Being George Washington: Diligence

by Sara J

“I am confident of certain victory,” or “Pil Sung,” is a phrase that was ingrained into me growing up. I took Karate (Tai Kwon Do, really), and before every class we said a pledge which centered around this tenant, but not in a sense of simply beating your opponent. This is a principal of personal dedication—a challenge issued to yourself to give your maximum effort to the point that it is expended to the limits of your ability in personal growth, spiritual growth, physical growth, or any goal you set for yourself. It embodied courtesy, integrity perseverance, and self-control. Our instructors didn’t simply apply this to us while we were inside the walls of the gym. If someone got in trouble outside the gym, more than likely you were going to get in trouble once you got to the gym.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “wow…why would your parents make you do that?” but it was fun. People who know me now would say, “Well… you just like that kind of thing–you’re competitive and self-disciplined.” Well, I was a seven year old…with asthma and a pretty solid case of ADD, so it’s much more likely that having these principals instilled in me helped mold me into a person who is competitive and self-disciplined.

Young people in America today don’t appear to be familiar with the principal of diligence. Who can blame them when we have parents quitting their marriages left and right, our political leaders saying one thing while blatantly doing another, and failure continues to be removed from just about every aspect of life? One of the major parties platforms in our country says that women don’t have to follow through with a pregnancy.

Now, before you run to enroll your young kids in Karate, stop and look in the mirror. Parents play a much larger role in teaching these principals to their children than any coach ever will. I wasn’t allowed to quit anything I started growing up, unless it was a bad habit. Basketball seems a lot less fun after all of your friends quit the team, but it didn’t matter–friends didn’t determine what decisions I did or didn’t make. This didn’t go down in our house. I wasn’t allowed to quit the basketball any faster than I was allowed to quit my chores. Parents play a HUGE role–I know mine did. Why do you think that “The George Washington Challenge” is between parents and their kids? Because Mom and Dad have to set the bar.

Diligence is defined as “a constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind. This isn’t just the first principal of the George Washington Challenge, in many ways it is also the last principal of The Challenge. In order to be successful at any of the principals in The Challenge following this one you will have to be diligent—not only in your actions, but in your heart and mind. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sara,

                I like the
    message of confidence in ultimate victory, no matter the outcome tomorrow or
    the next day, because I believe that it is applicable to Senator’s current
    situation, and that a winning campaign for the Presidency is attainable. The
    following is a letter to the Senator that I sent to Nevada today, which I hope
    someone in his camp reads.  

    Dear Senator Santorum,

                I support
    your campaign and wish you all of the best, but you have to overcome the money
    obstacle to win. It is clear to this observer that you are taking some steps to
    do so, but you need to do more. I love the idea that you “don’t just talk
    conservatism, you live it,” partially because there can be no doubt on that
    score. Everything that you have should hammer that basic idea, while you controversially
    move centrist ideas to the right. For example, according to my Encarta Dictionary
    one definition of religion is a set of personal beliefs and values, while the
    second is an obsession. Under those classifications, your platform could recognize
    atheism as an official religion. Officially then, the atheistic ideas that are currently
    taught in the public schools would be classified as a religion. This kind of a
    shift would create a firestorm of controversy, because it might have the effect
    of bringing the God, in whom at least 90% of the American people believe, whether
    they are Jews, Christians, Muslims or whatever, back into the public domain.
    Surely we have lawyers who can effectively make that argument.

                Secondly, I
    would introduce a series of Liberty Laws, designed to reduce regulation and double
    jeopardy in an increasingly controlled environment. For example, all texting
    while driving federal laws should be nullified, but incorporated under reckless
    driving. The intent of this absorption would be to ensure that people who are
    not driving recklessly, but eating a sandwich, will remain unmolested by
    federal agents. Those who are eating the sandwich while swerving across the
    double yellow line might be pulled over. It does not matter if the Federal government
    is not doing those things now, it may help prevent future socialists like
    President Obama from taking the country in that direction, it eliminates the costs
    associated with double jeopardy laws, and it frees millions across the country
    who are breaking cell phone laws daily.  

    these are just a few ideas, or ways to generate publicity, that have the added benefit
    of taking the stand for conservative liberty, which
    is a platform that embraces tort reform, cheap energy, and market principles. When
    one takes a stand, people rally for it or against it, and a stand for conservative
    liberty should rally conservatives as well as independents to your side.
    Hopefully, it may have the added bonus of peeling off some of Ron Paul’s


    Paul Riegert

  • Anonymous

    It has been difficult…even with starting late..since the show didn’t air until Jan 18th…but I have my two children on the program…nothing heavy…Pray before all meals, even at school…do their chores – feed the dog – read daily…
    they are better at it then I am….Praying, reading, not cussing…at work it is easy to behave.. it is a lot harder at home, even in front of them…on the road the TV or video games…

    but we will be diligent…not quit…make the whole program…the whole 12 virtues..the whole year and then life…

    today #2 should come out…each month right…unless Glenn is waiting until the first 30 days are up

    • FuziSlippers

      I so understand what you are saying about some things being hard to do, especially with diligence.  However, I think that the way you see that and work through it and still plan to carry on is exactly what diligence is.  It sounds to me like you’ve really got that one down.  The next one is Faith (I’m pretty sure).

  • thelionoftruth

    The first thought on diligence is to recognize what God surrounds you with. Truly you cannot sense His Providence. But if Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ is present, the sense of God is
    broadened. We all know that the differences in our faith guides our thoughts and if your connection with God is dependent on His Guidance I would think you would be given a greater
    providential power than if your dependent on the worldly processes of power.  I think this would
    be the secret to justify how you would keep the strength of this country together by teaching
    the power to prioritize God in this as being the greater Providential power than to believe in
    the Mega- politics of the world that in most cases fail. The Real power of the Providence in and
    of God truly does has the greater power to sustain this country.
    It is the stronger belief in Yahweh the (Ail) and Father of all things that provides mankind with
    all the necessary things for mankind to succeed. This is the message God gives us!
    Follow Him Succeed! Follow the worldly ways of mankind views! Fail!

