Have you heard the good news? Foreclosures rates are dropping! Isn’t that great? Obama is doing such a good job or something!

Just look at this happy chart. Here’s the case that the Obama campaign is making and hoping you believe.

But, that’s not the whole story. Here is that same chart, showing Obama’s entire term in office.

Not quite as impressive.

But that’s only because Obama inherited the housing crisis from Bush…right? Yes, 190,000 properties get a foreclosure notice each month.

But, that’s completely beside the point. The most important fact is that foreclosures are down now!

But to get the whole story, let’s look at the entire picture.

Look, sometimes economic disasters happen.  They’re part of the natural cycle of an economy.  Obama can’t be blamed for that.  That’s just a fact of life, and as he’s endlessly reminded us, he wasn’t in the oval office for this most recent one.  Yes, Obama supported many of the policies that led to the crisis, but so did a lot of other politicians from both sides of the aisle.   You can’t blame Obama singularly for that either.

But, what you can blame Obama for is the fact that he came into office with complete control over a congress that would give him anything he wanted.  He passed a giant stimulus package, financial reform, health care and numerous other non-essential initiatives.  He enacted his plan to solve this.  You are reaping the results of that plan.  Look above at that third picture again.  This is the “recovery” this guy is running on.  Congratulations America.