Glenn, Ann Coulter, and 80% of America agree — No Amnesty.

While the GOP may be divided on immigration reform, the voices of the conservative movement certainly aren't. This morning, bestselling author and conservative commentator Ann Coulter joined the radio program to discuss the battle over immigration reform currently occurring in Washington.

"I am really disturbed by this cabal in Washington, the progressive wing of the Republican Party that is putting the final shots into the fundamental transformation of this country," Glenn said to Ann this morning.

"Yes, it really is the rise of the plutocrats," Ann noted.

She named the power-players involved in getting this bill through Congress — many of whom we aren't used to seeing side with the left: George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, the Koch brothers, Foster Friess (big-time Santorum funder), Sheldon Adelson (Gingrich funder), and even Rupert Murdock.

"This is massive," She continued. "First of all, the destruction of America as we know it and the transfer of money to the very, very wealthy, while harming the bottom."

Glenn noted that people are missing the economic repercussions of the legislation. It increases competition for the workers who are struggling the most. While decreasing competition for the people at the top by making it harder for the people at the top of the intellectual scale to enter the country.

"They're gutting the people who are struggling to make any kind of ends meat," he said.

"Yes, including recent immigrants whom they purport to love so much," Ann added. "As the country has done before, there was a decades‑long moratorium on any immigration beginning with Calvin Coolidge.  The economy boomed, the unemployment rate went down, the income inequality narrowed.  I mean, an awful lot of — so many social problems, so many, so many problems in America are traced directly to immigration, including, by the way, the NSA spying scandal.  You know, you don't need to spy on Americans if you're not letting in a lot of foreigners who want to kill us."

Ann continued, "The crime rate went up dramatically after Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration act, and it has not gone down to its pre‑1965 immigration act levels.  The unemployment rate has gone up.  And, you know, you keep reading these articles in liberal media particularly about how income inequality, it's increasing, it's increasing.  Why won't they talk about the cause of that increase?  You're bringing in multiple millions, overwhelming the country with desperately poor people and then you wonder why, why the bottom end of the spectrum is so far away from the rich who get to employ the desperately poor as their maids, their nannies, their pool boys, their's, you know, water boys and agricultural workers."

To make matters worse, Glenn noted how extremely disconnected mainstream America seems to be from this legislation. Americans are not protesting and demanding that comprehensive immigration reform be passed before July.

"Nobody is saying, "Let's get a comprehensive immigration deal done before July."  And you have the gigantic power structure of the GOP behind a lot of this and so you're entering a period, quite honestly, that looks a lot like the 19 — early 1850s with the Whig party where, you know, you had the beat‑down of Charles Sumner in the well of the Senate.  And that was the end of the GOP, and quite honestly it signaled the end of the republic as we knew it for a while," Glenn said.

"You are absolutely right," Coulter agreed. "I've never seen an issue where the people are on one side. About 80% of Americans in polls oppose more legal immigration. This bill, the Rubio bill not only grants instant amnesty, curious that when Republicans are promoting liberal ideas that will harm America, they adopt liberal argumentation techniques, which is to lie about their bill.  Why do they keep insisting it's not amnesty?  They know Americans do not want amnesty.  But that's only half of it.  It triples legal immigration.  And again it is not legal immigration for people who will compete with the editorial writers at the Wall Street Journal.  It's legal immigration for those who will be competing with the very people in America who are now suffering massive unemployment.  And the Americans are on one side, the elites are on the other side, and that's why they need to push this through in the dark of night.  And I'm so glad you're talking about this because I've heard so many talk radio hosts either not talking about it, being foolishly distracted by NSA or IRS.  Look, those will be there.  Let's talk about those in two weeks.  Or saying, "Oh, don't worry; the House is going to stop it." 

But the only way the House can stop it is by not voting for anything — which only 70 GOP House members have stood up and said they will do.

Coulter also noted that if it isn't stopped, America will soon become California — a place where a conservative will never win another election. But there are a few brave Republicans trying to hold down the line.

"I hate to point it out, but it's just so overwhelmingly true," Ann started, not only that 90% of Americans are against amnesty and increasing legalization while the elites are jamming through a bill that does the opposite, but it is striking that those Republicans who are saying this is a bad idea are the smartest Republicans we have."

Glenn agreed and shared his plan to travel to D.C. on Wednesday for the press conference being held outside the Capitol.

