AUDIO: Obamacare takes a beating at the Supreme Court

So, as you might be aware, Obamacare is in a bit of trouble because it’s …you know…blatantly unconstitutional. Apparently it’s not just crazy conspiracy theorist tea partiers who believe that, judging by the Supreme Court. Here is an extensive highlight reel of what happened in the biggest day of arguments, about the constitutionality of the individual mandate, packaged in easy to chew, bite sized chunks.

CLIP 1: Verilli, The guy arguing for Obamacare starts off on a miserable note, stuttering, pausing, coughing and reaching for a drink of water. An awkward way to start to say the least. It’s hard to defend the indefensible, you know.

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CLIP 2: Alito asks why the government wouldn’t also be able to mandate burial insurance if the Obamacare mandate stands. Everyone needs a casket or to get cremated, so why not?

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CLIP 3: Kagan argues that since we know most people will need health insurance, the government can mandate that people buy it. The anti-Obamacare side responds, saying this gives Congress power to regulate anyone with any statistical connection with a problem.

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CLIP 4: Kennedy says that since Obamacare is a further reach than anything else in history, the government has a high burden to try and justify it.

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CLIP 5: This is probably the most encouraging clip if you want Obamacare overturned. Justice Kennedy is likely the swing vote. He accuses the government of trying to fundamentally change the entire relationship of government and the individual.

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CLIP 6: If clip 5 is the most encouraging clip, this is the second most. Kennedy asks if there are any limits under the commerce clause. In other words, can the government make you buy anything if this thing goes through?

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Clip 7: If clip 5 and 6 are the most encouraging—this is the most worrisome. Here is Kennedy seemingly entertaining the idea that the health care market actually IS unique. Therefore, maybe it’s worth making an exception for it. My biggest worry is that Kennedy is looking for a way to say “I’ll let you have the individual mandate this time, but I won’t let you get away with this stuff again.”

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CLIP 8: Scalia asks a question that should never have to be asked: can you create commerce just to regulate it? Any sensible person would say no. The Obama administration says not buying insurance, still includes you in the insurance market. This is nothing but legalistic insanity via justification.

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CLIP 9: Great stuff from Scalia. “Could you define the market that everyone has to buy food, therefore everyone has to buy broccoli?” The response to all of these questions seems to be – “Of course that very similar situation is ridiculous, but Obamacare slightly differs, so it’s okay.”

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CLIP 10: Scalia fundamentally destroys the entire concept of the argument. Bottom line—whether it’s a good idea or not, it violates the Constitution. The government is supposed to have limited powers. If the government can do this, what can’t it do?

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CLIP 11: The government tries to argue that this isn’t really unprecedented, because the court has upheld the commerce clause before. Scalia points out that all of his examples actually involved commerce. You’ll notice a pattern here. The crux of this entire case is that conservatives believe if you don’t buy health insurance, you’re not participating in the health insurance market. Liberals believe if you don’t buy health insurance, you are participating in the health insurance market. I’ll leave it up to you to rule on which one of those sounds right.

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CLIP 12: Sotomayor argues that this is just like tax credits on solar panels.

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CLIP 13: The government argues that people without insurance are screwing those people who have it. The truth is, most of those people are young and healthy. Alito points that out with stats—the average person in this group will pay $5800 for insurance, and will only use $850 of actual health services. That’s just handing money to insurance companies.

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CLIP 14: The government is faced with a tough argument: you’re forcing people to buy insurance for things they can’t possibly use. For example, some people will never have use for pediatric or maternity care. Yet, the government tells them they must be covered for it.

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CLIP 15: In a moment of apparent dementia, the government claims that the similar plan in Massachusetts has actually worked. In reality, since it’s passage there have been almost $9 billion in extra costs, with the state of Massachusetts only paying about $400 million of it. Wait times are the highest in the nation, costs have been increasing at about 6% per year, and all of this cost in quality and dollars has led to less than 5% of the state gaining coverage.  Oh yeah, and 5 times as many people wait until they get sick, buy coverage, get treated, and then cancel the coverage afterwards.

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CLIP 16: This is one of my favorite points. Over and over again the liberal argument revolved around “cost shifting.” If I don’t buy health insurance, then I’ll go to the hospital and everyone else will have to pick up the tab. But, why will everyone else have to pick up the tab? Because of other government rulesrequiring them to do so. So the government is the CAUSE of the cost shifting in the first place. The liberal justices go to great lengths to say that they can’t force people to buy cars for example. But, if the congress separately passed a bill that said everyone must have access to a car when they really need it—they could. At least under the argument you’re about to hear destroyed.

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CLIP 17: This one is a little longer, but it’s interesting. If you don’t buy a car, that has ramifications on others. Dealership owners, workers, etc. But, no one would argue that not buying a car puts you in the car buyer market.

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CLIP 18: Even if Obamacare was the best thing ever, it is still unconstitutional. Even if there was a wonder drug that cured every disease—you couldn’t force people to take it. The point about foreign nations is brilliant. And…stick around for the Kagan cut off, right as he is about to put her away.

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  • philmon cluebattingcage

    What I’m afraid of is that everyone is going to be saying “it’s  a train wreck, it’s a disaster, I can’t believe they’re trying to argue this with a straight face” … and then waking up one morning to a 5-4 decision that yes indeed it is Constitutional … just ’cause.   Because that’s the way this thing has gone.

  • Anonymous

    What is utterly INSANE is that this huge, crazy issue will be decided by essentially ONE person’s swing vote. If even half of Americans think it’s unconstitutional, why force it on us? Insane.

  • vermontaigne

    Fabulous redaction, Stu. Kudos.

  • Jesse Joseph Realmo

    It’s more then reassuring to have the TRUTH, THANX

  • Speaker Nightlight

    I am. as a healthcare consumer who raised children without insurance and paid for it myself, angry that we in America are being depicted as almost all insurance company sheep.  That is, in fact, not true.  My grandmother has survived 98 years with little healthcare (hers has cost much less than mine) and their assumptions everyone must use insurance are just not correct. WE would be better off is they assumed people would try to not use insurance except when absolutely necessary.

