Do black lives really matter? Glenn reads the stunning list of black people murdered in Chicago being ignored by activists and protesters

On the O’Reilly Factor last night, guest Tavis Smiley claimed “there is no respect for black life in this country,” in a rant against the grand jury decision in New York this week.

Glenn isn’t necessarily a fan of the decision, but he’s even less a fan of the narrative.

Are white cops the biggest threat to black people today?

The statistics and tragically long list of names of black people murdered in Chicago within the last few months tell a different story.

GLENN: All right. Black lives matter. He says, there's no respect. No one is paying attention and black lives matter. Let me give you a few names.

Rayvon Little, twenty years old. Chicago. Dead.

Andre Johnson, Jr., black, 29 years old, Chicago, dead.

Andrew Brown, 46, South Shore, Chicago, dead.

Doug Chambliss, black, 33, Chicago, dead.

Darrell Tolbert, 36, black, shot to death.

Gregory McKinney, black, shot to death.

Joseph Lewis, Chicago, black, shot to death.

Deon Gilbert, Jr., black, South Deering, Chicago, shot to death. By the way, he was 15.

Donnell Coakley, black, assault. Donnell was three.

Kyle Robertson, 23, black, Chicago, shot to death.

Lydell Lynch, black, 22, Grand Crossing, Chicago, shot to death.

Johnathan Cartwright, black, 18, shot to death.

Aaron Stalling, black, near west side Chicago, shot to death.

Remember, black lives matter.

Anthony Jackson, 22, Chicago, black, shot to death.

Zoraida Feliciano, black, Humbolt Park, Chicago, 33, shot to death.

Da'Lon Mobley, black, West Chicago, 30, shot to death.

Kendall Warren, black, 24, Chicago, shot to death.

Nacurvie Smith, 27 years old, Old Town Chicago, black, shot to death.

Larry Thomas, 31, Englewood, Chicago, black shot to death.

Robert Leverett, black, Englewood, Chicago, shot to death.

Derick Coopwood, black, 21, shot to death.

Krystal Jackson, 25, black, shot to death.

Tyris Ferguson, black, 23, shot to death.

David Kennedy, 24, Chicago Hyde Park, black, shot to death.

Jeffrey Daniels, black, 24, shot to death.

Ladarius Edwards, 23, black, Chicago, shot to death.

Jahakel Clark, 16, black, Marquette Park, Chicago, shot to death.

By the way, that's -- that's those who were killed in the month of November. Would you like me to give you the names —

PAT: I didn't hear Tavis mention any of them.

GLENN: Would you like me to give you the names for September because black lives matter?

There is no respect for black life in America anymore. You're right. And there's a growing condition that we don't respect any life anymore. In fact, we celebrate people who say, life is just too hard. I'm going to take my own life. We celebrate — we pay for people to take the lives of their babies because it's just going to be too hard to raise that baby. I want to live my life.

Black lives don't matter? No life matters anymore. But if you want to talk about black life, let's talk about — let's talk about how many white people have killed black people? How many black people have killed white people?

STU: And this is not, you know, to say that black people are bad. What it does say, is that there's not an epidemic of white people killing black people. 448 — this is 2011 according to the FBI, 448 whites were killed by blacks.

Approximate 193 blacks were killed by whites. That is 2.3 times more whites killed by blacks than the other way around despite the fact that there's six times as many whites in this country.

GLENN: Can we find out how many blacks killed blacks?

STU: We can. 193 blacks were killed by whites. 2,447 blacks were killed by blacks. 2,447 to 193.

GLENN: Give me again how many whites kill blacks and how many blacks kill blacks. How many whites killed blacks?

STU: 193.

GLENN: 193. Black people were killed by white people. 193 black people were killed by white people.

How many black people killed black people?

STU: 2,447.

GLENN: Is there an epidemic in America? Yeah, there's an epidemic in America, isn't there?

Nigell Vazquez. Twenty-two, black, Chicago. Shot to death.

Edward Davis, 23, black, Chicago, shot to death.

Martell Robinson, 20, shot to death.

In case you're keeping track at home. This is a whole new group of people.

Shaquille Holmes, 19 years old, black shot to death.

