The Oval: The Space Jump

Earlier this week, we were all captivated by an incredible sight.

One man, wearing a space suit, dropped out of a capsule 24 miles off the face of the planet.

With a few words… he stepped out into space and hurtled towards earth…

In a free-fall, he moved faster than the speed of sound.

At one point, he was spinning out of control…

If he had continued spinning, he would have surely died.

But with all of us watching, he was able to stabilize himself…

And with slightly more than 4 minutes into his fall… he pulled the chute… and gently drifted to the earth.

It was an amazing sight. A world record free fall.

Who was this great discoverer of the heavens? An astronaut from NASA?

No. He was a skydiver… a basic stuntman. He wasn't even an American.

Who sponsored this test of the human capacity for endurance? The US military?

No. It was the maker of a high-caffeine energy drink.

Makes you wonder. If a drink company can come up with this kind of mind-bending achievement, what can NASA do with all its scientists and resources?

Turns out, all they know how to do is turn out the lights.

Earlier this summer, NASA sent the space shuttle Endeavour on a cross-country trip to California.

They flew it over the entire country…

And gave us all a beautiful and awesome and mighty demonstration of mankind's power of discovery.

Swooping low over the Golden Gate.

My son spoke about it just this weekend when he saw a 747 at the airport.

He said that's like the plane that flies the space shuttle.

But the space shuttle wasn't on its way to new adventures.

It was on its way to its grave.

We were watching the funeral parade for America's manned spaceflight program.

And instead of holding our hands over our hearts… a tear in our eye… we acted like it was a great show.

I'm not sure what scientific purpose was served by Felix Baumgartner's 24 mile drop from space. I'm not sure what we learned… or whether we learned anything…

But at least someone is trying.

At least someone is doing audacious things.

Scaling the walls of the heavens… firing through new barriers… "breaking the surly bonds of earth."

The shuttle used to be our vehicle of discovery. It used to be the best example of America's leadership in space.

It was American run.

American owned.

Now, We'll need to hitch a ride with the Russians.

Or the Chinese.

If they'll let us on.

We were the pioneers.

And now, we're putting our spacecraft

In mothballs.

And giving up the role of leadership to others.

Because, we're told, we can't afford it any longer.

This is an abdication of leadership.

And it's a lie. If a small beverage company can get a man 24 miles up from the surface of the earth… and have him drop to the earth like a stone safely…

We can be part of mankind's ongoing exploration of the heavens.

Surely we can do more and do better than we do today.

John Kennedy once worked at this desk and challenged the nation's top scientists to put a man on the moon… and return him home safely… in one decade's time.

The genius of Kennedy's charge was that it wasn't just big… it wasn't just bold…

It represented a choice. We could have chosen to do less… be less… and settle for lesser things. But Kennedy understood that Americans don't settle.

We set big goals precisely because we believe we should achieve them.

True, we don't always succeed.

But the men who have sat at this desk… worked in this room… they didn't get elected to play small ball…

They were trusted to put America on a path of greatness… a path of exploration… a path of discovery.

And when a president limits our ambition… actually puts an end to the single greatest act of discovery we can undertake… it is not just a violation of the mission of this office…

It's a violation of the principles that have made America great.

It speaks volumes that children around the country were captivated by the man who fell from space.

They wanted to learn more about this man… and how he did it.

Children are still dreaming… are still curious… are still hoping that life will be filled with new horizons.

Let's not disappoint them any more. Let's bring back our own sense of the possible.

Thanks for watching. May God bless you, and may God bless the Republic.

"Restoring Hope" has been a labor of love for Glenn and his team and tonight is the night! "Restoring the Covenant" was supposed to take place in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Gettysburg and Washington D.C. but thanks to COVID-19, that plan had to be scrapped. "Restoring Hope" is what was left after having to scrap nearly two years of planning. The Herald Journal in Idaho detailed what the event was supposed to be and what it turned into. Check out the article below to get all the details.

Glenn Beck discusses patriotic, religious program filmed at Idaho ranch

On July 2, commentator Glenn Beck and his partners will issue a challenge from Beck's corner of Franklin County to anyone who will listen: "Learn the truth, commit to the truth, then act on the truth."

Over the last few weeks, he has brought about 1,000 people to his ranch to record different portions of the program that accompanies the challenge. On June 19, about 400 members of the Millennial Choir and Orchestra met at West Side High School before boarding WSSD buses to travel to a still spring-green section of Beck's ranch to record their portion of the program.

