Play the Obama’s life history multiple choice challenge!

We know that Barack Obama’s relationship to the truth can occasionally be a bit distant.

But have you been able to trace the lies? Today’s question is—How does the president really feel about being named Barack Hussein Obama in America?

Does he
A) Think the American people are such hate mongers that they will ignore his incredible job performance because they are so uncomfortable with someone with a different sounding name?
B) Think America is the land of opportunity, and his parents specifically gave him a different sounding name because the American people simply don’t care about such surface issues?
C) Think his parents believed the country couldn’t handle a name as different as Barack, so they changed it to help him fit in?

Think about it….

Time’s up!
If you answered A—you’re right!
When asked whether he thought the upcoming election would be tight last week, he responded, “When your name is Barack Obama, it’s always a tight race.”

But wait—if you answered B—you’re also right!

In his legendary 2004 speech that introduced him to the country, he said that his parents “would give me an African name, Barack, or blessed, believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success.”

But, guess what—if you answered C—you’re right too!

In his book, Dreams from my Father, he described how he didn’t use the name Barack because his parents wanted him to “fit in.”
“So why does everybody call you Barry?” “Habit, I guess. My father used it when he arrived in the States. I don’t know whether that was his idea or somebody else’s. He probably used Barry because it was easier to pronounce. You know—helped him fit in. Then it got passed on to me. So I could fit in.” (pg.104)

You see, when Obama is President—everyone truly is a winner. Re-elect President Obama—if for no other reason—so he has time to work his name into Gerald Ford’s biography.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing how Barry has 3 different answers for one question. Sad to say, there are many other questions he has multiple variable answers to. Guess it depends on who’s asking!

    • landofaahs

      Lie #1 gets in the way of lies #2 and #3.

      • Anonymous

        “And so on and so on and Scooby doobie doobie…”

        Thing is, can they remember the lies exactly? In this day of video archives, it won’t be difficult to pull up information that refutes the lies in their own voice.

      • Dara Walker

         The only way two people can keep a secret – is if one of them is dead… – or it’s Bill Ayers!

        • landofaahs

          I think it includes the brain dead even though the body is extant. lol

  • R Douglas Mutz

    The Great Obfuscator …  NONE of this is accidental.

  • Anonymous

    There’s so much material on him that Axelrod no longer sleeps at home;  he has permanent residence in the WH just so he can keep ahead of the headlines.

  • Bill Norris

    My head is going to explode…!!!

  • Anonymous

    The blood is pouring from my eyes and ears.  Our Founding Fathers are not only rolling over in their graves, they are are writhing in agony over this sleazeball’s arrogant audacity in taking his name onto every single presidential documents because he has no accomplishments that he can point to with any real pride.  Therefore, he must rely on his little “fictions” to make it look like he popped everwhere in history and magically rode around coming to the rescue of 42 presidents.  He probably blew his opportunity with Gerry; Ford most likely tripped over somerhing avd used Odumbo to break his fall.

    • Anonymous

      He DOES sort of remind one of Forrest Gump, doesn’t he?!

      Before they chose the name of Ken Kesey’s Bus as their campaign slogan, I was thinking that an appropriate slogan might be “Things could be a lot worse.  Re-elect me and I’ll prove it to you!”

      • Anonymous

        Oooo, please don’t scare me like that! I don’t think my poor heart could take it!

  • Scott Davis

    Alfred E. “Barry Boy” Newman articulates: ” What? Me no worry!,  When I Got’s my Obama INC. patented Teleprompter Feed” I be actin puffed up cool,  When It be broken, I’m Turned Into A Dumb Ass Jackass.  But then my friends, the media, give me cover and don’t report it.