Decari Spivey, black, shot to death at 21.

54-year-old. He made it to 54. Malcolm Warnsby, 54.

Terry cook, 32 black shot to death.

Michael Wright, black 21, shot to death.

Michael Bloodson, 17, black, Chicago, shot to death.

Charles Labon, 28, black shot to death.

Tamica Riley, 37, black. Suffocation.

Christopher McGee, black, shot to death.

Kawantis Montgomery 19, black shot to death.

Devonshay Lofton, 17, black shot to death.

Kamaal Burton. 18, black, shot to death.

Dimitre Beck, 21, black stabbed to death.

Leon Austin, black stabbed to death.

Markise M. Darling, 19, shot to death.

Cortez river, black 16, shot to death.

Davontae Harrison, 21. Black shot to death.

Mondele Heard. 20 shot to death.

Arthur Hearn, 88, died from assault. Chicago.

Deandre Ellis black shot to death.

Malachi Baldwin, 27, black shot to death.

Leroyce Noel, 20 shot to death.

Stanley Macon Jr., 25, shot to death.

Camerion Blair, 16, shot to death.

Shandel Adams, 25, black shot to death.

Demureya Macon, 13, Chicago, shot to death.

PAT: What was that?

GLENN: That was September.

You want to talk about an epidemic? You want to talk about black lives not mattering?

Stu, how many white people killed black people last year?

STU: 2011, 448 whites were killed by blacks. 193 blacks were killed by whites.

GLENN: How many blacks killed blacks?

STU: 2,447.

GLENN: Those are the numbers.

America, I know that we're suffering from Common Core math, but those numbers — when you have to use a little arrow sign which is bigger — which is a greater number than the other, it's pretty damn clear even when you're using Common Core math.

STU: 91 percent of black people were killed by black people in this particular year. 91 percent.

GLENN: What do you say we actually talk about reconciliation? What do you say we stop listening to the clerics like Al Sharpton. The people who are just using their religion for their own power. What do you say we stop listening to the communists, the anarchists, or anybody else, that has an agenda other than saying all life matters. Why does black life only matter? Why does old life or 20-something or children's lives or American lives.

What do you say all lives matter, and we try to fix that. To do that, however, we'll have to start asking each other really honest questions: What the hell is going on in the inner cities. Where's Al Sharpton there inspect anybody who is honest would be there every weekend. Don't talk to me about — don't talk to me about something we agree on. The grand jury appears to be wrong in New York. Let's figure that one out and let's do that one together.

Continuation of the names:

GLENN: Just looking at the names of people that have -- the names of the people -- black lives matter, the names of the people killed on the streets of Chicago, just in the last couple of months.

James Watson, 61 years old, black, shot.

It amazes me how many people were shot in a town where guns are illegal.

Raymond Murray, 25, black, shot, South Shore, Chicago.

STU: Devin Pope, age 23, race: black, South Shore of Chicago. August.

GLENN: Tony MacIntosh, 20, black, shot, Chicago.

PAT: Denero Appleton, thirty-one, black shot, South Deering, Chicago.

Donald Williams, seventeen, black, shot, Austin neighborhood of Chicago.

GLENN: Hezekiah Harper-Bey, 20, black, shot, West Garfield Park, Chicago.

STU: Brian Davis, age 33, black, shooting, West Garfield Park, Chicago.

Jerome Harris, 17 years, black, shot, Morgan Park, Chicago.

GLENN: Unknown 21-year-old, black, shot, Gage Park, Chicago.

PAT: Erik Kall, 27, black, shot, Chicago lawn.

Darrien Jordan, 21 years old, black, shot. North Lawndale, Chicago.

GLENN: Remember, black lives matter.

JEFFY: Lafayette Walton, 16 years old, West Humboldt, Chicago.

Dakari Pargo, 19 years old, shot, West Englewood.

GLENN: Black lives matter.

STU: Martrell Ross, thirty-two years old, black, shot, River North.

Gabriel Stevens, 39 years old, black, shot, Auburn Gresham.

GLENN: Torrente G. Pickens, black, 37, shot, Chicago.

PAT: Ronald Holliman, 18 years old, black, shot, South Austin, Chicago.

