By now, 84.3% of people know I’m a statistics geek.  Since you’re probably not a loser like me and don’t enjoy pouring through the minutia of numbers and lines on fancy charts, we now have an easily shareable, digestable, and understandable way to absorb the stats that will help you defeat your annoying friends in arguments.

Enter my new series on GBTV: Stutistics.  

The first episode of Stutistics debuted on GBTV last night.  I highlighted the truth behind Obama’s unemployment numbers.

You probably know that according to Obama’s own numbers, unemployment should have NEVER gone above 8% with the passage of the stimulus. 

But, there’s a more important point that conservatives should be making–find out about it in less than 3 minutes.  Watch the video here, and then watch it again. And then make your friends watch it until they get it. It’s okay to make people do things against their will, if those things are making people watch Stutistics. It’s universal law 

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