How to help the families of the fallen Arizona firemen

This morning on radio, Glenn spoke with Mike Broomhead of KFYI Phoenix about the tragic death of the 19 elite Granite Mountain Hotshot fire unit in Arizona and how we can help the families of the fallen.

For those unfamiliar with the area, Mike described the location of the fires to be southeast of Flagstaff, and it is believed a lightning strike first caused the fire to break out.

“They thought it was a lightning strike,” Mike said. “It wasn't started manmade. It wasn't arson. They believe it was a lightning strike from storms that we were having – very dry, low humidity and just a tinderbox up there.”

The death of the 19 Hotshot firefighters is the largest single loss of life for any fire department since September 11, 2001. Until this week, those who do not live in fire-prone areas may not have been familiar with the work of this elite squadron, but Mike explained the make-up of the group.

“It was a 20‑person crew, this Hotshot crew was a 20‑person crew,” Mike explained. “The average age was around 21-years-old. They ranged in age from 21 to 43. The one survivor was sent on assignment and wasn't with the rest of the team and so that one survivor is in very good condition, but obviously the survivors remorse is – I mean, he is not speaking to the public. But it was 19 of a 20‑man crew lost.”

These kinds of groups are trained to withstand the harshest conditions and are often sent into blazing fires to set up the perimeters that stop large-scale fires from spreading. In this case, it is being speculated that a change in wind direction caused the group to be trapped by the fire, despite their best efforts to survive.

“So tell me, they had these bags that they were put in. I guess the firefighters have these safety bags that they zip themselves in? Can you explain that,” Glenn asked.

“I got an explanation yesterday. They're kind of like those visors you put in your windshield, those metallic visors to keep the sun out of your car,” Mike explained. “They are a last resort… They are just kind of heat retardants but they are not necessarily flame‑proof. They tell these firefighters that if you, as a last resort, cover yourself with this, you actually wrap yourself in this… They were told that if they have to use this, expect to get third degree burns, but it's the only way you have a chance of survival when the fire is on top of you and that close.”

There is a wonderful group in Arizona, the 100 Club of Arizona, that is working tirelessly to ensure the families of fallen heroes – like the 19 men that passed away this weekend – are taken care of.

“The 100 Club is a fully privately funded organization,” Mike said. “What they do is they seek permission through a liaison. They don't just barge into these families that are grieving. But within 24 hours or 48 hours, they bring a $15,000 check as a gift that's not – there’s no strings attached. It is usually someone who is a survivor of a First Responder. And they hand them a $15,000 check and say this is a gift just to get you through these first couple of days, to pay your bills so that you can grieve.”

“And then they also let them know we are an organization of survivors of First Responders and we will be an emotional connection to help you walk through these dark days,” he continued. “And they told me yesterday they've never written 19 checks, 19 $15,000 checks in a year. They wrote 19 of them and are writing them as we speak, in one day.”

Glenn was so moved by the story of these brave men and the work of the 100 Club that he decided to donate $50,000 to the organization to help replenish some of the funds that have been drained as a result of this tragedy.

“So here's the thing, Mike,” Glenn said. “I'm going to write you – I'm going to write the 100 Club of Arizona but I'd like you to present it to them. I'm going to write them a check for $50,000, and then I would encourage everyone to [do the same]… But help these families out. I mean, as we all know, firefighters do not make very much money and we want to start with $50,000 and replenish some of their deficit here to take care of them, to make sure that they are taking care of the people.”

“Glenn, that is amazingly kind,” Mike said. You know, this is why I got into this business, to do these kinds of things, and no one, no one does it like you do, and I cannot thank you enough. You're the best.”

“There is no audience, I contend… as generous and as amazing as this one. And I can back that up with stats,” Glenn concluded. “I don't believe there's ever been a collection of people that have listened to a mainstream show like this ever in the history of radio. And I'm grateful that they are as active as they are. Mike, thanks a lot. Appreciate it. And let us know how we can help.”

To donate to the 100 Club of Arizona, visit their website HERE.

With cops under fire, businesses destroyed, and innocent civilians beaten and killed, where is the justice that well-meaning protesters were seeking for George Floyd?

On Wednesday night's special, Glenn Beck goes one on one with Blexit founder and "Blackout" author Candace Owens about what's really driving the riots, white privilege in America, and why it sickens her that Floyd has become a martyr for Black America.

