Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

The June jobs report came out last week and the numbers were as disappointing as the tragic Cruise-Holmes divorce. Disappointing yes. Surprising, no.

Alan Krueger, chairmen of Obama’s economic advisors explained simply that the unemployment rate was, of course, Bush’s fault.

“While the economy is continuing to heal from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, much more remains to be done to repair the damage from the financial crisis and deep recession that followed.”
June was no exception, because he says that same thing every single month.

But, if you’re still blaming the last guy, it’s probably important to actually compare your record to his.  Simply put—are you better off than you were four years ago?

Since Obama took office, the government has released the unemployment rate 42 times.  Of those 42 releases, the rate has been worse than it was four years before exactly 42 times.  In other words, at least as far as employment, the Obama presidency has given us exactly zero months that were better than four years ago.  Zero.

For those who are not mathematicians out there, that is a one hundred percent failure rate. New Slogan?

Barack Obama.  One hundred percent failure.


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Based on what I see on the above chart the truth is self evident; under Obama the cumulative unemployment rate actually climbed, even when government mathmatics (i.e. their spin on the matter), are taken into account.

    They have blatantly lied and distorted; and are caught up in their own trap set for others, they have to maintain the figment and illusionary tales, as they understand the incredible fury and wrath they will soon face from the American people.

    May God have mercy on the administrations souls; for when the face justice in our courts for their crimes, I do not see much being extended to them.

    • w. Parker

      With he exception of people with an IQ below 75, aren’t the people who vote for and continue to vote for these anti-american liberal/socialist politicians just as guilty?  The “wrath” you mention from the american people would consist of a growing “minority”.  People of voting age are adults and presumed “american” citizens and sane.  We blame the politicians, particularly obambo (Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Lee, Kerry, etc), but over look the ones, in the name of “poltical correctness”  that vote them into office and continue to do so.   

      • Anonymous

        agreed. We can try to influence them to vote conservatively or not at all if they wont choose better than they did in ’08… there are just too may stupid people in America. I think there should be an iq or competence test to prove oneself worthy to vote…this may seem stringent to the morons but it would keep “idiots who think our leaders are in a highschool popularity contest” from electing what we’re suffering thru presently…

        • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

          Awaken – there were such tests at one time; part of Americas dark history I think was termed the “Jim Crow” laws to make sure many former slaves and minorities could not vote.

          • Diego Roswell

            You guys are missing the fact that the democrats have already won. They have 48.5% of Americans dependent on some form of   government aid: 


            As such, these people will never vote away their handouts. The democrats have created an entitlement society and the republicans let them do it by voting for and signing into law the thousands of laws and regulations that made this possible. They may have done so under duress or as riders to bills necessary for national defense, but nonetheless they did it.

            Like addicts, government worshippers will never return to an independent life. Their God is the federal government. Their church is any federal court and their savior is Obama.

            We are fools if we think that common sense or facts can overcome the freeloader mentality that is the foundation of the democrat draw to voters. What can conservatives offer freeloaders? A work ethic? A chance at independence? Freedom? Liberty? These abstract ideas mean nothing to the fat, lazy, selfish, self centered, inconsiderate, worthless government worshipping freeloaders that make up nearly 1/2 of our current population. They are concrete thinkers that only think of themselves and how much they can “get” form government programs.

            I see no hope as America has already taken the left fork in the road.

          • Anonymous

            But what about when the money runs out to fund 401(k) accounts, social security, unemployment, disability, and any other entitlement you can think of?  These people will realize that the 1% who’ve put their money in the Caymans or Switzerland, THOSE people provided the entitlements, not Obama.  They won’t see this picture until their unearned money runs out.

          • w. Parker

            So, i ask you, one who campaigns regularly and harshly against liberalism and its adverse affects to our society, what do we do?  Americans of european heritage are declining in numbers along with our culture.  By 2040 we will be a minority at present birth rates, immigration rates, etc.  If the same 90+% ratio continue to vote liberal, what then is our future?  You are a proponent of our country’s founders (all european/american).  Do you think or expect this is what our founders intended for european americans, or America, 250 years later?  “A politically incorrect” question, but a valid one 

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Personally, Politically incorrect questions are often the ones most honestly asked; so to the answers that I can give.

            In the case of our changing demographic base, what has to change is the people themselves…change the IDEALS and IDEAS from the liberal insanity to what America should be – WE the PEOPLE of a true, free, and self determined Republic.

            From what I understand of the founding fathers, and their basic ideas for the nation; they understood that changes would happen in the nation as it grew and aged across the centuries.

            Hence, the Constitution contains the very means to change and adapt it as needed for the challenges they could not have anticipated.

            Ultimately, the Constituiton, the government and the nation itself has been entrusted by them into the ones who are the final guardians of it: ALL OF US.

