SHOCKING: Woman bullied to tears by children on schoolbus

It's probably one of the more shocking and disturbing videos you'll see all year - a bus monitor who is bullied to tears by the very children she is supposed to be chaperoning. It's a sad statement on our culture when children are filled with such bile and hatred that they could do that to another person. When Glenn says he wants to restore America to a simpler time, traditional time - he is ridiculed for wanting to go back to the days of "Jim Crow" or the impossible perfection of "Leave it to Beaver". But the truth is he is speaking of a time where our country still had family values and people weren't so cruel to one another. Because if this is where the left's "progress" has brought America, everyone can agree it's not where the country should be headed.


"I can't even listen to it. I can't even listen to it. They're just, all they're saying to her is you're so fat, you're so ugly, they're poking her. This is a woman, what, 60 years old?" Glenn when he heard just a portion of the audio.

"While things were obviously far from perfect in the 1950s, we have come so far on many fronts, some of them really good, some of them not so positive. We have lost our way as a society," Glenn explained.

"Let's start here. A busload of middle schoolers, these are 12‑ and 13‑year‑old kids. There's no way that they would have been brazen enough, nasty enough, callous enough to continue the onslaught like this against an elderly woman for ten full minutes in the 1950s. Oh, I know there were problems in the 1950s, but look how we have fixed most of those problems and at the same time gone in the opposite direction. Secondly, even if they would have been, the driver would have slammed on the brakes at some point, gotten out of his seat and administered some old‑fashioned ass‑whoopin' with these 12‑year‑old kids. If not the driver, I do believe there would have been at least a student or two among the 30‑plus on board who had the guts and the decency to stop or at least try to stop it," he continued.

"The kids in this video are dead inside. There are a ton of factors that have contributed to this slide. Maybe TV, movies, music, video games that desensitize, lack of the nuclear family unit, both parents now outside the home, no one raising the kids except the government, the schools not being able to have any kind of control, the "not my kid" mentally, the fact that every kid now has an attorney. I don't know what's gone into this toxic mix."

"But let me ask you this: We're coming up on the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling eliminating school prayer. Have things gotten better or worse? Has our scholastic standing worldwide improved or degraded? Are our kids better behaved? Are they happier, or are they more tragic, more prone to suicide, and more, almost completely out of control? Are schools safer or much, much more dangerous than they were? These kids don't even see another human being," he said.

"This poor woman had nowhere to go, nothing she could say. She just said, 'If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.' That's all she said. And she didn't even have one ally on the bus, not one person. Not one of these kids had the courage of their conviction to say, 'What is that?' We don't think that there is anybody on the bus who had any conviction. Nobody felt badly about it. No remorse. No mercy."

Glenn said that these kids have gotten to the point where they don't even see other people as people. They can't look beyond themselves, and compared that mindset to Americans who turned a blind eye when the Japanese were sent to camps during World War 2 or the Germans sent the Jews to concentration camps. This, Glenn said, is how those kinds of atrocities start to happen - when people stop having empathy and kindness and instead are filled with selfishness and hatred.

"How much happens in our kids' lives that is a completely different culture? Our kids are schizophrenic. Our kids live in one culture and then they come home and they live in another culture. And you endorse their culture at school every time you turn on the TV. Because you're watching it and you think, 'This is crazy. Well, my kids know better.' No, they don't. That's the culture they're immersed in all day long. You're endorsing that culture."

"So what do we do? How do we prepare our kids that when they see something like this happening, they make sure they have the integrity, the humanity to do their best to stop it? Love them, be with them, meet with them weekly, one on one. Pray with them. They can't do that at school. Make sure prayer is a part of their lives at home. Read the scriptures together. Feed their spirits. It's as important, if not more important, than feeding their body. Feed their spirit and their body. Play with them. Do service for others with them. Regulate their gaming time."

"We have to accept the responsibility for our own children. We have to correct the misconceptions that they have," he said.

Regardless of where these kids learned this behavior, parents have to take responsibility and teach them that there are consequences to their actions. Parents have to make sure their kids are loved and that they have a strong sense of values.

"Maybe then we can return to the decency of Mayberry without the ugliness of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'."