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The current riots and movement to erase America's history are exactly in line with the New York Times' "1619 Project," which argues that America was rotten at its beginning, and that slavery and systemic racism are the roots of everything from capitalism to our lack of universal health care.

On this week's Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck exposed the true intent of the "1619 Project" and its creator, who justifies remaking America into a Marxist society. This clever lie is disguised as history, and it has already infiltrated our schools.

"The '1619 Project' desperately wants to pass itself off as legitimate history, but it totally kneecaps itself by ignoring so much of the American story. There's no mention of any black Americans who succeeded in spite of slavery, due to the free market capitalist system. In the 1619 Project's effort to take down America, black success stories are not allowed. Because they don't fit with the narrative. The role of white Americans in abolishing slavery doesn't fit the narrative either," Glenn said.

"The agenda is not ultimately about history," he added. "It's just yet another vehicle in the fleet now driven by elites in America toward socialism."

Watch a preview of the full episode below:

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Acclaimed environmentalist and author of "Apocalypse Never" Michael Shellenberger joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to warn us about the true goals and effects of climate alarmism: It's become a "secular religion" that lowers standards of living in developed countries, holds developing countries back, and has environmental progress "exactly wrong."

Michael is a Time "Hero of the Environment," Green Book Award winner, and the founder and president of Environmental Progress. He has been called a "environmental guru," "climate guru," "North America's leading public intellectual on clean energy," and "high priest" of the environmental humanist movement for his writings and TED talks, which have been viewed more than 5 million times. But when Michael penned a stunning article in Forbes saying, "On Behalf of Environmentalists, I Apologize for the Climate Scare", the article was pulled just a few hours later. (Read more here.)

On the show, Micheal talked about how environmental alarmism has overtaken scientific fact, leading to a number of unfortunate consequences. He said one of the problems is that rich nations are blocking poor nations from being able to industrialize. Instead, they are seeking to make poverty sustainable, rather than to make poverty history.

"As a cultural anthropologist, I've been traveling to poorer countries and interviewing small farmers for over 30 years. And, obviously there are a lot of causes why countries are poor, but there's no reason we should be helping them to stay poor," Michael said. "A few years ago, there was a movement to make poverty history ... [but] it got taken over by the climate alarmist movement, which has been focused on depriving poor countries, not just of fossil fuels they need to develop, but also the large hydroelectric dams."

He offered the example of the Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world. The Congo has been denied the resources needed to build large hydroelectric dams, which are absolutely essential to pull people out of poverty. And one of the main groups preventing poor countries from the gaining financing they need to to build dams is based in Berkeley, California — a city that gets its electricity from hydroelectric dams.

"It's just unconscionable ... there are major groups, including the Sierra Club, that support efforts to deprive poor countries of energy. And, honestly, they've taken over the World Bank [which] used to fund the basics of development: roads, electricity, sewage systems, flood control, dams," Micheal said.

"Environmentalism, apocalyptic environmentalism in particular, has become the dominant religion of supposedly secular people in the West. So, you know, it's people at the United Nations. It's people that are in very powerful positions who are trying to impose 'nature's order' on societies," he continued. "And, of course, the problem is that nobody can figure out what nature is, and what it's not. That's not a particular good basis for organizing your economy."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to explain why he agrees with Vice President Mike Pence's refusal to say the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

Baucham, who recently drew national attention when his sermon titled "Ethnic Gnosticism" resurfaced online, said the phrase has been trademarked by a dangerous, violent, Marxist movement that doesn't care about black lives except to use them as political pawns.

"We have to separate this movement from the issues," Baucham warned. "I know that [Black Lives Matter] is a phrase that is part of an organization. It is a trademark phrase. And it's a phrase designed to use black people.

"That phrase dehumanizes black people, because it makes them pawns in a game that has nothing whatsoever to do with black people and their dignity. And has everything to do with a divisive agenda that is bigger than black people. That's why I'm not going to use that phrase, because I love black people. I love being black."

Baucham warned that Black Lives Matter -- a radical Marxist movement -- is using black people and communities to push a dangerous and divisive narrative. He encouraged Americans to educate themselves on the organization's agenda and belief statement.

"This movement is dangerous. This movement is vicious. And this movement uses black people," he emphasized. "And so if I'm really concerned about issues in the black community -- and I am -- then I have to refuse, and I have to repudiate that organization. Because they stand against that for which I am advocating."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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