There's a very good reason you won't be seeing Glenn on 'Real Time with Bill Maher' anytime soon

In an interview with Dan Gibson in Tucson Weekly, Gibson asked Bill Maher about his vocal opposition to radical Islam and Glenn's invitation to come on TheBlaze TV for an open and honest conversation on the topic. Glenn's 5pm show has become a place for strange bedfellows to find common ground, but in the interview Maher didn't seem too eager to have that conversation with Glenn. Instead, Maher downplayed the similarities between his opinion and Glenn's on radical Islam and made several assumptions about Glenn's point of view.

Below is an excerpt:

DG: I saw that after your Charlie Rose interview that Glenn Beck offered an open invite to come on his internet show or whatever it is now to have a civil dialogue about Islam. Is it possible for you and Glenn Beck to have a civil dialogue about Islam?

BM: Of course! We could have a civil dialogue about anything. Glenn Beck has had an open invitation to appear on my show for years. I would reiterate that invitation. Glenn Beck, come on my show and I'll come on yours.

DG: That seems like a fair trade.

BM: I've heard that a lot about Glenn Beck and I walking hand in hand about Islam. Not really. First of all, Glenn Beck is a Christian. A serious Christian, although Mormons aren't really Christians, wink, wink. Glenn Beck is more on the Ann Coulter page that what we should do is conquer the Middle East and convert them to Christianity. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying all religions are stupid. Islam just happens to be the one right now, in this century, that's most dangerous and violent. Christianity was the one that was dangerous and violent in the 14th century and the 15th century. In the 16th century, Christians were slaughtering each other by sect, Protestants and Catholics were cutting each others heads off, just the Shiites and the Sunnis are now. But we had a reformation and that's what Islam needs, a reformation. That's what I'm saying and that's different than what Glenn Beck is saying. But, hey, I get where he's coming from.

After reading the interview, Glenn posted a response to Maher's comments on his Facebook page:

It is funny that Bill comments on my POV when he doesn't know my POV. Sorry to disappoint him but, while I wish everyone, including Bill Maher himself, could find the joy I have found in my faith, I am a man who actually believes that everyone must and will find their own way. If Bill wanted to know sincerely about my faith, I will send the boys with the bikes over :)

But I am not waiting for that call.

In the meantime I hold up his right to believe what he does, as I do the right of all Muslims. UNLESS IT INVOLVES KILLING PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU. I have been holding up people like Zuhdi Jasser for many years now. He is Muslim and a Martin Luther style reformer. I support him without any idea of "baptizing him".

Penn Jillette and I have been down this road years ago. He really disliked people of faith. He doesn't now. He still doesn't believe in God, but he doesn't feel he needs to call others stupid. It was beneath him and he is so much better than that. I admire him for the man he is and has become on this issue.

I think it is time we stop playing this game of my way or the highway. Or, "I love you in hopes I can get a leg up and make you see the light of my answer so then I can 'win'."

There is no winning in this game. We can move the world forward, but never in name calling and belittling others. It was played in the beginning and will be played until the end.

I think Bill and I disagree on this: I believe people who call God Allah are not stupid nor are billions of others on this planet that believe in God and worship him faithfully. Bill does. If I were like Bill I would then have to claim something else I do not believe: That people like Bill or any of my atheist friends are stupid for not believing in God.

Why can we not all understand the Classic liberal that most of our founders did.

I do not need to change you nor you me. We can live side by side, worship in different ways and RESPECT one another?

Why can't we stop calling each other names? I know this is hard for many people to swallow from me. I do not claim to be perfect. In fact far from it. But everyone needs to start somewhere. I am trying to change my ways and be a better man. It begins with listening to others and not claiming to have all of the answers. It begins with humility and a willingness to admit to being wrong.

I have been wrong in the past and I am sure I will be wrong in the future. But I am really trying to make an effort.

This is why I won't accept an invite on his show. I want an actual discussion. One based in respect. One that I think can actually help reknit the fabric of our country and world,

I think Bill wants to discuss things but he also wants to "win" and he really wants a good show.

I don't blame him. I used to live somewhat in that world. Then I woke up. Times have changed. We need to be better men than most of us have allowed ourselves to become.

I apologize to Bill for putting those words into his mouth or heart. I do not know him and it is unfair of me to project my feelings on him especially in the same piece where I am asking him to stop making statements on what I believe when he clearly does not know what I believe.

I pray that he and others will see the sincere desire in my heart to move forward in a spirit of peace and reconciliation. Our way of life depends on it and our children will ask us why we didn't come together sooner when we all knew what was at stake.

What is actually in Texas' new GOP-led voting bill? Nearly every Texas House Democrat fled the state to block its passage, calling it racist and oppressive, and President Joe Biden backed them as well.

But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Friday to set the record straight and call out the lies: All of these claims are "completely false." He also explained his promise to "arrest" the Texas House Democrats when they return to the Lone Star State.

"What is in the bill is completely different than what they're saying, what Kamala Harris is saying, what President Biden is saying. What's in the bill actually increases the number of hours that people have to vote in the state of Texas. In the state of Texas, we have at least 12 days of early voting, and we are adding hours to those days. And on top of that, we are giving people time off from work to be able to vote. Bottom line, we're making it easier to vote in the state of Texas," Gov Abbott explained.