    • Anonymous

      I agree!! Using insurance just because it’s available( Medicare Fraud)  is why we have such  high cost. You have to know when a procedure suggested  is necessary and when it’s just because it’s covered ( Scooters’s etc.) If you had to pay for it out of your own pocket you might reconsider. Be a good  steward even if it is your pocket or tax payers pocket. 

    • Anonymous

       I remember when the Health Clinics first came around with $2.00 co-pays.  From the start, I foresaw many people taking advantage of a system just because it was real cheap for them.  First the suck all the people in and then they raise the insurance rates, not to mention the cost shifting from medicare/medicaid.

  • Anonymous


    • Donald Dienst

       or like student loans make it a non dis-chargeable debt.

    • Anonymous

      Insurance drives up the cost of healthcare. What about eat right, live right and pay CASH when you get sick. These idiots in Washington have us living in fear of living without insurance.

      Last time I went to the dentist I got a $100 discount for paying cash rather than making the dentist fill out forms for insurance compensation.

      An finally, If you think you want the Federal Government running your healthcare just compare that thought to the Federal Government’s running of Housing.

      Let’s start a movement of Doctors and Health Care Workers who refuse insurance of all types. Pay as you go or CASH. NO INSURANCE ACCEPTED.

      We are Fast becoming a FREE country…….Heathcare, Food, Education…..Everything’s FREE. Unfortunately, the FREE-er I get, the more it costs me.

      • Anonymous

        Actually some doctor friends of mine suggested that what drove up the cost of healthcare was the excessive awards in lawsuits. This made all healthcare providers pay extraordinary premiums for malpractice insurance. These costs became consolidated and managed by HMO-type organizations which, in turn, killed opportunities for indpendant practicioners and really significantly drove up healthcare costs while driving down and limiting providers’ wages. I had a broken tooth capped for $35. When they took out my appendix it cost $48,000. OK, a broken tooth should be cheaper, but that much of a spread? Tort reform is the answer.
        As to your appropriate note about FREE, some of us (clearly including you) recognize that, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” Shifting and obfiscating the costs can never make it free, and overlaying government clerks can only add to the cost.
        Cash for healthcare is a great idea. But for it to work we’d have to sign a binding waver for any lawsuits (or a limits agreement) to protect providers. Then Angie’s list would help us find the good ones with whom we’d make such an agreement. Free market idea… unpopular in the current climate. The idea is good but only works if it’s systemic. We need to change the current climate, and I don’t mean global warming.

  • Speaker Nightlight

    I am angry and insulted that both sides assume that everyone will use the health insurance market.  I birthed and raised 4 children without insurance and I paid for our family’s healthcare out of pocket.  There are many who do.  Every one needs clothing- are we going to provide a subsidy to the government to set aside (in your dreams) to help those with no income to buy clothing?  Those who must have emergency care already get it.  Those of us who pay our hospital bills, pay for it. Those who have insurance ALREADY pay for those who are without it.  Why is it that now, we must all pay for those who are not responsible enough to set aside money for healthcare just as they would, for say, rent?  Everyone has to have a place to live, everyone must participate in the housing market in some way.  Are we going to be forced to send builder’s unions money next in anticipation of our entrance into the housing market?  I am livid that this is even being argued at ANY level.  I am angry that this even got this far.  As for me and my house- we will not be complying, however this turns out.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone is not as lucky as you.

      • Anonymous

        maybe it isnt luck.

      • jimlocke

         So far in 59 years I’ve found that the harder I work the luckier I get.

      • Anonymous

        No luck involved he worked.

      • Anonymous

        “Luck” and “Fair” need to be stricken from the English language. If you win the lottery and I don’t,  does that mean you should buy me things?

        • Sunshine Kid

          Thank you for that!

          Semper Fi from an old retired USAF type!

      • Anonymous

        That’s right.  Not everyone is as smart as Speaker is to have enough strength and brains to work through their situation and come out on top.  So, with that comment, how about not taking from someone that has worked hard and make themselves this lucky and make some luck of your own.  That’s why their name is “Nightlight” because they have a clue.  Instead of crying that you don’t have something, how about you cheer for someone that has created their own good fortune and gotten through adversity.  There is always a way.  You just have to figure out what it is and get off your duff and do something about it.  How about looking at your own situation and coming up with ideas on how to make it better, rather than looking at someone else’s situation and coming up with ideas on how to make it worse.  No tissue here, my friend.

      • Bill Tilghman

         So what? Why don’t you pay their bills then?

        • Anonymous

          Who’s they?

          • Bill Tilghman

            You started this – They are the people who are not as fortunate as you.

            Why is it necessary to make the patently obvious clear to you? (never mind)

      • Anonymous

        Luck has nothing to do with it! If lazy people with NO work ethic would get off their fat asses and go out and find a job, they’d have lots of money, self respect! no luck required, just hard work!! When I mention “work”or “job!” does that sort of make you angry or do u feel faint!! 

        • Anonymous

          I work all day my friend. I have a wonderful job I love and pays well. And I was talking about people born in families with no resources to send them to college, people who can’t get a good job because they weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

    • Anonymous

      Speaker Nightlight,  you make your case well, excellent reasoning!

    • Richard Kory

      EXACTLY RIGHT, Speaker Nightlight, I will be the 2nd of many millions of Americans to join you in declaring right now, that NO MATTER WHAT this one black-robed man decides, I WILL NOT BE ENTERING INTO THIS INSURANCE MARKET, EVER! AND IF the IRS wants to garnish my $1100/mo Social Security check, which I paid for in my almost 50 years in America’s workforce, that will just prove that we are no longer FREE in America.  LET’S ALL JOIN IN THIS COMMITTMENT TO PEACEFULLY PROTEST by NOT taking part in this Joke of a law, which was deceitfully ran through behind closed door meetings with SEIU, ACORN, AARP, and the rest of those socialist communist LIARS…AGAINST THE LOUD PROSTEST OF MOST OF AMERICA! I’ll never forget that deceitful woman’s words: “We’ll just have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it.”  THIS is what they call our Constitutional government at work!??? 

    • Knight of Hope

      The closer people are to the cost, the less the companies that provide these services can overcharge. Medicare and Medicaid are failures and we’re overspending because of this garbage. We cannot afford to keep letting these funny money systems ruin products and payment in the free market any longer. We have to start paying what things are worth plus a 5 to 10% markup for profit or we are going to see this entire industry collapse. Long term, LESS government regulation and LESS subsidy is the only way to save an industry from failure. Not everyone can afford everything; It’s just a fact of life. We cannot afford to believe these Utopian lies any longer! Wake up America!