            America has undergone change, such as in the late 1800s to 1920s (roughly) in which many immigrants came from Europe; yet many also came to the West Coast from Asian countries, and strong opposition was brought against the immigrants over those years.

            Times changed though; slowly, inexorably and not w/o pain and difficulty. This is the means by how we stay true to the ideals and ideas of America.

            The differences between all of us, along with that which we agree on, makes us AMERICANS. Hence why we one time were known as the ‘Great American Melting Pot.’

            That image and idea has been shattered by the last 100 years of Progressivism.

            It is in the return to America being again a ‘great melting pot’ in which all are AMERICANS first, with the rest of our heritage spice and herbs for the dinner, that can allow us to, step by step, swing the pendulum back from liberal extremist to a center right nation as we once had been.

            Understand, this vision I hold for the restoration of the nation; and a return to sanity, will encompass a time of two or three generations to complete.

            The first step is for more people to understand who we are, and where we came from; then decide where we wish to be and become.

            I hope this answers some of it for you. 

          • Anonymous

            hmmm i don’t stand w/a racial discriminatory group…but lawfully keeping brainwashed, uniformed, unintelligent people from casting a potentially disastrous vote, leading to the detriment of their own country, seems to be a civically responsible act by American patriots in position to do so…”tyranny reigns when good men do nothing”. too many of us, regardless of means or station in life or race or age, have let the commie athiests/secular humanists, America hating sociopaths get way too powerful.

          • w. Parker

            Hey, i’ve waited for 2 days for a response, only to receive no response.  I asked a valid question of you about america’s future.  I see you responded to awakentexas, showing support of minorities, a segment of society i spoke of that will one day dominate america.  Look at Chicago, all major cities – my town! Who’s voting for who? Are you timid entering into an intelligent discussion that will affect our childrens/children’s future – our future?  I believe your sympathetic views toward minorities outweighs your concern for conservative america’s future.

          • w. Parker

            I disagree, i personally dont believe our founding fathers could conceive the changes we experience today, such as minorities dominating our european white christian society, anymore than man walking on the moon by people living prior to the industrialization of the early 20th century.  Otherwise, based on the beliefs at the time, i believe they would have created/required a check and balance system within the constitution/bill of rights to prevent that.  I would think they would have thought it to be a danger to be dominated by a culture or people different from the majority at the time.  Different cultures, comes different beliefs.  People who immigrated in the late 19th/early 20th century were mostly hard working, christian loving people with an work ethic far superior to most living today, but on the same level as our Signers.  With the surge of liberalism in the mid 20th century has become a concentrated effort by the left to gradually tear down and erode everything that was once hard stone.  America has bent over almost to falling over to adapt to the change to a point we have no further room to bend.  A large segment of society is as immature and unreasonable as the children we attempt to raise.  The pendulum is stuck.  It is stuck close to the “left” side.  The majority i believe and hope want the pendulum to swing closer back to the “right” side.  At present the position of the pendulum is a threat to all that hold what we, the majority has held dear for so long.  Anymore to the left and the pendulum will break and all will suffer – even the left, but they cannot understand.  My family has lived in, fought for, participated in and loved this place since arriving in the 17th century.  I’m not as optimistic as you facing current trends.  I could go on, but thanks for the respectful reply

        • Anonymous

          don’t forget the teachers who are not teaching the 3 r’s but “health'(sex), tolerance,”everyone’s tolerence to them, self esteem, I am and you cannot tell or say anything negative to me, and fairness, everyone needs to buy my lunch cause I deserve what you have too, and equality, I can take the test as many times as I want and I will pass. That’s freedom ! and least we not forget Freedom FROM religion except the religion and depravity of Darwinism survival of the fittest. The young people today have been cheated from the leftist BS since the 9-11 reaction to the “muslim victimization’ rather than TRUTH no matter how hard at least with truth you can have a clear conscience and build trust, recognition, repentance, responsibility to each other, remove the error, restore ourselves and each other and rejoice in our unity and our God given rights and liberties and TRUE FREEDOMS. But we chose to lie to ourselves and say we have to be sensitive to each individual the minority how crazy we are to believe in The egg laying rabbit and santa claws and not believe in our own selves as neighbors, communities, a people -instead of Hollywood the rich and fakeness and snake tonic sellers. it becomes clearer each day, we need to write call and pester our leaders from the goveners to the Doctors to the senators congress even if they aren’t yours. E-mail, call. if you need to call your local schools get involved. Be a community orginazer read obamanation… sadly people should have read this before the 08 election   see who now needs a change of address! It’s not about where he was born anymore but where he lives!!!

          • Anonymous

            10-4. We are in agreement.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I have been giving your post due consideration, which is why the delay in responding. I do agree that those who vote for the anti-american political figures; or for the ‘political correctness’ reasoning/cause/insanity, there is a level of blame to be taken, and to be held accountable for.

