What is TheBlaze? You already know TheBlaze as THE destination for the latest breaking news and opinion on topics ranging from politics and culture to faith and family. Now, with GBTV becoming TheBlaze TV, it’s about to become the new home of The Glenn Beck Show and a whole lot more!
Simple – it’s just a name change. GBTV Plus is becoming TheBlaze TV Plus & GBTV is becoming TheBlaze TV.
You don’t need to do anything! Your current subscription will not be impacted, nothing is changing but the name.
Beginning soon existing subscribers to GBTV.com will be automatically redirected to TheBlaze.com/TV.
You will be able to access information from Glenn and TheBlaze all in one place
The network will continue to be available on your computer, iOS devices, Roku & Boxee
Read the Press Release Read the Letter from Glenn

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