POLL: Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

Joseph Prezioso / Contributor | Getty Images

Just one day after Hamas’s surprise attack on Israel, which left over 1,400 people Israelis dead , 34 different student groups from Harvard University wrote a joint statement pinning the blame of Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel. In the following days after publishing this callous statement, these students staged a walkout and rallied in support of the Palestinians. As Glenn has discussed, this is not an isolated event, and campuses across the country have hosted similar rallies where antisemitic jargon like "we don't want no Jew state" and "globalize the intifada" is freely spewed.

Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

While the Universities have not officially backed any of these rallies or student groups that organized them, they haven't stopped them either , which raises the question: should they? On one hand, these are American students in American Universities, who are protected by the First Amendment. On the other hand, history tells us how dangerous antisemitism is if left unchecked; and what of the rights of Jewish students to be safe on the campuses they pay to attend? Let us know what you think in the poll below:

Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

Would you feel safe if your child attended a University that allowed pro-Hamas protests?

Should Universities allow pro-Israel protests?

Is pro-Hamas rhetoric protected by the First Amendment?

POLL: What do YOU think Israel should do about Gaza?

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Should Israel take over Gaza after defeating Hamas? This contentious historical question has resurfaced amid Israel's retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza following Hamas' terror attacks, which resulted in the greatest death of Jews since the Holocaust. Biden and the global elites have warned Israel against occupation of the Palestinian territory. When asked on 60 Minutes if he would support the Israeli occupation of Gaza, Biden said, “I think it would be a big mistake.” Today Glenn responded to Biden’s answer: “I don't think it's a mistake to occupy."

This has been a long-standing, polarizing issue that is now more relevant than ever, and we want to hear YOUR thoughts. Let us know in the poll below:

Would you support an Israeli occupation of Gaza?

Do you think the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are justified?

Do you think a two-state solution is still possible?

Funding IRAN?! Here are the TOP 5 reasons Joe Biden should be IMPEACHED

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On September 12th, the House announced an official impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden with allegations of abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption. Naturally, the media quickly jumped to the President’s aid claiming that “there is no evidence to support these claims” and that the whole affair is a witch hunt.

If you’ve been listening to Glenn, you know that this is simply not the case. Biden has been committing impeachment-worthy deeds before he even stepped foot into the Oval Office—there’s no shortage of evidence to justify this inquiry. Here are 5 scathing reasons why Biden should be impeached :

He was responsible for the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster.

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The Biden administration began with the US's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Under his watch, Biden left thousands of US citizens and allies stranded in the Taliban's hostile regime. Countless Afghan allies have been murdered by the Taliban due to the Biden administration's negligence.

He was involved with Hunter Biden's illicit foreign business dealings.

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There is clear evidence that Joe Biden was more than aware of his son Hunter's foreign business dealings. From suspicious money laundering through the Biden family's accounts to Joe's involvement with important business meetings within Hunter's company, there is mounting evidence to warrant an impeachment inquiry.

He lied about his involvement with Hunter's business dealings.

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Not only did Biden involve himself with his son's less-than-legal foreign business ventures, but he lied to the American people about it too, claiming he had NO KNOWLEDGE of what was going on.

He failed to protect the Southern border, and actively made it worse.

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Biden singlehandedly turned the Southern border into the worst illegal immigration crisis in US history. He reversed many policies set in place by the Trump administration, resulting in 2.3 million illegal immigrants flooding into the US under his watch, a historic high.


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Biden reversed the Trump-era policy that halted all funds going into Iran. The Wall Street Journal revealed the smoking-gun evidence proving that Iran trained AND funded Hamas before its gruesome terror attacks against Israel. Moreover, shortly before the attacks, the Biden administration unfroze $6 BILLION dollars of Iran's assets as a part of a prisoner swap. On top of this, Biden resumed $200 million worth of "humanitarian aid" to Gaza that Trump had ended —because the money was being used to buy weapons for Hamas.

Top 5 economic milestones that show HOW BAD Bidenomics has made the economy

SAUL LOEB / Contributor | Getty Images

From groceries to house prices, everything seems to get more expensive, and you can thank Biden for that. Glenn recently exposed the truth about 'Bidenomics' and the havoc it has wrought on the American economy. Here are five economic milestones during the Biden administration that expose the glaring track record of "Bidenomics:"

In July 2022, the inflation rate hit 9.1 percent, a 40-year record high.

In June 2022, gas hit an all time record high of $5 a gallon for the national average.

61 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck as of this September.

Interest rates reached a 15-year high at 5.25 percent and are still increasing.

Americans have $1 trillion in collective credit card debt, in part due to food/staple pieces being very high.