It’s 3:00am and Obama has proved Hillary right

by Dan Andros

President Obama’s biggest weakness heading into the 2008 election was his lack of foreign policy experience. Many questioned the wisdom in electing a community organizer with a naïve foreign policy to be the leader of the free world. Even Hillary Clinton raised doubts with her infamous ‘3:00am’ commercial.

The administration’s dishonest & disorganized handling of the Benghazi attack confirms the validity of those concerns and leaves Americans with the impression that their President is inept, indifferent or both. Ironically, Hillary Clinton was the first Obama administration official who correctly identified Benghazi as a terrorist attack, although two days she later followed marching orders and blamed the anti-Islamic YouTube video.

The administration immediately sought to blame the video because it fits neatly into Obama’s worldview. He doesn’t believe terrorists are created by zealots who pervert Islam, he believes terrorists are born out of oppression from colonialist powers such as the United States. That’s why ‘radical Islam’ has been removed from counter terrorism training manuals. That’s why his first reaction when terrorists killed 2 U.S. soldiers over a Quran burning incident was to sympathize with the killers for burning the Quran, not condemn them.

Obama’s foreign policy was ill-fated from the moment it set sail. Many knew it, and now we’re tragically witnessing the proof.

The latest updates on the Benghazi attacks are devastating to the Obama administration. If there is a shred of journalistic integrity left in the media, the Benghazi debacle will bring Obama’s presidency to an end.

UPDATE #1: Benghazi was bombed twice in the run-up to 9/11 anniversary

This puts quite a severe hole in the administration’s claim (made by Jay Carney) that:

“We were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent. That report is false.”

In the report from the Daily Beast a senior State Department official acknowledged there were five serious attacks on Western targets since the spring in the lead up to the 9/11 anniversary.

“Security deteriorated significantly in June. On June 10, a man fired a rocket-propelled grenade in broad daylight into a convoy carrying the British ambassador to Libya. Later that month, the Red Cross was attacked again. By the end of June, the British Consulate and the Red Cross closed their facilities in Benghazi.”

In all there were at least 13 incidents leading up to the attack – including specific threats made against Ambassador Stevens with Jihadists posting his regular jogging route seemingly to encourage an attack.

Also note: the attacks and warnings were occurring long prior to July, the month the YouTube video cited by Obama was uploaded to the internet. So – what were they angry about? Something on Twitter? MySpace?

UPDATE #2: House Oversight says requests for increased security in Benghazi before 9/11 denied by Washington

Why would those requests be denied? That is a really good question. Jake Tapper asked Jay Carney, here’s the response: “I’m not going to get into a situation under review by the State Department and the FBI”

UPDATE #3: Benghazi suspect freed from Egyptian prison after Mubarak fall


As the President cheered on the Arab Spring and praised all those young folk setting themselves on fire, he ignored the obvious danger signs. Like the hundreds of radical jihadists being released from prison. At least one of those freed prisoners then goes and helps murder Ambassador Stevens.

Each new update is another harsh indictment on Obama. Here’s the story being told by the facts:

>The administration had prior knowledge of increased violence in Benghazi

>The administration knew of specific threats against the Ambassador

>The administration denied multiple requests from Benghazi for increased security, leaving them vulnerable to attack

>The administration knowingly misled Americans on the cause of the Benghazi attack in order to conceal the fact that America had just suffered a terrorist attack under his watch – on the anniversary of 9/11.

>Attacks and threats on Benghazi were happening even before the video Obama blamed was posted on the internet, meaning he lied to the American people in order to save his own arse.

Also worth noting: the administration is not bending over backwards to investigate prior to Nov 6th. The mother of Tyrone Woods (one of the SEALS killed in the attack) has spoken out against the administration for the slow pace of the investigation.

The story being fed to the media is that they aren’t sending agents in due to security fears. So they ignored multiple requests before the attack but now that agents are about to investigate and uncover possibly damaging information to Obama they won’t allow anyone in the area? The sudden concern doesn’t seem all that sincere.

