Glenn Greenwald: Here’s the truth about Edward Snowden

Glenn interviewed Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald on radio today to talk about his new book, Snowden, and much more. Greenwald launched to international fame when Snowden sought him out and chose him as the reporter he trusted with top secret information on the NSA’s domestic surveillance program. Fascinating stuff.

On the show, Greenwald took on the doubters who think Snowden had selfish motivations and may even be collaborating with Russia.

"The debate about his motives has always confounded me," Grennwald said. "Put yourself in Edward Snowden's place, where you decided you would take tens of found of top secret documents from one of the most secretive agencies of world's most powerful government because you think there's serious wrongdoing hidden from your fellow citizens."

"You could sell it in secret to pretty much any intelligence agency on the planet and enrich yourself for the rest of your life without anyone knowing. If you were intending to harm your country or government, you could pass it secretly to adversaries of your government without anyone knowing about it," Greenwald said.

"He could have just taken it all and put it up on the Internet, if his goal were to have this indiscriminate publication and harm the country," Greenwald said.

"Instead, he did what you would want a whistle-blower in that circumstance to do; to meet with journalists who work with some of the largest news outlets in the West and say I am giving you this material, but based on promise that you will be extremely meticulous about going through every word of it and not publishing anything that can harm people, but instead only things necessary to inform the public debate," Greenwald said.

"So you can have different views on surveillance policy, the extent to which government should be spying on us, but I think it is hard to call into question his motives were anything what he says they were and patriotic, and he genuinely believed if the government is going to spy on us indiscriminately, without any evidence of wrongdoing, we ought to at least know about that," Greenwald said.

I agree with that," Pat said. "I think my problem comes later, where he seems to have cozied up in a pretty friendly way to Russia and Putin, and has great things to say about Putin and Russia. Maybe he's been treated well. But my suspicion now is he's a little too cozy with them and perhaps disseminating information to them"."

"I think the key word is suspicion," Greenwald shot back, "which is just another word for I have a tingling feeling that leads me to believe something even though I have no evidence."

"Edward Snowden didn't decide to be in Russia. He was actually flying through Russia, on his way to Latin America, where he intended to seek asylum knowing the Obama administration would put him in prison for the rest of his life. Like most rational people, he didn't want to be put in prison for the rest of his life. The reason he couldn't get out of Russia was because on the plane form Hong Kong to Russia, they revoked his passport, then told the Cubans, if you let him pass through to Latin American, there will be all kinds of recriminations for you," Greenwald said.

"So yes, he did seek asylum in Russia. It was the only alternative he had, but he's been quite critical of Russia. He wrote an op-ed in 'The Guardian' saying Putin lied in that television appearance he did where he asked him about mass surveillance in Russia. He said Russia engages the mass surveillance against their own citizens as well and is quite oppressive," Greenwald said.

He's been pretty outspoken, but the reality is right now the Russian government is the one thing standing between him and an American cage for the rest of his life. So I think it's easy for us to say he should stand up and denounce Putin more aggressively, but he's been put in a very difficult position," Greenwald said.

"But there's zero evidence that he gave a word or a piece of paper to the Russian government. And why would he? Why would he unravel his life and risk going to prison to stop mass surveillance in the United States, only to then help the Russian government figure things out. That's not what he has done. There's no evidence for that because he hasn't done it," Greenwald said.

"For a more comfortable life in Russia," Pat said.

"But he already proved to you, given the choice between a comfortable life and sanding up for what he believes is right, he will choose stand up for what he believes is right and give up a comfortable life. He already had a comfortable life he gave up," Greenwald said.

It's been a tough year, America. Our news media is inundating us with images of destruction, violence, and division in attempts not only to desecrate our nation, but to make us turn our backs on it. That's why now, more than ever, we need to take an up-close look at America's history to remember what it is we're fighting for and how to fight for it with practical action.

Join Glenn Beck, broadcasting from Standing Rock Ranch, as he takes us to Plymouth, Gettysburg, and Federal Hall on an important journey through America's remarkable history to inspire a brighter future. Glenn asks the hard questions of every American. Is this system worth saving? Is there a better way? Where do we go from here, and how do we answer those questions?

Featuring performances from the Millennial Choirs and Orchestras, David Osmond, a very special children's choir, and guests Bob Woodson, Tim Ballard, David Barton, Burgess Owens, Kathy Barnette, Anna Paulina Luna, and Tim Barton.

