Glenn’s interview with Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart, former Air Force pilot and author of ‘Wrath & Righteousness’ joined Glenn on radio today to talk about the reality based fiction series he’s been working on for Mercury Ink. The E-books take a look at where we’ll be in the near future if we don’t change course - it like the book version of TV’s ‘24’ - hear about the latest episode on radio today.

Rough Transcript of their interview is below:

GLENN: I want to tell you about another series that's been out for the entire year "Wrath & Righteousness". Chris Stewart who's now a congressman.

CALLER: Good morning Glenn. It's been a long time since we talked.

GLENN: How are you this morning?

CALLER: I'm not sworn in yet. But they're thinking I'm part of the problem.

GLENN: Chris is a friend of the show. You might know Chris as a very good friend of mine. He is a really stand up guy. I was trying to hire him when he feels he had a higher calling from God to try to fix the problem in Washington. I tried to tell I think that was alcohol, Chris. Somebody might have been drinking around you. But he wrote a series of books that we have -- that we purchased, and made into an E series. "Wrath & Righteousness". It is a glimpse into the future so there's "Agenda 21". But also "Wrath & Righteousness". Do you know what episode we're on.

CALLER: I think I did the final edits for 9 and 10. We're very close now.

GLENN: Where is episode 8.

STU: I thought we were up to 6. I thought six was just released.

CALLER: I'm working a little ahead of you guys. Finishing the edits so we can keep things in the pipeline. Episodes 1 through five take us to where the ENP is detonated over the United States, and 6 picks up from there and picks up some of the characters and how they deal with that.

GLENN: When you get from episode 6. Now is the time where you can buy -- if you haven't started in on the "Wrath & Righteousness" series yet you can pick it up now from 1 to 5. A new episode comes out every five or six weeks. One through 5 is out there. If you pick it up now you'll be able to read through to the end of the series. Because just the timing of it now. Once you get into episode six and the EMP goes off you begin to see the world as it unfortunately can be. Chris you were in the military for a long time. Now you're a congressman. You don't have to talk about the EMP. The solar storms that are coming. We're entering a period of of solar activity that could do the same kind of damage as an EMP. And totally change life as we know it on the entire planet.

CALLER: It's hard to imagine. One of the solar activity unlike an EMP is a targeted area. Whereas a solar activity would have that same effect worldwide. Or potentially could. But imagine if you can actually living back in 1880, and what this parallels that it draws. It would be like transforming the United States instantly back to 1880, and where do you get your food and where do you get your water. How do you communicate. All of your money in the bank is suddenly gone. There's no transportation. There's no fuel. There's no heat. It is really a scary deal.

GLENN: The world in a very short period of time begins to look like Detroit.

CALLER: I don't think it's that bad.

GLENN: Like that's worse than 1880 in Detroit.

CALLER: Well, there's the policies in Detroit.

GLENN: It takes on something Chris and I feel is so critical to pay attention to. The Muslim extremism. The use of the Muslim extremists through evil, and the coordination of it, and the destruction of Israel and the United States.

CALLER: Yeah. I mean the series as we said it's 10 episodes. It really spans a long time and long time. Really the focus of it is not just United States. It's Israel as well. And you know many of our enemies view us as you know twins in this. They view us as equally evil. Equally worthy of destruction. That's why it's so important stepping out of the context of the book, and talking about the real world. It's so important for the United States to stand up, and in support of Israel. They're the only democracy in that part of that world. And they need us. And they need us to stand by them. Particularly right now.

GLENN: Real quick one last mention on the book, and then I want to talk to you about some things going on in the Washington. The reason we purchased this book series from you. Not only is it brilliant just a great action series. Everybody that was reading it. And I got everybody to read it. Read this book. And it usually takes me about six months. Because this was six or 8 really thick books that you had done for us, and so I'm reading them, and read this book. And everybody starts to read it. By the time it got to where we are now in the series, no one on my staff could look at the news and tell the difference between truth and fiction. Every single person on my staff. Remember how you felt Pat. We'd walk in every day, and the head of my news division, everything, everybody would say I'm sorry I'm confusing the real world with this book because they're running exactly parallel. It's a scary kind of thing. It's all realistic. Very realistic.

CALLER: That's where my 14 years as an Air Force pilot. In all of my writing it's always been my goal to write a book which was believable. I wanted them to be completely based on the day, and to have people feel like this is relevant to my world now.

GLENN: Okay. Chris, you're getting ready to go to Washington.

CALLER: Yeah. It's a lot more fun writing books I can tell you that.

GLENN: What's the thing that you didn't expect going to Washington?

CALLER: That's a great question. I guess it would be this. You know November 6th changed the world to me and to a lot of people. We were so disappointed. I got to give a victory speech. And it was the most subdued speech I've given in a long time. We expected to talk about tax reform, and policy reform. I don't think it's overstating to say these are things that could save our country, and since that time I've been able to spend with the Congress back in Washington, and participate in some of the conversations and see the leadership work, and members of the Congress, and I guess the thing that surprises me more than anything is this feeling that there isn't a plan -- normally in the military for example you have plan A and if plan A doesn't work, you go to plan B, and you go down the line. I'm not sure that the Republican party has a plan B.

GLENN: I don't think they have a plan A.

CALLER: I don't mean just the leadership. Just folks like you and I and just people out in America. I don't think we've quite wrapped our arms around this yet. I don't think we've quite figured out the next step to go forward. Look we have to prepare ourselves to lead. We're going to be given another opportunity. We have to stop the bleeding as best as we can while this administration has power, and prepare ourselves to lead again because we are going to be given another opportunity. I really believe that.

GLENN: I remember when I was young and optimistic too. Those days are gone.

CALLER: That's kind of funny because I am older than as you may recall.

GLENN: I know but being in the news business has jaded me. Thanks so much Chris. And we'll see you soon. Take care, and stay on your knees.

CALLER: Thanks Glenn. And keep the faith working.

GLENN: Chris Stewart. "Wrath & Righteousness" available at Glenn Beck books or you can get it on Amazon. "Wrath & Righteousness" an unbelievable series.

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