President Obama has confirmed many, including Hillary Clinton’s worst fears: he has no clue what he’s doing in regards to foreign policy. He’s in over his head and flailing about at a time when the world needs decisive leadership. But what else should we expect from a President who thinks giving the OBL raid a green light is a ‘gutsy call’? That was a no brainer – and he needed a night to sleep on the decision.

It’s 3:00am and Barack Obama has proved Hillary Clinton right – well, sort of. We don’t want her on the other end of the line either.



  • Loretta Landrum Richey

    Unfreakin’ believable. Scratch that, it is exactly the kind of thing I feared and expected from BO.

    • HELEN

      Aye. He cannot accept responsibility like normal adults. He MUST find someone else to blame for the dog poop on the white carpet.

      This time he blames some lame net video that nobody in the Mideast even saw.

  • Stephen Schroeder

    The problem is how do we get the word out? I saw a poll that 92% of the people likely to vote for Obama will not change their mind (95% for the Romney side). I would guess that somewhere between 95%-98% of the people that listen to Glen Beck are already going to vote for Romney. All this information that Glen is putting out, is well, speaking to the choir! We already know that the main stream media is not going to report any of this. As long as people are getting their Obamaphones, there is not reason for them to listen to the truth. As Bishop E.W. Jackson said “We are selling out our christian faith for 30 pieces of silver by the democratic party.” I am so scared for America if Obama gets a 2nd term, I am to the point where I will move to ANYWHERE outside of the United States and turn in my Passport if Obama is elected again because I know that by the time 2016 rolls around, this will not be a country that I will recognize anymore. I have retired from the service after 20 years and I am so glad I do not have to serve for this Blamer-in-chief.

    • Ken Williams

      Thank you for your service! So, how do we keep this ‘man’ from a 2nd term?? Talk with every one you meet! I was @ fed-ex and I asked the kid if they were ready to vote, and he wasn’t very enthusiastic- I told him that his generation MUST become educated, as it is his generation that will have such a hard time un-doing much that has been done. As we speak with these different people, educate them to what actually this administration has done and the harm he has instituted by so many decisions enacted into law- I try to leave them with the sense that there is always hope, but only if we participate.
      To leave y’all with a scary item: I e-mailed Secy of State Clinton and asked her why Christians in all of the middle east are being left to be killed, and suffering great persecution. As I was getting ready for bed, I received an e-mail notification that came from the Islamic Circle of North America! I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THEIR WEBSITE- THE ONLY E-MAIL I SENT DURING THIS TIME WAS TO ! The e-mail notificationfom ICNA said they were following me on twitter- I only started twitter 2 days ago, to follow Glenn Beck!! Strange timing, for sure, and I do not believe this is mere co-incidence. I will be sending Representative Peter King an account of this also.Point being, how do I know what is secure and what isn’t? Is there ‘keying’ in e-mail??And, it also goes to this: I am not afraid of what I say, nor should I be, especially voicing concerns to an official of the United States over the safety of Christians being persecuted.

      • Anonymous

        Ken, re: your conversation with the young fellow. On the Wed. debate, Romney pointed out that the massive debt the gov’t was piling up was a moral matter because it was placing the payment of it on the backs of the next generation who would be paying on it for all their lives. Tell him and any other young people you know about what they will be facing if B.O. gets another term. It may be THEIR kids who will be stuck with a bill, too.

      • Gritz_Thunder

        Ken, one of my relatives was in the military, special ops, and he once warned me not to even use certain words on the phone because it will cue Big Brother to monitor my phone calls! Now, I’m just a regular everyday American working, going home, etc., so if they’ll monitor me, well, I’m sure we’re all being watched.
        Check out that “ISpy” app that has cameras set up all over the world and you can allegedly view in real time what is happening through the eyes of whatever area you choose.
        Then, there are all the cameras set up to monitor speeders, toll drivers, red light runners…. Once again, how many of those are set up all over the place, not to mention satellites?
        It does not surprise me you would get that kind of response. Look at the associations of those in the WH. The sad thing is that the monitoring should be reversed. The average american is not a threat, but just about everyone in the WH today is a MAJOR threat to our freedom and our country as a whole.
        WE HAVE TO VOTE O’HUSSEIN OUT OF OFFICE. Otherwise, I think many people will be heading out of the country, which would just give him fewer people to dictate.

