Glenn: If we want the government to do less, we must do more

On Saturday, Glenn and Mercury One traveled to the border town of McAllen, Texas to distribute some $2 million worth of aid to local charities and churches. What Glenn saw that day was truly profound, and it caused him to question much of what is being reported when it comes to the so-called humanitarian crisis on our border. On radio this morning, Glenn explained the work of private charities in the region and explained why we must not forget that in order for the government to do less, the American people must do more.

Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

Catholic Charities is doing a really great job. Sister Norma Pimentel (executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley) is doing a great job. She's not somebody I agreed with on the border – by any stretch of the imagination – but she is a good-hearted woman. And as she took us into the medical facility the Catholic Church has brought in and the town of McAllen is helping pay for and private donations are paying for. Private doctors are volunteering their time. I met a doctor from San Antonio who's coming out just on the weekends to help. Nurses are doing the same thing.

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She showed us the kitchens where they're feeding some of these people. She said, ‘We have to feed them only soup because they can't handle anything.’ Do you remember when the story first came out that probably pissed you off? ‘Oh, yeah, and now they're coming over and they don't like our food. They're complaining about the food.’ No, they're not complaining about the food. Why was that story written that way? They're not complaining about the food. Their bodies can't handle the food. Most of them have been on the road for at least 30 days. They haven't had any real food. It's just like the concentration camps. You can't just open up the doors and say, ‘Okay, everybody have sandwiches.’

She said, ‘We're feeding them soup. But a couple of the women, they've come and the doctors will examine them. They've needed IV bags.’ And that's when I said to this woman – who's very kind and compassionate, big-hearted – ‘Hang on, Sister Norma, just a second here. They're coming to you after being dropped off at the bus depot. They're coming to you after a week at the FEMA detention center. How is it they still can't handle any food? How is it that they are leaving there dehydrated, and you are giving them vaccinations and shots?’ And I think because she didn't want any controversy, she said, ‘Well, the women probably didn't say anything at the detention center.’ And I didn't get into an argument with her. And I don't want to put words in her mouth that she did not say. But I have a hard time understanding how the Catholic Church is asking these questions. How the Catholic Church has a volunteer doctor who is examining people and saying, ‘You need IV you're dehydrated.’ And how our federal government isn't doing that.

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This is the answer why you're not seeing any pictures of this humanitarian crisis because it is the Superdome in several locations. You need to understand and you need to be the voice that tells people, ‘Don't close your heart because of those people who lied about you after Hurricane Katrina. Because there is real need.’ The press must demand to be let in. The only way to stop this is through transparency. We are breaking up families.

Let me tell you something. We are putting traumatized people on a bus and just dropping them off at the Greyhound bus depot. Traumatized people, traumatized children, who may never recover. And how much will they cost us later if you want to boil it down to that? How much will they cost us later? How much damage has been done to these children by the drug lords, by their own families, by the trip? And then by the federal government saying, ‘No hugs. no touching’ and break the family up again and separate them by age. It's a nightmare. We are so much better than this. And this part of it has nothing to do with justice. This has everything to do with mercy. Justice must be done. We must close our border. We must stop this insanity. We are empowering all of the bad people. We are destroying people. It must end now.

But while we declare that, we have got to get our churches involved. We have got to get people who actually care. The government has no heart. It wasn't designed to have a heart. You have the heart. Our churches have the heart. Our relief organizations – they have the heart. They should be the ones doing this. If you want the government to do less, then we must do more. You know the government has no heart. You know your church does have a heart. Find these FEMA centers. Picket, protest, call, do whatever you have to do. Forget about the buses coming in to your towns for a second. Get into those shelters and help these children. Help them. They are alone. They are afraid. They're traumatized. And our government is aiding in the trauma.

'The Handmaid's Tale' got it right, just with the wrong religion

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Just in case The Handmaid's Tale's heavy-handed message wasn't already heavy-handed enough, a recent episode made it clear there's always room for further hysteria. Particularly, in relation to depictions of a “patriarchal society" run by Christian doctrine and determined by men — oh those dastardly men.

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The show appropriates Margaret Atwood of the same name, depicting a totalitarian society led by Christian doctrine in which women's bodies are controlled, and they have no rights. The story sounds familiar, but not in the same way Atwood and the show's creators have so smugly assumed.

Just as tone-deaf as 4th wave feminism itself, and tone-deaf in all the exact same places. Most notably, the show's heavy-handed indignation toward Christianity. Toward the patriarchy. Toward conservatives and traditional values. And just like 4th wave feminism, the show completely overlooks the irony at play. Because there is a part of the world where women and children are being raped and mutilated. In fact, in this very real place, the women or girls are often imprisoned, even executed, for being raped, and they are mutilated in unspeakable ways.

Theirs is a cruel, bloody, colorless life.

There is a place, a very real place, where women are forced to cover their entire bodies with giant tarp-like blankets, which is all the more brutal given the endless heat of this place. There is a place where women literally have one-third of the rights of men, a place where women are legally, socially and culturally worth less than men.

They cannot drive cars. They cannot be outside alone. They cannot divorce, they cannot even choose who they marry and often, they are forcibly married at a young age.

They are raped. A lot. Theirs is a cruel, bloody, colorless life. This is the life of tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of women. And, I'll tell you, their religion isn't Christianity.

Science did it again. It only took 270 million years, but this week, scientists finally solved the mystery that has kept the world up at night. We finally know where octopuses come from: outer space. That explains why they look like the aliens in just about every alien movie ever made.

