'This is Evil': Obama plans to use United Nations to undercut Israel, force two-state solution

I want to talk to you about evil. It doesn't even exist. Evil. A few weeks ago, the president took [Hezbollah] and Iran off our terror list. Did you know that? Hamas and Iran are off our terror list.

He's negotiating with Iran while at the same time, their supreme leader who came out yesterday, Khamenei said, quote, we will fly the Islamic flag of jihad over the White House. And we are negotiating with them now. The president has spent your tax dollars through the State Department on something called V15 to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.

Christians are being liquidated, beheaded, and crucified. The children are being sold into slavery, and our big bombing plan to stop ISIS and dismantle them is to find jobs for them or to bomb them seven times a day. Do you know how many bombing raids we ran in Bosnia a day? About 165. We're running seven against ISIS.

Last night, I see a story from Foreign Policy about how the president wasted no time yesterday, he did not congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu, he only congratulated the Israeli people on holding a democratic election. There was no congratulations to Benjamin Netanyahu. Instead, he sends our team to the United Nations. And the United States now said, and I want to quote, the more Israel veers to the right, the more action you will see from us in New York City.

They are now sabotaging Benjamin Netanyahu. We are, in our time - the United States of America, under this administration - now sabotaging Benjamin Netanyahu and the state of Israel and pushing for a UN resolution on a two-state solution. We are on the wrong side. I have suggested in the past that I know this to be true, that Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at Congress was a historic warning. Mark my words. One hundred years, people will look back and say, that was a prophetic warning. He warned us. And read the speech.

You have to see the language that he used. He didn't harp on it. He just made a one-line sentence: I come to you as Mordecai. If you know the Scriptures, you know, if someone comes to you as Mordecai, you are Esther. Esther saved the Jewish people, but more importantly, she saved herself. Mordecai is, the Jewish people will go on, God will find a way, the Jewish people will go on. But, Esther, if you do not stand, you will perish.

I don't know if the president is Haman or the king. But we are Esther, and we as people, as individuals, must stand. Benjamin Netanyahu said, in so many words, Israel will survive, but if we choose not to stand, there is a biblical promise that we will be destroyed. I'm not going to assign a motive to the president's action because it is not about him. This is about us, as individuals and collectively. I believe the Lord keeps his promise. I believe we lose unless we stand. I believe we must be counted, and our voice must be heard.

Hear the words of my mouth: This UN resolution is not in my name. The money used to thwart what I believe is right in Israel is not in my name. When it comes to the Israeli people, when it comes to Jewish people, this administration does not speak for me. Hear the words of my mouth, when it comes to a deal with a homicidal maniac that oppresses the Iranian people, oppresses women, stones homosexuals, I want the world and God himself to know: That is not in my name or in my family's name. We reject those who say, peace, peace, when there is no peace.

Ezekiel refers to those people as false prophets, and he warns us of everything we're now witnessing. He also warned us that the blood of all of those who could have been saved if we as an individual spoke up, if we fail to speak up, the blood of those people's lives are on our hands. Not in my name. Hear the words of my mouth.

Warning. We are on the wrong side. And I will not go over the cliff with the rest of society. My family and I will stand with the Muslims that ISIS kills because they're not Muslim enough. We will stand with the women who are oppressed and beaten and stoned to death. We will stand with the homosexual that is stoned to death. We will stand with the Jew and the Christian and the atheist who will not accept a second-class citizen in exchange for life. All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Jewish people have a right to live and live in peace.

This has happened 18 times in the past. It always happens the same way. Eighteen times there has been a Holocaust. No more!

I will not pretend that I do not see. I will not look the other way. I will not keep my mouth shut. I will approach the window and move the curtain and look outside to see what is being done to my neighbors. I am not blind. I see what is happening, and I'm going to be quite frank, and I apologize if this hurts, but so do you.

Count me in. And count my family as one that will stand in the shadow of the righteous among the nations. We will be counted. We will stand. We will be a shelter for those who evil men wish to dehumanize, persecute, or kill. Just because you won't watch the video does not change the reality. The great Jehovah lives. He will not hold us blameless.

We said, never forget. Never again. We are connected now unlike the world has ever been connected. You can see beheadings in realtime. Choose not to watch, but the judgment will not change because the reality doesn't change, unless you stand. Children are being crucified. Not to stand is to stand. Not to speak is to speak. And believe me, there is no place to hide from our shame. We will pray that the mountains will fall on us and cover our sins and shame.

I choose life. I choose God. I choose courage. I choose love. Wake and stand. And for those who refuse to recognize the time that we live in, may God have mercy on your soul.

We are here. We were placed here at this time for a reason. You may not want to believe it, but it will not change the fact, you were born for times such as these. The great people of the past have nothing on us. We were preserved for this time. We each have it in us to be the righteous that we were born to be.

There is faith. There is hope. There is charity. None of those mean anything without the virtue of courage. It is the most rare. It is the most important. Without courage, love means nothing. Faith means nothing. Charity means nothing. Find your courage. If you don't have enough courage yet, take some of mine. Borrow it until you find your own. But stand.

One of the most shocking things British journalist, political commentator, and author of "The Madness of Crowds," Douglas Murray witnessed during his recent stay in America, was how many Americans are acting as if they live in 1930s Germany or behind the Iron Curtain, afraid to stand up and speak out because they're afraid of the consequences.

Murray joined the "Glenn Beck Podcast" this week to explain why he believes the state of America is actually worse than we realize, and how the Left's obsession with rewriting history has ushered in guilt, fear, and a "silent majority."

Murray said he's particularly "fed up" with those on the Right who are afraid to voice their opinion because they don't want to become the target of leftist mobs on social media.

"Do you think anyone in history who told the truth had an easy time? You've got the easiest time that any opposition movement ever did in history," Murray said.

"You cannot have these people in America living in a free society — which is for the time being free — pretending that they live under the circumstances of Jews in 1930s Germany," he added. "Speak up. Speak out. Don't be a silent majority; be a very damn noisy majority. And don't put up with the oppression of people who are totally insincere ... they want to make money. They want to win. Nothing more. Call them out ... and get back to what you should be doing as a nation."

Watch the full interview with Douglas Murray below:

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) joined the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" to explain how mail-in ballots are typically disqualified during recounts at a far higher rate than in-person, Election Day ballots, and why this is "good news" for President Donald Trump's legal battle over the election.

"One of the things that gives the greatest cause for optimism is, this election ... there's a pretty marked disparity in terms of how the votes were distributed. On Election Day, with in-person voting, Donald Trump won a significant majority of the votes cast on in-person voting on Election Day. Of mail-in voting, Joe Biden won a significant majority of the votes cast early on mail-in voting," Cruz explained.

"Now, here's the good news: If you look historically to recounts, if you look historically to election litigation, the votes cast in person on Election Day tend to stand. It's sort of hard to screw that up. Those votes are generally legal, and they're not set aside. Mail-in votes historically have a much higher rate of rejection … when they're examined, there are a whole series of legal requirements that vary state by state, but mail-in votes consistently have a higher rate of rejection, which suggests that as these votes begin being examined and subjected to scrutiny, that you're going to see Joe Biden's vote tallies go down. That's a good thing," he added. "The challenge is, for President Trump to prevail, he's got to run the table. He's got to win, not just in one state but in several states. That makes it a lot harder to prevail in the litigation. I hope that he does so, but it is a real challenge and we shouldn't try to convince ourselves otherwise."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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