Mitt Romney swings the debate polls by 69 points

I woke up this morning with an odd and unfamiliar feeling. That feeling was optimism.

After Romney’s slaying in the debate last night, I’m starting to think he might actually have a shot at this thing.

Even the liberal media had no choice but to admit that Romney clenched the first debate by a long shot.

Chris Matthews in his typical unintelligible fashion, had an angry meltdown and implored the president to “Watch MSNBC, you’ll learn something every night.”

Michael Moore tweeted “This is what you get when you pick John Kerry as your debate coach.”

And Van Jones said Romney “out Obama’ed Obama” and won the debate last night. Van Jones, people. Van. Freaking. Jones.

There is a poll out from CNN that is also contributing to my optimistic state of mind. Now I usually don’t think these debates affect the polls very much, but this time is different.

In CNN’s post debate polling, 67% thought Romney did the best job in the debate.

That is a phenomenal stat, but it gets even better when you put it in perspective. Let’s looks at this poll from a historical standpoint.

In the last debate of 2008, John McCain lost to Obama by 27. You read that right…McCain -27.  Last night, it was Romney +42.

That lead is almost absolutely unheard of in presidential debates, a 69 point swing from the last time Obama took the debate stage.

Going back to Reagan, only Bill Clinton ever won a debate by 42 points, but that was in 1992 with a third party splitting his opposition.

In that debate, Clinton had 58% saying he won, over Bush’s 16% and Ross Perot’s 15%.

Romney is also the only Republican to acquire such a large lead in this poll.  In fact, his lead was three and a half times as big as any other republican since 1980, including Reagan.

Bush won the second debate by 12 over Gore, Reagan had a mere 3 point lead over Mondale in 1984.

Historically, a +42 for a Republicans is completely uncharted territory.  It was a horror show for Barack Obama.  The downside is that debates have traditionally only moved the polls by a maximum of around three points.  The upside is—this is one of the widest victories of all time.

  • Thomas Cooper

    Romney’s win could be bad news for Food Insurance. If Romney becomes the end of the wourld could be stopped.

  • americanathlete

    The msm are trying to figure out what happened to their beloved leader in the debate. They just can’t figure it out. I love it! Especially the comment by Al Gore: You know when you get to 5,000 feet…. Just goes to show you how stupid “smart” people can be. Keep it up msm, you’re entertaining.

    • VindicatorX

      You got that right. Unfortunately for ALGore, he never made any sense even at sea level.

  • money787439

    English bookmakers still have Obama @ 2/1 ON to win the presidency. Romney is 13/8 against. Almost never wrong.

    • VindicatorX

      Prepare for never.

      • SoThere

        England’s the land of leftists. They had the British Army 200/1 during the Revolutionary war.

        • VindicatorX

          And they lost in a most humiliating way to an inferior force. They lacked the motivation to succeed, whereas the continentals knew this would be their only shot at freedom.

  • Stratton Pollock

    We need single women to support Mitt Romney. My graduate carcinogen toxicology research found all methods of contraception cause high risk of cancer usually assaulting women more than men.You do not have to trust me. Ask your doctor and if he or she states risk minimal, write their name down and file it when you have cancer to give you some recourse.

  • Luis A. Morales

    The guy surprised me. He was the opposite of his adversary. Showed to everybody he is going to be even better than Reagan. I hope the Republican establishment  does not interfere. He is the best example of the new Republican.

  • Andrea Butler

    My feeling of optimism for Kerry came upon me today when twice I was called by the Obama campaign to try to GIVE me tickets to hear Clinton speak in Green Bay, WI on Friday October 19.  I am a registered republican and registered Tea Party Member.  How desparate they must be to be trying to give me free tickets to one of their events.

  • revorg eel

    Hey has anyone noticed that during the assault weapon portion that Obama did the following in sequence. Referred to a boy shot in the head, on his deathbed, consoling his mother, then he said a prayer over the boy, then incredibly the boy was like new….healed the next time the savior…I mean obama saw him…..then he goes on to talk about those less fortunate (the ones that he didnt pray over)… is all I can say…scripting obama to be the savior…scary stuff. Wake up america! 

  • Al Lock

    Why would anyone want either Romney or Obama? Seriously?
    In order for the rights of citizens to be ignored?
    In order for the Fed and banks to continue to deflate the value of our currency?
    In order to continue to go farther and farther into debt because neither of them are willing to take the actions necessary to actually balance the budget?
    In order to bribe and bully nations around the world instead of actually implementing diplomacy?

    • obamapacksfudge

      remove your lips from obamas anus

  • Anonymous

    have you read the book:  NO ONE LEFT TO LIE TO   by christopher hitchens ??
    woe blew my mind  at what is really going on. a definite must read if you what to know the politics.

  • Anonymous

    What is the October surprise? We are experiencing it right
    now. It’s the polling. Yes, it is as simple as this, keep the polling tight.
    This will justify an Obama win (steal). This is the same strategy being used on
    the local level as well to keep the majority of power. Obama and his administration
    will not relinquish power come hell or high water. Think about it, if Obama is
    not reelected what will Hillary do? She will be out of a job, out of a
    political career. No way will the Clinton’s allow this to happen. They have
    worked too hard to allow the people to vote them out of their career! The Clinton’s
    are so corrupt and have ruined many innocent people’s lives to make gains in
    their political advancement. They are willing to do away with our
    constitutional rights for political gain. Do you really think Obama, his administration,
    the Democratic Party and the Clinton’s are going to allow “We the People” to
    vote them out of power? They believe they are Kings and Queens and we are their
    subjects to rule over. History proves Romeny should be well ahead in the polling
    given our state of the economy. But surprise, the October polls are reflecting
    a very tight race. Or should I say an easy win for Obama and his monarchy.

    • VindicatorX

      The propaganda not withstanding, polls can be skewed in a number of ways to obtain the results desired by the poll takers, or more accurately, the people paying them to take the polls. 

      This is a sham, and it’s very clear that there is something fishy about the margins in these numbers. There just isn’t anything that anyone can point to as a success for Obama, and his failing to right the economy, stop the incredible numbers of job losses, and the foreign affairs fiascoes he has presided over just don’t in any way, shape or form jive with the numbers he continues to be “given” by the pollsters. 

      In this case, if something looks too good to be true, it is without a shred of doubt too good to be true.

      The spin stops on the morning of November 7th.

  • Kenneth Smith

    Oh God….listening to Glenn now, and every time he makes a comparison with President Lincoln, as if Lincoln’s despotism, tyranny and UNCONSTITUTIONAL actions were legitimate and honourable absolutely makes me want to vomit on my radio!

  • Kenneth Smith

    Lincoln has been the model for many of the world’s tyrants, and the communist party USA once had Lenin-Lincoln parades in NYC. Glenn needs to stop idolizing Lincoln.  Read The Real Lincoln by Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo. for God’s sake!

  • Michelle

    Hey guys! If you are looking for an easy read about the current events in America from a truck driver’s view, check out “30 Days and Counting.” It is available on in the kindle ebook store.  Here is the link:

  • Anonymous

    why obama flunked first debate WAS Libya lies were about to be told on fox he knew he was in deep shhhh-t!
    He was trying to remember the latest lie if asked about Libya ..brillant of Romney to pass…Obama would have used the spin everyday to make Romney look like a liar! (OR OBAMAISH}

  • Anonymous

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