Sandra Fluke tries to connect Rep. Todd Akin to GOP ticket

That certainly didn't take long. Just days after Todd Akin made the (completely inaccurate) comment that women could not get pregnant from "legitimate rape", the Obama team is rushing to connect the remarks and the embattled Congressman to the Romney/Ryan campaign. And who are they using to make the illogical leaps? Sandra Fluke, the law student who was last at the center of a failed left wing effort to remove Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. The Obama team is clearly hoping for better success with their take down of the Romney/Ryan team as they continue their negative campaign.

During the radio show, Glenn pointed out that the Obama website had a new post called "Akin, Romney, Ryan" by Sandra Fluke:

GLENN: Anyway, she wrote Akin, Romney and Ryan.

STU: Wait. I thought it was ‑‑ I thought the ticket was Romney and Ryan.

GLENN: No, Akin, Romney and Ryan.

STU: Akin, the guy running for Senate in Missouri that all the Republicans have asked to step down?

PAT: Yeah, he's going to be the third wheel on this.

STU: They are going to put him on the ticket, ahead of Romney?

GLENN: Akin, Romney and Ryan.

STU: Wow, that's a bad decision. I haven't done the polling on that.

While the conversation started out fairly light hearted, it quickly took a more serious turn as Glenn took the left to task for trying to take something said by a Missouri Senate candidate and tie it to the national election. Moreso, Glenn pointed out that while Akin's comments were blatantly inaccurate, the thinking that a woman's reproductive system would "shut down" during trauma (like rape) was a theory presented in the 1970s.

"When we started looking into it and if you Google that opinion and you look at things that have not come out for the last week, that opinion is out there.  It's all based on a 1970s study, but it is out there," Glenn said.

And while Glenn said the comments make him question Akin's judgement, he did say that if the left and liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood had been honest about their goals, they would have used this as an opportunity to educate the public about the realities behind rape and pregnancy rather than simply attack Akin and try and take the GOP presidential ticket down with him.

"I have a feeling there's a possibility that this actually backfires on the left.  Because people are tired of the smear.  And if ‑‑ this guy is not a bad guy.  You can say that was a dumb thing to say, that was a wrong thing to say.  But as we talked off the air yesterday, if we were living in an honest he society, Planned Parenthood would come out and stood next to him and said, 'You know what?  Hey, back off.  He's wrong on this.  But this is actually believed by a lot of people because it is actually old science that hasn't been washed out of the system yet.  And let's use this as an opportunity to teach'," Glenn said.

Fluke, of course, didn't try to educate on health issues, but rather used it as a chance to attack Ryan and Romney for their views on abortion:

Mitt Romney famously says he would "get rid of" Planned Parenthood if he had the chance. And both Romney and Ryan pledge to go back to a system where insurance companies can discriminate against women and charge us more than men for the same health insurance.

Akin's comments shouldn't be surprising. But this isn't about him—just like it was never about me.

President Obama has told us what he's fighting for: "I want women to control their own health choices, just like I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons."

Republicans, led by Romney and Ryan, have made it clear that they want to make our decisions for us.

You can read her full statement here.

POLL: Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

Joseph Prezioso / Contributor | Getty Images

Just one day after Hamas’s surprise attack on Israel, which left over 1,400 people Israelis dead, 34 different student groups from Harvard University wrote a joint statement pinning the blame of Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel. In the following days after publishing this callous statement, these students staged a walkout and rallied in support of the Palestinians. As Glenn has discussed, this is not an isolated event, and campuses across the country have hosted similar rallies where antisemitic jargon like "we don't want no Jew state" and "globalize the intifada" is freely spewed.

Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

While the Universities have not officially backed any of these rallies or student groups that organized them, they haven't stopped them either, which raises the question: should they? On one hand, these are American students in American Universities, who are protected by the First Amendment. On the other hand, history tells us how dangerous antisemitism is if left unchecked; and what of the rights of Jewish students to be safe on the campuses they pay to attend? Let us know what you think in the poll below:

Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests? 

