In The Marketplace: Why ‘American Made’ Matters (part 4 of 5)

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Colin Balfe, director of The Marketplace by TheBlaze, and is part of a series of stories highlighting businesses in TheBlaze’s eCommerce channel. In this five-part series on “American Made” small businesses, we learn about the people behind the shops in The Marketplace by TheBlaze. Read Part 1 of the series HERE, Part 2 HERE, and Part 3 HERE.


The Marketplace by TheBlaze is assembling the world’s finest collection of unique small businesses. We don’t just look for quality products; we look for quality people—entrepreneurs who are living their own version of the American Dream. It is their work ethic, integrity and passion driving them to create exceptional products while tirelessly working to earn your trust. In this five-part series, we’re featuring the amazing people behind some of these small businesses, while providing products that are made 100 percent in the USA.


Amid the wide-open, grassy plains of America’s heartland is a place where the ongoing balance between man and nature continues. It’s in this vast expanse of lush prairie fields that the cattle of Nebraska Star Beef wander and graze. This is where the company’s lifelong quality begins—quality that continues all the way from the fields to your dinner plate.

As a family-owned and operated business, Nebraska Star Beef has been dedicated to producing the best quality beef since its beginnings. In the beef industry, cattle are the literal lifeblood of the business.

Dan Klute, the owner of Nebraska Star Beef, realizes his isn’t the only beef company and certainly not the largest. But that doesn’t change his positive outlook.

“Really, it’s very hard to compare what we do to anyone else.” Dan says. “We’re not doing something that others in the beef industry couldn’t do … I just believe that we do it better.”

Living up to that standard of quality, Nebraska Star Beef cattle are fed 30 to 45 days longer than other producers, resulting in bigger cows and producing meat that is extra tender with superior marbling. Plus, they age all of their cuts for 35 days, which creates more tender, juicier steak.

Instead of using hormones, steroids and antibiotics, Nebraska Star Beef takes good care of its cattle while living by the mantra, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” No shortcuts are taken in breeding, raising, feeding or shipping. Nebraska Star Beef employees strive to create products to feed their own families so their customers can rest assured while serving theirs.


The year was 1964 in Gettysburg, South Dakota, when Mrs. Marie Cavanaugh used a recipe handed down from her aunt to make chocolates to sell for a church fundraiser. As word of her delicious cream centers and chocolate-dipped caramels spread, Mrs. Cavanaugh realized she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand by just making the candies alone in her farmhouse basement.

Her husband George and four children rallied to help. Eventually, in 1972, the family left their beloved cattle ranch and moved to Utah to fill demands for Mrs. Cavanaugh’s homemade sweets. Since these humble beginnings, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s has always been committed to making top-quality chocolates. Now, the second generation of chocolate makers is continuing the tradition.

“We have stuck with our commitment to never compromise—we only use the best ingredients, no preservatives and the best chocolate money can buy!” says Mrs. Cavanaugh’s daughter, Colene, going on to explain that they also made the decision early on to always close their shop doors on Sundays. “It’s more important to be closed and honor God instead of the almighty dollar,” she says.

“American products put food on people’s plate, gas in their cars and cash in their wallets … it keeps our country strong” says Michael Wall, managing director of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s. “People know the quality is better, and they are willing to pay for that quality.”


While Paul Pachmayer, otherwise known as “Paracord Paul,” may not have invented the paracord bracelet, his knots are some of the cleverest and most useful designs we’ve seen. Paul and his wife, Judi, now have a small business featured at The Marketplace featuring authentic paracord products.

Paul and Judi maintain a strong passion for their country, which they aren’t afraid to express through their business.

“We are a military family and can’t imagine, for our business, offering anything not made in America,” Judi says. “While we make all our products ourselves, we do our very best to buy American and keep our dollars with businesses who have the same ethics and love of country that we do.”

The Pachmayers make sure their customers never forget that there are still “mom and pop” shops in America that work hard to earn their customers’ trust, take pride in what they make, and treat everyone who comes their way with courtesy and respect.

“Owning a small business means being able to get up every day and do what you love and have a passion for, and at the end of the day looking yourself in the mirror and knowing you’ve done good,” Judi says.

If you haven’t gotten into the paracord craze yet, your kids probably have: It’s not just the cool look that make these bracelets popular—it’s their functionality as well.

A true American accessory, paracord bracelets are made from real parachute string. While simple in appearance, these tiny bracelets can be unraveled to great lengths, hold hundreds of pounds of weight and be used to make slings, build makeshift shelters and more. Bestsellers include the Second Amendment braceletAmerican Pride bracelet and the “In God We Trust” bracelet.


