WATCH: Dana Loesch reacts to Zimmerman verdict

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn on last night's Glenn Beck Program and reacted to two stories that have made national headlines lately: the Zimmerman verdict and the passage of new abortion legislation in Texas.

"Let’s start today with the not guilty verdict the jury returned in the murder trial of George Zimmerman," Dana said to open the show. "A jury of six women found Zimmerman innocent of second degree murder. Now, in the end, the jury felt that the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and so they acquitted Zimmerman."

The anti-Zimmerman rhetoric has been commonplace since the night of Trayvon Martin's death last February. And while any of loss of life is tragic, the racially and politically charged spectacle this trial became was disgraceful.

"Make no mistake, this was a tragedy. A young man was killed. A loss of life is always a tragedy, but not every tragedy is a crime. An honest jury, and for the progressives, five white women and one black woman, served for justice," Dana explained. "Others, unfortunately, are serving for self, the usual race pimps out there demanding that the DOJ bring charges against Zimmerman, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, whose Christian name must be Reverend, because the man isn’t fit to shepherd a flock."

The hypocrisy of people like Al Sharpton runs particularly deep when one considers the number of black youth that die on the streets of Chicago each day. Where is the outcry for those children?

"Where’s the outcry for black youth when study after study shows that we are losing entire generations of black youth to abortion? The left only cares about tragedies apparently when they involve little blonde-haired, blue-eyed children from Connecticut," Dana said. "Was the intensity of interest in the Zimmerman-Martin case a way to make up for all of the years the left ignored black children killed every day in Chicago? Or Detroit? Or St. Louis? A little Johnny-come-lately action, hmm?"

Despite the Martin family's plea for non-violence, violent protests have broken out in cities around the U.S. with assault and vandalism running rampant. Those who truly believe that Zimmerman was guilt of second-degree have every right to be mad - but, as of now, the anger is misplaced.

"If you want to get mad, get mad at the media. Get mad at the laughable journalistic entity that literally whitewashes the news.  Get mad at the race pimps who haven’t visited cities like Chicago and Detroit and Houston and other cities where black youth are killed daily because there aren’t any television cameras there," Dana explained. "Get mad at the politicians who play hurt and rescue. They pass policies which disenfranchise their constituents of employment opportunity and the ability to become economically prosperous by killing industry. Get mad at the churches who are afraid to be beacons of light in the fog and take a loud and proud stance on responsibility, life, and marriage, all of the ingredients which build family units."

Speaking of the breakdown of the family, Dana moved on to the passage of the Texas State Legislature's 'House Bill 2,' which provides simple, common sense solutions to the otherwise loosely regulated abortion industry that have resulted in horror stories like abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

"The bill, now law, prohibits abortion after 20 weeks. Five months kind of seems like an inordinate amount of time to decide whether or not you’re going to keep your baby. It’s not like you’re returning clothes or putting something on layaway," Dana said. "This isn’t like buying a dress and wearing it to the party and then taking it back. In this case, once you choose to wear the dress, the choice has been made. You own the dress. If you didn’t want this dress, now you shouldn’t have gone shopping, tried it on, and purchased it."

Texas State Legislator Wendy Davis made national headlines for her 11-hour filibuster to block this bill, while pro-choice activists surrounded the Texas State Capitol chanting 'Hail Satan' with used feminine hygiene products, human feces, and urine. It is easy to be disgusted by the lack of respect these protestors have shown, but Dana took a slightly different approach.

"Instead of feeling angry at them now, honestly, I feel kind of sad for ’em," she said. "I feel sad that these women have grown up after a lifetime of being spoon fed liberal feminist disempowerment. Modern-day feminism is all about disempowering women and making them feel like they can’t survive without the government’s assistance. I would know because I was one of them."

Dana shared the moving story behind why she rejected “liberal feminist dis-empowerment” in 2001 because she "grew tired of these people telling me that as a woman, I wasn’t strong enough to raise a child in my circumstances.”

She got pregnant as a “broke, unwed student from a single parent household." And not broke like “wearing last season’s clothes... Broke like I can see through the rust hole in the back passenger side of my Buick.”

"I rejected that ideology in large part because I grew tired of these people telling me that as a woman I wasn’t strong enough to raise a child in my circumstances," Dana said. “Mentally, I said screw this, I can do it. Twelve years later not only did I do it — I did it pretty well.”

She attributes her success to her faith in God and her boyfriend (and now husband). Chris Loesch.

"I wasn’t alone in this, and from this, I learned something valuable that I’m instilling in my sons. Men, do not allow yourselves to be emasculated," Dana said emphatically. "Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded to let an entire generation die away because you didn’t feel it was your place to step up and speak out.  ight back. Your sons need you. Your daughters need you. Your wives and your girlfriends need you. The mothers need you, and you need it too as fathers."