Derrick Bowens, 27 years old, black, shot, Englewood, Chicago.

GLENN: Jackie Roberson. 22. Black. Shot. Chicago.

Billy Washington. 37. Black, shot, Chicago.

Larry Lee, 52, black, shot, Chicago.

Damani Chenier, 23, black, stabbed to death, Chicago.

Do black lives matter? Al Sharpton, do black lives matter? Mr. President, do black lives matter? Why are we marching in the streets? Black lives matter. Right?

Raddy Comer, 20, black, shot, Chicago.

Eddie Taylor, 22, black, shot, Chicago.

STU: Vincente Obregon, twenty-one years, black, shot, Marquette Park.

Darryl Allison, twenty-six, black, shot, Chicago.

Kashif Tillis, 29, black, shot, Chicago.

PAT: Alante Vallejo, 18 years old, black, shot, Rogers Park, Chicago.

Carnesha Fort, 22 years old, black, Chicago.

Brian Weekly, 18 years old, black, shot, Washington Park, Chicago.

Kennyone Pendleton, black, shot, Chicago.

GLENN: Black lives matter. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the media, anarchists, communists, Mr. President, black lives matter.

JEFFY: Jimero Starling, 19 years old, shot, Humboldt.

ShAmbreyh Barfield, 21 years old, black, shot, West Garfield Park.

STU: Jeremiah Shaw, 19, black, shot, Chicago.

Jabari Scurlock, 16 years, black, shot, Chicago.

Arnold Dearies is 26. Black, shot, Chicago.

GLENN: Alexander Smith, 25, black, shot, Chicago.

Rodney Wilson, 30, black, stabbed to death, Chicago.

Genorel Martin, black, shot to death, Chicago.

Travis Wright, 21, black, shot, Chicago.

PAT: Laquisha Hickman, 35, black, shot, Ashburn, Chicago.

Nykole Loving, 23 years old, black, Ashburn, Chicago.

Paris Brown, 21, black, shot, Grand Crossing, Chicago.

STU: Devonte Carthan, 17 years old, black, shot, Chicago.

Julio Perkins, 30 years old, black, shot, Chicago.

LaDarryl Walters, 23 years old, black, shot, Chicago.

GLENN: By the way, these are a four-month period. I'm only about halfway through my list.

Reginald Boston, forty-four, black, stabbed to death.

Stanley Bobo, 18, shot, Chicago.

Tepete Davis, black, 42, shot to death, Chicago.

Charles Wright, 39, shot to death, black, back of the yards, Chicago.

Denzell Franklin, 23, black, shot to death, Chicago.

Mr. President, black lives matter. If that's true. Let's stop the hype. Let's stop the propaganda and let's go where people are being shot to death.

PAT: Where there is really an epidemic.

JEFFY: Corey Hudson, 34 years old, black shot, West Englewood.

Robert Cotton, 35 years old, black, shot, West Englewood.

PAT: Brett Ewing, 26 years old, shooting, black.

Damian Williams, 22 years old, black, died of a shooting in Austin, part of Chicago.

Dewey Knox, 27, black, shot to death, Chicago.

Brandon Peterson, 17, died of shooting, black, East Garfield Park, Chicago.

GLENN: David Morgan, 36, black, part of Chicago, shot to death.

Marc Williams, 17, black, shot to death, South Chicago.

Bobby Moore, 25, black, South Chicago.

Darryl Owens Jr., black, 34, shot to death, Chatham.

STU: Walter Neely, shot, 25 years old, black, Chicago.

Shaquise Butler, 16 years old, black, shot, Chicago.

Amy Holmes-Sterling, 29 years old, black, shot, Chicago.

Karveon Glover, 16 years old, black, shot, Chicago.

PAT: Louis Winn, age 22, black, died of a stabbing in Washington Heights, Chicago.

Daniel Jones, 26 years old, black, shot, West Garfield Park, Chicago.

Damarcus Boswell, 18, black, Marquette Park, Chicago.

JEFFY: Shaquille Ross, 18 years old, black, shot, West Englewood, Chicago.

Donald Ray, 21 years old, black, shot, South Austin, Chicago.

Kezon Lamb, 20 years old, Chicago, shot.

