Restoring Love: Will you stand?

The Black Panthers, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Occupy’s May Day march, and even a “War on Women” march, are all organizing to have a spring and summer of destruction, tearing and breaking down the things they hate, and basically causing chaos. This morning Glenn told his audience he intends to head in a different direction.

Two years ago Glenn held the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C. to put God back in his place and get all of the things out of your life that make you a slave causing you to dishonor yourself or others. Last summer was Glenn went to Jerusalem for Restoring Courage, where the message was, what do you believe? What is it that you are really willing to lay it all on the line for?

“I asked you to restore courage because I told you that things were going to get worse, and that there was going to come a time when you would be forced to stand,” Glenn said. “Not to speak is to speak. Your hand is being forced.  I am not going to march in the streets with anger. I'm not going to be one that advocates violence.”

Glenn went on to explain that our problems go back further that the Obama Administration—over 100 years. Glenn told listeners that it started with what Andrew Jackson did to the Indians, and slavery, brought over by the English. The history of how America overcame her short fallings, the severe price that was paid, is all being erased.

“Look at the people that are being erased, like Booker T. Washington, who could say, ‘rise above—be better than you are—you’re a better person, you’re more capable.’ Where are those voices?” Glenn asked. “You were born at this time for a reason. You were born in this country for a reason.”

Glenn believes America is at a crossroads—that if Americans remain silent and let the country continue down the path it’s on there may be no turning back. He poses the question, if America falls, where do people run for freedom?

“It's not about me. It's not about you. It's not even about your children. It is about our children and our children's children all over the planet,” Glenn said.

Glenn pointed out that while he is often wrong on time, he hasn’t been wrong on direction—including the direction of the solutions to our problems. This summer Glenn has BIG plans to cause a shift in the positive direction.

“I'm asking you to come this summer to Restoring Love.  We're going to do things that nobody has ever done before, and we have people coming in from all over the world.  Will you be here? Will you bring your family? Will you commit?” Glenn asked listeners.

“You've asked me before,” Glenn said. “Glenn, what do we do? I told you a year ago, I'm no longer going to stand around. I will lead.”

Last summer, Glenn went searching for what went wrong in the 1930’s in Europe. How did seemingly good and decent people allow such evil to take place around then and do nothing? He found his answer while he was in Auschwitz. A woman who was one of the Righteous among the Nations told him—first of all, God. Second, You can’t just become righteous overnight. The righteous just chose not to go over the cliff.

Restoring Love is a three day event of service, love, charity and inspiration. ThisFriday is the last day to pre-register for tickets to the event at Dallas Cowboys Stadium on July 28th.

“We're going to serve. We're going to love. We're going to change our children's lives. We're going to change the course of the world,” Glenn said. “You want in? Register before Friday—you can come later if you choose, but to guarantee to be in there to take a stand with your children, to be actually in the room we close that Friday.”

To pre-register for tickets to Restoring Love go to Tickets are only $10, unheard of for Cowboys Stadium. Parking will not be an added cost to attendees, and travel packages are available on the website. Ticketmaster isn’t even charging fees on the tickets. “They’re [Ticketmaster] doing some amazing things,” Glenn said.

A judge has banned Texas father Jeff Younger from speaking about his son, James, who was taken from him by our courts after he refused to call his son a girl. But Jeff said he'd rather go to jail than comply: "I'll appear in handcuffs ... but I'm not taking this tyranny."

Jeff joined Glenn Beck on "Targets of Tyranny" to tell James' story and explain the biggest lessons he's learned while battling our legal system.

"This interview is illegal in the state of Texas," Jeff told Glenn. "I was banned from publishing any blog posts, social media post, publishing a newspaper article, doing any writing at all about my situation. I was also permanently banned from doing interviews, doing podcasts, appearing on television interviews, and these are all specifically laid out," he explained.

"I was also banned from speaking on three political topics. I'm not allowed to talk about anything about transgender issues, gender expansiveness, or whether my son is a boy or a girl. And I have told this judge — and I tell this judge every time I do an interview — I will never follow your illegal and unconstitutional order. I have contempt for her as a judge issuing the order. I have maximum contempt for the tyrannical language of the order, and I will never follow the order," Jeff continued.

