Government agents infiltrating online communities

Uh oh: Government agents are infiltrating online communities

If you have been following Glenn since his days at Fox News, you may remember the exposé he did on ‘regulatory czar’ Cass Sunstein and his nudge theory. One of Sunstein’s more disturbing ideas involved government operatives infiltrating online communities in order to disseminate false information. As Glenn describes it, the goal was to “pose, infiltrate, and discredit.” Anyone who actually took Sunstein’s words at face value were mocked and labeled conspiracy theorists. But, as it turns out, it was all true. Learn more about the shocking new report HERE.

Glenn talks to Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver about the Justina Pelletier case

On Monday, a Boston judge ruled to place 15-year-old Justina Pelletier in a Massachusetts foster care facility. This is the latest development in a nearly 13-month ordeal that has seen the Pelletier family lose custody of the child to the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families. After hearing about the case through Glenn’s coverage, Mat Staver, the founder and chairman of the Liberty Counsel, has offered the Pelletier’s legal counsel. Mat joined Glenn on radio this morning and explained that in his 27 years of practicing law, he has “never seen anything like this.” MORE

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Ted Cruz: The Democrats are running scared because their agenda has failed

On radio this morning, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Glenn to discuss his fight to ensure those responsible for the IRS targeting of conservatives are held accountable, how he is holding up in the face of all the criticism, and why he believes the Democrats are “running scared.” WATCH

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Arne Duncan: You’re a liar – Common Core will destroy American education

On Sunday, TheBlaze’s Fred Lucas conducted an interview with Education Secretary Arne Duncan about Common Core. Fred did a great job reporting exactly what Secretary Duncan said – sans commentary – which is what a good journalist does. Pat, however, is not a journalist, and he definitely adds commentary. Check out his scathing rebuttal HERE.

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Proposed Arizona law sparks debate in Tuesday’s morning meeting

Every morning, Glenn gathers his producers together to plan out the radio and television shows. Yesterday, a conversation emerged over a proposed law in Arizona that would protect businesses who refuse service to homosexuals based on religious beliefs. Some are calling it “state sanctioned discrimination”, while others see it as a protection of religious freedom. The conversation sparked debate in the meeting, with producers coming down on different sides of the issues. WATCH

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‘Not on my watch’: Meet an American hero running for U.S. Senate in Nebraska

As the midterm elections draw nearer, Glenn is focused on highlighting promising candidates from around the country. On radio this morning, Shane Osborn, the former Nebraska state treasurer who is running the U.S. Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE), joined Glenn to discuss his heroic military service, his campaign, and what he believes are the most important issues facing the country. Check out the interview HERE.

Don’t you just feel so charitable on April 15th? Ahead of his interview with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) about the Obama Administration’s blatant abuse of power via the IRS, Glenn, Pat, and Stu couldn’t help but reflect on the “biggest charitable arm in the world” that is the Internal Revenue Service. Check out why April 15 is actually “the best day of the year” HERE.

Glenn had three great interviews on radio this morning with attorney Mat Staver, Senator Ted Cruz, and U.S. Senate candidate Shane Osborn. Listen to the interviews and the entire radio program for free with the Glenn Beck Podcast. Head over to to start streaming now.

“It was powerful”: Kathie Lee Gifford describes an unexpected dinner with Glenn and friends

On Friday, Glenn attended a dinner with some prominent NYC figures including TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford, Tribeca Film Festival founder Craig Hatkoff, and famed fashion designer Norma Kamali. On Monday, Gifford opened up about her dinner on TODAY – praising the way people of different ideological persuasion came together to discuss real and workable solutions to the country’s problems. WATCH

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  • 8pm ET For The Record: For the Record looks into a series of political raids targeting Republican Governor Scott Walker. Under the John Doe Law, the DA’s office seized campaign plans and documents that led to the imprisonment of his innocent supporters. How far is the left willing to go?
  • 8:30pm ETReal News Investigates: Buck Sexton takes an in-depth look at the facts surrounding new gun control and firearm registration laws. Find out how the government has tried to circumvent existing legislation that outlaws a national gun registry. Just how much of a threat does the Second Amendment face?
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