"In comparison, Delaware — the state that President Biden votes in — has exactly zero hours of early voting," he added. "That said, there is one thing that we're doing in the state of Texas, and that is we're making sure we tighten the reins on mail-in ballots that can lead to voter fraud. And it's not me saying that. It's a federal judge, appointed by Barack Obama, in Corpus Christi, Texas, who wrote in a legal opinion that voter fraud occurs, quote, in abundance as it concerns mail-in ballots. We know. Texans know. There is fraud in mail-in ballots in the state of Texas. It must be fixed. That's one thing we're trying to do. That being said, all these claims that we're denying people the right to vote and yada, yada, yada, are completely false."

Abbott went on to discuss the much-debated voter ID laws in Texas and to explain why Democrats insist on calling basic voter ID requirements "racist."

"When Democrats do not have truth on their side, they resort to one single word and that is 'racism' ... Texas implemented voter ID almost a decade ago, and when we went through that fight, what word did they use? Racism," he said. "Guess what? After Texas imposed voter ID requirements in the state of Texas, there have been more people voting and more people of color who went to vote. Voting didn't get harder. It got easier and more abundant in the state of Texas. And so, once again, Democrats have absolutely no legal standing, other than to say, 'racism.'"

Glenn asked Gov. Abbott to explain his pledge to "arrest" the Democratic lawmakers that fled once they return to Texas.

"Let me explain how this works. So, whenever there is a break of quorum, which is what is happening now — meaning there is not a sufficient number of people who are showing up to the Texas House of Representatives for the Texas House to engage in business. Whenever there's a quorum break like that, the House issues what's called a 'call on the House.' And when that happens, the sergeant-at-arms is authorized to work with the Texas Department of Public Safety, to — you can call it arrest, apprehend, whatever you want to call it — any of the members who are not in the Texas House of Representatives and bring them to the Texas House where they will be 'cabined' with no ability to leave the Texas House chamber, without a permission slip from the speaker."

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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Our Fourth Amendment, which protects our right to privacy, has never been in more danger. Journalist Lara Logan joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to explain how the digital world has given leaders — both in government and corporations — the ability to not only spy on Americans, but to track their patterns of behavior, too.

Lara explained why, even if you think you have nothing to hide, you should be very concerned. Because these digital "human terrain maps" could be used to manipulate you in any way those in control see fit.

"The purpose of your privacy is much more than just being out of public view," Lara said. "There is really nothing that's more central to our democracy than the right to privacy. I mean, all of the rights in the Constitution have a real purpose, and a real value, and if we allow people to take them away from us, we voluntarily are surrendering that. We are lambs to the slaughter.

"They're not just looking at what you have to hide. They're looking to manipulate you into doing what they want. These are control systems. That's what they are," Lara explained. "What they do with the information is they create a 'human terrain map' for every single person on the planet, anyone within a digital signature or within their reach. They are creating a human terrain map that can be used against you, by anyone."

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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Who were the people and groups involved with coronavirus research, and what really went down before and after the pandemic began? On "Glenn TV" this week, Glenn Beck heads to the chalkboard to outline a tale of negligence and then, coverup. The elites of the world - the people calling themselves experts - trusted the Chinese Communist Party with one of the most dangerous weapons we can imagine on this planet--a virus.

Glenn reveals who was involved in a definitive timeline, and argues: If proof of a lab leak does come out, the worlds needs to know EVERYONE that was involved. We must expose the coverup and attempt to control the narrative of the pandemic origins. Everyone from Big Tech, the media, the Chinese and even our own government have been involved. What lies behind the coverup could reveal the dirty secret that, in order to cut corners, the academic elites and government entrusted Communist China with a civilization-killing virus.

Watch the full episode below:

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BlazeTV host Mark Levin said his new book, "American Marxism," provides proof that we're not just facing a coming Marxist revolution — it's already here.

Many Americans remain unconvinced, believing recent moves from the far left and the Democratic Party are just passing phases. But this is not a "fad," Levin told Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday.

"This isn't progressivism, or social activism, or democratic socialism. This is Marxism. Now, it may not be Marxism in every particular. But it's an Americanized form of Marxism," Levin explained.

"You need to pay attention to what's taking place ... You've seen it with your own two eyes. You saw the riots all summer long. You saw Black Lives Matter, which is headed by an openly proud Marxist. You see Antifa, which is a Marxist anarchist organization. You see the media, that you have been watching and reading, endorse every single one of these movements," he added.

"People have been brainwashed, or ... haven't been paying attention. They view this as a passing fad," Levin went on to say. "It's not. We all need to wake up to this. And if we have little differences, moderate Democrats, Libertarians and so forth, you better put them aside right now. Because we have a common enemy. I say enemy, not opponent. Not adversary. Enemy. And we need to be focused on defeating that enemy, rather than fighting among ourselves."

Watch the video clip below to hear Mark Levin explain how our individual freedoms are in serious jeopardy:

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