Glenn: It IS about Islam

If you ask anyone on the left about the Texas shooting, they’ll tell you we have a cartoonist problem, not a terrorist problem. Apparently liberals have moved the nation to the backwards Bizarro World. Well, Glenn’s not going to let that stand. That’s why he’s working on something that is going to show the world that Islam IS the problem. How? Last night Glenn revealed some projects he is working on behind-the-scenes that he hopes will educate and inspire.

Tonight I am working on three things.

1. A new book that comes out this summer called:

It IS about Islam

It finally says the truth that everyone is afraid to say but it must be said. We do not have a cartoonist problem we have an Islamist problem.

2. My novel which I have been working on for almost three years that I hope will help us put Christ back into Christmas. I am reworking the legend of Santa. The working title is called : The Immortal. It is the best story I have come up with yet. Due to come out in November.

3. The reconciliation project. Something I hope to be announcing soon that will take me on tour this summer hopefully near you. People are marching to say black lives matter, white lives matter, brown lives matter.

But how about the unborn lives, the old lives, those PVS lives. How about those Jews that have been killed because they are Jewish, or the thousands of Christians slaughtered, crucified or sold into slavery?

How about the women killed in honor killings or those Muslims that will not go along with Isis? Do Saudi or Iranian gay lives matter or do we turn away from their executions?

The point is ALL LIVES MATTER. I hope that when I announce this project you will join me and take a stand.

Never again is now.

As I sat down to begin to work on the third project I read this article from Zero hedge. It is sobering and why we must dedicate ourselves to protect all life. When things get really tough, unless we decide who we are we will see and possibly do terrible things to one another. There is another way.

Love and reconciliation.

Find joy and speak truth.

Allyson Reneau is a mother from Oklahoma who has already helped save 10 members of an all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan. But now, more and more desperate women are asking for her help.

Allyson joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to detail what it took to help the girls robotics team escape. And she also explained her next goal: To help evacuate more than 200 female judges who fear that the Taliban who they sentenced to jail are coming for them first.

"Because of the media coverage I've had over the last few days, the cries for help from within Afghanistan, from women who are in hiding, professional women, who have been fired, who are being hunted, who are being tortured. [There were] reports last night of two killed and shot. And these are professional, educated women. Some beaten to death. Some blinded," Allyson told Glenn.

"I was back at ground zero again," she added. "What worked for the girls I helped was not going to work for these people that were in hiding. I said, 'Send me the list. I'm not going to leave one behind.' And I thought there would be 20 people. It was 212 women Afghan judges in hiding, Supreme Court [judges]. And I asked my commander friends on the ground, that are helping me, and they said, 'Yes. They will be the first to die.' The first to die, because they have imprisoned men. They have imprisoned people who were beating their wives. And all those prisoners have been released. These women are being hunted, and it was 212 women."

Glenn offered to assist through the Nazarene Fund's ongoing rescue efforts in Afghanistan. (Read the latest updates on the Nazarene fund's rescue operation here.)

"We're Americans, and we figure it out, don't we, Glenn?" replied an emotional Allyson. "And I just want to say, Mr. President, if you can hear this message, we need more time. We need more time. Please give us more time!"

President Biden has said the U.S. will be able complete its evacuation in Afghanistan by Aug. 31.

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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Thirty years ago, the world was a much different place and journalists used to be brave. On his latest podcast, Glenn Beck was joined by one of the few who still is, and you've never seen him like this. Before he was on Fox News, Tucker Carlson built an impressive career writing for some of the biggest names in American journalism. But now, the corporate media "journalists," or as Tucker prefers, "the Praetorian Guard for the ruling class," have abandoned their principles in favor of political goals.

"My dad was a journalist. My great-grandfather was the publisher of the Dallas Morning News. I grew up around journalists my whole life. I mean, that's the world I grew up in. That's why I went into it," Tucker told Glenn. "So, that's one of the reasons I hate [today's journalists] so much. It's a personal offense. The worst people have gone into it, just the technocratic, dishonest, careerist, stupid cowards. I mean, you're supposed to be brave. ... These people are just such wuss bags. I hate them."

