Battlefield America and the growing police state

There has been a dramatic shift in how police operate in America during the past 15 years. There has been a disturbing trend of increased militarization - just this month a student in Florida was pulled over by an armored vehicle for a traffic violation. More and more the government is training citizens to not only expect, but accept the fact that they will be policed by a battalion of soldiers rather than officers.

John Whitefield, author of Battlefield America, joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss governement overreach. During his discussion with Glenn, Whitefield mentioned the case of Brandon Raub, a marine veteran who was taken into custody and then committed into a mental health institution from social media posts. Listen to this harrowing tale and hear Glenn's reaction below:

Rough Transcript Below:

JOHN: The government does not view us like they did 30 years ago. Which was, people with some amount of respect. I see most government officials dealing with today slamming veteran's face down, taking them out of their homes because of Facebook posts. We've had cases like that.

GLENN: Explain that one.

JOHN: Well, the case was a fellow named Brandon Raub. 26-year-old marine that served in Iraq, Afghanistan. What he did was, he saved people's lives. Troops lives. He took mines out of the ground. He was a mine diffuser. So he came back. And he was upset with President Obama. He's a 9/11 truther, as well, which will get you in a lot of trouble today. Because Janet Napolitano in a memo said that's an extremist that has to be watched. And so Brandon opposed Obama's executive orders. Bush's executive orders on a Saturday morning. He had just gotten through jogging. He heard a noise outside. Being astute, he walks to the front door without his shirt on. He just got through jogging. There were all these guys rushing towards his house in black outfits and plainclothes. Come to find out, it was the local police, working with the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and the Secret Service.

And he opens the door and says, what's up, guys? They say, we're concerned about some of the things you're saying on Facebook. They asked him to step out. When he did, they handcuffed him behind his back. Brandon is saying, what did I do? What did I do? They take him and slam him against the fence and rip his back open. When he gets to the police station, he asked for a bandage. They put a prison shirt on him, which he said stuck in the cuts and hurt very, very badly. They put a prison cell. A psychiatrist gave him a five-minute interview and said because of his 9/11 views and because he paused -- this is a five-minute view -- he had a mental problem. They put him in a mental hospital for a week. We had to file a lawsuit to get him out. That's a veteran.

JEFFY: Oh, my gosh.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: There's more to this story, John. At least that you told me if I have the story straight. Unless it's another one. They were about to inject him with drugs.

JOHN: Yeah, he called me on the Thursday. We got him out that Saturday. He said, John, I'm really frightened. And this is a marine. This is a 6-4 marine. He's built like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I said, what's got you scared? He said, there's a psychiatrist here who says he'll brainwash me and force medications on me. And the psychiatrist is listening on the phone as he called. And I said, well, you tell that guy that, A, number one, you're violating the law. You can't force medications in most states without a court order. And number two, we're going to sue that guy when this case -- and we have. We filed a lawsuit. We're in in federal court with the case now.

PAT: Wow.

JOHN: By the way, Glenn, there's 1.5 million of these so-called civil commitments that happen each year in America.

GLENN: What does that mean?

JOHN: That means a board of social workers and psychologists, if someone is complaining about Facebook pages or neighbor is complaining about them, they meet and decide whether or not this individual may be a danger. And the police go get him and take him into a hearing.

GLENN: 1.5 million Americans every year?

JOHN: In Virginia alone is where this fellow resided, where I reside, there's over 20,000 a year, civil commitments. What was key here was his mother called us. And I talked to her. She was crying. I actually called the police station and asked what he had done. The police chief said to me, oh, he had done nothing wrong or illegal. But I said, you handcuffed the man behind his back. He goes, we're just concerned about his Facebook post. These are civil commitments decided by social workers and psychologists in Virginia. In other states, it's very similar.

GLENN: So, John, I feel the same way the same way I felt when I talked to you last.

JOHN: An NSA agent of 27 years met with me last year. He likes what we do. My work. And he said, I just want to tell you, we're following the Soviet model. I said, what do you mean by that? He says, well, you'll see more people detained in mental hospitals. That's what the Soviet did. Then he said, the word Homeland Security, by the way, is a Soviet term. I didn't know that until he told me that. And I researched it, and it's true.

GLENN: Okay. John, what does the average person do? How can we help? What do we do?

JOHN: Well, education precedes action. I mean, most Americans will have to study the issues. They'll have to read books by me and others who are talking about these issues. Get educated.

