It’s hard to believe the President would do this after an American citizen was beheaded by radical Islamists

President Obama’s handling of the beheading of American journalist James Foley at the hand of ISIS terrorists just might prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Immediately following the Wednesday press conference in which he condemned ISIS actions, the President hit the links at Vineyard Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard.

“Can that get any worse,” Pat asked on radio this morning. “Just the appearance of that is horrific. But he couldn't care less. He could not care less. And it's just despicable to me. Had that been Bush talking about something like that and then going immediately to a golf course, they would have just berated him.”

Since Obama jetted to Martha’s Vineyard earlier this month, liberals have chastised those who have expressed concern over the president of the United States being on vacation in a time where ISIS is exerting more force in Iraq, Israel and Gaza are locked in a deadly conflict, and – right here at home – Ferguson, Missouri is literally on fire in the aftermath of the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

But even those Obama sympathizers were at a loss for words on Wednesday. The Independent Journal Review put together a collection of some of the tweets that emerged once it was confirmed President did indeed go golfing.

CBS News’ Major Garrett was among the first to report the President’s whereabouts:

Not long after, the New York Times’ Ross Douthat chimed in:

Politico’s Dylan Byers seconded that notion:

Another Politico writer, Ben White, also acknowledge the optics of this particular golf outing are pretty bad:

“Think about this: Hundreds of thousands of American citizens are around the country… clicking on something on their Twitter feed allowing them to see an American citizen decapitated on video,” Stu said. “And as they're doing that, the President is on the fourth hole. It's incredible to think that he would do such a thing on that type of day… It just looks terrible.”

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We are not fighting Republicans and Democrats. We are not fighting our neighbors or even the people who are trying to destroy us. We are fighting EVIL.

Glenn delivered these powerful words last June as the keynote speaker for the First Landing 1607 Project’s event, “The Declaration of Covenant," and he hit the nail on the head: we are more divided than ever as a nation.

During his speech, Glenn remarked how distinct our current division is compared to other inflection points in our nation's history. Our disagreements have moved far past the partisan debates between Democrats and Republicans. We, as Americans, can't even agree on what a man is. What a woman is. What marriage is. What gender is. Whattruthis. Because we have forgotten who God is.

We can't even agree on what truth is because we have forgotten who God is.

Glenn often harkens back to 9/11 as a rare instance of national unity. On that day weren't Republicans. We weren't Democrats. On that day, we were Americans, and we were able to unite as Americans because we had a common vision of what America is and ought to be.

We don't have that anymore.

Where does that leave us? Is there any hope of reclaiming that unity that turned colonies into states, that reconciled the North and South after years of bloodshed, that enabled us to rise from the ashes of 9/11? Glenn says that there is, and it requires us to follow in the footsteps of those who came before us.

Now it's time for us to reconsecrate that covenant.

Glenn says that we are a covenant nation. The Pilgrims and the Jamestown colonists both made their separate covenants before God, dedicating their new-found lands to his service, and these covenants were continually consecrated by our forefathers, from George Washington to Lincoln. Now it's time for us to reconsecrate that covenant.

Starting on October 5th, Glenn is launching "The First 40 Days," a 40-day study on God's covenants and how we, as a nation, can revive the covenant that our forefathers passed down to us. Featuring insights from a wide range of contributors, this study will dive into the different types of Biblical covenants, what it means to enter into a covenant with God, and how we, in our current time of division, can unify under a new covenant.

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Over the weekend, the government avoided its 15th shutdown since 1980...for now. The short-term stop-gap spending bill gives Congress 45 days to pass a more robust budget. As Glenn explains, many Republicans and Democrats have been weaponizing the imminent shutdown to force the passage of omnibus bills, resulting in deficit spending and programs that aren't in the best interests of the American people.

But would a government shutdown be all that bad? Glenn argues that ALL taxpayers should want a shutdown. If Congress were to pass their current budget, the federal deficit would DOUBLE. What exactly would happen if Congress did not pass a massive deficit budget by October 1st? As Glenn explains, the world would NOT come crumbling down, and the government would be forced to STOP spending YOUR taxpayer dollars on projects that are harmful to the American people.

