The Morning Meeting: Why you should be scared by the new HSBC news

  • Anonymous

    While in theory I agree with this clip, I can only think about our own country during the Civil War when the Confederates had their own printed money. Eventually that money became worthless. This has happened in other countries – making the existing currency worthless. So, short of having a cache of gold, jewels or other valuables, currency could some day become valueless so hoarding that might be for naught. I hope not, but the possibility exists.

    • Anonymous

      The people withdrawing money aren’t just stuffing it in their pillow cases. They’re trading it for something that wont lose value when the dollar crashes.

      • Norman Hatfield

        Invest in precious metals: Brass, Copper and Lead!

        • Anonymous

          A stash of sulfur might come in handy, too, if you need to make your own powder.

          • Anonymous

            During the civil war, southern women collected their urine to use for making gun powder. AND no I am not suggesting that you invest in and store urine.

  • B D

    Beck’s always selling fear. “Why you should be scared” is a typical headline the dirt bag uses. What happened to the “new” Glenn? He was out selling himself as the great Gandhi-esque Uniter recently while denying he’s a fear monger. LOL. I knew that would last about 15 seconds before the old nutster would emerge from his lair.

    • Anonymous

      you have the right to believe what you chose to believe b. d. but when the “shtf” let us know how the “train ride ” goes

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know about selling ‘fear’. I do know that according to Rasmussen(?) from a report around 2010 (the year of the Egyptian ‘Arab Spring’ … which ever year that was) that Beck was proven correct on over 94% of his predictions up to that date. Sadly, Beck incited fury in the powers that be and was removed from cable news. Sad, isn’t it? When the Government controls the money, health care, and the “free” press there really isn’t anything left of freedom. Sorry BD, but I’ll take Beck any day.

    • Anonymous

      There was no “New Glenn.” He’s the same Glenn, just improved. You expect him to turn Liberal, just for you? Gawd, you’re a Kool-aide drinker!

  • SAV

    HSBC is a Sharia Compliant bank

  • Live-Debt-Free

    Minnesota has to oust the democrats and replace them with republicans and independents.

    ACA doesn’t pay out, and in 3 years most Minnesota hospitals will be driven out of business.

    Pass a law banning Religious Laws, U.N. laws, fines, fees, and tolls, and bans all federal law in
    violation to the Bill of Rights.

  • Bill Bledsoe

    They missed the main issue. There is a Counterfeiting War being waged against the US Dollar. The purpose is to overthrow the US by hyperinflation, food riots, martial law, and then claim to own everything under “Presidential Executive Orders.”

    The Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements are all owned by Global Crime Syndicates who are counterfeiting $Trillions of US Dollars every year by buying US Treasury Bonds with money they never had. It’s counterfeiting $Trillions at the stroke of a Bank’s keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    Elderly people get scammed all the time by sweet talking con men who convince them they need to take out some cash for this or that good reason. If the bank had the legal authority to question large withdrawals they might stop them from losing their life savings. My daughter works in a bank and saw this happen to an 80 year old woman. She withdrew $10,000 and handed the bag to a guy with the promise he would be right back. They left her sitting on a bank bench. It happens.

    2 million hits for ‘elderly bank withdrawal scam’

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