      • Lila Metts

        I agree with you, Ken!

    • new2la

      Even if they had all the info we have, it makes no difference. These people have been so well indoctrinated that nothing can penetrate their ignorance. Some of the smartest people I know are liberals. It happens in their college years ; Whatever their professors did, it worked. It’s if they are the three monkeys except in their case, It’s see evil, Speak evil, hear evil.

    • Zoe

      I think if anyone can find photos and even videos of conditions in Communist countries, and the way the people finally end up after having supported those who’d weaved webs of lies and conned them of their votes – that would scare them out of their blinded “Hope” now.. At least some would wake up..

      Another alternative for those who’re in business could be to invite job applications from amongst that crowd, and go through the hiring process with them selecting only those who’re trustworthy but desperate at the same time – and give them placements where they can get a salary with prospects of a higher salary after 3 or 6 months, and if possible Not reporting the number of people they hire so that BO can’t claim that to his advantage as he definitely will!

      What I’m saying is that people need to see there’s hope and BO is using False hope to trick them Once again, into placing into his hands their country & of course their home. But because their emotions are involved, they can’t see the wood from the trees, see? However, if they see a chance of a sustained income rather than a handout, I think they’d rather have that. Due to a careful selection process, it’s possible to save those who’re actually honest and diligent who could make very good employees in the future, reduce the number of BO followers and most importantly, your country and the rest of the world.

      The picture on the opposite side for employers could very likely be a closure of their business under BO, so..

      I teach Math to 6th graders in a school that’s practically at the bottom of the pile and it was very very very tough in the beginning with them resisting any sort of discipline and therefore, any inroads into their confused learning – but when they finally saw the first signs of progress and hope of making it through their national exams, they began to change and willingly follow my instruction. Those who made that decision, came out of the examination room reporting on their confidence for making the grade with some even hoping for a greater leap in their results. Their confidence level has steadily been improving and they’re now happy and self-disciplined, a bonus to the school, themselves and even me cos others in the class are now much more manageable.

      I share this last bit cos perhaps people generally are the same in their aspirations, whether they’re 6th graders, highschoolers or adults – black, white, or multi-coloured..

    • Lila Metts

      AMEN, me, too, brother!

  • Emaushouse

    It’s time for BO to GO!

  • Norm Levesque

    In spite of these facts as bad and revealing as they are–many still support Obama and are blind to any wrongdoing by him. Some Americans ARE stupid and the rest of the world both know this and dislike us…

    • Anonymous

      I often wonder if it’s the same way anytime a great nation is in collapse. Thanks to Kitty Weatherman, we know there were many in Germany who saw what was coming with the Nazis. Was it the same for the Roman Empire? I suppose we’ll never know.

      It can only be evil that is blinding so many to the blatantly obvious. At this point, I’m not sure if it’s a curse or a blessing to be wide awake.

  • Frances Pursley

    Lord please help us at this monumental time. We need your help ….please.

  • Kenneth Becker

    Explain any of this to a Lib and they say, “Those are lies. Show me proof!” And, when you do, they scream, “Those aren’t legitimate sources. You migt as well get if from Fox News!” I am speaking of actual intelligent people who happen to have been brainwashed in youth to be liberal. I have a friend who is like that. He seems reasonable, and swears he wants people to just show him the proof and back up the conervative vviewpoint, but he won’t accept any source except the MSM,

  • Anonymous

    Clearly you have to be suicidal to work for Hillary’s and Obama’s State Department in any muslim country. They will not protect you and when you are murdered they will apologize to your murderers for upsetting them and invite them to the White House for a state dinner.

  • timetogetserious

    Doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible, “those with ears will not, hear, those with eyes will not see…”? God blinded saul to get his attention, before he asked him, “why are you persecuting my people?”. Later he opened sual’s eyes and saul went on to become the apostle paul. I just pray that it’s not too late and America will finally see, hear, believe and act! 5 min. Till the debate. I would ask that all praying people use this time to pray for God to giv Romney the words he needs to make people wake up.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Perhaps if the INCOM-POTUS had attended a few more intelligence briefings instead of eff’ing off somewhere or setting up gigs on talk shows he might have learned these things. Or maybe, as the article said he really didn’t give a damn. The bottom line here is the dhimmicrats handed a 11 year old kid the keys to the family Ferrari back in 2009 and the outcome was as predictable as a sunrise; he WRECKED IT.