  • Anonymous

    With all I’ve been reading on Glenn’s sites and The Blaze recently, I’ve come to the conclusion

    that this man is quite delusional.  Whether it is an actual mental disorder or whether he was

    ”trained” to be like this, I don’t know.  But this I do know, when he does say something about his

    past, wait a couple of weeks or months and see if it’s the same story if he repeats it. Then check

    with what others have said about those remarks (from those who know/knew him) and see if

    they add up.   So much of the stuff about him and his history is pure make believe—a lot of

    hooey.  The ”story” has to be good in order to sell it.  Truth doesn’t enter into it.

    • Anonymous

      I think you are delusional sir!!!  I don’t think you can find one thing that Glenn says that he doesn’t have the facts to verify that is true. But see liberals like you don’t take time to read and see if the facts are true. Because you live in this little world with out knowledge and choose not to find out the real truth. Why is it that the left never checks or reads for themself the facts on Democrats or Obama??  I am assuming you are either ignorrant or don’t want to really want to know the truth.  Its a small world when you are liberal sir!

      • Anonymous

        Schweiggy, could it be possible that bjv was referring to Obama when he/she said to take anything “he” says and wait for a couple of weeks to see if he changes it?  I DO agree with you that it seems like Obama’s supporters are not only slurping down the Kool-aid but are downright refusing to admit that “the store” carries anything else to drink!

      • Anonymous

        Back off schweiggy and take a deep breath.   Who is this article about?  It’s not

        Glenn. I sure don’t know about his past* nor anyone from it.  I do know what I’ve

        been TOLD about the past of B.O. and who some of the people he knew/knows.

        So, if the article is about B.O., the ”he” I refer to must be him.  Right?  Sorry, if

        my lack of nouns confused you.   Understandable.     *(Other than what he has

        chosen to share from time to time.)   And it’s ma’am. not sir.

        • Anonymous

          No, its not your nouns, its your typing SIR!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, schweiggy, you really have me puzzled.  You didn’t like

            my typing of ”sir”?

          • Anonymous

            Are you sure your not a Democrat??? So whats your beef?

          • Anonymous

            You don’t know me very well, do you?  You are the one who

            ”attacked” me from the initial post of mine regarding B.O. being

            delusional.  When you thought I meant Glenn, I corrected you.

            Apparently, that was not satisfactory.  You, my dear schweiggy,

            are the one going “Moo.”

          • Anonymous

            Nor do we want to know you……your mind is as tight as a drum and you will never see the light of day……even if it bit you in the a**

    • Jake Mann


      • Anonymous

        Jake, I rec’d a different reply from you in my outbox.  If you will read my answer

        to schweiggy above, you will see I was speaking about B.O. and not Glenn.

    • John Scallatino

      As I said before Germany had its day and its ruler who spoke just as Obama is almost to the letter and many will be fooled to follow as you sound and we should pray for you too sir as there is nothing to be ashamed to loose ones way only to be found again

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth Warren’s recipe that was reprinted in the Boston Globe for crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing is an exact copy of the same recipe that appeared in the Toledo Blade on August 17 1979, about four years earlier! 

    She can’t even be honest about her Cherokee heritage cooking?,7597619

    • landofaahs

      Hint to democrats and other libtards.  If you don’t like being called a liar,…quit lying.  It’s really that simple.

    • Dara Walker

      … I wondered where her ‘ancestors’ came upon the crab meat?… there are not too many crustaceans cruising around in the deserts and fields of Oklahoma. Oh… maybe they were land crabs!

    • Anonymous

      Cherokees used mayonnaise?  Who knew?!

  • Anonymous

    The Warren Recipes are the ones in POW WOW CHOW

  • landofaahs

    Breitbart’s expose’ of obama’s book puplishing biography is proof of the fraud that is obama.   We need to see his mothers passporrt, his passport and all of his college records for a start.  I would dearly love to see his resume for his harvard professor gig.

    • Mark Desade

      Another Obama lie; he never was a professor or assistant professor.  He was a lecturer, a big difference.

      • John Scallatino

        You are correct and he also surrendered his lawyership along with Michelle as they were going to face charges, remember drink, smoke and blow as much as possible I can’t think his grades were all that and he only lectured is correct you sir have done your homework and it is a matter of public record.

