Glenn: The news is nothing more than my worst nightmares and worst warnings

After a full three hours looking back at the rise of the Islamic State, Glenn gave a final warning to the audience. What has happened over the past four years is just the beginning. There is true evil on the rise - and they aren’t even hiding it. Glenn issued a warning to the audience, and declared that he would stand against the Islamic State no matter the cost.

Glenn's warning begins around 1 hour and 45 minutes into this audio file.

Transcript below:

GLENN: I don't know what to say about the news anymore.

VOICE: ISIS is taking over more land.

GLENN: The news is nothing but all of my worst nightmares and my worst warnings.

OBAMA: We just never accept the premise that they put forth, because it is a lie.

GLENN: The things that I was mocked and belittled for. The collapse of Libya. The collapse of Egypt.

VOICE: These folks are just days and weeks away from all-out bloodshed.

GLENN: The truth about the Muslim Brotherhood. The caliphate that now spreads across the Middle East like a cancer.

VOICE: Trying to create a caliphate now in Iraq.

VOICE: The self-declared Islamic caliphate in Iraq.

GLENN: ISIS, the beheadings.

VOICE: Looks ISIS beheaded another prisoner.

GLENN: Jews being targed in Europe. Jews now being told by Benjamin Netanyahu leave Europe. The rise of fascism and the Nazi party and the targeting of the west by the caliphate in the heart of Europe. All of these things I predicted and warned of. All of this we spoke of. All of this could have been avoided if we weren't so arrogant. So arrogant. I am telling you, we are the greatest people to ever walk the face of the earth. Should we choose to be those people? Should we choose to turn our faces back to God? There is great and powerful evil that is sweeping the world. And it is time to wake up, America. It is far past time to wake up and call evil by its name. When they are marching Coptic Christians, gees, do we have to go back to audio of me, what, a year and a half ago saying Coptic Christians are going to be slaughtered en masse? I never thought that they would come for the Christians first, but they have. That's 10% of that population that they will liquidate. They are marching Coptic Christians now on the beaches and slaughtering them in Libya. On the shores of Tripoli where it all began, it is happening again. What the hell does never again and never forget mean if you won't look at it? Oh, my gosh. Is Glenn Beck calling them Nazis? No, I am saying they are worse than Nazis. Nazis tried to hide their crimes. They are putting them on full display because they know you won't do anything. Have we fallen so far so fast? Have we no God but the almighty dollar? In the end, let it be written. Let it be remembered. That the new world did rise up. The new world had not become so callous, so forgetful of God's blessings, that we were more than our representation. We were more than those who had voted themselves the largess of society. It's time to wake up, America. It's all going to be okay. But we have to name evil.

VOICE: And in the case of all three attempts in the last year, the terrorist attempts, one of which was successful, those individuals have had ties to radical Islam.

GLENN: We have to be willing to call it by name.

VOICE: A year ago ISIS was about 3,000 fight where's they came over. It's the reconstitution of al Qaeda in Iraq. Now there are 50,000.

GLENN: It's not radical Islam.

VOICE: We have a president that won't even say Islamic terrorism.

VOICE: ISIS is savagely killing people.

VOICE: A big source of income.

VOICE: ISIS is Islamic for the simple fact they call themselves Islamic.

GLENN: It's psychotic and sociopathic Islam.

VOICE: My business is not to report the frickin' news. It's to give you perspective.

GLENN: If you don't stand up now, you're not going to have a country left to stand up for. We're being bullied into accepting certain things. This president is so inept he makes Jimmy Carter look like Chuck Norris.

VOICE: All they had was their faith and that was enough.

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"Another point, by the way, that I found it very frustrating, was that that left-wing media in this country and in my country don't even talk about [Antifa]. We can all see this footage. We see it online," Winston continued. "But they don't talk about it, and that's part of my, I think, interest initially in tweeting about Andy's book. Because I think people need to see what's going on, and it's a blind spot there. ... CNN and MSNBC, they don't cover it. Biden in his presidential election said it was just 'an idea' that didn't exist. I mean, did he not see the courthouse in Oregon being burnt down?"

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