Surprise! The left is lying about spending cuts!

Europe is in serious trouble. Why? The evil right wing austerity nutjobs. They continue to drastically cut spending to draconian levels (and hike taxes, but ignore that). These immense spending cuts that have taken Europe back to the middle ages—crushing their economies and risking the lives of millions or something.

In Athens, the people are resorting to dumpster diving for food.

In Spain students and teachers are striking against vicious cuts to education.

In France, the people finally put a real socialist in office, as opposed to those near-socialists who were in office before—promising an end to austerity.

Nobel Prize winner economist, Paul Krugman even warned that these horrible consequences of austerity measures could come here:

“Mitt Romney is saying basically that spending cuts are how we’re going to get to prosperity. Mitt Romney is saying, see what’s happening in Greece and in Portugal and in Spain and in Ireland; let’s do that here.”


How terrible! Sure, it sounds horrific. But, imagine what the cuts in spending must be like to evoke those reactions. That’s even more scarier!!!!!!!! The mostest scariest!!!!

The way the media talks about it, European spending levels have fallen off like the stock market crash of 1929!

Actually, the European spending chart isn’t quite as dramatic as you might expect. Remember—according to Krugman and the left, Europe has experienced dramatic spending cuts. Here’s the truth:

Be sure to read more from economist Veronique de Rugy here, and her further destruction of Paul Krugman’s response here.

But, it’s amazing to stop and think about this stuff every once in a while. We’re told that Europe has experienced massive spending cuts. Yet, the only country to cut spending at all was Greece, who cut it all of 8% in three years. Spain hiked its spending by 4%, the UK hiked it by 8%, Italy hiked it by 3%, and France hiked it by 9%. And they raised taxes on top of it, something no one on the right is actually advocating.

To every household on earth, cutting spending means actually spending less than you were previously. Only in the media does a 9% increase actually mean a decrease. And we wonder why we’re so screwed.

  • Anonymous

    Lying, I soooooo shocked. What next, msm won’t report news, like 43 Lawsuits against this adm by Catholic Org ? Because this adm orders them to only say what WH approves ? This is the USA, that could never happen…………………… RIGHT ?

  • Anonymous

    I am amazed at 
     the stupidity of some people who are
    in debt over their heads including our Federal Government.
    There is not enough money in this world to get everyone
    out of debt.  The middle class can no longer afford to fill
    the bill for all of the people out there who do not want to
    work.  They have to stop buying for their own families
    and this eventually puts other people out of work.  It
    is nothing but a vicous cycle perpetrated by our
    governments.  People who are intelligent and can  use
    reason are fed up and say no more.  ATLAS SHRUGGED!

  • Rafael Lafuente P

    i dont want nothing to do with the devil or the government, not their bailouts, not their help, not their support, not their health care, not their education, not their morals, and not their nothing. So i want the taxes im paying BACK.

  • sofia veltz

    Don’t spend what you don’t have…live within your means, period.

  • Lois

    Please explain what makes Mitt Romney, religiously speaking,  any different from the democrats Harry Reid.  Oh, that’s right, Harry has no qualms about lying and cheating the American people.  Mitt Romney is an admirable human being who probably practices Christian morals while good old Harry is busy trying to create Europe #2. 

  • Harbir Grewal

    I’m not surprised Greece is spending so much.

    I think they should keep spending as long as Germany takes the bill. The German
    banks have already dumped so much into Greek debt that if Greece ever switches
    off the Euro (devaluing debt), German banks would be devastated so the Germans
    have to keep bailing them out. 

  • Anonymous

    Ahh.  Modern Jounalism stands on the rotting corpse of what once was truth.  Can you smell it?  It’s the smell of nothing changing.  (Well, there is a chemical change as the body decomposes…but things are moving smoothly in the same direction.)  It seems, once again, the only one who can bring peace and healing is Him who we seem to remember so little nowadays.  Where one member suffers, though, the whole body suffers.  Here we have a classic example of the head and mouth feeling they are above the body, the ears on strike, the nose burned out, our hands are tied, and all we’re left with is the bitter taste of regret.

    “Cause now again I’ve found myself, so far down,
    Away from the sun again…”

  • Dror Ricahuk

    no bad and well done

  • Tania

    GBTV so sorry:  the sound was just awful!  Freezing etc?????????????????  Please fix!

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