  • Gigi DeNinno

    You guys can’t tell what’s going on?  They are out to make Obama ineligible then at the last minute at the Dumbocrap convention they all start cheering HILL  ARE EEE HILL ARE EEE.
    15 point reversal in the polls and we have Bubbanomics for 8 years.  Am I the only one that can see through this!????

    • Dara Walker

       I’ve worried about the very same thing! But then Obama’s turned me into a worry-wart over the past four years : (

  • Cheeto Sareus

    Obama will go down in history (and other strange places) as the “me too” president.  Just name something great a past president accomplished and he will say “me too”.

  • Cheeto Sareus

    Stand back…prepare for the government to give Rt. Rushmore back to the Indians.  In exchange they will have Obama’s head chiseled up there with the real Presidents.  It will be hard to swallow having the first token black affirmative action gay president staring out at us for an eternity. 

    • Anonymous

      Well, should that happen, I could imagine Mount Rushmore suddenly exploding…er, I mean CRUMBLING into little pebbles for some reason!

  • Della Creighton

    My father told me about people who lie— some people will climb a tree to tell a lie then stand on the ground to tell the truth I find this very true

  • Anonymous

    When Beck and company purport to value our framers, founders, legal thinkers, the complicity, whether by fear or complicity of most of those who wave the flag is thrown into doubt.  When founder, framer, our greatest chief justice John Marshal clarifies the common law, because the Constitution never did, was designed by Madison rely upon our common-law and language familiar to its framers for all of its definitions.  That was to insure that interpretations could not be corrupted by the normal changes in language.

    In an 1813 Supreme Court case involving privileges of citizenship, The Venus, Marshall explained: ”

    citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain
    duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its
    advantages. The natives or indigenes are those born in
    the country of parents who are citizens. Society not being
    able to subsist and to perpetuate itself but by the children of the citizens,
    those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to
    all their rights.”
    Chief Justice Morrison Waite based a decision on Virginia Minor’s having been born a citizen, on our soil to ciitizen parents.  Minor v. Happersett didn’t mention Washington’s, Hamilton’s, Jay’s, Marshall’s, Munroe’s, Jefferson’s,…. most trusted source for the natural law cited in the Declaration as the foundation of our Constitution, Emerich de Vattel.  Vattel wasn’t the only source – not at all.  But his compendium of natural law, Law of Nations, was our first law book, at our first law school, founded by Jefferson at William and Mary in 1779, since laws schools before the declaration were naturally teaching English Common-law, and England didn’t have a constitution.  In England, naturalized citizens weren’t eligible to be Members of Parliament, while the King married into a foreign family and princes were not born as natural born subjects, taking office at eighteen. 
    Every US Senator signed Senate Resolution 511 in April 2008 in which hearings it was plainly stated:

    assumption and my understanding is that if you are born of American parents, you are naturally a
    natural-born American citizen,” Chertoff replied. “That is mine, too,” said

    There were weasel words by Obama’s Con. Law professor, and Harvard adviser, and member of his campaign committee, and admitted plaigiarist, protected from prosecution by Elena Kagan, Larry Tribe.  But if you read the Tribe/Ted Olson letter to the SR 511 hearing, you will find a collection of half truths designed to give politicions and media cover as the suddenly forget their long insistence that John McCain was never eligile, albeit because of an unfortunate omission by congress, to incorporate the Panama Canal Zone until 1938, the year after McCain was born. That is why Obama and Clare McCaskill tried to pass SB 2678 in February 2008, the the ‘‘Children of Military Families Natural Born Citizen Act’’. It didn’t pass, nor did any of the three attempts at amending Article II Section 1 by John Conyers between 2003 and 2007.
    It has nothing to do with Kenya, except that Obama’s father was a subject of Crown in 1961 when we assume Baraka was born.  Birth to citizens is old, but frequently referenced law, common law before 1875, and positive law after Minor v. Happersett. Perhaps the most eloquent explanation, where Vattels, according to Marshall is the most concise, is Dr. David Ramsay’s Dissertation on Citizenship, Ramsay our first Congressional Historian, a founder, doctor, and President of the Congress United between 1776 and the ratification. 
    Obama controls federal judges, and has two supreme court appointees who have refused to recuse themselves from eligibility cases, or the court should have heard one of the many cases. The court could ignore precedent, but let them, force them, to do it out in the open.  Glen Beck, if he truely blieved the greatness of George Washington, or Samuel Adams (he never mentions John Marshall, our greatest Chief Justice), or Thomas Jefferson, or Thomas Paine would honestly present the history as written by our founders and justices, the definition repeated by Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes in the 1939 case Perkins v. Elg, and repeated by every US Senator in 2008.  