GLENN: Oduro Yeboah, 22, black, shot, Uptown.

Owen Spears, 22, black, Humboldt Park, Chicago, shot to death.

Pierre Peters, 41, black, shot to death, South Austin, Chicago.

STU: Joel Wade, black, 20 years old, shot, Chicago.

Seadl Commings, 27 years old, black, shot, Chicago.

Dorval Jenkins, 19 years old, black, shot, Chicago.

PAT: 15-year-old Dekarlos Scott, black, Rosslyn Park, Chicago.

GLENN: Mr. President, may I ask a question, could any of these young men have been your son? Any of — any of these young men? Did they look like they could be your son?

Al Sharpton, is there any injustice happening here? Is there any epidemic going on here? Where are you, Al Sharpton? Why aren't you -- why aren't you encouraging people to burn down the convenience stores in Chicago? Why aren't people protesting in the streets of Chicago and turning over cars — not police cars, because this is mainly black-on-black crime in Chicago. No cops involved here. These are just kids killing kids with illegal guns.

You want to talk about oppression, you want to talk about slavery, slavery exists. It exists in the inner city where you're a slave to crime. You can't get your kids out because of the crime. You worry about your kids as they go out. Don't get shot in the front lawn. You don't even have to be doing anything wrong. Three years old, shot to death, front lawn. 14-year-old shot from inside the house even though the fighting was happening outside the house.

Where is the justice? Where is the peace? Where are the marches? Where are the civil rights activists? Where are people saying take control of your own damn life? Where is the president on this one? Why are we lumping people together and saying that — as Tavis Smiley did on Bill O'Reilly, giving five names and lumping the real, what appears to me, to be injustice in New York.

That is injustice.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was set to vote on subpoenas to compel Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify on alleged censorship and bias across their platforms. But that all changed when Republican committee members "expressed reservation about the maneuver," Politico reports.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who chairs Judiciary's Subcommittee on the Constitution, was definitely not one of the committee members with cold feet. On the radio program Tuesday, he told Glenn Beck that he's fighting "vociferously" to ensure Dorsey and others testify before the November 3rd election.

"Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are both going to testify. They're are going to testify in person. They're going to testify before Election Day. That's what I think should happen," Cruz said. "That's what I'm fighting vociferously to happen. Right now, the companies are negotiating with the chairman's office to discuss terms to come voluntarily. I don't give a damn whether they come voluntarily or under subpoena. They need to testify in person and answer questions for the American people about why they are trying to steal this election, to suppress the free speech, and to censor the press."

The subpoenas would require Big Tech leaders to testify on the alleged "suppression and/or censorship" of two consecutive blockbuster stories from the New York Post. The first story was about emails that allegedly came from Hunter Biden's computer which are currently being investigated by the FBI, and the second was based on additional emails that allegedly showed communist China directly offering millions of dollars to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

"Big Tech stepped in, and they've done something they've never done before," Cruz explained. "We know that Big Tech has been censoring individual conservatives, trying to suppress conservative speech. But the step they took here is, they blocked if any individual user tried to share either of the New York Post stories, [they] were blocked ... Sharing a news story, from a major media outlet is part of democracy, part of free speech. And not only that, they blocked the New York Post itself. Right now, today, the New York Post is not being allowed to post its own damn stories on corruption. This is ridiculous. It's a threshold that's never been crossed before, of Silicon Valley oligarchs declaring the authority to determine what the press is allowed to report, and who is allowed to see it."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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If we learned nothing from the media over the past 4 years it's that colluding with a foreign entity to either win an election or for personal gain is absolutely grotesque. Well, that depends on whether you have a (D) or (R) before your name anyway. President Trump was impeached on rumor and innuendo yet Joe Biden has all but skated on his corruption up to this point.

Below is a timeline that shows the level of corruption and the lengths the Biden's went to in order to build that family's wealth and influence internationally.


In 2009, Joe Biden was the brand-new Vice President and John Kerry was a U.S. Senator. Just five months after Joe was sworn in, his son Hunter, and Kerry's stepson, Christopher Heinz, formed an international private equity firm called Rosemont Capital. It had several different branches, including one called Rosemont Seneca Partners.