"I'm guilty of maximum criminal contempt in the 301st District Court of the state of Texas, and [the judge] is obligated to put me in jail for the maximum sentence, which is 180 days in the jail in Dallas County. Four days later, I'll be in the jail library with the writ of habeas corpus that I've already prepared. We will go to the 5th District, and we will see who's right. I'll appear in handcuffs, her in the judge's robe, but I'm not taking this tyranny. And I'm not going to stop speaking out about my son."

Watch the video clip below or find Glenn’s two-hour special, "Targets of Tyranny," here.

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Here's how deep Amazon's ties to the government REALLY go — and why it matters to YOU

Photo credit (Left) Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images (Right) PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP via Getty Images

The world knows Amazon is an extraordinarily powerful company, but one family’s terrifying story demonstrates just how dark, dominant, and dishonorable the monopolistic corporation truly is. Amy Nelson’s husband, Carl, was accused of an unspecific crime by Amazon — his former employer — in 2020. Even though Carl was never charged with that crime, Amazon still seized nearly all the funds Amy and Carl had spent years acquiring. Everything was taken directly from their bank accounts via civil asset forfeiture. But the dangers of Amazon go even further.

Amy joined "The Glenn Beck Program" to detail just how menacing the relationship between Amazon and our federal government — specifically the DOJ — truly is.

Watch the video clip above or find Glenn’s two-hour special, "Targets of Tyranny," here.

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Glenn: Trump 'did EVERYTHING he needed to do' in 2024 campaign launch

Photo by ALON SKUY/AFP via Getty Images/Video screenshot

Donald Trump announced his second run for the White House this week. And while Glenn Beck said he thinks Trump "did everything he needed to do" in his announcement speech — he was disciplined, didn't pick fights, and stayed focused on what's ahead — he still has some advice for the former president.

Watch the video clip from "The Glenn Beck Program" above to find out what Glenn believes Trump absolutely must do in order to reach as many voters as possible before the 2024 election. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Glenn Beck has warned that one day, you'll wake up and not recognize your country anymore. Are you there yet?

Governments at every level have been weaponized against Americans. The FBI shows up in full tactical gear at the homes of pro-lifers, terrifying young children and grandmas for the "crime" of peacefully protesting abortion. The ATF surprises legal gun owners on their doorsteps, demanding to see their firearms. State governments are trying to sneak in laws that allow the sexual mutilation of children — without the parents’ consent.

When we become confused as to what the government can and cannot do, we become numb to tyranny and take it on the chin, as we did with the COVID-19 mandates. And when the state comes knocking, we don’t know how to deal with it because we haven’t lived in that kind of country since 1791. Glenn warns we’re on the same road as every empire that ended in collapse.

On tonight's special presentation, Glenn features the stories of every-day Americans who have experienced government tyranny firsthand:
  • A gun shop owner who encountered a bone-chilling inspection by the ATF.
  • A father fighting for the right to see his twins after objecting to his 3-year-old son going through gender transition.
  • A woman who had almost $1M seized from her bank accounts even though she and her husband were never charged with a crime.
  • A couple who had their home raided by the FBI over a case of mistaken identity.
  • An FBI agent who turned whistleblower after he became fed up with the abuses he saw over Jan. 6 raids.

But tyrants can only exist when the people they are trying to subjugate forget that there are fundamental rights granted not by the state but by a higher power. And we have the blueprint to stop tyranny dead in its tracks. The founders armed us with the tools — we just need to know how to wield them. So how do peaceful Americans stand up to tyranny that comes in the disguise of “law”? Glenn and a panel of legal experts, including Sen. Mike Lee, arm you with the answers so you'll know what to do when the government comes knocking on YOUR door next.

This is perhaps the most important special we've ever aired on BlazeTV. To watch the FULL special, become a BlazeTV subscriber today. Head on over to BlazeTV and use code STANDUP at checkout to save $30.