Media missed the point of “Obama in Pee Pee”

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

For the past three days, Glenn has been trying to make a point about the Constitution, but the media seems to be missing it. Not surprisingly, the media and the left flew into outrage mode over Glenn’s placing of a fake Obama into a fake jar of urine. They have said that he’s trying to make money and get his name in the paper again. That he’s trying to rile up the left by taking the President and desecrating his image. But the truth is, Glenn has always been about trying to educate through entertainment, but the media once again wants to focus on the presentation and not on the message.

Unlike most cable news commentators, Glenn has never been one to just sit behind a desk and read off a teleprompter. It works great for a lot of successful TV personalities, but not Glenn. Instead, he’ll often use props, chalkboards, live animals, and other tools to make his point. His ability to entertain the audience while talking about complex and often depressing economic and political issues is a big reason why he became such a popular personality on television and radio.

So on Tuesday night when Glenn wanted to talk about the Constitutionally protected right for an artist to paint Barack Obama as Jesus Christ on the cross, of course he would use a lot of crazy props to make his point.

He used paintings from Jackson Pollack, Rubens, and Picasso to point out that even though he’s not particularly impressed by the art and some would find images of naked people uncomfortable, the Constitution protects a person’s right of freedom of expression. Even something Glenn finds personally offensive, like Michael D’Antuono’s painting of Obama in the pose of Jesus being crucified, is Constitutionally protected. At the same time, when Glenn puts a toy Obama in a mason jar filled with yellow liquid in order to artistically express himself, that’s constitutionally protected as well.

“Art is in the eye of the beholder and this guy has a right to do this. I think its offensive. I don’t think it’s close to reality but whatever floats your boat. I support his right to do exactly that. I agree with him that people who are upset should not trump his right to be able to do it and be able to hang it wherever he wants – as long as its wanted there,” Glenn said Tuesday night.

“That document (The Constitution) says I can’t stop him, and the spirit of that document is that I shouldn’t try,” he said.

Glenn went into further detail on radio Thursday morning. “Why did I do this? To make sure that we were consistent on the Constitution. That if we say it's wrong that you should be able to make fun of the prophet Mohammed, then we have to then say it's constitutionally protected to make fun of Jesus Christ. It's constitutionally protected if you're an artist or you're a clown or you're a bum,” he said.

“The only speech worth protecting are those things we find offensive. And I made this (“Obama in Pee Pee”) to ask the left after the monologue of we have to protect art, we have to protect speech. All speech, and the speech that we find most offensive is the one that you really have to stand up for.”

But most stories in the media have missed this point entirely or chosen to bury it in order to focus on the plastic toy in fake urine and the supposed outrage.

Unfortunately, the media also missed the story that the money raised from the auction is benefitting Mercury One’s “Hope for the Holidays” campaign. The media simply says “Glenn Beck is selling it on eBay” with no mention of the charity component.

By ignoring the charity, the media continues to try and paint Glenn as some selfish and phony pied piper who is trying to squeeze as much money out of his fans as possible. This is simply untrue. While Glenn was initially making a point about Constitutional rights, Glenn took the media attention and has been trying to turn it into something to help others.

One last point the most news stories have not reported: Artist Michael D’Antuono appeared on Glenn’s show Wednesday night and talked to Glenn at length about his art, and even said that his impressions of Glenn were wrong and he found him to be a reasonable man.

“As much as I’m making a point with ‘Obama in Pee Pee’, I’m not stupid I know Michael Moore will tweet about it and that will be good for my business,” Glenn told D’Antuono. “I believe in what I’m doing, you believe in what your work and what you’re doing but it doesn’t hurt.

D’Antuono told Glenn that he did very much believe in his work and what he was expressing, but acknowledged that the controversy and conversation that comes along with his artistic expression “doesn’t hurt”.

As the first portion of the interview came to a close, D’Antuono shook Glenn’s hand and said “You’re a very reasonable man” and added “I’m shocked”. Glenn laughed and ended up keeping D’Antuono on for an extra segment, and they ended up talking about how Americans can no longer have honest conversations.

“I consider what I do to be like circus performer art. And part of it is to shake people and wake them up and then get them to have a conversation. And maybe what you do and I do takes the conversation and pushes into an ugly place and so we can’t. But I would like to think the reason why we don’t have these conversations is that there aren’t enough people on either side that are seen in the media and so we can’t,” Glenn told D’Antuono.

