Bad idea? First daughter heads to Mexico for Spring Break

News broke this morning on The Blaze that several news outlets had removed a story about Malia Obama heading to Mexico for Spring Break. This raised two important questions: 1) Why was the story being scrubbed and 2) Why was the eldest Obama daughter vacationing in an area that has been deemed unsafe by The State Department? Glenn reacted on radio today.

He started off the radio show wondering if such a scrubbing had happened before, and what exactly the cause was.

"Why are all these stories being taken down?  Is the story false?  Have they been removed for security reasons?  Or is somebody telling these people to remove stories?" Glenn wondered after reading the initial report.

They agreed that it must have been for security reasons, as well as a general policy of "Leave the kids alone" that exists with most first families and their young children.

Regardless of why the story was removed Glenn said that he hoped Malia was safely on her way home after the story was leaked to the press.

"I would hope that she's being pulled back," Glenn said. "The minute that story broke, she should have been back on a plane."

Later in the program, Glenn said that Politico had confirmed that the White House was behind the removal.  Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady, told Politico: "From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls."

Nevertheless, this scenario raised an interesting question: Why would the President allow his thirteen year old child to go to Mexico in the first place? After all, the same security concerns that led to the removal of these stories should be considered where to send a child for vacation.

As the radio crew pointed out, Mexico has long become increasingly dangerous over the past few years.

"The State Department said the rising number of kidnappings and disappearances throughout Mexico is a particular concern, both local and expatriate communities have been victimized.  In addition local police have been implicated in some of these incidents.  We strongly advise you to lower your profile and avoid displaying any evidence of wealth that might draw attention.

"Additionally, the warning that came out February 8th notes that the U.S. Government personnel and their families are prohibited from personal travel to all areas described as 'defer nonessential travel' and when travel for official purposes is essential, it is conducted with extensive security precautions.  It adds, however, the U.S. Government personnel and their families are allowed to travel for personal reasons to the areas where no advisory's in effect or where the advisory is to exercise caution," Glenn read on radio today.

Glenn added that nearby areas to Oaxaca, Mexico where Malia had travelled have been deemed dangerous.

"I know enough Secret Service agents, I cannot believe the Secret Service said, 'Oh, yeah, don't worry about it.  We got it.'  I can't believe that," Glenn said.

Glenn emphasized that this discussion had little to do with the First Family, and more to do with the judgment of President Obama. "This isn't about the children.  This is about the thinking of the President of the United States"

"It comes down to when you're talking about the safety of the children. You know, all the crap we talk about, I don't like the president's policies, but we're all there wanting these people to be safe," Stu added.

"The point being here, it's a dangerous area you don't want to send your children to and we get that information from the State Department.  Not from our own, making it up.  We see the numbers.  We have the reports from this administration.  It doesn't make any sense," said Stu.

Glenn added, "My children weren't with me in Jerusalem while we were doing the Restoring Courage.  There's nothing I wanted more than my children to be with me.  That was a historic event.  My wife wasn't with me, my children weren't with me.  Because it was too ‑‑ there were too ‑‑ the family became an asset, a target.  And so the family had to leave and go home and they had to be here in Texas.  They watched it.  My family gathered together, my kids gathered together and watched it on GBTV just like everybody else.  There are things that you do as a dad to make sure that you don't put your children in harm's way.  And I, you know, I'm not saying that the President or the First Lady wants their children to be hurt by any stretch of the imagination. That's ridiculous to think but it's just irresponsible.  I can't even understand it."

​Facebook BOYCOTT: Major corporations demand MORE social media censorship

Image source Omar Marques/SOPA Images/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

A Facebook anti-hate campaign called "Stop Hate for Profit" is gaining momentum, leading large companies like Patagonia, North Face, REI, and Ben & Jerry's to pull advertising revenue if Facebook doesn't do more to "stop the spread of hateful lies and dangerous propaganda on its platform."

But, what is considered "hateful"? It's anything that goes against the mob, and they won't stop with Facebook. Any voices that speak out against the progressive narrative will soon be censored and silenced. The more this campaign grows, the more our freedom of speech diminishes.

Watch the video below to hear Glenn Beck break down the details:

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On his TV show Wednesday night, Glenn revealed where Black Lives Matter gets its considerable funding, and the dark money trail leading to a cast of familiar progressive characters.

Shortly after this program aired, one of the organizations, Thousand Currents, took down their board of directors page, which featured one of these characters.

Michael Rectenwald, a guest on Glenn's show, pointed out the suspicious change on Twitter.


Fortunately, the internet is forever, so it is still possible to view the board of directors page by looking at a web archive from the WayBack Machine. Here's a screenshot:

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Do you recognize your country anymore?

Me neither.

Not only is history being made, it's being rewritten and our history is being lost to Marxist revolutionaries as statues are toppled and Merriam-Webster changes our language. Does this passage from George Orwell's 1984 seem eerily similar to our day?:

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right." 1984, George Orwell

In the digital age, book burning is unnecessary. "Inappropriate" material just evaporates into the ether with a simple keystroke. The days I've been warning about for years are finally upon us and we need to be able to call on the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and other brilliant patriots and if you are relying on digital copies, you could find yourself out of luck.

Knowledge truly is power and we are now in the time where we need all the resources we can get, so I put together this list of the books you HAVE to have in your personal libraries. Along with these selections, I earnestly advise that you keep a journal. Your personal history is powerful and being able to preserve your thoughts and feelings for your posterity to learn from is an invaluable addition to any library.

I'd also suggest you look into Mercury One's "Leadership Training Program," the tools learned will be invaluable as you are able to inspect and learn from original sources as well as being taught by passionate historians. Stay tuned on this front, we have some exciting announcements coming soon.

You ARE the audience that will save the Republic and you have been prepared over the years for the role you need to play. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the people that Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about. America is good because it's people are good.

Keep up the good fight and God bless!

The 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen ​

The nation the Founders built is now in the throes of a political, economic, social, and spiritual crisis that has driven many to an almost frantic search for modern solutions. The truth is that the solutions have been available for a long time -- in the writings of our Founding Fathers -- carefully set forth in this timely book.

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On his Wednesday night special this week, Glenn Beck revealed what no one else is willing to talk about for fear of being labeled a "racist" or "conspiracy theorist." Glenn dug deep into Black Lives Matter's finance books to expose where the organization gets its considerable funding, and where the money is actually being funneled. It's a dark money trail that leads to a cast of familiar progressive characters.

Ex-Marxist professor and author of "Beyond Woke," Michael Rectenwald, joined the show to uncover the violent origins of some of the leadership financially connected to Black Lives Matter.

Watch a preview of the full episode below:

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