    • Anonymous

       Congratulations, that is quite an accomplishment, to pay your health care costs without insurance. If you think this will work for the majority of Americans, then your math is off.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, according to Verilli, our current health care system is working for 80% of the population.  Does that mean that this multi-billion (possibly trillion) dollar, constitution challenging Obamacare bill was written for 20% of the population?  If that isn’t socialism, I don’t know what is.

    • Anonymous

      And for the 20% it was reported today that the majority are healthy young people who don’t have a need for healthcare services… so the population served might just be well below 10% of our population. By the way, has anyone else had their premiums for insurance jacked in the last two years? As in anticipation of this law? Or did they do that just to me…

  • Anonymous

    Finally we have a President that stuck to it and eventually provided this country with an Affordable Health Care Act (which calling it Obamacare is so disrespectful to the man that leads our country, whether you lean right or left).  Something that has been on the table for generations.   And now the supreme court is more than likely going to shoot it down, in a similar fashion as they did when they appointed George W. Bush as President in 2000 and allowed PAC money of any amount to be used to campaign with (don’t understand the specifics behind this one, but I know the result determined by the supreme court changed campaign finance rules markedly).  The GOP says if that happens they will then sit down in a bi-partisan fashion and work together with democrats to put something through that will work for all Americans.  What will happen is that the issue will again sit on the table for generations to come, never being dealt with.  If President Obama is re-elected, and picks up the issue and adjusts the Act to deal with the indiviual mandate, which seems to be the problem the supreme court has with it, we might be able to put the Act through again, but who knows…Mr. Beck, do you???

    • Bill Tilghman

      The entire law is an abortion. Kill it, and bury it forever.

    • Sandie

       Don’t be fooled by the name “Affordable Health Care Act”. It has made health care more expensive, and once it is in full gear, it will be even worse. It is like the current days Socialists calling themselves “Progressives” and “Democrats”. They figure that a nice (deceptive) name will make it more palatable.

  • Anonymous

    The key defense of the single-payer scheme, forcing or fining non-participants in the healthcare insurance market is the concept of ‘cost shifting’.  But ‘cost shifting’ is a blatant economic fallacy.  You cannot apply causal power to the failure to act and argue that that failure causes market prices to change.   On the contrary, market prices are controlled entirely by supply (what products and services producers are willing to offer for sale and at what price) and demand (what buyers, or bidders, are willing to pay for a given product or service given the current market offerings of products and services).   That is all.  

    Those who do not produce do not drive up the cost of products by mysteriously  ‘withholding’ supplies which do not and will not exist.  Neither can those who do not want to purchase products mysteriously cause the prices to increase by ‘withholding’ demand.  There is no rational economic metric for computing ‘withheld’ purchasing or ‘withheld’ production.  Think about it, how would compute such non-events?   Non-producers and non-buyers are NOT in the REAL market in any sense of the word, they are, at best, in a POTENTIAL (but currently non-existent) market.  Again, let us not commit the fallacy of confusing potentiality with actuality, giving both the same existential power.   The fallacy of ‘cost shifting’ is the reverse of the fallacy of ‘imputed savings’, which argues that by withholding my purchase of a service (for instance, a limo ride to the airport) I can add cost of the limo ride to the savings side of my business ledger.  The absurdity of imputed savings was explained by me by an economics professor, who told the story of a boy who ran home to his father and said, ‘Dad, Dad,  I’ve saved us $1.00 by running home behind the bus!’  To which his father replied, ‘Son, tomorrow I want you to save us $100 dollars by running home behind a limousine! Again, potential buying and potential production are not real factors in rational economic calculation.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with OBAMA’s Lawyer?……………………………
    Another fine Harvard Grad?…………………………………
    He’s like a comedian trying to act a lawyer!

    Kagen sounds like a politician for OBAMA! There’s a surprise! Another pathetic Liberal that can’t understand the constitution

  • Donald Dienst

    The argument is if I don’t have healthcare then others will have to pay. This is not true in all cases. The person may actually choose to pay the bill themselves!!!!  Make payment arraignments. Take out a mortgage to pay for it.  depending on the level of cost…. It is insane to have medical insurance to pay for checkups!

    • Sunshine Kid

      Checkups?  Last I heard some liberals wanted free condoms and birth control pills.

      Maybe this is what the whole push is all about – free hippy love, ban the bomb, make love, not war and everybody live in paradise while the saps that work can pay for the HIV/AIDS.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the change the Obama congress wanted to pass without no one reading the bill.
    To me now that the truth is coming out about Obamacare which should be thrown out with Obama in the next election. This is the real change Obama wants and it is to fundamentally change the entire relationship of the government to rule over the Constitution and then the American people.

  • Lyle Davis

    If the 2700 page document were truly dedicated to a health care solution that would be great.  Some of the package already in place should have been there a long time ago.  HOWEVER the total package has too much built in that is a slow, intentional move to gain control of nearly everything we do as Americans, it allows for the Government to make too many decisions as to how we should live.  Also who in their right mind would vote for a massive document they have not even debated the details of, much less never even read???  The IRS will not all a health care deduction untill you spend 7% yourself, so why not help anyone with premiums that exceed 7% of their income, that way all could have health care at the same percentage and you would pay as your are able.  People regardless of income so have habits that eat 7% of their income.  Put it to a better use.  Other than that we do need some reforms, one day in the hospital should not cost you $21,000.00.

  • zemerchai

    The government mandated that every driver must be insured— and how is that going?  The number of uninsured drivers is substantial– and probably growing given current economics.  

    “Alito points that out with stats—the average person in this group will pay $5800 for insurance, and will only use $850 of actual health services. That’s just handing money to insurance companies.”

    This is the problem in a nutshell:  the current government intrudes to force an individual to pay much more than they would actually use.  That’s like buying a 8.500  used car for 58,000 dollars– and the price of the car will rise steadily (but it’s value will decrease).  