The federal government does not listen to us. There was a recent study by Princeton and Northwestern University that concluded unanimously basically that we live in an oligarchy now. There's a money class that runs the country. And the average voter has little impact on the federal level.

What I urge citizens to do is to get active locally. Get down to that city council that's sitting there. When somebody -- like what happened to this woman in Kansas. The city council should bring those policemen in and instruct them to never do that again unless they do it legally. Form civil liberties oversight committees. I'm telling people, get your neighbors together.

In fact, Brandon Raub's mother, I've talked to her, she has a phone thing she does every Saturday with about 20 people. And they're watching the community now. That's a good thing to do because then you don't have to travel. You can email back and forth. But if you email, I'm just warning people, the government reads all your emails now. They'll know what you're doing. So get active locally. Get your picket signs. You can make a -- a local government can say no to a federal government and say no to a state government. It's called nullification. In fact, Thomas Jefferson said, nullification is basically the basis of freedom. A local government governs.

Countless leaders on the left are now arguing that removing President Donald Trump from office won't be enough — they're now calling for the president's "cult-like" supporters to be "deprogrammed." And it's not just fringe politicians.

During an appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher" last week, former NBC anchor Katie Couric said, "The question is, how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump."

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi questioned whether the nation needs "a 9/11-type commission" to determine whether President Trump was colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin "the day that the insurgents invaded our Capitol." Clinton also made sure to include her favorite "deplorables" in her unsubstantiated conspiracy theory:

"But we now know that not just [Trump] but his enablers, his accomplices, his cult members, have the same disregard for democracy," Clinton said to Pelosi.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson and New York Times Magazine's Nikole Hannah-Jones agreed that there is a need for "millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans" to be deprogrammed and punished, during an MSNBC interview last week.

Now, a story from the Washington Post is also preaching that narrative and even added that we need more restrictions for conservatives on social media and in the broadcast industry.

"So now we have to be deprogrammed? We've heard this over and over and over and over again, for months," said Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday. He read through the shocking details of the Washington Post op-ed and discussed the extraordinary dangers of the latest anti-conservative movement in America.

Watch the video below:

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As calls for censorship and restrictions against conservative voices get louder, Glenn Beck said he feels an "awesome responsibility" to speak, not the words he'd personally like to say, but those he believes the Lord would want him to share.

"It's an awesome responsibility, and one that I am not worthy of," Glenn said. "I want to say ... what He wants me to say. And I have to listen very carefully, because I feel the same way you do. But that will get us nowhere."

Glenn said it's time for Americans who are awake — not woke — to come together, no matter which side of the political aisle you're on, and stand with the truth.

"We are the Alamo, we will stand. But we desperately, desperately need you," Glenn said. "We need the people who are awake — not woke — awake. You may disagree with us. We are your allies, not your enemies. And if you will not stand with us in our hour of need, there will be no one left to stand with you in your hour of need. We must all come together, anyone who is awake."

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The incoming Biden administration plans to waste no time in overturning much of the progress achieved by President Donald Trump.

On his radio program Monday, Glenn Beck ran through 10 executive orders President Joe Biden plans to announce on "day one" of his time in office — including rejoining the Paris climate accord, canceling the Keystone pipeline, mask mandates on federal land and during interstate travel, and a proposed federal minimum wage of $15 an hour.

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Eric Weinstein, managing director of investment firm Thiel Capital and host of "The Portal" podcast, is not a conservative, but he says conservative and center-right-affiliated media are the only ones who will still allow oppositional voices.

On "The Glenn Beck Podcast" this week, Eric told Glenn that the center-left media, which "controls the official version of events for the country," once welcomed him, but that all changed about eight years ago when they started avoiding any kind of criticism by branding those who disagree with them as "alt-right, far-right, neo-Nazi, etc.," even if they are coming from the left side of the aisle. But their efforts to discredit critical opinions don't stop there. According to Eric, there is a strategy being employed to destroy our national culture and make sure Americans with opposing views do not come together.

"We're trifling with the disillusionment of our national culture. And our national culture is what animates the country. If we lose the culture, the documents will not save us," Eric said. "I have a very strongly strategic perspective, which is that you save things up for an emergency. Well, we're there now."

In the clip below, Eric explains why, after many requests over the last few years, he finally agreed to this podcast.

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