    Romney nailed Obama to a wall tonight, but let’s face it, it’s not like Obama didn’t hand him all the nails and a big hammer to do it. You cannot defend against the indefensible.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, come on! The POTUS didn’t have time to sit and listen to what was going on elsewhere at any meetings. Please. If he was even in DC. Don’t you know this is an election year? Apparently, that is where his primary focus is. Don’t distract.

    • VindicatorX


      Unfortunately there is an element of the truth in your humor. After last night’s debate failure, it became clear -er that his is neither talented nor qualified to lead this country, On the positive side, we probably won’t have to put up with him much longer. I just wish the make-up of the Senate changes enough to stop Harry Reid from being an obstacle to progress. Under his, “leadership”, the Senate has failed to address any single agenda item that is traditionally important for the nation to function. His actions have been an outrage, and why he keeps getting re-elected is beyond comprehension.

      We not only need a President capable of leading, but we need a Congress capable of meeting the obligations of their office. So far, this administration and Congress have been floundering about and their do-nothing record has damaged our country both at home and abroad. I personally pray for the day that Congress and our President get something done to right the ship before the economic collapse they have engineered comes to pass. So far, the Senate and this President have caused nothing but calamity. It’s time for a change in leadership – a change to leadership that will respond to the needs of the country and set things right.

      I find it exceedingly difficult to believe anything I hear from the President. He is an unrepentant liar, and his actions thusfar have been nothing short of criminal. I don’t think he will be impeached, but he sure deserves it.

      Anyone who votes for Obama is either brain-dead or part of the problem – it’s time for him and his brand of Chicago politics to hit the highway and not look back.

      • Anonymous

        Word was that Reid was re-elected the same way Barry was elected: voter fraud.

        • Sandie

          I wouldn’t doubt it. Look what happened with Al Franken – he kept calling for recount – magically a box of ballots would turn up in someones trunk that supposedly “didn’t get counted” this continued until they slipped in enough for him to win!

        • VindicatorX

          I don’t doubt that in the least.

      • Anonymous

        Oh my, Vin, don’t doubt B. “I just want to tell the truth to the people” O. won’t do ‘what it takes’ in order to win. He was indoctrinated into Chicago style politics and he learned well how it operates. Why do you think there are so many folks from ‘the old days’ in his administration? Axelrod, Jarrett and, is Holder one of them too? R. Emmanuel slipped the noose a while back. I agree with you re: Congress (Senate) and Pres. must change. And that the current prez will not get impeached. But, I hope the FULL truth about him and shenanigans will come out. Whether that is ever taught in history classes is problematic. Sadly, there are a number of people who will vote for B.O. regardless of the state of the nation. Now, IF he was to take away some of their ‘free goodies’—

        • VindicatorX

          I completely agree. I mean, if he wasn’t our first black muslim President, (per Maddonna)… Fortunately, if last night was any indication, I think we will escape her threat to go nude if he is re-elected.

          The thought of that is so off-putting, that alone should be reason enough to defeat his bid for re-election!

          • Anonymous

            The hour is late and I must shuffle off to bed, but you gave me my laugh for the night by Madonna’s nude remark! Thank you!

          • VindicatorX

            I call them as I see them…

  • mdkrause

    This president denied protection for his people in Libya. That alone should be treasonable to the families of the dead. That alone is unforgivable. But the American people don’t care. The X factor is more important or the NFL ref. strike is more important. That is what is truely pathetic. Keep the young people stuck to those stupid phones and playing those stupid videos on their phones. Basically keep the population stupid and ill-informed and any idiot can be president as we found out 4 years ago.

  • mdkrause

    This president denied protection for his people in Libya. That alone should be treasonable to the families of the dead. That alone is unforgivable. But the American people don’t care. The X factor is more important or the NFL ref. strike is more important. That is what is truely pathetic. Keep the young people stuck to those stupid phones and playing those stupid videos on their phones. Basically keep the population stupid and ill-informed and any idiot can be president as we found out 4 years ago.