    The health-care issue is a smokescreen to distract us from pressing problems we DO have– 15.5 trillion dollars debt which grows about a million dollars a minute.  (   Congress must act to create a balanced budget so that they stop spending more than they collect.  Forcing people to buy what they don’t want– what they have religious objections to– from suppliers who will almost certainly get more government subsidies— now THAT is too expensive. 

  • mdkrause

    I noticed that the Obama lawyers sound like they don’t really believe what they are saying or are not very good speakers. Just my opinion

  • Jonathan Fields

    Why not make me buy a cell phone cause everyone has one and it would make it so much easier to track every ones location, and make it so much more 
    efficient  to study Citizens like lab rats. 

  • Geri O’Malley

    Obamacare,  they just don’t get it.  this just is more government wanting to control us. Raise tax that we do not have the money for.  which will have to be rationed and so a lot of people will died from not receiving the care they need in  time or not at all.  It will force health care persons to make their own choice who can and can’t have the treatments and what kind.  This is socialism which is not in my vocabulary  and do not want it there.

  • Anonymous

    Kagen’s remarks are akin to the analogy: Everyone should have to get their hair cut when it is  shoulder length because those who only get their hair when it is waist length drive the price of haircuts UP.  Those with waist length hair don’t need as many haircuts therefore they are the cause of higher prices for haircuts for those that get their haircut when it is shoulder length. Assinine isn’t it?

    Same candybar, different wrapper….You can NOT force someone to buy products or services because it will lower the price of that product or service for someone else. This logic is just plain
    stupid, and more indicative of communism than freedom. It is certainly not valid under our constitution. Why this woman is on the Supreme Court is a mystery. She is certainly NOT qualified in that she does not honor the Constitution she has sworn to uphold.

  • Jeanne

    I so agree with Speaker Nightlight.  I have not had medical insurance for more years than I can remember.  And because I have preexisting medical problems I can’t buy ever if I wanted to.  I prefer 

  • Anonymous

    Was Video 17 talking about controlling who and what kind
    of health care people can have?

  • Jeanne

    I  prefer paying for my medical myself out of pocket. I don’t pass it on.  And If you pay before services You usually get a big discount.  It is crazy insane to buy insurance for services I can pay for, for less.

  • Jeanne

     You have not been listening. Obamacare will make the problem worse. and its not  valid under our constitution.

  • Robinfirst name

    Its all on a chance you get ill? Wouldn’t that be like forcing us to invest in Wall Street?

  • Anonymous

    Although it appears that the Supreme Court may delcare this unconstitutional, I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions on how they will rule.

  • mwnayl

    The biggest problem, bar none, in the health insurance racket is the third-party payer system.  Anyone older than 60 can probably remember when the patient paid the bill at the doctor’s office, then submitted the receipt to the insurance company for reimbursement.  More trouble, and took longer, but the patient actually got to see the bill, or better yet, got to negotiate with the provider what the cost or medicine, etc., would be BEFORE treatment.  Costs were kept competitive, unnecessary drugs and procedures were reduced, and there was competition between providers.  This one-size-fits-all, government-run, mandated, single payer attempt will not only take all choice and competition from the healthcare market and patient, it is designed to increase government control of our lives in more ways than just medicine.  Hopefully the Supremes will see through this thinly-veiled power grab!

  • Anonymous

    Kagan shouldn’t have even been there.  She should have recused herself from participating because of her prior involvement on Obamacare.  

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that the bottom line is that the government (Obama) is trying to force individuals to purchase something they don’t want. What power of the constitution allows this? NONE that I can see.

  • Anonymous

    pray JESUS overthrough obama care!

  • Ben Gehring

    By forcing everyone to buy healthcare insurance, they are creating a monopoly on how health care is paid for. If someone comes up with a better plan, then too bad for them. Government regulation is prohibiting competition, not just among healthcare insurance providers, but among the healthcare payment services.

  • ludichrist2000

    I view Insurance companys as gambling enterprises, much like a Casino.
    You are gambling that you might get sick one day and want your medical bills to be covered, and the Insurance companys are gambling that you will not.
    The Insurance companys make a profit because people pay in when they are not sick, and then the Insurance companys hope that your medical bills will be less than the premiums that you have paid in so that they will make their profit money.
    By forcing me to pay to gamble is like the Govt telling me that I must go to Las Vegas, and spend money. Maybe I will win, but more than likely the House will win, because the game is rigged.
    Put me in jail now because I REFUSE to be told to buy anything, and its against my common sence to gamble, and likely lose what I cannot spare to lose.

  • Anonymous

    This is a really revealing collection of clips. Essentially the government is saying that through prior mandates and entitlements (the latter of which are essentially socialistic), we’re already a bit dirty. Their position suggests that since we’re already dirty, it won’t hurt to get more so. It nets out for me that the administration is pandering to the health insurance companies here, and that all of this has nothing to do at all with actual healthcare. If they focused on tort reform, our healthcare system would be fine (in my humble opinion). It’s to lawsuit abuses that gave use “healthcare providers” and HMO’s… and killed the viability of a physician who just wanted to hang out a shingle (and pay off a student loan that exceeds some folks’ life-time income). If the court doesn’t toss this one on it’s ear, I’d suspect that they haven’t read the constitution, or even listened to Glenn’s segments on the Founding Fathers. We really need to vote this year. It’s our only option to save our country.

  • Betsy Durnam

    Assuming people are maybe going to get sick and therefore impose their debt on the flock is complete nincompoopery!! I don’t have insurance. Insurance is the biggest game sold to the pubic since Nixon passed the Keiser deal. I pay for my healthcare needs in cash. Guess what? It’s far cheaper than going through the mess of paperwork insurance companies require of hospitals and practices. Most of the “young and healthy” people I know who do not have insurance pay off their medical bills as well, i.e. torn acls mcls, broken knees collar bones, arms, etc. $200/mo premium with co-pays and only a % they-pay-I-pay vs. $75 twice a year visits and $45yr just-in-case Calstar helicopter rides…hmm let me do the math. Insurance companies do not reimburse costs properly therefore causing hospitals and practices to continue raising their prices just to get the average 18% of cost reimbursement. Look what happened to Nevada in the late 90s to 2000s- doctors fled. The government is only lining their own pockets with this deal just like the prescription drug mess of the Bush years (Rs and Ds alike profitted off that bologne). Every executive order and law passed sinced 2001 needs to be reversed. Obamacare has woken people up and gotten the fight going. NDAA and the new resources bill should be overturned as well as the Patriot ACT and the RFID act of 2005. If this somehow passes through the Supreme Court- lord help us.

