Glenn: Misfits will rule the world

For the past few weeks, Glenn has been speaking with out-of-the-box thinkers who have given the audience insight on the kinds of problems and solutions happening in society today. Rather than focus on politics, these guests - including Malcolm Gladwell and Srinivas Rao - these guests have focused on people making changes within themselves and recognizing the power and creativity that lies within the individual. Today on radio, Glenn explained the common themes that people everywhere need to recognize in order to prepare for the future that is rapidly approaching.

"We're all misfits," Glenn said. "You should be a misfit. When we are all trying to be exactly the same, it falls apart, it falls apart."

"I'm going to talk to Penn Jillette tonight about this. Penn has been very, very optimistic. He's a libertarian. He's like 'this is the time for liberty. We are about to really become free.' I think he's right. We are in for real trouble in the meantime in this transition, but I think he's right. We are about to really become free. Because technology allows us to not have to go through systems and people and that's what this struggle is all about," Glenn said.

"The Tea Party struggle right now, it is not about the Constitution. It is about the middle man. Why do I have to go through a middleman? Why do I have to listen to somebody in Washington, when I can reach out and go right directly to the source now? I don't need anybody to do all of this stuff for me. You don't have to tell me how to live my life. I don't need that anymore."

Glenn pointed out how people are shifting away from traditional TV viewing and watching more online via devices like Roku and Apple TV. Glenn said that new technology allows people to get their message and their content without the traditional gatekeepers.

"You don't need all (the networks) anymore," Glenn said. "What is changing? What is changing now is if you have something unique to offer, you can offer it."

On an even broader scale, people can now fact check the old media establishment - like when the NYT's said Obama simply misspoke about the healthcare law - and they can seek out alternative sources for news that hadn't been available before.

'They tell us it's our civic duty to DROP DEAD': Here's how EVIL Canada's assisted suicide program has become

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Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying program killed nearly as many Canadians as COVID-19 did in 2021, and changes to the law will soon make this form of "medical homicide" an option for those whose only medical condition is a mental illness, including veterans with PTSD, the depressed, or even "mature" children under the age of 18.

Rebel News chief reporter Sheila Gunn Reid joined Glenn Beck on the radio program with the latest updates on what she called Canada's "culture of death," including why Canada's socialized health care policies are to blame and why she believes more people are dying from medical suicide than the government is reporting.

Reid told Glenn that while official reports say that more than 10,000 Canadians died with medical assistance in 2021, the actual number is likely much higher for two main reasons.

"Doctors are now in Canada under advisement from certain medical associations to obscure the numbers by listing the cause of death as the reason the person sought MAID ... instead of the actual medical homicide at the hands of the state," Reid explained.

"Also, that 10,000 number, those are people who asked for medical homicide in writing. But in Canada, you don't have to ask in writing. You don't have to wait ten days the way we used to have to wait. You can just ask for it and get it on the very same day now."

Reid went on to emphasize, "This really is the end stage of socialized medicine. The government is creating the suffering for so many of these people in Canada through their own ineptitude. But instead of doing a better job of alleviating people's suffering, they tell us it's our civic duty to drop dead and get out of the health care line."

Under Canada's socialized health care system, a person who is suffering from chronic pain can now get medical assistance in dying far more easily than corrective medical treatment, according to Reid.

"In Canada, the standard of care for knee replacement surgery is 182 days," she said. "However, you can seek medical assistance in dying for the chronic pain you have because of your knee on the very same day you ask for it. That's because, in Canada, you don't have to be terminally ill. You just have to be chronically ill and dissatisfied with the level of care that you're receiving."

"Over the past two years, it's really been horrendous here in Canada," Reid continued. "We had a 91-year-old lady who was in the news in Vancouver because she sought medical assistance in dying because she didn't want to go back into COVID lockdown in her nursing home. Young people with diabetes or eating disorders seeking medical assistance in dying. People who are dissatisfied with the government-subsidized housing that they're receiving saying, 'I don't want to be homeless, so I have a chronic illness, and I'm going to seek medical assistance in dying.' ... We've got up to nine veterans that are on the record saying that, instead of helping them ... Veterans Affairs suggested to them that perhaps, because you're in such chronic pain and you're experiencing acute PTSD, wouldn't it just be better for everybody involved if you dropped dead?"

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Canada’s medically-assisted suicide program, formally called “Medically Assisted In Death” or MAID, was passed in 2016 for those who suffer from a lethal or debilitating illness. As Glenn discussed on his show this week, a staggering 30,000 Canadians have chosen to take their lives since its passage. In 2021 alone, more than 10,000 ended their life through MAID, accounting for 3.3% of Canadian deaths that year. This year, Trudeau’s parliament is expanding Canada’s MAID access to include those who are mentally ill and suffer from depression starting in 2023.

This should disturb you deeply.

There’s more to this story that is troubling than the initial guttural reaction to state-assisted suicide. As Glenn pointed out in his program this week, almost as many Canadians have died of state-assisted suicide in 2021 (10,000) as of COVID-19 in the same year (14,000). The sheer number of Canadians seeking medically-assisted suicide is indicative of the loose enforcement of limiting MAID access. Even under MAID's current restrictions, lenient doctors and government agencies have offered and provided euthanasia to residents who simply were "tired of life."