  • Shane

    Yes, this is a serious scandal, and we must do all that we can to inform the American people about this. Like this story and make a comment about it on Facebook and other sites. Send a link to this story to all of your contacts. This is a story about Obama’s incompetence and his administration lying and deceiving the American people in an attempt to cover up his incompetence.

  • Ron

    There is an issue with the Benghazi Attack that is not being addressed. At least I haven’t heard it spoken about at all.
    In the Congressional hearing that was held last week, the State Dept said a Drone was transmitting pictures of the attack in real time. My question is why a few US Marines weren’t called in to support the defenders of our US Diplomatic mission. This attack lasted for 5 hours.  It would have taken the marines no more than 15 -20 minutes to arrive. We have thousands of troops in the area and I’m sure a lot of them are on stand-by. A couple of squads of marines could have jumped on a helicopter and could have been there in no time. It could have made a difference and would have shown the world that we will protect our embassies at anytime, anywhere.
    Our President should be made to answer this question!!       

  • cmarie26

    I saw a video on your website called Power4Patriots.  I bought one $27. item and have been charged 3 charges totaling $163.99.  The only reason I went there was because it was on your website and I figured it wasn’t a scam.  Boy, was I wrong.  I checked them out tonite and found many people have been scammed by these people.  It was said they continue to take money off of your credit card (which they have done to me…) and you can’t get it back.  I tried their website given in the video and there is no such thing.  This is very distressing because I love the GB TV and radio and with such great researchers, I expect you not to put up scammers for your audience members. Any advice?  I am already working with my bank but am not rich and cannot afford even the money they have taken already.  Please help.   

  • cmarie26

    Did you know that BO GAVE Putin (Russian pres.) 7 of our Alaskan Islands in the Bering Sea.  This is due to go into effect in January.  Alaska fought it and was ignored.  Congress and the Senate know nothing about it.  Apparently it was all between Hillary, BO, and Putin.  He was to GIVE AWAY PART OF OUR COUNTRY in which the seabed is rich in oil and minerals and the waters are full of fish and wildlife, never mind the land mass.  One island is the size of New Jersey and it puts the Russians even closer to the US.  Why the hell would any US President want to give away part of our country, especially 7 islands, to Russia or anybody else.  I am from TX and if anyone tried that crap here, we would have a revolution to keep what is ours!  Please, Glenn, speak of this.  People need to know so we can stop the transfer of these islands.  This is devastating.  What stupid thing will BO do next that affects us all here in the US, especially behind everybody’s back.  This was a sneaky, underhanded, lunatic thing to do.  Papers are on the way to your studio to help Alaska keep what is rightfully theirs.  I plan to copy, copy and send out as many as I can and walk my streets and post them on folk’s doors to make sure everyone knows what our Pres is up to (so many things we can’t keep them straight!!)

  • Rob Halvorson

    Were I the parent of Tyrone Woods–or any of those slain in Benghazi–I would have this read at the funeral. 
    THEY shall not return to us, the resolute, the young,The eager and whole-hearted whom we gave:But the men who left them thriftily to die in their own dung,Shall they come with years and honour to the grave?They shall not return to us; the strong men coldly slain
    In sight of help denied from day to day:But the men who edged their agonies and chid them in their pain,Are they too strong and wise to put away?Our dead shall not return to us while Day and Night divide–Never while the bars of sunset hold.But the idle-minded overlings who quibbled while they died,
    Shall they thrust for high employments as of old?Shall we only threaten and be angry for an hour:When the storm is ended shall we findHow softly but how swiftly they have sidled back to powerBy the favour and contrivance of their kind?Even while they soothe us, while they promise large amends,
    Even while they make a show of fear,
    Do they call upon their debtors, and take counsel with their friends,
    To conform and re-establish each career?Their lives cannot repay us–their death could not undo–The shame that they have laid upon our race.But the slothfulness that wasted and the arrogance that slew,Shell we leave it unabated in its place?
    -Rudyard Kipling, Mesopotamia 1917


  • Anonymous
    Benghazi Plot Thickens: Reports Allege Obama Fired Top Admiral For Advocating Libyan Rescue

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