  • Anonymous

    The dismantling of this health care initiative will lead to thousands of unneeded deaths.
    1.  Currently, if an uninsured and/or poor person needs medical help, doctors and hospitals must attend to their immediate needs due to the Hippocratic Oath and their passionate sincerity.  When the Hospital or Doctors can not receive payment they need to make up for the shortfall by increasing the cost for medical care obtained by insured and wealthy clients.  Of course, in order to stay solvent, the insurance companies need to raise their premiums to make a profit.  This “real” trickle down flow of debt could be solved with national health care, but the elite, gauging insurance companies and their puppets like glenn beck lie about these facts.
    2.  The current Supreme Court is one of the most corrupted assembly of Justices ever assembled.  Proof?
         a.  Chief Justice John Roberts reaction to President Obama pointing out the idiotic move that has led to the slush funds of cash (on both sides mind you) where PACS and now Super PACS can obtain never ending contribution from foreign and domestic donors.  Do you remember the President expressing his fear and the following shot where Justice Roberts mouthed that the President was lying.  Chief Justice Roberts even criticized the manner in which Chief Justice Warren conducted his proceedings on the Brown v. Board of Education decision that desegregated the schools
         b.  Justice Clarence Thomas is probably the most corrupt Justice to ever sit on the SC.
              1.  Justice Thomas sexually harassed another professional female which was brought to light during his confirmation hearings.
              2.  It has been documented that Justice Thomas, and fellow Justice Scalia, was comped for meals, travel and accommodations by the Conservatives led by the Koch Brothers before the Citizens United case that opened the doors for the Kochs and others to begin buying elections.  If this was not bad enough, he has also received gifts, that have been appraised at amounts exceeding $10, 000 from Conservative groups such as AEI.  In addition to this, Justice Thomas attempted to hide his wife’s income for over a decade (p.s.  she works for the conservative Heritage Foundation).  How did Justice Thomas explain his illegal activity?  He claimed he did not understand the IRS laws/rules.  Really?  A “Supreme Court Justice” could not understand that he needed to add his wife’s income to his own in a joint tax return?  Corrupt!!!

    It will not surprise me if the Supreme Court fails to act objectively in this case.  Chief Justice John Roberts has shown, for the world to see, that he dislikes President Obama.  Justice Thomas has a proven track record of lying on his tax records, accepting luxurious bribes through five figure gifts and compensation from billionaire political activists.

    I know that some of the becklings will try an attack me for stating these facts, which will confuse me a bit.  I would think that having a corrupt Justice who helped create PACS and Super PACS would anger “real” Conservatives.  Imagine a Republican Presidential primary season where Romney campaigns without outspending his opponents 10 to 1!!!  Romney can barely muster support amongst Conservatives today.  Imagine a primary that was not diluted by Romney’s cash!!!

    • Anonymous

      1) Wrong they must do it because of FEDERAL LAW: Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). Not very smart are you?
      2)a) It was not ROBERTS, try again. The person that YELLED YOU LIED, was a Congressman (Joe Wilson) the year the decision was issued in, and before the SOTU the comment appeared in. The JUSTICE that mouthed “Not True” was Justice Alito. Can you be any more wrong?
      b) Where is your proof of this claim? If it were true why has he not been impeached? Would the first two years of Obama’s term not been the best possible time to do this when Congress was controlled by the Democrats? What does that tell you?
      i) The Sexual Harassment was never proven, they even tried to in front of CONGRESS, it did not work.
      ii) All the Justices do this, so all the justices are apparently as corrupt as Thomas. His wife USED to work for the Heritage Foundation, until 2009, she is now the head of Liberty Consulting. Man you are so behind on your facts.

      Except it was not Chief Justice Roberts, it was ALITO, and you again prove you are an idiot, with all this TRIPE that proves to be wrong.

      • Sandie

        Typical Mtclayboy post. Why can’t these idiots understand that if a poor person who couldn’t afford health insurance was treated by a hospital (at their cost which is much lower than their customary charge) and it is paid for by insurance companies raising others premium costs, that the same thing will happen with government run health care when they cover the poor folks and charge the others extra to cover it? It is the same thing! And then they are too shallow thinking to realize that the added government bureaucracy must be paid for (didn’t exist before) so health care costs will rise. Affordable Health Care? BS Then to add insult to the injury of increased cost, the quality of care will be decreased because of the government appointed 1,968 powers to unelected bureaucrats and 159 new boards, agencies and other government entities that will administer health decisions that should be up to the individual in consultation with their doctor.

    • Men_In_Black

      You’re a racist and a liar strtlk.

    • Bill Tilghman

      You haven’t got a scintilla of intelligence and it shows in your laundry list of complaints here.

      Your first erroneous report in item one flies in the face of existing fact. You don’t understand how the health care system operates, that much is clear from your ignorant remarks regarding how the health care system works. If the doctors and hospitals and insurance companies are all losing money, then how in the hell do you think the government is going to do any better? That makes absolutely no sense.

      The current SCOTUS is one of the most corrupt in history, but that is because of the appointment of Sotomayer and Kagan. Roberts and Thomas are choirboys compared to the Obama appointees. 

      Honestly, I don’t see how you can arrive at the conclusion that Justice Thomas was guilty of sexual harassment, since the charge was made and he was not found to be guilty, but you leftards still keep reporting this like an idiot beating on a dead horse. If anything you said is true, how do you suppose they were appointed to the SCOTUS in the first place?  That argument just doesn’t hold water. As far as tax irregularities go, you can add the well known case of the man in charge of the Fed and several high ranking Democrat party politicians to the list.

      Please stick to ad hominem attacks against Glenn Beck, you don’t have the mental horsepower to compete in real subjects. You are out of your league in this arena and you just succeed in making yourself look pitifully stupid.

      • Sandie

        That’s for sure.

      • Anonymous

        If, as you stated, the Fed chair and those politicians should be investigated for their lies/mistakes. I have no problem with your logic on this point.