Asked by Glenn if he believes today's journalists are only interested in ratings or something worse, Tucker answered, "They're the Praetorian Guard for the ruling class. They've inverted the most basic rule of journalism, which is hold the powerful accountable. And now they're all working for some oligarch. Steve Jobs' idiot widow owns the Atlantic. Jeff Bezos owns ... the Washington Post. The New York Times is essentially owned by its subscribers, who are every nonprofit executive on the Upper West Side.

"They're trying to protect what they feel is slipping away, which is their control over the country. And the thing they hate most, of course, is democracy. The idea of voters, the working class having power, completely freaks them out. I mean, completely."

Watch the video clip below or watch the full episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" here:

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You continue to astound us all! On Wednesday, Glenn set a monumental goal of raising $20 million in 48 hours and we are almost there.

You are the audience that may just save the world.

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Chief Operating Officer of the Nazarene Fund, Rudy Atlallah, joined Glenn Beck in the radio program to detail a dangerous mission his team is about to attempt in order to save the lives of thousands of Christians hiding and trapped in Afghanistan.

Since December 2015, the Nazarene Fund has worked to rescue Christians and other religious minorities from persecution and slavery in the Middle East. Now, as the world watches the Taliban's violent takeover in Afghanistan, the nonprofit is gearing up to extract approximately 5,000 people, mostly women and children, out of Afghanistan before it is too late. But they need our help.

On Wednesday morning, Glenn urged his audience to "give until it hurts," setting the nearly "impossible" goal of raising $20 million by Friday.

"Every single penny that you can come up with will go to flying those planes and getting those people out. We need, obviously, an enormous amount of money," Glenn said. "These are people that are marked for death for what they believe in. This is why we started the Nazarene Fund. Don't wait around for anyone else to do it. Don't wait around. Please, go to The Nazarene and donate. ... We need your help as soon as possible. I ask that you would give until it hurts today, because these people are entirely alone. And they will be crucified, if you are marked as a Christian, with the Taliban. You know what will happen to them. We can get them out. Be an Oskar Schindler today. Go to The Nazarene"

By Thursday morning, thanks to this incredible audience, the Nazarene Fund was nearly halfway to achieving this "miracle."

"I asked you yesterday, if you would give until it hurts. And this is the most remarkable audience I think ever assembled," Glenn said. "In a 24-hour period ... this audience gave $9,334,652.24. We are halfway there in one day. It is truly a miracle that you, this one audience, gave nearly $10 million yesterday. I have always said that this audience is going to be the one that saves the country. You might be the one that saves the world," said an emotional Glenn on Wednesday's radio program."

"I asked you to help me raise $20 million by Friday so I could secure the aircraft, and the helicopters, and the teams to be able to get 5,000 Christians that are marked for death [out of Afghanistan.] And yesterday, there was a notice from the Taliban that any of these [Christian] people will be burned alive. In less than 24 hours, you gave $9,334,652.24," he continued. "This is the framework of hope. You are not alone! It is not just you. I've never seen anything like this before. I don't think any one audience has ever done that!"

"I have until tomorrow to raise the second half," he added. "You've given so much. The Nazarene Fund has put boots on the ground to do what needs to be done, to save the thousands of Christians who are in grave danger. We have the helicopters and the planes standing by. This is a logistical nightmare ... but they are marked for death. So as long as we have the money, as long as our Marines can hold the airports, and as long as there is a Christian left in hiding, we will do what we need to do. But we need God's help. We need Divine Providence like we've never needed it before. Time is running out. People are clinging to the hope that someone will remember them and arise, and save them from the blackness that is the Taliban."

UPDATE: By the end of the radio program Thursday, donations to the Nazarene Fund had reached $13 million.

UPDATE: On Friday morning, donations to the Nazarene Fund exceeded $20 million:

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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