Obama wants us to google Virginia Foxx. Your wish is our command.

What the President wants, the president gets.  Feel free to forward this to all of your friends that might benefit from this fabulous googling.

Click here to follow Obama’s orders.


  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Thanks Glenn, have done so.

  • Anonymous

    generalized mayhem by OWS throughout the election year may be just what is needed to bring out the anti-obama voters.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!!  Even Obama’s own propaganda website is criticizing him!  Never thought I’d say this, since FactCheck is usually 100% pro-Obama, but I thank them for their honest coverage, and their “believeability index” has gone up a few notches in my estimation.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, why tell the whole story when omitting parts of it will/may get you votes?   Huh, Prez?

  • Anonymous

     When I saw that guy scream out “Liar” during one of Obama’s Hugo length speeches, I thought, well, never seen that before. It’s true, but worse than that, his lying works on our youth.
     It makes me want to go behind him at every stop and tell our kids so.
    Open letter to our youth;
     They taught you to not trust us in grade school, they told you we were too old to know what was going on, you learned to shut your mind off to us when we would try to tell you the truth.
    Listen now. Why is he going after the you, the youth vote? Do you have years of research, and history with making political decisions? Perhaps it’s because you don’t. But it will come. Don’t be taken advantage of just because someone goes through the process of asking a question of you personally, they are not listening to your answer, they are attracting you, that’s the way they procure your involvement into their agenda.
    If I were trying to do the same thing, I would be awaiting your answer with baited breath, because that is when I know I have you. I wouldn’t do that though.
     Your a big fat liar Obama! Those are our kids! You are taking them down the road to slavery. You have them fight us with lies, instead of fight you for their future Country, businesses and families. You might want your own business someday, and your helping Obama put that to an end. Listen to what he says, then fact check everything. If I were lying to you it will show up there. Let your families prove you were abused! And please don’t vote until you check out what I am saying.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling

    She looks like a psychopath.

  • Anonymous

    anotherlib tactic omit part to change the meaning such a decieverout in2012

  • http://twitter.com/anthoneckist Anthony Arena

    you for being a friend.Something we need to know.Obamy has put forced
    chipping[666] in his health plan. its tied to medicaid and medicare, if
    you dont want obamacare you forfeit medicare, and medicaid assistance,
    the plan can not be accepted, as the chip is the mark of the devils
    control over your freedom and your forced subjugation to him.That he is
    your Lord and Master. Ha! When he isn’t even close to intelligence and
    love for” change” “We can believe in”, for example he dictates Calif’s
    End to growing crops, to save the Darter fish, when a simple net in
    front of the waterway to keep the little fish from being killed, would
    have worked. February 9, 2012.From the European Visionary, Words from God. “I am your Jesus,
    born Incarnate. I remind you solemnly, Truth is the reflection of God’s
    Light. Therefore, any laws conceived under the cover of darkness are not
    of God. These days love of power has overshadowed conviction of hearts
    in the Truth. When this motive overtakes hearts, any evil is conceivable
    and possible. Those who live in the Truth have the moral responsibility
    not to remain silent, but to speak up. This is the only way to remove
    Satan’s fingerprints from national and world affairs. You must make
    those who live in darkness accountable.”, Obam put these laws hidden in
    the healthcare plan. The serpent was the most beautiful Angel, but very
    cunning, jealous and flawed, please help wake people up to this,
    Revelations in the bible was to warn us. but most people are not
    watching . Jesus said if you knew at what hour the thief was to break
    into your house you would be ready. I pray we are ready. Thanks for
    reading, and God Bless You, also God said he will Richly Bless America if we stop abortion, but Obama put 12 Billion$, for Abortion You Gotta think here Who do we Trust Obama, Or God. In God I Trust! always and forever, The Blessed Mother said Prayer is the way to Defeat The Wicked One!!!

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