        • Bill Tilghman

          Their “lies/mistakes” are a matter of public record, and the administration in power has made all attempts at getting them to atone for their crimes go away. They have used their power to suppress the evidence and downplay the crimes in order to silence the accusers.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    There is a way to defuse the urgency of this problem.  Totally separate – put a wall between – the insurance business and the health care business.  Today, hospitals MUST make up the shortfall for ER and L&D visits that are government-mandated but not insured and not otherwise reimbursed by community, church, or state charity programs. This amounts to the hospitals being the “insurance provider” of last resort, if no one else pays. This causes bankruptcies, such as the 84 hospitals near the border that closed in a period of a few years before 2005.

    There has to be someone or some group with the wisdom and the backbone to shift that burden from the local hospital to the national or regional insurance provider and its reinsurers, which have a much larger cash flow and can spread the risk around so that no one hospital has an extraordinary shortfall to cover in any given year.

    BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to reduce malpractice insurance premiums by requiring the patient to prepay for whatever level of malpractice insurance he considers himself worth.  The doctor and the hospital are only obligated to refund the cost of the procedure and the hospital stay, in case of a bad outcome – which does happen sometimes, even if everything is done as perfectly as humans can do.  (That makes a good case for Divine healing, but it belongs in another article.)

    Any additional malpractice coverage – for $50,000, $250,000, $1,000,000, or whatever the patient or responsible other deems adequate – is the patient’s responsibility.  Such additional coverage must be purchased in advance by the consumer, and DAMAGES ARE LIMITED to the prepaid coverage amount, which is paid directly by the insurance company in much the same manner as auto liability insurance reimburses the costs of a vehicle accident.  

    THIS ELIMINATES THE REQUIREMENT FOR OPEN-ENDED, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT, MAXIMUM MALPRACTICE INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR EVERY PATIENT.  The limitation of prepaid coverage removes the incentive for lawyers to go for the jackpot, because there no longer is a jackpot to be had… only the prepaid coverage purchased by the patient or responsible other before the procedure.  That is the purview of the insurance provider, which is responsible for all malpractice payouts, keeping the health care provider blameless and immune from lawsuits altogether.  

    But the insurance provider will charge the patient for prepaid coverage according to the assigned risk of each doctor and each hospital and clinic.  Bad doctors and bad hospitals will eventually go out of business, because patients will be unwilling to pay exorbitant fees for high risk insurance. Patients will flock to the doctors and hospitals that have earned lower risk ratings and thus lower insurance premiums for their patients.


  • Anonymous

    I have all of my life looked at the Supreme Court Justices as the elite thinkers of our day, persons who are above the politics and bias of our time. They in my mind were the individuals who would look at the law and keep the other bodies of government honest at least with regards to their legislating. I am deeply disappointed and disheartened. I read the transcript (all 100 pages) last night and I was appalled at the sniping attitude and unprofessional, clearly political bias that some of the Justices exhibited. Being a woman in my 50’s I was discouraged that the women who hold this prestigious posting talked in an uneducated sniping manner to an individual who should have been given the respect that his extensive and impressive background should have afforded him. I have no faith at this point in any portion of our government. There is no mutual respect or intellectual discussion, only sarcasm, and disrespect in any discussions these days. I am ashamed for us all.

  • Anonymous

    Join the crowd.

  • Anonymous

    This all started with the stupid law that mandated hopistal ER’s must treat everyone that comes through the door. That told a great deal of our society, “don’t worry if something happens to you they will have to treat you, and even those who can pay something, just stif the hospital. When poverty becomes uncomfortable you will have less of it, and private charities (not the government) will pick up the slack.

  • Anonymous

    This morning watching FOX news it became very clear to me that Kagan and her like knew that the mandate would be thrown out, but the half-loaf theory is the real beginning! Why I say this is becasue a commentator this morning said that the bill has a penalty for not taking insurance, but the real kicker is the IRS will not have the authority to go after those that do not buy insurance. How is this any different than the system we have now? People going for emergency room care without payment! Mmmm, a mandate without real consequences. Sounds like they knew it was unconstitutional but, if they could keep the governments right to madate types of care to insurance companies to the point of imploding them, then a governmental system would ultimately be necessary. This is why our President has been caught saying that this will take 7-10 years to really get going. We need Glen to connect the dots like he use to on FOX. I miss his show! The half-loaf conspiracy! :)

  • Derek Anderson

    I don’t understand how you can argue that someone who is not willing to buy something is in “the market.”  I teach high school economics.  That goes against what I have always taught.

  • General Kota
  • Anonymous

    Clip 16 is my favorite too,  Here’s why.  Years ago an expert on British Socialized Medicine spoke at my college about how horrible their system was  For some reason, that was etched in my memory.  So, although not being too involved in politics beyond the basics, when the healthcare debate came up, I felt I had to get involved to do my part in saving our country. 

    I got on the net, and searched Cost of Health Care/Doctors and started reading with the question in mind, what usually causes cost to go up?  Too much demand or too little supply, right?  Well, a USA Today article about rising health care cost and some others answered my question, which I can’t figure why it’s not talked about more. 

    Why does visiting the doctor cost so much? It didn’t years ago.  I found, the supply of doctors is regulated by how many internships are given to medical school graduates.  And guess who determines how many med school graduates get internships?  CONGRESS, based on recommendations from a specific committee in congress, decides how may doctors we will need and funds internships at that level.  And how do they determine how many doctors we need.  They ask the AMA.  What is the AMA?  It seems like an organization that might purposely underestimate how many doctors we need in order to keep their high prices high or take them even higher, sort of like a monopoly, they might want to protect their turf.  Well that’s what USA Today found.  Starting in about 1982 when my rates were reasonable, their investigation found the AMA more and more as time went on underestimated how many doctors we needed and Congress limited internships more and more.  Obviously, prices would go up and they did.  I don’t know any poor doctors, do you? 