Watch the full special presentation below:

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"Restoring Hope" has been a labor of love for Glenn and his team and tonight is the night! "Restoring the Covenant" was supposed to take place in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Gettysburg and Washington D.C. but thanks to COVID-19, that plan had to be scrapped. "Restoring Hope" is what was left after having to scrap nearly two years of planning. The Herald Journal in Idaho detailed what the event was supposed to be and what it turned into. Check out the article below to get all the details.

Glenn Beck discusses patriotic, religious program filmed at Idaho ranch

On July 2, commentator Glenn Beck and his partners will issue a challenge from Beck's corner of Franklin County to anyone who will listen: "Learn the truth, commit to the truth, then act on the truth."

Over the last few weeks, he has brought about 1,000 people to his ranch to record different portions of the program that accompanies the challenge. On June 19, about 400 members of the Millennial Choir and Orchestra met at West Side High School before boarding WSSD buses to travel to a still spring-green section of Beck's ranch to record their portion of the program.

Read the whole article HERE

The current riots and movement to erase America's history are exactly in line with the New York Times' "1619 Project," which argues that America was rotten at its beginning, and that slavery and systemic racism are the roots of everything from capitalism to our lack of universal health care.

On this week's Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck exposed the true intent of the "1619 Project" and its creator, who justifies remaking America into a Marxist society. This clever lie is disguised as history, and it has already infiltrated our schools.

"The '1619 Project' desperately wants to pass itself off as legitimate history, but it totally kneecaps itself by ignoring so much of the American story. There's no mention of any black Americans who succeeded in spite of slavery, due to the free market capitalist system. In the 1619 Project's effort to take down America, black success stories are not allowed. Because they don't fit with the narrative. The role of white Americans in abolishing slavery doesn't fit the narrative either," Glenn said.

"The agenda is not ultimately about history," he added. "It's just yet another vehicle in the fleet now driven by elites in America toward socialism."

Watch a preview of the full episode below:

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Acclaimed environmentalist and author of "Apocalypse Never" Michael Shellenberger joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to warn us about the true goals and effects of climate alarmism: It's become a "secular religion" that lowers standards of living in developed countries, holds developing countries back, and has environmental progress "exactly wrong."

Michael is a Time "Hero of the Environment," Green Book Award winner, and the founder and president of Environmental Progress. He has been called a "environmental guru," "climate guru," "North America's leading public intellectual on clean energy," and "high priest" of the environmental humanist movement for his writings and TED talks, which have been viewed more than 5 million times. But when Michael penned a stunning article in Forbes saying, "On Behalf of Environmentalists, I Apologize for the Climate Scare", the article was pulled just a few hours later. (Read more here.)

On the show, Micheal talked about how environmental alarmism has overtaken scientific fact, leading to a number of unfortunate consequences. He said one of the problems is that rich nations are blocking poor nations from being able to industrialize. Instead, they are seeking to make poverty sustainable, rather than to make poverty history.

"As a cultural anthropologist, I've been traveling to poorer countries and interviewing small farmers for over 30 years. And, obviously there are a lot of causes why countries are poor, but there's no reason we should be helping them to stay poor," Michael said. "A few years ago, there was a movement to make poverty history ... [but] it got taken over by the climate alarmist movement, which has been focused on depriving poor countries, not just of fossil fuels they need to develop, but also the large hydroelectric dams."

He offered the example of the Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world. The Congo has been denied the resources needed to build large hydroelectric dams, which are absolutely essential to pull people out of poverty. And one of the main groups preventing poor countries from the gaining financing they need to to build dams is based in Berkeley, California — a city that gets its electricity from hydroelectric dams.

"It's just unconscionable ... there are major groups, including the Sierra Club, that support efforts to deprive poor countries of energy. And, honestly, they've taken over the World Bank [which] used to fund the basics of development: roads, electricity, sewage systems, flood control, dams," Micheal said.

"Environmentalism, apocalyptic environmentalism in particular, has become the dominant religion of supposedly secular people in the West. So, you know, it's people at the United Nations. It's people that are in very powerful positions who are trying to impose 'nature's order' on societies," he continued. "And, of course, the problem is that nobody can figure out what nature is, and what it's not. That's not a particular good basis for organizing your economy."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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