Need extra cash to go back to school?

Want some green to cover your minutes overage?

Pay off all the outstanding debt you’ve ever had?

Obama will pay it all!

Well, actually no, that’s a complete fabrication. But apparently, a lot of scammers are taking advantage of the fact that Obama acts as if he has an infinite stash of money that he hands out to everyone who needs it.

Over 10,000 people (!) across the nation have been duped into a dubious scam claiming that Obama will pay for their utility bills.

Victims get a bank account and routing number to use when paying their bills online, but only after giving up their Social Security numbers and other personal information.  Over 10,000 people surrendered their most private information with the actual belief that Obama was just going to pay their electric bill for no apparent reason. 10,000 people! (!!)

You’re probably asking yourself how could this have happened?

A more appropriate question would be, how could this have NOT happened?

This is a guy, who is running a campaign promising to take care of you during every important moment in your life from the cradle to the grave.   Why WOULDN’T you believe he’s going to pay your utility bills?

Not to mention, you have former members of his administration saying stuff like this:

“Shouldn’t we have the right and the liberty to be energy producers and not be dictated to 12 times a year by energy companies that dictate how much we’re gonna pay for energy, when we’re gonna pay it, how many asthma inhalers we’re gonna have as a consequence.”

Seriously…why would people possibly believe that Obama WASN’T just shoveling out cash to buy your vote?  If you need a refresher, click here if you dare, as a seemingly thinner host from Fox News plays you the audio.