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It turns out octopuses were aliens that evolved on another planet. Scientists haven't determined which one yet, but they've definitely narrowed it down to one of the planets in one of the galaxies. Hundreds of millions of years ago (give or take a hundred), these evolved octopus aliens arrived on Earth in the form of cryopreserved eggs. Now, this part is just speculation, but it's possible their alien planet was on the verge of destruction, so Mom and Dad Octopus self-sacrificially placed Junior in one of these cryopreserved eggs and blasted him off the planet to save their kind.

This alien-octopus research, co-authored by a group of 33 scientists, was published in the Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology journal. I'm sure you keep that on your nightstand like I do.

Anyway, these scientists say octopuses evolved very rapidly over 270 million years. Which sounds slow, but in evolutionary terms, 270 million years is like light speed. And the only explanation for their breakneck evolution is that they're aliens. The report says, “The genome of the Octopus shows a staggering level of complexity with 33,000 protein-coding genes — more than is present in Homo sapiens."

Lucky for us, they landed in the water. Otherwise, we might be octopus pets.

They mention that the octopus' large brain, sophisticated nervous system, camera-like eyes, flexible bodies and ability to change color and shape all point to its alien nature. Octopuses developed those capabilities rather suddenly in evolution, whereas we're still trying to figure out the TV remote.

These biological enhancements are so far ahead of regular evolution that the octopuses must have either time-traveled from the future, or “more realistically" according to scientists, crash-landed on earth in those cryopreserved egg thingies. The report says the eggs arrived here in “icy bolides." I had to look up what a “bolide" is, and turns out it's a fancy word for a meteor.

So, to recap: a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, an alien race of octopuses packed their sperm-bank samples in some meteors and shot them toward Earth. Lucky for us, they landed in the water. Otherwise, we might be octopus pets.

President Trump's approval rating is rising, and Democrats — hilariously — can't seem to figure out what's going on. A few months ago Democrats enjoyed a sixteen point lead over Republicans, but now — according to CNN's recent national survey — that lead is down to just THREE points. National data from Reuters shows it as being even worse.

The Democratic advantage moving towards the halfway mark into 2018 shows that Republicans are only ONE point behind. The president's public approval rating is rising, and Democrats are nervously looking at each other like… “umm guys, what are we doing wrong here?"

I'm going to give Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi a little hint. We know that the Left has enjoyed a “special relationship" with the media, but they might want to have a sit down with their propaganda machine. The mainstream media is completely out of control, and Americans are sick of it. We're DONE with the media.

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Look what has been going on just this week. The president called MS-13 gang members animals, but that's not the story the media jumped on. They thought it was more clickable to say that Trump was calling all immigrants animals instead. In the Middle East, the media rushed to vilify Israel instead of Hamas. They chose to defend a terror organization rather than one of our oldest allies.

Think about that. The media is so anti-Trump that they've chosen a violent street gang AND A GLOBAL TERROR ORGANIZATION as their torch-bearing heroes. Come on, Democrats. Are you seriously baffled why the American people are turning their backs on you?

Still not enough evidence? Here's the New York Times just yesterday. Charles Blow wrote a piece called "A Blue Wave of Moral Restoration" where he tried to make the case that the president and Republicans were the enemy, but — fear not — Democrat morality was here to save the day.

Here are some of these cases Blow tries to make for why Trump is unfit to be President:

No person who treats women the way Trump does and brags on tape about sexually assaulting them should be president.

Ok, fine. You can make that argument if you want to, but why weren't you making this same argument for Bill Clinton? Never mind, I actually know the reason. Because you were too busy trying to bury the Juanita Broaddrick story.

Let's move on:

No person who has demonstrated himself to be a pathological liar should be president.

Do the words, “You can keep your doctor" mean anything to the New York Times or Charles Blow? I might have saved the best for last:

No person enveloped by a cloud of corruption should be president.

I can only think of three words for a response to this: Hillary Frigging Clinton.

Try displaying a little consistency.

If the media really wants Donald Trump gone and the Democrats to take over, they might want to try displaying a little consistency. But hey, maybe that's just too much to ask.

How about starting with not glorifying terrorist organizations and murderous street gangs. Could we at least begin there?

If not… good luck in the midterms.

In the weeks following President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the mainstream media was quick to criticize the president's pro-Israel stance and make dire predictions of violent backlash in the Middle East. Fast forward to this week's opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the simultaneous Palestinian “protests" in Gaza.

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Predictably, the mainstream media chastised Israel for what they called “state-sanctioned terrorism" when the IDF stepped in to protect their country from so-called peaceful Palestinian protesters. Hamas leaders later admitted that at least 50 of the 62 Palestinians killed in the clashes were Hamas terrorists.

“In our post-modern media age, there is no truth and nobody even seems to be looking for it …. This is shamefully clear in the media especially this week with their coverage of the conflict between the border of Israel and the Gaza strip," said Glenn on today's show. He added, “The main media narrative this week is about how the IDF is just killing innocent protesters, while Hamas officials have confirmed on TV that 50 of the 62 people killed were working for Hamas."

The mainstream media views the Palestinians as the oppressed people who just want to share the land and peacefully coexist with the people of Israel. “They can't seem to comprehend that in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, only one side is actively trying to destroy the other," surmised Glenn.

Watch the video above to hear Glenn debunk the “peaceful Palestinian protest" fallacy.