We know that Barack Obama’s relationship to the truth can occasionally be a bit distant.

But have you been able to trace the lies? Today’s question is—How does the president really feel about being named Barack Hussein Obama in America?

Does he
A) Think the American people are such hate mongers that they will ignore his incredible job performance because they are so uncomfortable with someone with a different sounding name?
B) Think America is the land of opportunity, and his parents specifically gave him a different sounding name because the American people simply don’t care about such surface issues?
C) Think his parents believed the country couldn’t handle a name as different as Barack, so they changed it to help him fit in?

Think about it….

Time’s up!
If you answered A—you’re right!
When asked whether he thought the upcoming election would be tight last week, he responded, “When your name is Barack Obama, it’s always a tight race.”

But wait—if you answered B—you’re also right!

In his legendary 2004 speech that introduced him to the country, he said that his parents “would give me an African name, Barack, or blessed, believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success.”

But, guess what—if you answered C—you’re right too!

In his book, Dreams from my Father, he described how he didn’t use the name Barack because his parents wanted him to “fit in.”
“So why does everybody call you Barry?” “Habit, I guess. My father used it when he arrived in the States. I don’t know whether that was his idea or somebody else’s. He probably used Barry because it was easier to pronounce. You know—helped him fit in. Then it got passed on to me. So I could fit in.” (pg.104)

You see, when Obama is President—everyone truly is a winner. Re-elect President Obama—if for no other reason—so he has time to work his name into Gerald Ford’s biography.