Why won't this cheese melt?

Seriously, this seems kind of bizarre. On radio this morning, Glenn brought in a pack of Kraft cheese singles for a little science experiment. It turns out the cheese burns when held up to an open flame. It doesn't melt. Odd.


Glenn has become very concerned with what he is putting into his body in recent months, so the whole thing triggered a debate about processed foods.

Below is a rough transcript of this segment:

STU: You seem to be shuffling a deck of cheese as you're making this comment. I couldn't help, but notice. Strange thing to be doing.

GLENN: I have this type of cheese here to make a point with you.

STU: Oh, really?


STU: Can't wait to hear it.

GLENN: Do you like Kraft American cheese?

STU: I absolutely do.

GLENN: So do I. So do I. My wife pointed something out. She pointed something out to me this morning on her Facebook page. She said --

STU: She didn't just roll over and tell you about it.

GLENN: Somebody posted this on her Facebook page. I was like, holy cow. And I wanted to get your opinion on it. Because food is no big deal. Right?

STU: It's one of the biggest deals. It fuels you --

GLENN: You can put whatever you want in your body. Food is food?

STU: You know, within reason, yes.

GLENN: So no artificial preservatives. Kraft. Notice what it says on the package.

PAT: No artificial preservatives or flavors. Kraft singles American.

GLENN: American. Kraft singles American. It doesn't say American cheese. It says American.

STU: It's patriotism.

GLENN: That's right we have America.

So she posted somebody on her Facebook page, said, you know, I just wanted to point out, it doesn't really melt.

PAT: The cheese doesn't melt?

STU: No. I have melted this Kraft cheese many times.

GLENN: It just kind of burns.


PAT: Okay. Well, it's essentially made of polyester. Right?

GLENN: It's just burning. I have a lighter here.

STU: Right now it's not doing anything.

GLENN: Well, this is an American lighter.

STU: Does it say lighter on it, or does it just say American?

GLENN: It's just American. So I'm not sure it's a lighter, per se. I just thought, you know, if you can't really -- cheese should melt, shouldn't it?

STU: Well, it does melt when you cook it. They use that cheese all the time and it melts all the time. I just never have tried it over an open lighter. That's not how you use the product.

PAT: Is that how they tried to melt it?

GLENN: Yeah. They used a lighter.

PAT: Well, if you put it on the stove, it will melt.

STU: It makes a delicious grilled cheese.

GLENN: Yeah. Just a little disturbing.

STU: I don't know -- why is it a little disturbing?

GLENN: I don't know why. Just a little disturbing to me.

STU: Now, the plastic around it will melt. Should I eat that?

GLENN: No. It's just cheese.

PAT: Does it say cheese underneath the --

GLENN: In small print. A cheese product.

PAT: Oh, cheese product.

GLENN: Cheese product.

PAT: Makes it sound even tastier.

GLENN: The ingredients aren't so bad. Cheddar cheese. Milk cheese culture. Salt enzymes. Whey. Milk, milk protein concentrate, milk fat. Whey protein concentrate. Sodium citrate. Phosphate. Salt. Lactic acid. Paprika extract for color. Enzymes. Cheese culture.

I can't get enough cheese culture. Vitamin D3. And it does contain milk. So it's not so bad.

PAT: So I'm no farmer, I'm no expert on cheese, but that sounds like cheese.

GLENN: It does.

STU: And so what's the accusation here?

PAT: That it wasn't cheese.

STU: But you just read the ingredients.

GLENN: I don't know.

STU: Can I have one of those slices, by the way?

GLENN: I don't know. Just, I don't know.

STU: I'm really hungry now.

GLENN: You want two slices of cheese product?

PAT: I like they say no artificial preservatives. What kind of preservatives are they?

STU: Is salt a preservative?

GLENN: It is.

STU: Technically.

GLENN: I'm in this place in my life where food is -- I mean, you went through this, Stu. You got off all kinds of food because it was starting to skeeve you out.

STU: Yeah. Just different philosophy there.

GLENN: You thought anything natural was bad.

STU: I hate natural things. No. There's certain foods that you don't like. That you don't prefer. And so you don't eat them. But that's different than what you're going through. Thank you very much.

GLENN: Did you throw him a cheese slice?

STU: Can we have cheese slices every day? Is this part of the show now?

GLENN: No, it's not.

STU: Can we expense them if we were to bring in --


PAT: You know what the ingredient should be? Cheddar cheese.

GLENN: Thank you.

STU: You do realize that cheese is not a naturally occurring substance. Right?

PAT: You do whatever you do to the cow.

STU: That's the --

PAT: Skim some off and there it is, it's cheese.