"I don't know how many people are going to go, but I just think this is, this is critical," Glenn noted. "The fundamental transformation of America happens if the House passes any kind of legislation."

Glenn Beck: Here's how YOU can fix the Great Reset's housing crisis

Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile/Getty Images

How's the housing market looking these days? Because under Build Back Better (aka the Great Reset), investors are grabbing up homes at a record pace.

On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn discussed a recent Redfin News report, which shows that almost one in five homes sold in the U.S. during the third quarter of 2021 was purchased by an investment firm, and many are paying tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price.

"Think of that, one in every five homes that are sold are going to a big investment firm," Glenn said. "Investors bought more than 90,000 homes, totaling more than $63 billion, representing 18% of all homes sold in the quarter. The numbers broke all records."

"The same factors have pushed more Americans to rent, which also creates opportunities for investors, because investors typically turn the homes they purchase into rentals," he continued. "And now they can charge higher rents. Rent for single-family homes surged by more than 10% in the 12 months, through September. The fastest annual rent inflation in 16 years."

"And nearly 77% purchased were bought in an all-cash transaction," Glenn added. "That's not your average person. These investment firms, like BlackRock, are going in and buying entire neighborhoods. They are the people that come in, and say, 'I'll give you $70,000 over the asking price.' ... Now, why would investment firms think they will just be able to make money paying $70,000 over the asking price? What is it that they know, that you don't know? Could they know, as the Great Reset states, that by 2030, you will own nothing and you'll like it?"

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn offer his thoughts on how you can solve the Great Reset's housing crisis:

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On "Glenn TV" Wednesday, Glenn Beck exposes the radical plan to flip the United States from capitalism to socialism and into a lawless nation. It's an old strategy that mirrors a communist Cold War playbook. The goal now, as it was then, is this: How do they get a revolution without all that civil war stuff? It’s a five-step plan, and we're deep into several of the main steps RIGHT NOW.

Our justice system has been infiltrated by woke leftists, and something called "the progressive prosecutor movement" is methodically transforming Main Street USA into Main Street Gotham City. We can see it all over the country in places like San Francisco, with the Waukesha massacre as a terrifying glimpse into more of what's coming. And the media? They're currently running interference in one of the largest misinformation operations in history.

It’s happening at the city, state, AND federal levels. And President Trump might be one of the biggest victims of them all, a fact that even Trump critic Joe Rogan has realized on the Russia collusion hoax: “No one is being held accountable!” That ends now, as Glenn calls on Americans to push back on the lies that keep us divided in a cold civil war.

Watch the full episode below:

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A "one-world government" is being formed right now and it’s called the Great Reset, Glenn Beck said on the radio program Monday. And now, rebuild plans for the fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral hint at the formation of a global church, too.

In this clip, Glenn detailed plans for the iconic, 850-year-old church’s "woke" renovations that sound more like a 'politically correct Disneyland' complete with a "discovery trail," "emotional spaces," and 14 themed chapels.

"Notre Dame is now being built back better as a 'woke theme park' dedicated to environmentalism and social justice," Glenn explained.

"There will be several different chapels within, [for example] a chapel for social justice, and then chapel for environmental justice," he continued. "Which leads me to this point. The 'one-world government' is being formed, right now. One-world government. It is being formed and it's called The Great Reset."

Glenn went on to predict that one of the first steps in the direction of a one-world government will be a push for a global religion.

"I think we're seeing the first church now being dedicated to the new global religion — and it is social justice, environmental justice, and all this gobbledygook. We all know, it's not just wrong, it is dangerous. That's the first church, the cathedral of Notre Dame, in France, is the first global church. Mark my words. Christian, Jews, Muslims ... this global church will bring darkness unlike you've ever seen."

Watch the video clip from "The Glenn Beck Program" below:

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The Omicron COVID-19 variant: Should we ACTUALLY panic?

Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

As the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus approaches, it seems like those in power want everyone to be terrified, Glenn Beck argued on the radio program Monday.

The chair of the World Medical Association's Council, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, is already comparing the variant to Ebola and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has declared a state of emergency, despite the doctor who announced its discovery describing the new variant's symptoms as "unusual, but mild." So, should we really be worried or not?

In this clip, Glenn and producer Stu Burguiere reviewed what we know about the Omicron variant so far and gave a few reasons why we should wait for more information before succumbing to panic.

Note: The content of this clip does not provide medical advice. Please seek the advice of local health officials for any COVID-related questions & concerns.

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