Nearly two years after the January 6 riot at the Capitol, the mystery of who planted two pipe bombs outside the Republican and Democratic National Committee offices remains unsolved. Thankfully, the bombs were found and disabled before they could cause any harm, but with their potential for devastating consequences — not to mention the massive investigations into all things relating to Jan.6 — why does it seem like this story has practically fallen off the face of the earth?

No one in the corporate media has even tried to look into it, and the government's narrative that the bombs were meant to be a diversion for the Capitol riot doesn't make sense when you look at the timeline of events.

So, on this week's episode of "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck broke down the timeline of events that led up to the discovery of the bombs and how the facts appear to point toward one sinister conclusion:

  • Security footage reportedly shows that the two pipe bombs were planted in front of the DNC and RNC the day before the riot.
  • Neither bomb was concealed.
  • Then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris entered the DNC headquarters at approximately 11: 30 am on January 6.
  • At approximately 12:40 pm on January 6, the first pipe bomb was discovered sitting in plain sight outside the DNC headquarters, raising questions as to why the incoming vice president didn't have better security.
  • The pipe bomb had a one-hour kitchen timer that had apparently stopped with 20 minutes left on the timer. (Remember, the bombs were planted on January 5.)
  • The Secret Service reportedly erased their communications from January 5t and January 6 by "accident."

"It doesn't really hit you unless you look at it as a timeline, and then you're like, 'wait a minute that doesn't seem right.' The unsolved mystery of the pipe bomb has been used by the government to show that January 6 riot was part of a larger coordinated attack ... that the bombs were a diversion to get the Capitol police away from the Capitol," Glenn explained.

"But the bomb had a one-hour timer and it was planted at 8 p.m. the night before. So the bomb would have to go off the night before at about 9 p.m. on January 5. How's that a diversion? It's not physically even possible."

Watch the video clip below to hear more or find the full episode of "Unsolved Mysteries: 7 Deep-State SECRETS Biden Wants Buried" here.

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The Biden administration has weaponized the federal government against the American people. But officials have hidden most of their attacks behind a secretive and cavernous bureaucracy.

There are so many unsolved mysteries that Joe Biden and the Democrats not only refuse to answer, but in some cases appear as though they are ACTIVELY trying to cover up. Like what happened on January 6? Who is Ray Epps? Who planted the pipe bombs? What’s in Biden’s executive order on elections? What happened to the SCOTUS Dobbs leaker? What’s the COVID origin story? What’s happening with crypto, FTX, and the Central Bank Digital Currency?

These are just a few of the unsolved mysteries that we need to DEMAND answers on. On his Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck outlines a chalkboard that will leave you convinced the DOJ and FBI are LYING to the American people. The more secrets the Deep State holds, the more its power over us grows.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

Unsolved Mysteries: 7 Deep-State SECRETS Biden Wants Buried | Glenn TV | Ep 238

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

'I NEVER thought I'd talk about this': Was Glenn Beck's CHILLING dream actually a WARNING?

(Left) Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images/(Right) Video screenshot

On the radio program this week, Glenn Beck decided to share a very unusual, extremely vivid dream he had ten years ago — a dream he thought he'd never talk about on the air until he began to see it as a warning that we should all know about.

"I never ever thought I would talk about this on the air, but I feel compelled to tell you that seasons have changed again, and it is becoming more and more apparent. You need to know what you're dealing with," Glenn began.

"If you are a long-time listener of this program, you know that one of the reasons I left New York ... was that I had a medical condition. Part of it was brought on by no REM sleep for about 10 years ... and for 10 years, I never had a dream," he explained. "However, during this period I had what could be described as a dream. I do not believe it was."

"In this 'dream' ... I am in a hallway of the White House. And I'm walking into a big room where there's a bunch of cubicles, and people look up like, 'who's walking in?' There are people behind me, but I don't know who they are yet. I just know I'm being pushed forward by them," Glenn continued. "I realize that everybody in the White House is terrified of who's ever behind me ... I glance back and I see people that are in uniforms that I've never seen before. I have seen them since, but that will be for some other time...."

"So, these guys in the uniforms are in the hallway, and one guy says, 'him, him, and him, take them out' ... and I'm the only one still sitting at the table. They go out ... then I hear three gunshots and they say, 'yeah, that happened pretty quickly for them. However, you, we're going to get to know ... because you really have no idea who you're dealing with.' And that's when one of them ... ripped off his face and he was Satan. Or, he was a demon, okay? Horrifying. Then I wake up."

Glenn went on to explain that, while the dream was so vivid and disturbing that he thought about it almost daily for well over a year, it was what happened next — during a discussion with a prominent religious leader — that really hinted his "dream" might actually have been a vision of the future and a warning.

"I will never forget it, and I will never dismiss it," Glenn said of what he learned. "I'm sharing it with you today because you must not dismiss what you're dealing with. We are not in a battle [of] politics ... our whole culture has become evil."

"You have to get to a point where you are going to choose a side. There will be no one left on the benches, and if you think you can sit it out you will end up on the wrong side. I urge you to know who you serve. This is a different time in human experience. This is not normal. None of this is normal," he warned.

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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