GLENN: I don't think that's the way -- I don't think that's the way it works. That might give you blue cheese-ish a lot.

PAT: I said it would be cheese. And that's cheese.

GLENN: Remind me to never go over to his house for cheese and mushrooms.

Bill O'Reilly joined "The Glenn Beck Program" Friday to discuss a recent House Homeland Security Committee briefing on the impact of the 9/11 terror attacks, during which "national security experts" claimed "right-wing" groups pose a greater threat to the United States than groups like the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

Glenn played two video clips from the briefing that showed Senior Fellow Brookings Institute Center for Middle East Policy, Daniel Byman, and former National Intelligence Council Chair during the Obama administration, Christopher Kojm, in apparent agreement that "right-wing extremists" are a bigger threat to Americans today than "jihadists."

"I'm someone who has written extensively on both jihadist groups, but also right-wing, white supremacist groups," Byman says in the first video clip. "And in my mind, there's no question that today in the United States, the right-wing and white supremacist violence is a much greater risk."

"I agree with your assessment and those of my colleagues who have spoken already, there's little doubt that the domestic terrorist threat from white nationalists and right-wing extremist groups is greater than the jihadist threat today," Kojm states in the second clip.

"Who are those idiots?" O'Reilly exclaimed. "It's just unbelievable ... they're not even in the same universe. Yeah, there are bad neo-Nazi Americans running around, yeah, but there are very few of them. I mean, the jihadists are causing death and destruction, death and destruction all over the world. Not just in the United States. These people are so blatantly irresponsible and ignorant, it's just staggering."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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The Biden administration was recently caught lying about the White House dog, Major, and his history of biting Secret Service agents, according to newly released emails.

On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn argued that, if the current administration is willing to lie about something so meaningless to the American people, what else are they willing to lie about? For instance, the State Department claims that there are only about 200 American citizens left in Afghanistan who want to be evacuated. But Glenn has heard very different reports from people on the ground. Is it safe to assume they're currently lying to us about all kinds of things — from the "new and improved" Taliban, to the number of Americans left behind in Afghanistan?

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Tonight on "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck outlines everything that led up to the chaos in Kabul in a blow-by-blow takedown that SHOULD lead to massive resignations within the Biden administration and top military brass. Americans died. Americans are – TO THIS DAY – still stranded, and it is ALL on President Joe Biden.

Glenn interviews The Nazarene Fund's Rudy Atallah who gives an update on the total rescue numbers and details the obstacles he's had to overcome with the State Department. He explains why he believes they are thwarting private sector rescue efforts and says the numbers of Americans begging to be rescued are in the thousands — not hundreds — and "will exceed any number that has come out of Jen Psaki's mouth." While The Nazarene Fund rescue efforts continue in a more perilous Afghanistan, Rudy reveals another terrifying obstacle: Chinese and Russians resources deployed to assist the Taliban in rounding up church leaders, women, journalists, and lawyers who put terrorists away.

Glenn also interviews Tim Kennedy, an Afghanistan war veteran and president of Sheepdog Response who partnered with SaveOurAllies.org to sneak past the Taliban and bring thousands to safety. He details the moment the bomb went off when he was on the ground at the Kabul airport and addresses the Taliban kill list. "They will kill babies, execute women, and cut your tongue out. That's just the G-rated stuff."

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On the radio program Wednesday, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Pat Gray ripped into President Joe Biden's latest speech in which our commander in chief touted the Afghanistan withdrawal as an "extraordinary success" that was "designed to save American lives" — despite the loss of 13 of America's finest, our military equipment in the hands of our enemies, and scores of Americans and allies still trapped in Afghanistan.

"This was not a success by any stretch of the imagination and people need to be held accountable," Glenn asserted. "Because if this is allowed to stand, and these people are just allowed to continue on with no ramifications, you don't not want to see what our military will turn into. I am telling you now, we will become the darkest force ever, ever to walk the earth. With our technology, and our resources, with our fighting machines that soon can be run robotically, we will make the Nazis look like rookies ... this must not continue!"

Glenn then played a video clip from the speech in which President Biden claimed that the "Taliban has made public commitments, broadcast on television and radio across Afghanistan, on safe passage for anyone wanting to leave, including those who worked alongside Americans."

"Anyone who says, 'Oh, they're going to let them through their checkpoint,' doesn't know their ass from their elbow!" Glenn responded. "They have no idea what is going on, or they are lying. So, Mr. President, which one is it? Do you not really know what's going on? If so, the 25th Amendment should be invoked. If you do know what's going on, then you should be impeached for lying to the American people on such a grand scale, it's staggering!"

Watch the video clip below for more:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.