Glenn’s chilling White House conversation

Much to his critic's surprise, Glenn was not afraid to speak out against the policies of George W. Bush during his presidency. Glenn was invited to the White House during in time at CNN to discuss some of the topics on which he was very critical of the Republican president.

One of these topics was the Middle East.

"He told me things that were going on in the military, and he told me why he was not saying those things. It was because of a promise that he had made to the Pentagon — that he would do it their way because they didn't want to make the soldiers into monsters. And he said if we really release all the information, that's exactly what the left will do," Glenn explained.

"I understood that," he added.

It was when President Bush started talking about what the next president would do that he was alarmed. The day Glenn was speaking to President Bush was the same day that Barack Obama made the claim that, if elected, he would just bomb Pakistan. President Bush told Glenn that no matter who was elected the policies would basically remain the same.

"George Bush said to me — he was standing in the Oval Office and he pointed to the Resolute desk — 'Any man who sits behind that desk, anybody, doesn't matter who it is, Hillary Clinton or anybody, when they sit behind that desk, they'll realize they have very few options.  Their hands are tied. Don't worry. Whoever sits in that chair will execute things pretty much the same way I have.'  And he smiled like, see?  We're all good. And I thought to myself, no, that's not good. That's really not good," Glenn recalled.

"First of all, I don't want it executed this way," he continued. "Second of all, who's tying the hands of the president? Who is tying the hands?"

After the news broke about how the NSA has been collecting private information from millions of American citizens, Glenn's conversation with George W. Bush was highlighted in his mind.

"I was thinking about what I wanted to tell you this morning on the NSA whistleblowers," Glenn said to his radio audience. "This is a story  we've been on for a long time. We've told you all these things, but we were called 'conspiracy theorists' by the mainstream media. And we had very brave whistleblowers come out and talk about this. And we've tried to report it in a responsible way. But that conversation came to my mind because off the air with some of these whistleblowers they have told me it will never be dismantled, Glenn."

They told Glenn that because of both the Republicans and the Democrats, it will never be dismantled. Both parties are doing it.

"Who is George Washington, and will stand up and say, 'I'm going to give up all of that power. I'm going to shut it down.' Who will do that?" Glenn asked. "And who will he got to support him? Because the NSA and everybody else has all of the information on all of them. You really think they're going to be able to shut it down? Anybody who tries will be destroyed. The whistleblowers we have talked to had guns pointed at their heads by our FBI for trying to tell you the truth."

"Thank goodness people are starting to listen."

President Joe Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan has been criticized from both sides of the political aisle as an utter disaster. But Bill O'Reilly joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Friday to share the one piece of "good news" that he believes has come from this failure: "Biden's DONE."

"There is good news in this story," O'Reilly stated. "The good news is Biden's done. All right, even though he's going to be there physically, in the White House, he's finished. His credibility is shot. He's not coming back. He doesn't have the energy to come back, or the creativity to come back, or the vision to come back," he added.

"From the beginning of this incredible screwup in Afghanistan, the administration under Joe Biden has not done one thing that has worked. Keep that in mind. Nothing has worked. Because they didn't plan it. There wasn't anybody in charge who really knew the country. And so, when you have that level of incompetence, you're going to go down. Now, every American knows that. And the ones that do play slight attention, know the [southern] border is a catastrophe. They know the woke culture is a catastrophe. They know the progressive left, the socialists, are a catastrophe. And you add it up, and what has the man done well?"

Bill and Glenn went on to discuss the absurdity of President Biden's threat to hunt down the ISIS-K terrorists following the attacks that killed and wounded U.S. service members and Afghan civilians in Kabul on Thursday.

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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Glenn joined Tucker Carlson Thursday evening to discuss the Nazarene Fund and its mission to the Middle East. The two discussed just how badly things have gone and who's been the ones standing in their way. Watch the entire clip below.

What has the United States become amid President Joe Biden's catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan? Our government has lost credibility with our allies and now, as the Aug. 31 deadline for a departure looks more and more like a pipe dream, it's been reported that the Taliban offered to give safe passage to American citizens and Afghan allies who are left behind — if the U.S. just gives them a list of names.

"It's a national disgrace. An absolute disgrace. And I believe at some point, may even end up being described as crimes against humanity," Glenn Beck said on the radio program Thursday. Broadcasting live from an undisclosed location in a country near Afghanistan, Glenn detailed the latest on the chaotic efforts to get American citizens, allies, and persecuted Christians out of Afghanistan as Taliban forces seize control of the country.

"There is no credibility with the United States anymore ... it [is] tragically sad," he stated. "But, to me, that's the least of our problems right now ... humanity is being overlooked."

Glenn explained that despite the Taliban's designated deadline for evacuations on Aug. 31, the window for getting people out appears to be closing even sooner.

"Two nights ago, when I was flying over here, I was told that we had maybe 72 hours. Last night, I was told we had 24 hours, and today I am hearing, we are hours away from [losing] any access and the opening of any gates. The Americans that are being left behind ... those people will be killed. It's shocking, what is happening," Glenn said.

Though the Nazarene Fund has already been able to rescue hundreds of Afghan Christian families, Glenn expressed frustration the United States government "making a bad situation much, much worse by having them cut our deadline." He also reacted to Politico's report that "U.S. officials in Kabul gave the Taliban a list of names of American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies to grant entry into the militant-controlled outer perimeter of the city's airport."

"Please tell me, dear God, that no one is dumb enough to give them [Taliban] a list of people that we should expect to be let through their gates, or that the Taliban would help to evacuate," he asserted.

"The truth is pretty ugly here," Glenn later added. "And you're not able to blame it on anybody but the United States. What we are currently doing to the people in Afghanistan is a horror show. But I am so grateful for the hope that you have provided them, and the hope that you provide me," he said to his audience. "Please keep all of our team, that's on the ground, in harm's way and all of the people in Afghanistan, in your prayers."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn:

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From an undisclosed location in a country near Afghanistan, Glenn Beck details the latest on the frantic evacuation efforts of American citizens, allies, and persecuted Christians as the Biden administration's failures have left him thinking, "I've never been embarrassed to be an American before."

Glenn interviews former Force Recon Marine, Chad Robichaux, whose Mighty Oaks Foundation has rescued over 2,000 people in just a few days.

David Barton, board member for The Nazarene Fund, joins Glenn on the ground with a prediction: The U.S. State Department "clowns" will be humiliated by private sector efforts by this time tomorrow. And he also says there is evidence of malicious intent from a few members in the State Department.

Jason Buttrill, Afghanistan war veteran and head researcher for Glenn Beck, joins on the ground to give the latest intelligence update he received from sources at the Kabul airport gates. And he explains why this has led him to predict that a gigantic hostage situation with the Taliban could soon unfold. Glenn and Jason also reveal the dangerous extraction process for locals in Afghanistan.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.