  • Victoria Coles

    Re: The Challenge. Where can I find February’s Guide?  Jan. = Diligence…  Feb. = ?

  • Victoria Coles

    Being George Washington Challenge followers:  Need help to find Feb.’s Topic.  ie: Jan. = Deligence…  Feb. = ?  Thanx in advance

    • FuziSlippers

      I’m pretty sure February is Faith. I don’t think it’s posted yet, but we can probably figure it out.  So maybe add to diligence some practices of faith. Reading the Bible, etc., but I think it probably also includes having faith in God (as in being courageous in pursuing truth, trusting that God is leading us. That kind of thing.).  I don’t know, that’s all I’ve got for now.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn:  I really loved Being George Washington!  I wish that I could get the GBTV as I sure miss your great programs.  Hopefully when the economy gets better I can afford the $99.95 per year.
    Keep up the great work for America.  God Bless and Have a Wonderful Day!

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s beliefs are, you are no longer a Free moral agent, you are Obama’s army and your “to do” and “think” as Obama “says”. 

    “You see, it means that you will be judged accordingly to your level of knowledge for each thing.”  Choices, choices have consequences!
    Obama, grasping for anything and everything he can find to “Cling” to, to try and hold on to “his presidency”.
    I feel bad for those who bought his “Hope & Change” , how he was the only one who could do this.  He sold you a parcel plot right smack dab in the middle of a swamp land!  Most bought it, hook line and sinker! 
    No one is mad at you, many… then,  had secretly had hoped he would prove all wrong.  
    He could have come in and set a great example.  He could have cut back on cost in every area, starting and including with the Inaugural Ball all the way down the line to office supplies and cost cutting measures at meetings.  He could have set an example with budget issues, set an example and tried to get every one together on the things he knew he could.  Obama could have been a “Leader” not “a divider”,  a problem solver, not a “problem maker”.  He could have Accomplished much…yet, Obama,   “Chose… to kill, steal and destroy”.   Any one with a good sense of Business, can take that and apply it to any type of  business.  Then put the best of the best around them to help teach them in areas they might be lacking in. That is what a great business person would have done in 2008 and will do 2013!
    NO, no… not this man…he came from out of no where, full of corruption all around him.  He and his wife proved them all wrong!!  He and his wife…were much worse than they could have ever imagined!!  
    He is like no other President, he only has one agenda.  All have their own personal things but they put Country and Godly standards first!  Obama has only ever had ONE agenda!  His, and his God is NOT your God. Obama  has borrowed other Religions when needed,  you don’t use or borrow Religion or God for good or bad! 
    He, Obama  must go!  For even to him, Obama, when much is given…much is expected! All the Obama’s do is take … take … take!!!    
    “You see, it means that you will be judged accordingly to your level of knowledge for each thing.”  Choices, choices have consequences!

    You see, when Obama was in the Senate, he mainly voted, “present“…“no vote“! 
    He has surrounded himself with yes men, men who do as they are told, When you do as your told and you know you should not…mistakes. Mistakes cost lives, money and disrespect!  Obama does not care,  cares for none of it, does not care how much money, how many lives … and has no respect for mankind, not even his own children. “If you really think about it”! 
    He is a man full of issues, issues from childhood!  He can’t think straight, talk straight, walk straight!  BUT he can read a monitor like none before him, he is good looking and very charming.  When you brush off the fluff, Obama is a walking, talking disaster!  It is time….time for “We the People”  to take back our country from them all!  From them all!!
    Any corrupt lying two faced money grubbing politician!  In every seat till we get them all out!!  Keep them out!  I don’t care if we have to impeach them….they all have violated many laws for politician’s and we can do so!  Stand up!  Stand up this one last season, let them know you are no longer going to put up with the very crap that got you here in the first place!!  Set a new bar for them…let them see how it feels to have to “deal with it”!  

    Obama re-quoted a few before him…”For of those to whom much is given, much is required”.
    “You see, it means that you will be judged accordingly to your level of knowledge for each thing.”  Choices, choices have consequences.   Say, you know the truth about someone or something, and you choose to “not” apply that to your decision, you have to answer according to your level of knowledge, no matter why, or who talked you into it.  You are a “Free Moral Agent”, you have to answer for what you do… say or  think…and for all of the Not’s… that you chose to not do , say or think about!

  • thelionoftruth

    To know God is to love God. To love God is to have knowledge of God. To have knowledge of God is to learn of God. To learn of God is to learn of His instructions to
    live within God’s Kingdom. Then God will know and love You! FOREVER!

  • thelionoftruth

     If everybody thinks they have enough knowledge to know God’s intentions so be it.
    that still think and wonder if they do? We teach His knowledge! It is
    your mindset that  answers the call or rejects it because It is between
    you and God. We! are just the Messengers.

  • thelionoftruth

    I have decided! In my heart for the Potter to mold me, as He sees fit.
    That is why I am a peculiar person.

  • thelionoftruth

       Wow! 12 Comments 4 of them are mine. Are we all still asleep? It looks like something
    big has to happen again to wake us up! Maybe that is what God is waiting for to send His



  • Corinne Clarke

    I’m looking for practical application tools, a list, a daily check list of sorts, like what Ben Franklin would have used to review his daily goals – but for applying the Being George Washington Challenge. Reminder notes, encouraging posters, magnets etc, to remind me throughout my day. This is something I want to surround myself with lest I get distracted and lose momentum. Suggestions??!!

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