Just nine months after Rosemont Seneca opened its doors, Hunter Biden went to China for meetings with executives from China's biggest banks, and its sovereign wealth and social security funds. That's unheard-of access for a brand-new firm. Was it just coincidence that at the same time Hunter was meeting these Chinese bigwigs, his dad was meeting with China's then-president Hu Jintao in Washington DC at a nuclear security summit?


In May 2011, Joe Biden met with Chinese officials for the U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue conference in Washington. Just two weeks later, Hunter Biden went to Taiwan for meetings with the same Chinese financial giants he'd met in China in 2010, plus some new ones.


By December 2013, Joe Biden was enjoying his second term as VP, and John Kerry was now Secretary of State. That's when Joe traveled to Beijing on an extended official trip and Hunter traveled with him on Air Force Two.

During their stay, Vice President Biden met with President Xi and Hunter was mostly out of sight. We don't know exactly what he was up to, but the deal finalized between Rosemont Seneca and the Bank of China just ten days after the Bidens' trip pretty much gives it away. The most powerful financial institution in China formed a joint venture with tiny Rosemont Seneca to create a giant new investment firm called Bohai Harvest RST – the "RS" stands for Rosemont Seneca.

The firm is often called "BHR" for short.

Hunter Biden was a member of the Board. Remember, the Bank of China is government-owned, which means its business is completely intertwined with the goals of the Chinese Communist Party. BHR also got the freedom to operate in the newly created Shanghai Free-Trade Zone where, over the next six years, it would use $2.5 billion of Chinese government money to invest in China, as well as in other countries, including the U.S.

During their Beijing trip, Hunter also introduced Jonathan Li to his dad. Li is Hunter's business partner – he's CEO and Director of BHR.

Hunter arranged for Joe to meet Li in the lobby of the hotel where they stayed during their Beijing trip.


In 2014, one of BHR's first major investments was in the China General Nuclear Power Corporation.

CGN is a Chinese government-owned nuclear power company that sold off a stake of the company to outside investors. Problem is, CGN was under FBI investigation for paying informants in the U.S. to steal nuclear secrets.

In 2016, the FBI arrested the ringleader of this nuclear espionage, a man named Allen Ho.

When they arrested Ho, he was using a random code generator to access funds being provided to him from – where else? – the Bank of China.

Yet while this FBI probe was going on, the son of the Vice President owned a stake in the company being investigated. And even after arrests were made, Rosemont Seneca did not alter its relationship with BHR, nor did it divest from CGN, even though it was stealing U.S. nuclear secrets.


In 2015, BHR partnered with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to buy an American company called Henniges for $600 million.

AVIC is a gigantic military contractor in China – think Lockheed Martin – that makes fighter jets, bombers and drones. BHR bought 49% of Henniges and AVIC bought 51%.

Henniges is a precision parts manufacturer specializing in anti-vibration technology. The stuff they make is known as "dual use" by the U.S. State Department, which means the technology can also have a military application.

Because of that, the deal had to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) since it could have national security implications. The thing is, the American side of BHR – meaning Hunter Biden and his pals – had to know there were serious national security implications with AVIC.

The year before they formed a partnership with AVIC, the Wall Street Journal reported how AVIC stole technology related to the U.S. Air Force's F-35 stealth fighter and used it in its own stealth fighter for the Chinese.

How the Committee on Foreign Investment approved that deal remains a mystery. CFIUS does not publicly disclose any information regarding its decisions. Their findings are not publicly announced.

Interesting that China accounted for the largest share – with 74 transactions – approved by CFIUS during Obama's second term (2013-2015).

Under the umbrella of Rosemont Capital was a real estate company called Rosemont Realty. In 2015, a Chinese company called Gemini Investments bought a 75% stake in Rosemont Realty. The company was renamed Gemini Rosemont

Gemini brought $3 billion to the partnership with Rosemont, with the aim of buying "Class A institutional-quality commercial office properties in U.S. markets."

Red flag (literally) – Gemini Investments is a subsidiary of the China Ocean Shipping Company, a.k.a., "COSCO."

COSCO is a Chinese government-owned company. Its headquarters in Beijing is actually next to the headquarters of the Bank of China. COSCO is well-known for its close military ties. It's essentially a branch of the Chinese Navy.