Would you feel safe if your child attended a University that allowed pro-Hamas protests?

 Should Universities allow pro-Israel protests?

Is pro-Hamas rhetoric protected by the First Amendment?

POLL: What do YOU think Israel should do about Gaza?

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Should Israel take over Gaza after defeating Hamas? This contentious historical question has resurfaced amid Israel's retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza following Hamas' terror attacks, which resulted in the greatest death of Jews since the Holocaust. Biden and the global elites have warned Israel against occupation of the Palestinian territory. When asked on 60 Minutes if he would support the Israeli occupation of Gaza, Biden said, “I think it would be a big mistake.” Today Glenn responded to Biden’s answer: “I don't think it's a mistake to occupy."

This has been a long-standing, polarizing issue that is now more relevant than ever, and we want to hear YOUR thoughts. Let us know in the poll below:

Would you support an Israeli occupation of Gaza?

Do you think the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are justified?

Do you think a two-state solution is still possible?

Funding IRAN?! Here are the TOP 5 reasons Joe Biden should be IMPEACHED

Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

On September 12th, the House announced an official impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden with allegations of abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption. Naturally, the media quickly jumped to the President’s aid claiming that “there is no evidence to support these claims” and that the whole affair is a witch hunt.

If you’ve been listening to Glenn, you know that this is simply not the case. Biden has been committing impeachment-worthy deeds before he even stepped foot into the Oval Office—there’s no shortage of evidence to justify this inquiry. Here are 5 scathing reasons why Biden should be impeached:

He was responsible for the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster.

Click here for full video

The Biden administration began with the US's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Under his watch, Biden left thousands of US citizens and allies stranded in the Taliban's hostile regime. Countless Afghan allies have been murdered by the Taliban due to the Biden administration's negligence.

He was involved with Hunter Biden's illicit foreign business dealings.

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There is clear evidence that Joe Biden was more than aware of his son Hunter's foreign business dealings. From suspicious money laundering through the Biden family's accounts to Joe's involvement with important business meetings within Hunter's company, there is mounting evidence to warrant an impeachment inquiry.

He lied about his involvement with Hunter's business dealings.

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Not only did Biden involve himself with his son's less-than-legal foreign business ventures, but he lied to the American people about it too, claiming he had NO KNOWLEDGE of what was going on.

He failed to protect the Southern border, and actively made it worse.

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Biden singlehandedly turned the Southern border into the worst illegal immigration crisis in US history. He reversed many policies set in place by the Trump administration, resulting in 2.3 million illegal immigrants flooding into the US under his watch, a historic high.


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Biden reversed the Trump-era policy that halted all funds going into Iran. The Wall Street Journal revealed the smoking-gun evidence proving that Iran trained AND funded Hamas before its gruesome terror attacks against Israel. Moreover, shortly before the attacks, the Biden administration unfroze $6 BILLION dollars of Iran's assets as a part of a prisoner swap. On top of this, Biden resumed $200 million worth of "humanitarian aid" to Gaza that Trump had ended—because the money was being used to buy weapons for Hamas.

Top 5 economic milestones that show HOW BAD Bidenomics has made the economy

SAUL LOEB / Contributor | Getty Images

From groceries to house prices, everything seems to get more expensive, and you can thank Biden for that. Glenn recently exposed the truth about 'Bidenomics' and the havoc it has wrought on the American economy. Here are five economic milestones during the Biden administration that expose the glaring track record of "Bidenomics:"

In July 2022, the inflation rate hit 9.1 percent, a 40-year record high.

In June 2022, gas hit an all time record high of $5 a gallon for the national average.

61 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck as of this September.

Interest rates reached a 15-year high at 5.25 percent and are still increasing.

Americans have $1 trillion in collective credit card debt, in part due to food/staple pieces being very high.