Below is a list Glenn read on-air that outlines exactly what will happen if the government shuts down.

1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics' jobs report could be delayed this month.

2.The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service will have to cut back.

3.The Federal Reserve activity will be unaffected.

4.The Federal Trade Commission will stop the vast bulk of its competition and consumer protection investigations.

5.The Security and Exchange Commission will not review or improve registrations from investment advisers, broker dealers, transfer agents, rating organizations, investment companies, and municipal advisers.

6.The IRS has not released this plan for the potential shutdown. However, previous plans have said the IRS would use funds from Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act to keep employees paid and working.

7.A shutdown would create increased risk that FEMA's relief funds could be depleted.  (Though if large catastrophic disasters were to occur during the shutdown, they would very easily pass funding for that).

8.The Department of the Interior will retain limited discretion to use permits for energy projects on federal lands and waters, when user fees are attached.

9.Most EPA-led inspections at hazardous waste sites, as well as drinking water at chemical facilities, are going to stop.

10.The Energy Information Administration will continue to collect and publish snapshots of the U.S. oil inventory on schedule.

11.Nuclear Regulatory Commission will continue to maintain nuclear sites. However, they will stop all licensing of new nuclear facilities.

12.Air traffic controllers and TSA officers will be working without pay (they will be paid, just not on time).

13.Amtrak will keep transporting the estimated 12 passengers that regularly use the service.

14.Passport and visas will still be issued.

15.Efforts to defend the nation and conduct ongoing military operations will continue.

16.Burials and tours at Arlington National Cemetery will continue.

17.COVID-19 response research, including vaccine and therapeutic development by the U.S. government, will continue.

18.The National Institute of Health might have to postpone clinical trials for diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's.

19. Food stamps for low income people, the disabled, and others could be delayed.

20.Most National Parks will be closed along with the Smithsonian, the National Gallery of Art, Cemeteries, Monuments, and visitor centers.

21.The Capitol Police will work without pay (again, they will be paid, just not on time).

POLL: What did YOU think about the 2nd GOP presidential debate?

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Wednesday was a big night for the Republican presidential candidates during the second GOP debate... OR WAS IT?

Glenn wasn't impressed with the debate. In fact, he went as far as to say it was the worst Presidential debate BY FAR he had ever seen for THIS reason: NO ONE discussed the major issues that Americans are actually facing.

Inflation has doubled Americans' grocery bills. Gas is nearing a historic record of $100/barrel. We have DOUBLED our national deficit. Bidenomics and the globalists' green agenda pose an existential threat to core American industries while we continue to fund the Ukrainian people's pensions and small businesses. It is as if our government has forgotten the American people.

It is as if our government has forgotten the American people.

Do YOU think the candidates hit the mark during the second GOP debate? Do you support Trump's decision to skip two debates in a row? Let us know in the poll below!

Do you think the 2nd GOP debate was overall positive?

Did the candidates debate issues you are concerned about?

Do you think the "real" debate was between Trump and Biden in Michigan?

Do you think any of the other GOP candidates can beat Trump? 

Do you think Trump can beat Biden? 

Do you think any other candidate besides Trump can beat Biden?

Do you think it was a mistake for Trump to miss the first debate?

Do you think it was a mistake for Trump to miss the second debate?

COVID is back! Or that is what we’re being told anyway...

A recent spike in COVID cases has triggered the left's alarm bells, and the following institutions have begun to reinstate COVID-era mandates. You might want to avoid them if you enjoy breathing freely...

Do YOU think institutions should bring back COVID-era mandates if cases increase? Let us know your thoughts HERE.

Morris Brown College

Both of Upstate Medical's hospitals in Syracuse, New York

Corey Henry / Senior Staff Photographer | The Daily Orange

Auburn Community Hospital, New York

Kevin Rivoli / The Citizen | Auburn Pub

Lionsgate Studio

AaronP/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor | GETTY IMAGES

United Health Services in New York

Kaiser Permanente in California

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