        Hence in the 08′ elections; those who fell under the sway of Obama and his cronies/conspirators wanted a king, and so they got their king, and a devil at the same time.

        What I have to draw a differential on is the matter of how ignorant the voters are in the matter. If they honestly did not understand the matter of Obama, whom due to the media control worked well on hiding, obscuring and shrouding him in the illusions over the darkness beneath, then the guilt to be placed upon them is not as high of an amount.

        Note though, those who voted for him and his cronies, and the politcal old guard of DC (progressives, socialists, career politicians who care not for the will of the people), and already knew and understood about their motives, means and the like, carry a higher share of the blame.

        This also applies to those who have learned and heard of the truth of the socialists/anti americanists and refuse to understand or deal with the revelation given unto them.

        As to the wrath I comment on; Admiral Yamamoto, upon learning the suprise attack on Pearl Harbor came before the declaration of war was given to the American government, declared:

        “Gentlemen, I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant, and his wrath shall be severe.”

        In the context of the old DC guard, and the current administration; the people are waking and angry over the near loss of our Republic. ’10 delivered the first massive shock, the  next one this year has to continue the process and fire them all who will not due as the people will.

        In the case of the administration; and any crimes committed in the due course of their term in office, they too need to be held to account in criminal courts.

  • Anonymous

    Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    Despotism: is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. This would be equal to a King, Emperor or Pharaoh which ever the case may be….

  • SecondSibling

    NO, not better off that 4  yrs. ago.  Part of Obamacare is going to eliminate all health insurance agents and replace them with ACORN and AMERICORP to sign everyone up into Obamacare. I am 65 and still having to work because the economy is so bad.  I became an agent at age 53 and have worked hard as a self employed agent.  (not eligible for unemployment ) and now President Obama has legislated my entire career away.  Will anyone feel safe handing over their personal private info to an ACORN or AMERICORP employee?  I don’t think so.  You can see it here:



  • w. Parker

    Putin today touted the “decline of the West economically.  Putin said “be ready for the development of the situation, even for the most unfavorable development”.   What does he mean by that?  And who does the “West” have as a leader to prevent what he’s talking about – – Obimbo!! 

  • Anonymous

    Better off?  With 1.2 million children Premeditated Parenthood-ed per year since 1973?  On our watch?  Many of those 40+ million opportunities to lead and solve problems would be entering into their most productive years about now.

    Somebody had a “better” idea than to let God-given life work towards Him.  Somebody tried to wrest life from whom all life begins.  We now reap our Pride and Arrogance.

    It is no surprise that we are much worse off:  It was our “choice”.

  • Anonymous;postID=1463634015996847061

    My blog has a guest today talking about where she was 4 years ago compared to where she is now.  She’s more than a statistic, she’s a friend, she’s a hard working woman.  She raised two kids as a single mom, but now has no time to see her grand kids because he works so many hours a day just to keep her bills paid.  Read my blog, address above.  Is your story like hers?  There are thousands like her.  It is terrifying.  We MUST work for a return to our old American Republic and turn away from socialism before we lose the freedom and prosperity we have been so blessed to enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    We are not better off now then we were four years ago.  We have tried so hard to save for college through mutual funds and have taken such a hit.  We have also tried to continue with keeping our retirement accts where they need to be so we can retire before we die!! It is through irresponsibility and greed not just on our govts part but also those that just continue to live beyond their means!   It amazes me the strain that our govt continues to put on its public. Now talking about tax increases again!! I personally am trying to think of how we can make our govt more responsible.  How can we cut off funds to force the upper hand?  The govt needs to cut and is not doing enough in that direction. Now we have this health care issue which will create more govt jobs , more govt spending, more, more , more!  So, how about if we all roll back our tax deductions immediately so that we are not contributing so much!  Now, I know that we will have to pay at the end of the year but most intelligent people could do this.  That would def have an impact!  If a lot of people did that for the next 6 months, and maybe continued .. . So, what would that do to our employers?  Because we certainly do not want to create a burden for them. Cuz our govt has and will continue to make it harder for them to survive in this country.

  • Anonymous


    Obama can’t focus like a laser on any crisis and solve the problem. He only magnifies he crisis with his deportation decisions not to secure the orders and to give work permits to 1.4 million illegals.

  • Sharmane

    Just two words from me to answer the headline:   Absolutely not!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Wait, under W unemployment went up over 3% from start to end, while under Obama it is about the same as when he came into office, yet your take-away from this is that Obama is a failure because the 4-year comparisons are all higher for Obama?  Even if you think the President has direct influence over the unemployment rate, you probably don’t actually believe that his policies are effective immediately, so you probably have to blame the first few months of 2009 on Bush, which makes W look even worse as he pushed it up over 9 and Obama has dropped it.

  • iesJerry Wood

    I recently started my own blog and have hit on this subject from the angle of all the money being spent on public sector jobs and how these are a drain and just burden the tax payer more.

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