Glenn Beck in San Diego for cable luncheon

What happens when Glenn Beck and Al Jazeera are find themselves in the same room? Glenn was speaking at NCTC (National Cable Television Cooperative) in San Diego and the luncheon happened to be sponsored by Al Jazeera America. Wonder if they knew who the featured speaker would be….

  • Anonymous

    OOPS, sometimes life is just full of little surprises.

  • Serenabit

    I wish there were a video of Glenn speaking at this event. 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you mean you wish there was a video of Glenn blowing Larry Craig in the men’s room at this event? lol

      • Anonymous

        LOL. “Cable luncheon” is Beck code for “cock suck” 

      • Christopher Mountain

        That’s not cool. Learn to be nice. If that was a joke, I didn’t find it funny. 

      • Craig G Etter

        Hey, choo-choo: how ’bout a video of YOU pulling the train in the men’s room?

    • Anonymous

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      • Santiago Amavisca

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        *cough* *cough* bull squeeze *cough*

  • Wackobird-Saundra


  • Anonymous

    Good thing Glenns on the real LORDS side !

    • Anonymous

      Glenn is a modern-day moneychanger

      • Anonymous

        I agree.

        • tobias smit

          All of you are so brave: “MoobMan”, and “Anonymous”, Ecinom, ThirdArchon” (who BTW still has not told us who the first and the second ones were ), RNM. etc., the list is a lot longer so “brave” ones let us know who you are and what you “stand” (hide behind) for.

  • Anonymous

    God sure does have a sense of humor doesn’t he?
    Wonder if old what’s his face(gore) was there who sold to aljazeera?

  • Anonymous

    those gutless wonders at Al Jazzera are probably going crazy.  I know Glenn can handle them because he speaks the truth, unlike all the pro al jazzera people, right Mr. Gore.

    • Anonymous

      No, Glenn just found a niche that makes him money.  

      • Anonymous

        Oh, like AlGore?

  • Anonymous

    stick it to ’em, glenn!  bless your heart…i’ll hope they all got heartburn!

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