  • Pablo

    D) All of the above.

  • Irene Warner

    Everybody always wants to talk about who lies & who dont, Whiteman BEEN lying since the beginning & STILL does, But If your White it’s apparently alright.

  • LibertyAnn Justice

    If you have liked Obama’s first term, you’re going to love his second….unless you are more bitter now than you were then.

  • Ginge Brien

    Stu i hope you read this and discuss it with Glenn. regarding birthers, the constitution and case law from the supreme court that supports this discussion state  that a natural born citizen is some one born in mainland America to two US citizens in order to be president. Neither Mcain or Obama are natural born citizens. avoiding this discussion because the left have made this a crazy mans statement is enabling the system. love to hear back.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, yes. This extraordinarily likeable man has to struggle every day to fit in. He will live to be 100 and never really know himself or his rightful place in our country. This is not our fault; it is not racism; it is a profound psychological deficit he will carry with him to his grave. 

  • Matthew Todd Sumrall

    Bill Ayers claims he wrote ‘Dreams From My Father’…I believe it. Lies are hard to remember

  • Etta

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  • Anonymous

    @PBrenda     And you have a nice day too, toots.

  • Robert N. Schick

    I call our First Gay President…Barry the Fairy…His Book should have been Titled…Dreams From My Marxist Father…The didn’t fall far from the tree…..I have some good nicknames for B.O. like…Honey I shrunk the Economy…Sham Wow….Captain Crunch the Economy…Pinocchio…Lying King…and Triple Bogey..Obama…I’m so sure The POTUS and his Gangster-Pirate Crew will be defeated in November…I sent.them Crying Towels and Barf Bags…!

  • Ron Lund

    to all please send to all go to, punch in obamas name and wow

  • John Scallatino

    Well people better wake up for the people who do not want a ruler or a dicator which we are very close if Obama is re-elected! This man had once took the stage in Germany and as the many and the media went along with him and the world went to war. Obamo give Chalvez an honor as the many he supports around the world who hate America and our own American citizens go along with this man who would follow the footsteps as that german ruler of past history and I’m not affraid to call him what he is I will fight and yes even would die for and to keep this country free and honor the real Heros who faught and died for and to keep us with the freedoms we take for granted and the other who would crap on them and should move out and go where this is popular and see just how it really is in other countries who do not have the freedoms we have here in America. Yes God Bless America for which it was founded and I do not care if it offends anyone as this is my right and constitutional right which this president is working so hard to destroy and so be it if I’m called a radical and a hate mongor as I love this country and love my God and the Christ that I follow and proud to be. The list of failed policies and his fathers dream to self destruct this country and have people follow him rang out not so long ago and the youth are not being taught in our colleges but insted a far liberal left agenda, and God help us if he is to have a second bite. As the snake of old he has many names and can change his looks and sets out to decieve and yes many of the eyeless and hearless will follow loosing their very souls along the way? But as followers we are also to pray for them and to go after the one who have lost their way from the flock and bring them back to the fold not to the hole of dammnation where there is no return. This is a nation where everone has an equal right and can be anything they want if given the opportuntiy which this president and his adminstration has tried very hard to bring us where we are currently seperate and at each other in a class war as well as a race war mounting everyday the only people who can stop this is the people who vote with a clear mind that has and been given the whole truth which the ruler of yesteryear had also done, and in the end he also met his end because of the very people who knew the truth and had a respect for their fellow men and shared the same freedoms that people were willing to die for. If we would once again stand hand in hand together we can cross the threshold of a dream!