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone considered that Obamacare exists in complete disregard of all human honesty and presumes that human nature will automatically adjust to suit its needs?  How many people know at least one (actually we all know many) person at their job who is a complete slacker and goes to the doctor all the time complaining about fabricated illnesses (hypochondriac).  Hypochondriacs will be in heaven should Obamacare ever become fully ratified.  
    There will be absolutely no reward for showing up to work with a common cold or a sore muscle.  Why not just stay home and pretend your sick and let the honest hard working people foot the bill for you.  SERIOUSLY WHY NOT?!  
    Most people don’t recognize their own ability to take advantage of something that benefits them, even if it hurts another person.  Why do people presume that the 40 million people currently without health insurance will be honest about their ailments?  It doesn’t matter if they are or not actually, what matters is that they don’t have to be honest about their ailments, EVER!  
    I want to give you my totally normal individual situation so it can become clear to you that health insurance isn’t just like any other insurance, certainly not like car insurance.
    In the past year, I quit smoking (nonsmokers of course usually enjoy lower insurance premiums).  Do you know how many times I went to the doctor? (despite paying for MY OWN INSURANCE OUT OF MY OWN POCKET AT A RATE OF $34 A WEEK) Zero!  I paid all that money into something I didn’t even use.  Even though I am a substantial provider of capital for the insurance company, I made not one claim for money against them and improved my future prospective health by quitting smoking.  What happened to my health insurance rates?  They upped it by $2 a week!  
    So you see, there was no incentive for me to be healthy or frugal or austere or honest or hard working.  Obamacare simply means the banishment of financial virtue, period.
    At least with car insurance you get cheaper rates by being a good driver, but apparently with health care you get higher rates for being healthier.  It’s the opposite of making sense.

  • Anonymous

    Look at social security.Our politicians couldn’t keep their damn hands off our money.They spent it for the vietnam war.Now they see another big pot of money called healthcare for them to spend as they feel like.

    • Mr L

      oh Yeah, these health care schemers are wealth transfer dreamers.
      Health care schemers=wealth transfer dreamers

  • Mr L

    I dont want to chip in and pay for premium health care for any hate life self destroying people that promote the destruction of society , shoot holes n themselves while they fight over narcotics, love the ho’s and VD disease, have the highest crime rate of any known entity in their society of violence against themselves….Uh, could I opt out of this and maybe encourage those statistical groups to maybe value and want health care and put it on their own list of priorities so they might be part of the “paying for it scheme”. Lets do that first. I don’t think civilized people could even afford to buy just the gauze used by first responders needed to patch up the Self Loathing in our society.
       Hearing that Jessie Jackemup and Al sharptoungue?

  • Anonymous

    I just have a question and I’m not sure where to post it to get GB viewers responses so I’m posting it here:  Did Glenn ever do a show on Obama’s birth certificate or his social security number?  Does anyone know if Glenn ever responded to the paperwork that private investigator Susan Daniels mailed him concerning the validity of Obama’s social?

  • Janie Fillman

    Speaker Nightlight, Richard Kory, Knight of Hope, Klickster, USMCPilot, THANK YOU!!  I agree wholeheartedly!!  It is an insult to our intelligence that this is an issue in America!!  I have lived through beyond lean times, “upper middle class” good times and am now at 53 years old back in beyond lean times; I am responsible for my situation, me, not anyone else.  The whole point of America is we all get to choose who, what, where, why, how, we are; not the government, not a dictator, not a king, not a queen, not Carl Marx, not Adolf Hitler. I get to choose for myself. I am a true American tired of people choosing to sit in the “pity party room”; I do however believe you have the right to choose to sit there.  I for one, choose not to pay your way while you sit there. “Hard Luck” stinks; it is part of life. I have to agree with a song by the Eagles, “GET OVER IT!” 

    Less Government, not more.  Less Regulation, not more.  The Constitution and The Bill of Rights (first ten amendments) were enacted FOR US & BY US.  So many forget our government is SUPPOSED TO BE a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. America is the Land of the Free, not of the “I want someone else to pay for me”.

  • Anonymous

    Speaker Nightlight, Richard Kory, Knight of Hope, Klickster, USMCPilot, THANK YOU!!  I agree wholeheartedly!!  It is an insult to our intelligence that this is an issue in America!!  I have lived through beyond lean times, “upper middle class” good times and am now at 53 years old back in beyond lean times; I am responsible for my situation, me, not anyone else.  The whole point of America is we all get to choose who, what, where, why, how, we are; not the government, not a dictator, not a king, not a queen, not Carl Marx, not Adolf Hitler. I get to choose for myself. I am a true American tired of people choosing to sit in the “pity party room”; I do however believe you have the right to choose to sit there.  I for one, choose not to pay your way while you sit there. “Hard Luck” stinks; it is part of life. I have to agree with a song by the Eagles, “GET OVER IT!” 

    Less Government, not more.  Less Regulation, not more.  The Constitution and The Bill of Rights (first ten amendments) were enacted FOR US & BY US.  So many forget our government is SUPPOSED TO BE a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. America is the Land of the Free, not of the “I want someone else to pay for me”.

  • Anonymous

    This may not be the place to say what I would like to say. The more that Obama says and does only shows that he has a agenda that even Karl Marx would be proud of. It seems to me that all of this is just a smoke screen for lying the ground work for Marxist. I could go on and on as to the many issues of today and the bottom line government controlled society as Obama wants. Many years ago I heard in person Bill Ayers saying that someday they will get a President that thinks like they do. Guess who one of Obama’s mentores was? Enough for now, but need some place to vent my fears as to where our GREAT COUNTRY is headed and who this helps the most. Not me and you, but all of the ??????? that put him in power. Oh yes, I forgot this man does not even know, and he taught, Constitional Law and has the nerve of telling the SCOTS what he wants them to rule and not the issues of Law, but that is another issue I would like to discuss later.

  • Anonymous

    Why is no one comparing the health insurance purchase provision mandate to the Stamp Act of 1765 which compelled Americans (and no one else) to purchase useless British stamps for all documents whether Americans wanted them or not?  This was a proximate cause of the American Revolution, and for good reason.

  • fjo

    Hmmm… Let’s see… Some in the liberal media proclaim that it is the government’s role to regulate health care because everyone will have to use it at some point in their life and therefore it is interstate commerce. 

    During Supreme Court arguments last week, one of the Justices, or maybe it was an attorney for the government, likened it to someone buying a car with a catalytic converter; where the government has the right to require everyone to buy a car with a converter because cars are driven everywhere.  

    I suppose one could make that leap of faith if they squinted really really hard and crossed their eyes, and legs, and fingers.  But I propose another analogy that fits way better or is, as some might suggest, PART II.
    Are you ready for this??? 

