Dreamers and Deceivers
Glenn Beck has a longstanding hatred for the progressive Woodrow Wilson, but it was Wilson’s second wife Edith who was perhaps the most conniving, controlling and contemptible of all our “presidents.” We may never have known about the depths of the Wilson’s deception were it not for the children of the former president’s doctor coming forward decades after his death to reveal the truth. Like Grover Cleveland before him], Woodrow Wilson continued on as president even though he was suffering from a severe health condition that he kept hidden from the public. But the remarkable character in this story isn’t so much Woodrow as it is Edith, who brazenly usurped a tremendous amount of power in order to advance her husband’s ideological vision. (In fact, many who know the story refer to Edith Wilson as our nation’s first female president.) Depending on your interpretation of history, the argument could be made that this cover-up, and the political decisions that were made while it was carried out, had cataclysmic consequences for the world a mere two decades after Wilson left office.
The Cover-Up from President Wilson’s Library (Video) C-SPAN filmed an hour-long special on President Woodrow Wilson’s health cover-up following the release of the Grayson papers to the Wilson library in 2006.