Almost as many Canadians have died of state-assisted suicide in 2021 as of COVID-19 in the same year.

Les Landry seeks euthanasia because he's afraid of poverty

Take, for example, Les Landry, a 65-year-old Canadian resident who already received one of two doctors’ signatures required for MAID approval. He doesn't have a debilitating illness or a deadly disease--he is afraid of becoming homeless. Landry admitted he “doesn’t want to die" but the "pain of living is more than the dear of death." He already has received one of two doctor's signatures required for MAID and says he will simply “shop around” for a doctor who will give him his second approval.

Nancy Russell receives a lethal injection to avoid facing another COVID lockdown

Or take the case of 90-year-old Nancy Russell who received a lethal injection in 2020 because she didn’t want to face isolation and loneliness during Canada’s strict COVID lockdowns. According to CTV News who broke the story:

“Russell, described by her family as exceptionally social and spry, was one such person. Her family says she chose a medically-assisted death (MAID) after she declined so sharply during lockdown that she didn’t want to go through more isolation this winter.”

Nancy Russell, a 90-year-old Canadian woman, opted to end her life rather than face another COVID lockdown.Courtesy of Right to Life, UK

Canadian Paralympian Christine Gauthier was offered unsolicited access to euthanasia

It's clear that MAID is being given to mental health cases outside of the current restrictions.

But it gets more disturbing.

MAID is being offered to disabled residents who weren’t seeking state-assisted suicide in the first place.

MAID is being given to mental health cases outside of the current restrictions.

Former Canadian Paralympian and military veteran, Christine Gauthier, testified in Canada’s House of Commons that she was offered MAID by the Department of Veterans Affairs when she was following up on her request to receive a wheelchair ramp for her residence. Recounting the event, Gauthier said, “I have a letter saying that if you're so desperate, madam, we can offer you MAID, medical assistance in dying.”

Canadian Paralympian and military veteran, Christine Gauthier, who was offered unsolicited access to MAID, spots one of her training clients in a gym.David Donnelly/CBC | CBC

People on both sides of the aisle are deeply disturbed...

Under Canada’s new expansion of MAID, what doctors turned a blind eye to de facto is now going to be permitted by law: approving medically-assisted suicide to mentally ill residents.

This has sparked an outcry from both pro and anti-MAID spokespeople alike. Nicole Scheidl, Executive Director of Canadian Physicians for Life, who takes an anti-MAID stance, says:

“That goes to the very heart of what the physician thinks — the quality of life of the person in front of them, And clearly, that's not a decision that should ever fall to a doctor. As well, people who are suicidal don't clearly see that they need suicide prevention. They all want suicide assistance.”

Even Chris Considine, a pro-MAID lawyer who has advocated for patients seeking medically-assisted suicide, expresses worries concerning the law’s expansion into mental health:

“In addition, there are underlying causes for mental health which are not strictly organic,” Considine said. “There may be depression caused by poor housing, poor job prospects and other issues, which will drive people into a deep depression. Those issues could be solved, and therefore, there may not really be a need for MAiD.”

Glenn calls it as it is... "evil"

As Tim Stainton, director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia, rightly said, Canada’s MAID laws are “probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people since the Nazis’ program in Germany in the 1930s.”

He hit the nail on the head but missed the greater picture. Canada’s MAID laws are not a threat to disabled people alone, but a threat to all residents. Laws that view human life as circumstantially extinguishable are a threat to everyone who lives under those laws.

Glenn put the issue simply: “We are dealing with evil. We are not dealing with mere policies.” We can only describe the issue as such if we believe that evil is any violation of human life and dignity. Yet that’s the rub: we are increasingly becoming a civil society that is devoid of respect for human dignity–and we know all too well from this past century the consequences of this belief.

“We are dealing with evil. We are not dealing with mere policies.”

Dare to call it treason? Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files' expose conspiracy between FBI, CIA agents and Big Tech to sway election results

Aurelien Meunier / Contributor, SAUL LOEB / Contributor, Gwengoat | Getty Images

I’d like for you to imagine a scenario where employees in the federal government reached out to Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather a few weeks before an election and convinced them to not do a news story that could affect the outcome. Just called them up and said, “Hey, we know you have the facts of a story exactly accurate, but what if you hold off on running that story until after the election, because it might hurt our guy’s chances…” Like they do in, you know, Communist China.

"Twitter Gate" exposes how government manipulates Big Tech for their own agenda

What Matt Taibbi and Elon Musk have exposed is one of the most egregious examples of agents within the U.S. Intelligence Community conspiring with two of the largest media platforms in the world to purposely change the outcome of an election. And while there are those who are making the claim that these are private companies and therefore can do whatever they like with their algorithms and content, the same cannot be said of the current and former government agents—all of whom took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. The internal Twitter files provided by Musk reveal the purposeful manipulation of these media platforms at the behest of those within the government and power apparatus in D.C. who wanted a particular outcome—the defeat of Donald Trump and the successful election of Joe Biden as President of the United States.