    Drum roll please… 

    Most of the roadways in America were paid for with taxpayer dollars. But, we know those roads can be dangerous, and that is why all drivers must be insured.  While this is ok for 87% of people, there are some disenfranchised people that cannot legally drive on the roads because they are unable to obtain insurance. These unfortunates often drive without insurance, which puts others at risk and makes insurance more costly for everyone.  

    If the Healthcare bill is ruled constitutional, you can expect this administration to issue an Executive Order (why bother congress) creating the National Auto Insurance program that will allow everyone to use the roads whenever they wish. After all, it is their God (oops) given right. This Executive Order will outline a program whereby every person will be mandated to buy auto insurance when they reach age 18, even if they don’t own a car at the time. And to ease the burden on those who don’t actually own a car or cannot afford insurance, the government will subsidize them. Of course if people like their current insurance carrier, they can opt out of the national auto insurance program and stay with their preferred carrier (see below).

    The president will proclaim this program to be self funded, that it will stimulate car sales, create 2.45 million new jobs, and that it will lower the cost of auto insurance for everyone; especially for those unfortunate people who may have a poor driving record or are otherwise uninsurable. The program also authorizes the creation of a special panel of insurance
    experts and attorneys, who will have authority to determine eligibility and grant waivers.  As for those who are unwilling to participate in this great program… well, they can opt out and pay an annual $1,000 “penalty”.  After all they may someday want to drive or ride in
    a car and might be in an accident.

    Does this sound farfetched?  Well…


    10.    O’s Foreign Policy… featuring the “O-pology Tour” and secret deals with Vladimir Putin
    9.      O’s National Security Policy… Aka Fast and Furious
    8.      O’s Domestic Energy Policy that gave us $4 and $5 gas at the pump
    7.      Crony capitalism that brought us political pay-to-play deals that saw billions of taxpayers $$$ go to failed Green companies like A123 Systems, Evergreen Energy, Amonix Inc., Beacon Power Corp, Ener1, Electric, Solyndra, etc. in return for political favors
    6.      A housing market in the tank
    5.      Over-regulation that cripples American businesses
    4.      Czars with constitutional decision-making authority (without having to hassle with silly old Congress)
    3.      O’s/China Foreign Aid Policy… I.O.U. $$ Trillions (not sure how many 0’s to use)!
    2.      Unemployment somewhere between 8% and 18% (does anyone even know the real number?)
    1.      O’Care and its Trillion $$$ price tag! 


  • Anonymous


    I AM LIVING Americas’ FUTURE!

      I have not lived in Holland for 15 years but they are
    forcing me to buy medical insurance in Europe even though I do
    buy medical insurance in America and am now a USA citizen.

    The Dutch government made me pay a couple of thousand dollars
    penalty and they have a private company as a collections agency. I can’t get to
    speak to them on the phone because they only have a 900 number that does not
    work outside Holland.  It’s like the Government, giving Macys license to
    force me to buy a dress I don’t want.

    I wrote to dispute it and one Govt.  thug said they
    received it then another one said it was not in my file anymore.  The
    government said that they had ruled on it and I don’t have to pay anymore but
    the C.V.Z. must have removed the ruling from my file so they continue to
    request payment for health insurance I don’t need and would NEVER like to have
    the bad health care they have in Europe anyway. I have health insurance in the
    USA where they provide superior Medical care.

    The government sent me a letter to an old address and luckily it
    was forwarded to me otherwise I would never had known and would have been
    arrested at the airport on arrival. The people living at my 15 year old address
    are afraid that the government will go into their house and take their TV and
    other valuables if I don’t pay the fine. The government gave me a deadline to
    pay but the deadline had passed by the time I received the letter.  The
    trouble with government is that  I can’t go to another government. They
    have the monopoly.  They don’t have to follow rules but we do. They had a
    deadline to return my money but they never will.

    buying car insurance is nothing like being forced to buy health
    insurance. One point is that at least you can stop driving to avoid jail but
    you can’t go to another country.

  • jlmealer

    Stu, Glenn… Will you follow up on this?

    Constitution Party news that’s worth reading!

  • jlmealer

    Stu, Glenn… Will you follow up on this?

    Constitution Party news that’s worth reading!

  • Angel

    my aunt’s pay last month was $10,477. Go here to see how she did it

  • Mandy Rogers

    I have an interesting paper just written about the contraception debate.  Posted to my new blog.  Check it out.  I think that the media has been atrocious in covering this issue.

  • Gloria

     I would like to know what Hospice is for if not for people at the end of their life and not able to stay at home, caregivers get tired and  need a little help sometimes,  I know a woman the is working for our school systems at head cook and her mother is in her last days, but to save her job she has to work half days to keep her job. My husband was in hospice in Harrison Arkansas for 3 days because I did not have anyone to stay with me, but when this lady wanted to take her mother there for the last couple days of her life they say the rules have changed and as long as there is someone in the home to take care of her that midicare WILL NOT PAY FOR IT. All the family is worn out and the one who is sick  has bed sores and alot of things going on that is making it hard to take care of her at home.I will be going on Midicare in June and I did not know about this new item that has been  passed. I am shocked that Midicare will not pay for the care of Hospice in care for the people that need it, I hope that our President of the United States never need the service for himself or his family, oh well I guess they make enough not tho have to worry about Medicat care or the cost of it, but since I lost my husband, my home and just about everything I had  I think our government could at least leave the bill in place to take care of out loved ones that is crossing over, to have the best care possible for the last few day. To saya that I am upset in an understatement. Thank You Gloria Ouderkirk

  • DeniseJ

    Speaker Nightlight, you hit on the real problem- the insertion of a supposed need for insurance has inflated the costs and the waste in health care.  It should be simply pay the doctor, etc. and work it out with him/her for needed services. 

  • David Shaw

    You just get ready to pay that Twinkie Tax

  • Kirk Weisler

    I love you Stu!!

  • Michael Torrento

    I’m on a fixed income and have medicare. for 20yrs I paid cash for my health needs and 27yrs with inshurance. everything I paid cash for was half the price it was when the inshurance paid for it’ but the thing is I paid for it now goverment takes my medicare payments and the riseing cost of everything I’m forced to one meal a day. their are alot of us out here and will be alot more if this thing goes through.

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