Watch the full special below:

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Award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan told Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday that a network of radical extremist terrorist organizations, which includes Antifa, are coordinating and escalating many of the violent riots in the wake of George Floyd's death.

Lara, who has done extensive reporting on Antifa, said it's "extraordinary" that so many Americans in the media and politics are defending the "very violent terrorist organization."

"[The media is] pretending that they care about journalism. They don't. They care about silencing, intimidating, destroying, annihilating, and getting us all to self-sensor so we don't cover any of the subjects they don't want us talking about," she said.

"For those of us who've followed [Antifa] for a while, and know what they're doing and what their agenda is, what has always been troubling is the way so many people in the media and in the political establishment have given them cover to operate," Laura added. "These are extremists. And you see a lot of parallels between extremists on the left and the right ... they pretty much operate the same way, exactly. And there's no difference between what Antifa is doing and the 'Brown Shirts' of Nazi Germany. Or the 'Black Shirts' of Mussolini."

She read the 10 points of action listed by an extremist group called the "Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement", which culminates with "Liberation begins where America dies."

Glenn recalled a prediction he made approximately 15 years ago, that "socialist, communists, radicals, anarchists, [and] Islamists would all work together ... they would all see the opportunity and work toward the same goal. And that's destruction of capitalism, and destruction of the Western world."

"A few years ago, I probably would not have agreed with you on that," Laura responded. "But I now see that you're absolutely correct."

Watch the video below to hear Lara detail evidence to expose the truth about Antifa:

Media targets Lara Logan for exposing the truth about Antifa

The media pretends to care about good journalism, but what they really care about silencing, intimidating, destroying, annihilating and getting us all to...

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The Trump-deranged media is calling the president a "coward" because he was moved to an underground bunker as riots erupted outside the White House over the weekend.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino joined the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday to set the record straight. He told Glenn that under Title 18, US Code 3056, the Secret Service has the authority to protect the president however they deem necessary, with or without his consent.

Dan explained that the severity of the White House riots, which resulted in at least 50 Secret Service agents being injured, would very likely have warranted overriding the president's preference on whether or not to take shelter.

"Shame on the media ... for painting this as some kind of situation where Trump ran like a coward," Dan said. "Which is totally false and made-up. [...] They're morons. These are imbeciles with double digit IQs who are only in this to aggravate an already-bad situation. And it's a shame, because they're really incentivizing this kind of stuff to happen."

He also made it clear that the so-called protests over the death of George Floyd were actually "very strategic" riots organized by "Antifa terrorists."

"It was not even a protest. It should have been, and could have been ... but that's not what it was. It was an insurrection. It was a riot," Dan stated.

"I can tell you, from sources of mine that were there, [who are] more than credible and unimpeachable, that the attack at the White House -- and that's what it was over a period of days -- was very organized. It was done using very strategic tactics," he added. "I want to be crystal clear, this was organized by Antifa terrorists. It's not a joke. It's not hyperbole. These were people that were committed to an insurrection that was thankfully put down."

Watch the video below for more details:

Dan Bongino: Trump is NOT a Coward Hiding in a Bunker

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The media has been trying to discredit BlazeTV's Elijah Schaffer after he recorded a disturbing video of a man being brutally beaten and stoned almost to death by rioters Saturday evening in Dallas.

Elijah joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Monday to set the record straight.

"The very dishonest far-left media is working tirelessly at the moment to completely, not only discredit myself, but they always say, 'Elijah Schaffer who works for Glenn Beck's BlazeTV.' As if that's an insult. So I'm going to clear the air right now," he told Glenn.

"There was a group of about, I would say 150 rioters. They were not protesters. They were breaking windows. They broke into a bank. They broke into a bar. They were looting alcohol and partying on the streets while breaking glass. These were not people who were grieving over black lives," he added. "The police had lost control of the city."

Elijah went on to describe the violent scene, detailing the events leading up to the brutal beating of a man who was apparently trying to defend a local bar. Elijah posted a video of the incident on Twitter Saturday night.

*Warning: graphic content*

"Rioters with rocks and bricks and bats and weapons, 150 or more, were accosting him as he stood in front of the bar," Elijah said. "Then they started stoning him, Glenn! Medieval! Throwing rocks and bricks.... We're in America. This is 2020. We do not stone people in the United States of America!"

Watch the video below for more details:

*Warning: graphic content*

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