Conspiring with two of the largest media platforms in the world to purposely change the outcome of an election.

Some months ago, Zuckerberg confirmed the same sort of election-oriented interference was also going on at Facebook, with the FBI suggesting to Facebook’s content moderators that certain stories should be suppressed or blocked. Facebook did their bidding. Taibbi’s articles exposed that Twitter had gone so far as to actually block the New York Post's bombshell reporting from even being shared in private and direct messages—holding the story hostage and blocking their account for several weeks.

Those members of the media who failed to do their jobs in 2020 have now turned to attacks ad hominem, attempting to discredit Matt Taibbi and Elon Musk. Yet nobody in the press who is now attacking Taibbi has disputed any of his reporting.

Government uses Big Tech to interfere in elections

So, what we have here is now a confirmed conspiracy whereby Government agents convinced media platforms to actively work to change the outcome of an election. Musk, now CEO and owner of Twitter, has openly stated that now-fired employees of his company engaged in election interference. When done by private employees of a private company, election interference may be illegal. When done by government agents, it may rise to the level of treason, since they subverted the constitutionally mandated process of free and fair elections.

They subverted the constitutionally mandated process of free and fair elections.

Americans seem to have long accepted the notion that the CIA and FBI engage in election interference in countries around the world, putting our thumb on the scale to support our favored candidates. However, most Americans would be horrified to learn that our intelligence agencies are engaging in that type of activity here in our own country. But that seems to be precisely what’s happened. The majority of Biden voters who learned about the Hunter Biden laptop story after the election have indicated it would have changed how they voted. The outcome of that election was certainly impacted.

Watergate. Teapot Dome. Iran-Contra. All massive scandals in our nation’s history which altered politics and proved the value of the 1st Amendment and the special protection we provide to journalists. But those privileges come with a counterbalancing set of responsibilities. The freedom of the press is vital, there is a reason they are called The 4th Estate, and there is a reason we grant them legal and social protections against pressure or manipulation of the government.

The press is supposed to be our check against the consolidation of power by governments, by companies or religions. The press doing the bidding of the government is what they had in Soviet Russia or what they have in China and North Korea today. Without a free and independent press, you can’t have a free and independent civilization.

The press doing the bidding of the government is what they had in Soviet Russia or what they have in China and North Korea today.

Big Tech's unholy marriage with the Swamp

For those of you wondering how deep the Swamp really is, look no further than former Deputy Director of the FBI turned Twitter editorial consultant James Baker. I think this was one of the things that Donald Trump underestimated when he ran on the Drain the Swamp campaign promise in 2016. Most of us and Trump’s team seem to have believed that was a job they’d go do in Washington, as if that is where the Swamp began and ended.

But given the unholy marriage between Silicon Valley and D.C., the revolving door that now exists between the White House and Congressional staffers and Big Tech, the Swamp isn’t now just D.C., it’s also big Media. And I don’t mean NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX, that isn’t the media anymore. The media is now Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, because that is where people actually get their news. About 80% of news media consumption happens via social media, so that is where the Swamp is now.

The Swamp isn’t now just D.C., it’s also big Media.

James Baker, famous for being one of the primary purveyors of the Trump Russia-collusion hoax, also turns out to be the filter through which Twitter determined to limit access to the original New York Post story about the Hunter Biden laptop. I think this is something that Trump and team learned the first time around that I hope they take into account if he truly decides to run for the White House again. The Swamp doesn’t end at the Potomac. When Facebook and Twitter are doing the bidding of the FBI and CIA, suppressing free speech and the freedom of the Press, that’s the Swamp. Private companies doing the bidding of 3-letter agencies can no longer claim independence or privacy. They are agents of the government, agents of the Swamp, and any claim they had to the 1st Amendment’s protections of Free Speech or Freedom of the Press are thereby forfeit.

None may dare call it treason, but at the very least, there must be accountability, and those in the government who ordered this story to be surpassed must be investigated and, if laws were found to be broken, should be prosecuted. If we don’t, what’s the point to a free and independent press at all?

The scandal that erupted recently over the ad campaign from fashion brand Balenciaga not only put a spotlight on the evil effort to sexualize children in our culture but also emphasized the fact that many of America’s progressive elites seem to think this trend is okay. Media outlets like the New York Times were more concerned about the outrage against Balenciaga coming from the right than they were about a fashion brand posing children with teddy bears dressed in sexual fetish attire.

On tonight's episode of "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck asks, "What alternate universe is this?!" As more child-grooming tactics have come to light, good parents have protested graphic sexual content in our schools. But the media, left-wing school boards, and even the Biden administration have treated the parents as a far greater threat than the disturbing content aimed at children.

Few understand what we’re up against better than author James Lindsay, who was banned from Twitter for saying child-grooming is not okay. He and Glenn expose the groups and motivations behind the trend to normalize child sexualization and the dark origins of how this movement began.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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