In 2017, BHR invested in Face++. That's the facial recognition phone app built by a Chinese company that is incorporated in a separate app built by the Chinese government. Police in the Xinjiang [Sin-jong] region of China use that app to keep tabs on citizens, and track and detain Uiguhr [Wee-ger] Muslims.

The app allows police easy access to data about Chinese Muslims including things like religious activity, blood type, and even the amount of electricity they use.


In March 2018, a spokesman (Chris Bastardi) for Christopher Heinz (John Kerry's stepson) emailed The Hill to say that Heinz had "no operating role" in Rosemont Seneca, and that he was not involved in any of Rosemont's deals in China (which contradicts Schweizer's report in his book Secret Empires).

Chris Heinz was involved in Rosemont Capital. Rosemont Seneca was established under the same GP as Rosemont Capital, but Chris Heinz had no operating role in it. Chris and his family have no financial interest or investment in Bohai Harvest RST, he has never traveled to China, and he has never met with the firm's Chinese management team or investors.


In October 2019, Hunter Biden's lawyer, George Mesires, said Hunter did not conduct any business on that 2013 trip to Beijing with his Dad.

Mesires said the timing of BHR's business license getting approved was purely coincidental because the paperwork had been submitted months before the Bidens' China trip.

According to Hunter's lawyer, the approval " was not related in any way, shape or form to Hunter's visit."

Hunter Biden finally stepped down from the BHR board last October (2019), but he DID NOT give up his 10% stake in the company.

When Bevan Cooney — the former "junior" business partner to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer — went to jail in 2019, investigative reporter and New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer thought he'd never gain access to the damning emails Cooney had promised. That all changed three weeks ago when Schweizer was given complete access to Cooney's gmail account.

Schweizer joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to describe just some of the business deals revealed within these emails — like Hunter working with an alleged Russian criminal and with Chinese communists to secure their assets, or to secure one-on-one time with his dad, then-Vice President Joe Biden. And all of this new information is completely separate from the emails allegedly discovered on Hunter Biden's laptop recently reported by the New York Post.

"So, I want to make this clear. This [Cooney's emails] has nothing to do with what's on the laptop … It didn't come from [Rudy] Giuliani. It didn't come from anybody else, right?" Glenn asked Schweizer.

"That's absolutely correct," Schweizer confirmed.

He briefly explained how Cooney, a former Los Angeles nightclub owner, is currently serving a prison sentence for his involvement in a fraudulent business bond scheme with Biden and Archer. From prison, Cooney gave Schweizer written permission to access his Gmail account.

"This is really important," he noted. "We're not looking at printouts. Not looking at PDFs. We're actually in his Gmail accounts themselves, sifting through these emails. And there's a shocking amount of information about deals involving China, involving Russia, involving all sorts of things they were trying to pull off."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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The king of "No Spin" and bestselling author of "Killing Crazy Horse," Bill O'Reilly joined Glenn Beck on this week's podcast to talk about the latest developments in Joe Biden's Ukraine and China corruption scandal. Now that some of the details are finally coming out in the open, does the average Democrat care? Maybe, but the Left doesn't seem to.

O'Reilly argued there's more hatred for President Donald Trump now than in 2016, and that some people hate President Trump so much that they'd rather vote for the "senile, corrupt" Joe Biden.

"Hunter got tens of millions of dollars from Ukraine, from Russia, from China because his father was vice president. I have no doubt in my mind," O'Reilly said. "But the hatred for Donald Trump overrides that in the minds of millions of viewers. They're saying, 'You know, we'd rather have the senile corrupt guy than Trump.'"

Asked by Glenn if any other Republican running for president would be met with the same level of vitriol, O'Reilly answered, "The Left is the Left. They don't like America. The want to redo the Constitution. They want to take some of our freedoms, like the Second Amendment and the First Amendment, and change them. And they want to destroy capitalism and replace it with a big centralized government in Washington that controls the economy … but I'm talking about the folks. I have liberal friends and I say to them, 'Do you not understand that when you vote for Biden, you're voting against your own self interest?'"

Watch the video clip from the full podcast below, or find the full episode HERE:

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