So let’s recap. Defending the Constitution? Buried or ignored. Charity component? Nope, the media wants Glenn to push the image of Glenn as a selfish conman rather than a charitable entertainer. Reasonable man who wants to have an honest conversation? Zip. Zero. Nadda. No one in the media wants to call Glenn Beck “reasonable”.

No, rather than having an honest conversation the media once again goes for the easy, lazy headlines that make fun of Glenn and call out the antics rather than the deeper message and substance behind entertainment.

Have you stopped listening to the mainstream media yet?

Christians are conflicted when it comes to President Donald Trump. Some proudly support him and his policies, while others just can't accept the man behind the boorish language.

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Ryan: Bernie at the airport Holiday Inn

Photo by Sean Ryan

(Part One) . (Part Two). (Part Three).

Some poor guy booked a hotel at the Holiday Inn Airport Conference Center in Des Moines on February 3, 2020, assuming it would be a harmless Monday night. Only to find himself in the middle of an overflowing Bernie rally on the night of the caucuses.

For the record, the man was not a Bernie Sanders supporter. Far from it. He popped his head backward when I told him where I work, smiling. Well, grinning, to be precise.


After her speech, Klobuchar wandered into the crowd, immediately submerged. Selfies. Everybody wanted them. A minute later, the other candidates began to appear on screen, giving speeches.

"Bernie," asked Justin Robert Young, host of Politics Politics Politics.

"Bernie," I said, and we paced to the car and lurked out onto the depopulated streets and the trenchant cold. But we were both bright with excitement, a couple of detectives. The valet attendants in their satin outfits saw two oddities, and they were right.

Justin Young and I had just left the Des Moines Marriott Downtown for Amy Klobuchar's "Amy for America caucus night party." She gave her speech, in a brilliant maneuver. I skated the Nissan down empty streets, quietly listening to Bernie's speech on the Iowa Public Radio station.

"I love this, what we're about to do," I said, gripping the wheel, words hurried, leaning forward, tapping my left boot. "We're going to hear Bernie talking, then we'll park, then walk through some doors and we will stroll into that very room as Bernie is giving the speech that's being broadcast to millions of people."

It was like how in the game Mario Bros., Mario can jump into giant green storm drains, occasionally. Like leaping into the television and joining the cast.

"There's nobody out on the roads," one of us said. "Holiday Inn, right up there." As broad-winged commercial airplanes floated overhead. We scoured for a parking spot and each second felt wasted. Urgent. We needed to be inside that hotel. But there was nowhere to park. Even the illegal spots were taken. Cars had creviced every inch of parking lot and curb and all that, had even jammed into dark pyramids of sludge.


Rita Dove wrote, "I prefer to explore the most intimate moments, the smaller, crystallized details we all hinge our lives on."


There were so many more journalists press at Bernie's event that the only media spots left were in the overflow room, which itself seemed at capacity. Dank, too. With a heavy vibe, like a sinister library.

The entire hotel exuded gloom. A quietness you hear in locker rooms after a game that should have ended differently.

Bernie supporters, dazed, stomped out into the snow, or to the bathrooms, or just in need of a bit of stomping.


Back to Beechwood Lounge, where we watched the Super Bowl a day earlier. Although it felt like a week had passed since then.

Approaching midnight, by that point.

Because Justin consumes politics with an all-encompassing urgency. As if it's a duty. He's clearly studied history and politics for years. Part historian, part political scientist, but also part reporter and part comedian. On one hand, he's guided by the old school approach to journalism. Objectivity. Solemnity. Accuracy.

An American has the right to tell nobody who they voted for. Or maybe it's a cultural thing.

Snow everywhere you look, piles of it full of gas and oil, and rubbish as well. That day was unseasonably warm. The next would plummet us into literal freezing. The kind of day that slows everyone down. With all that ice, you have to be cautious about every step.

Shame is for the uninitiated.

Thanks for reading. New stories come out every Monday and Thursday. Next week, a look at Socrates' sarcasm and Cardi B's political aspirations. Check out my Twitter. Send all notes, tips, corrections to

In 1990 Michael Bloomberg's employees created a short book full of crude, sexist, and shocking quotes he allegedly said at work, including one story that has him telling a female employee to "kill it" after she announced she was pregnant. Sadly, that story has him fitting right in with the Democratic party in 2020.

The booklet, titled, 'Wit & Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg,' has resurfaced to haunt the Democratic presidential candidate after "The Washington Post" published the full text on Saturday.

On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Monday, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere (filling in for Glenn) shared some of the less colorful (many were too lewd to be repeated on radio,) but no less disgusting quotes.

Watch the video below:

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