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Martin Luther King, Jr.

who preached nonviolence but knew that passive resistance could not be relied on for his own family’s protection. King owned several guns but was subjected to the worst kind of gun control—and deprived of his basic right to defend himself and his family—when police in Alabama denied him a concealed carry permit in 1956.

When will we learn? The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

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History has proven that guns are essential to self-defense, community protection and liberty – but tragedy is a powerful force and has led many to believe that guns are the enemy, that the Second Amendment is outdated, and that more restrictions or outright bans on firearms will somehow solve everything.

They are wrong.

In CONTROL, Glenn Beck presents a passionate, fact-based case for guns that reveals why gun control isn’t really about controlling guns at all; it’s about controlling us. In doing so, he takes on and debunks the common myths and outright lies that are often used to vilify guns and demean their owners.

The Second Amendment is ABOUT MUSKETS… GUN CONTROL WORKS in other countries… 40 percent of all guns are sold without BACKGROUND CHECKS… More GUNS MEAN more MURDER… Mass shootings are becoming more common… These awful MASSACRES ARE UNIQUE TO AMERICA… No CIVILIAN needs a ‘weapon of war’ like the AR-15… ARMED GUARDS in schools do nothing, just look at Columbine… Stop FEARMONGERING, no one is talking about TAKING YOUR GUNS AWAY.

Backed by hundreds of sources, this handbook gives everyone who cares about the Second Amendment the indisputable facts they need to reclaim the debate, defeat the fear, and take back their natural rights.

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