  • John Scallatino

    Obama has not talked the talk nor walked the walk. Look close into his eyes and follow his actions which speaks for this man and yes just a man who will you walk with? Is your freedom and soul worth loosing for this one man.

  • Take 2

    A White male father of two one-half White and one-half Red (NAI) can read Dreams from My Father with some clarity of thought-mind.  I am saddened by so much anger and hate in the Presidents writing’s. They are his writing’s not of mine. I tell my children to get over it whatever it is. After, objectively reading the Presidents book, it is overtly clear why the campaign is waging war-using woman’s rights… Black males taking off their slippers…  Supporting riots and banging drums against rich white Corp. America.

    Moreover, I remain shocked how in the world you know who is President of the United

    My book reading opinion is that of one-of course.

    There is absolutely no excuse for US media failing to expose who the President is in his own words.

    This is not a forgiving man. Not a compromising personality with no true regrets or remorse. Other than a mention that some of his writings is not the best for running for political office. Really really-really? You think. crip’s foo yong! cji wong tong! speaking in tongWong foo!


    However, telling my elderly CNBC Parents about some highlights of Dreams from My Father-My
    mom called me a liar. huh-Her Fav. child?


    WOW! I simply repeated what was in his own words in his truthful biography-book.  Drugs-blow-Alcohol-convicted of Auto theft-hate towards Whites BUT the call me a liar Marxist parts-issues are flat out irrefutably anti-American, and against the grain of lost patriotic blood i.e., American soldiers-since day one of the republic.

  • Take 2

    Right! I have researched Obama clan in east, Africa. The father’s lacking Islamic faith or non-faith in Dreams book is deserving of refunds from each and every sale… Prison time perhaps… Moreover, am not bad at reading a book apart (i.e. Dreams Pg 93 and Pg 100 startling), BUT why are they buying back the first published copies… They sell for around 1,300 U.S. I am so curious about any deletions or changes… since 3-4 pages in the second version is or are very damaging. So, for awareness and enlightening purposes can Stu get a first run Dreams book and do a story on this…please.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Obammy is a big fat lier, thief of our freedom, rights, his character and who he is, is a bigger lie and a fraud to the American people. He is so dishonest and a whole lot of other names that I won’t repeat. He is so far left or the biggest liberal around. He is dividing OUR COUNTRY with every speech he makes or when he opens his mouth.  I don’t believe he was born in Hawaii.  He DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, if he did he wouldn’t do the many wasteful spending that he does. He is the biggest farce for an American P, to me he is Obama and not my president. He doesn’t deserve my respect. When he does his propaganda for his elections he uses Airforce One and we the taxpayers pay for it. Since he is running for a non-office, he needs to pay for it from his wealthy friends. He has more wealthy friends in the world that can do alot for his no term.  He is a SOCIALIST and wants America to be like everyone else.  WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES.  We are very special and so many people have voluntered to serve and be in AMERICA. Many, Many people have immigrated to the U.S.A. the right way and not sneak in through our borders.

    What charges was Obammy and Michelle facing? They are in the same boat as to how our country should be ran———-Communist/Socialist style.  If he was honest then why can’t he produce his college credits?  I’ve known people that have said that he wasn’t a Professor at Harvard. He doesn’t know how to run our COUNTRY. Just to run it down.

    Japan made better products,. then the China.  We don’t need the UNIONS as they are the far left and they agree with Obammy. The people that have the jobs and making the unions money are basically good.  The schools want more and more money for schools and the teachers, but they don’t get the money, the Unions do.

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