First Look: The Wonderful World of Stu

Why is Jeffy serving these kids with a shovel?

And why is Stu dressed as Jay Carney?

The Wonderful World of Stu debuts Saturday at 10pm ET on TheBlaze TV

  • Dawn Brayton

    With this new program Stu is officially the hardest working guy in show business. Well at Blaze TV anyway. Glenn’s show, Pat &Stu, the Friday afternoon “Conversations” program and now his own Saturday show.

    • Anonymous

      The guy works so hard he only has one chance a week to empty his bowels, which also explains why he’s so durn constipated! lol

  • Anonymous

    Missed seeing Stu’s show on Saturday…..hope to see it next time it comes on. Looking forward to watching.

  • Anonymous


  • Meg MacGregor

    I like “Wonderful World of Stew” better then B S of A & am dissapointed it will end.

  • Life

    I gave you my story, but here we are again , Stu you ask for fat people to be on your show, I look ahead for Sat. night, yes Iam over weigh ,But that not the reason i would to be on your show, I have prostate cancer, it was hard to fine, so now it may be in my spine , but the ,the reason , I would like to tell everyone , I signed up for obamacare& it never when trough, so I now have no care, but now I will be find, for i have no health care, there are so many thing to tell, call me at 740-535-8133, for what I tell you is the TRUTH, check me out! For like Hutch i have no need to Ly

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