Exclusive Kate Middleton Photos!!!

No, I don’t really have any Kate Middleton Photos for you.  At least not until the end of this blog.  But follow me for a second, and I’ll tell you why Kate Middleton pics are so vital to our democracy (or something).

First, is anything important happening in the world this week? Let’s look at the headlines:

“UK Joins Persian Gulf Naval War Games amid Iran-Israel Tensions”

“Obama’s Security Breach In Libya Is Ignored By American Media”

“Chinese General: Prepare for Combat”

Hezbollah Leads Massive Anti US Protest in Lebanon: ‘America, You Are the Great Satan’

And today is only Tuesday.

Every news site is just a depressing clump of words and pictures these days. And the Huffington Post is no exception, but for other reasons.

Amid the world turmoil, Huffington Post dedicated space on their website to this utterly important story:  A Twitter Feed for Glenn Beck spelled Glenn Beck “Gienn Beck.”

What a traveshamockery. 

Huffpo claims the tweet “drew some unintentional laughs”.  I would like names, please. It’s a one letter grammatical mess up in a 140 character tweet. Did anyone actually get a chuckle from that?

Regardless–the only real story here is that The Huffington Post, a website that the President himself recommended that people read—is desperate for content.  As I read the “Gienn Beck” story, I noticed something and took a fancy screen grab.  Check out the most popular stories on Huffington Post:

  •  “Another Magazine Publishes Topless Kate Pics”
  •  “U.S. Military, Police to Train for Zombie Apocalypse”
  •  “PICTURES: Italian magazine to Publish 50 Pictures of Duchess Naked”
  •  “You Won’t Believe This 13 Year Old’s Voice”
  •  PHOTOS: Kate Middleton & William Meet Topless Dancers”

I mean I’m not complaining about stories showcasing Kate Middleton, but is this soft core zombie porn website the news aggregator the president recommended reading?

Incidentally, the President never recommended the Blaze.  The top stories there are a tad more serious:

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I thought for a minute there that Glenn had stepped over the line, but true to form he refrained from the temptation to look like the rest of the media. I had a sinking feeling there for a minute.

  • greywolfrs

    The Huff Puff Post? You mean that site that intellectual left wingeres go to? What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Breast cancer: My MOM , MY MOTHER IN LAW , 2 very good friend’s Mother’s & sound’s sexy don’t it !
    Sometime’s human’s know matter what race are so damned unbelieveable !
    Ohh yea ! show me your BOO T’S !!! how very mature mankind has become !
    I thought the royal family new better than to remove there Burka’ like she did ,check that one out folk’s !

  • new2la

    Kate is a lovely lady, but it seems to me, in looking at her appearance in cloths, she is not, I repeat, she is not a Marilyn Monroe or a Jane Mansfield, fellas. Just put a period on a piece of paper, and that’s all you’ll probably see in the video.

    • greywolfrs

      I wouldn’t know and don’t really want to know. I will not watch the video and could care less…
      I do enjoy Stu’s clever ways of getting people to his blogs though. I am sure there were plenty of guys who showed up, like drooling fools, only to find out there were no pictures. That’s quite funny, actually.

      • Anonymous

        YEP IF YOU WANT REAL NEWS JUST GO TO THE BLAZE OF WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON! BHO MAKE A DATE TO PULL OUT OF IRAQ AND HE HAS SEVEN WARS GOING ON THAT NO ONE KNOWS (BUT GB FOLLOWERS) IT AN ATTEMPT TO PLACE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN CHARGE TO DESTROY THEIR LITTLE SATAN AND GREAT SATAN ISRAEL AND US–GOD’S PROMISED LAND..TO ULTIMATELY DESTROY GOD!! LOOKIN LIKE HUSSEIN-OBAMA REALLY IS THE 12th IMAM! its all in their Bible RulesForRadicals..dedicated to LUCIFER! Thats Who They All Are and FollowedAll Their Life! Hussein-Obama made so-called jokes that he was eight years old..well That IS When He Started His Career..in The Home Of terrorist Bill Ayes…That Was The Start Of ACORN..the Only Career He Has EVer Had! No School Records Just Photo OPs!! He Is Just One Big Photo Op..With a Teleprompter!Just Sheepishly Following Where His Leaders Tell Him To Go (on a Blackberry)! cant wait til our LeaderGod
        tells him to go with husseinobamas leader Lucifer back to….His home!

  • Anonymous

    What kind of story is that? Huffington-Puffington Post is LAME and a jok.
    OMG a typo!!!! I wonder if Huff Po will want to interview me??

  • Anonymous

    I like a tities as much as the next man, but I will not look for these. The lady has show nothing but decency and I will not be part of degrading her.

  • Anonymous

    I knew you wouldn’t sink that low–I was expecting a picture of her in a sweat suit or something. That is really refreshing to know that I can trust you guys with that kind of topic!

  • Anonymous

    Of course Obama would recommend reading HuffPost. He certainly wouldn’t want anyone reading any of the REAL stuff!

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was funny. Who spells their boss’ name wrong? I’m convinced TheBlaze’s editors are 14-year-old girls on cell phones because the amount of typos that come out of TheBlaze each day is pretty disgusting. How am I supposed to take a news site seriously that can’t even edit for spelling and grammar? If the story is sloppy and incorrect, what am I to think of the investigative reporting?

    This blog post prompted me to start a Twitter account dedicated to showing just how bad TheBlaze writers and editors suck. I started today and already have three. @Gienn_Beck:twitter 

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