea bag means you not give a rats ass abut soldiers or women. First raise we got in many years was from President Obama. Wanna fuck with soldiers, go tell Senator (Colonel) Webb he is full of shit, I dare you! I dare you to once tell the truth. By the way I am mixed, and my Native American part of me says, get out off of my land white boy go live in the country your ancestors came from! You might be able to have the same freedoms you have here. Get over it, you lost. In four years I may vote for Gov. Christie. I was told you and others at Fox said that Christie was a what lover? His boys will kick your ass. 

  • Buen

    LOL all the l!btards that were called over to the site to bash Glenn. Obama removed a federal requirement. Case closed.

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