Here it is, from the website as caucus results were pouring in:

 Let us take them one by one.

  1. He “made health care affordable”???  Did he?  That’s done??  Hmmmmm….weird, because the cost of health care WENT UP by 5.7% in 2011.  Also, its projected to GO UP AGAIN by ANOTHER 8.5% in 2012.  That, my friends, is an Obama promise kept.
  2. He “cut taxes for every working American”??  I get it.  He’s passed some temporary tax cuts, and targeted giveaways that he counts as tax cuts.  He, of course, ignores all of his tax increases.  But, the only reason he can even attempt to make that claim is because he has FAILED over and over again to get a tax hike on the wealthy passed.  He ran on it, and he’s used it to try and pay for every one of his new fabulous ideas.  Think about every time you’ve heard him say “fair share.”  Every one of those was a plea to hike taxes on working Americans.  Every time he has failed.  That’s a promise kept?
  3.  He “put in place historic fuel efficiency standards”??  Technically true.  They did happen in the past, which makes them historic.  But, they are just an extension of the policies of George W. Bush and several other presidents before him.  I’m not giving Bush credit here, it’s a horrible policy that literally kills thousands of people.  Cars get more fuel efficient, in part, by getting lighter.  Lighter cars in bad accidents kill more people.  For example, the National Academy of Sciences estimated that CAFÉ standards (fuel efficiency for cars) kills about 2,000 people every year. USA Today found that CAFÉ killed an additional 46,000 people (and that was only through 1999.) Promise kept!
  4. He “ended the war in Iraq”?  He was only able to end the war, because the policy he specifically opposed was so successful.  You want to talk Obama “inheriting” something from President Bush, it’s the success of the surge.  He fought against the policy that allowed him to end the war in Iraq.  He campaigned on that opposition.  He wasn’t able to convince America to listen to him, and our troops and the Iraqis are better off for it.  Promise kept.

I suppose it’s not really four lies.  It’s more like a lie, a couple fails presented as successes, and a few thousand dead people.  Technicalities, technicalities.