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If there is any doubt about the radical agenda in our school systems, this California teacher just put that to bed. She asked to remain anonymous and courageously agreed to join Glenn on radio Wednesday and provided a document all about the mandatory training the teachers in her school district all had to complete.

They are not required to implement the training in actual curriculum but they are encouraged to talk to their kids about it. She asked colleagues what they thought about the training and many said that it was not sitting right with them but maybe it was because they had racist tendencies themselves.

Read the full document here:

Howtotalkabout race.pdf

Here's how the conversation went:

Teacher Speaks Out | Five OUTRAGEOUS "Critical Race Theory" Lessons Unions Want to Teach your Kids

Once again, the media has failed to carry out even the most cursory investigation when it comes to allegations against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). But investigative journalist David Steinberg has been piecing together "32 new, verifiable, archived pieces of evidence" that indicate Omar conducted the "most extensive spree of state and federal felonies by an elected congressperson in U.S. history."

Steinberg joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to detail how the pieces fit together in his latest report available on

"It's over," Steinberg told Glenn. "There's really nothing left. It's all ... the publicly available documentation that anyone would need to be convinced that, for eight years, [Omar] married her brother to commit immigration fraud. And this marriage fraud also was in the service of education fraud/student loan fraud. And along the line, we have evidence, that she filed at least two years of fraudulent tax returns, possibly eight [years]. We have evidence that she perjured herself eight times during her 2017 divorce from this man. And along the way, of course, we know she was living in public housing. We also know she was likely receiving subsidized child care.

"Essentially, almost everything she put her name on for eight years was perjury or fraud. And it all adds up to likely the most extensive spree of state and federal felonies by an elected congressperson in U.S. history. I really have no other way to put it. That's how big this is."

Watch the video below to get the details:

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The extreme-left idea that gender is "fluid" is a complete denial of science, according to sex researcher and neuroscientist Dr. Debra Soh.

Dr. Soh joined Glenn Beck on his latest podcast to talk about her new book, "THE END OF GENDER: Debunking the Myths about Sex & Identity in Our Society" and to offer a hard dose of objective truth about gender and sexual orientation based on scientific facts.

She also explained why she had to leave academia to be able to speak freely about sex and identity, and how — despite being a liberal — the far-left is actively trying to cancel her for saying there are biological differences between men and women.

Watch the video clip below or find the full episode of the "Glenn Beck Podcast with Dr. Debra Soh here.

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In February 2020, Glenn Beck and his research team uncovered an alleged multi-billion dollar money laundering scheme which lead to a missing $1.8 billion in U.S. aid sent to Ukraine during the Obama administration, all of which pointed to Igor Kolomoisky, the corrupt Ukrainian billionaire at the center of it all.

If you missed Glenn's February special, "Ukraine: The Final Piece," you can find it here.

This week, the FBI raided the offices of U.S. companies owned by Kolomoisky in Cleveland and Miami. Additionally, the Department of Justice accused the Ukrainian oligarch of stealing billions of dollars from PrivatBank and then laundering the money through a network of companies all over the world. Kolomoisky and partner, Hennadiy Boholyubov, owned PrivatBank until December 2016, when Ukraine nationalized the bank because billions of dollars had gone missing.

Kolomoisky has ties to the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, former Burisma board member Hunter Biden, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose phone call with President Donald Trump was central to the Democrats' now-failed impeachment attempt.

On the radio program Friday, Glenn spoke with chief researcher Jason Buttrill about these latest developments.

"Yeah, $1.8 billion of [taxpayer] money that just vanished has now been found, or at least part of it, in Miami and Cleveland," Glenn said.

"I can't believe it's taken this long," Jason responded. "You said in February that [Kolomoisky] was the key to finding out where the money went. And we're talking about $1.8 billion dollars — $1.8 billion! That could finance a small war."

"That money went to PrivatBank — that's Kolomoisky's bank," he continued. "It was later nationalized after they found out all this money was mysteriously going missing. But it went through a bank in Cypress then, poof, it was laundered all over the world. [...] We also showed, in one of the previous shows, that there were wire transfers going from Burisma, which Kolomoisky is the managing principal of, to Hunter Biden."

Glenn and Jason also talked about recent reports from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) alleging ties between American revolutionaries, such as Antifa, and Marxist terrorists in Syria, which BlazeTV exposed back in June. Find out more here.

Watch the video below for more details:

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